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Your Top DCU Villains part 19

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, November 25 2008 and posted in Features


66. Weather Wizard (26 points)

Escaping the guards on his way to prison, Mark Mardon jumped from a moving train and fled to the home of his brother Clyde. A meteorologist, Clyde had just discovered a way to control the weather, moments before dying of a heart attack. Mardon stole his dead brother's notes and used his own inventive ingenuity to build a wand that could generate weather, dubbing himself the Weather Wizard.

After the death of Captain Boomerang Mardon is seen morning while making it rain. During "Rogue Wars' he sides with the evil rogues. He is later seen as a member of the society battling the Secret Six. He is next seen attempting revenge against a bank teller for being a witness but was foiled by Wonder Girl and Supernova (Booster Gold). Later he is approached by Inertia to team-up against the Flash (Bart Allen), Inertia removes some mental blocks so Mardon doesn’t need the wand. In battle the Rogues in the heat of combat Kill Bart. He along with the other rogues is shocked and horrified to discover that they had killed a kid. He with Heat wave is capture by Owen Mercer and exiled with his fellow rogues to "hell" planet. On the planet he sides with Luthor. He returns to earth with the other villains.

After the return to earth he is seen attending Libra's meeting and (off-panel) rejecting Libra's offer of fulfilled dreams. He and the other rogues prepare to close shop until they hear that Inertia has returned. He and the other Rogues agree to kill Inertia for their current troubles. Soon they find Paul Gambi seriously injured by a set of Libra's men calling themselves the "new" rogues. He battles and easily defeats his counterpart Weather Witch and saves Trickster by killing Mr. Magic.


65. Star Sapphire (26 points)

Judged unfit to rule, the first Star Sapphire was deposed and exiled to the 7th Dimension by the Zamarons. From her other-dimensional prison she waged war against Earth, plotting to make it her new base of operations. Her plans for planetary conquest were foiled by the first Flash. In subsequent attacks she was foiled by the second Flash and Green Lantern - her defeat resulting in imprisonment with the Star Sapphire Gem.

Chosen by the Zamarons to be their ruler Carol Ferris was granted the power of the mystical alien gem and for a time became Star Sapphire.

Ferris would latter battle Dela Pharon - a rival for the honor of ruling the Zamarons. After Pharon's defeat her whereabouts became unknown.

In her role as Star Sapphire, Ferris faced numerous defeats at the hands of the Green Lantern, making her mentally unstable and splitting her into two distinct personalities - one being the masculine criminal known as the Predator.

On the planet Pandian, Remoni-Norta was offered the leadership of the Zamarons, but although she refused, she was bequeathed one of the five Star Sapphire gems. Aware of the existence of four other gems Remoni-Norta came to Earth in search of Carol Ferris so that she could challenge her for the power of Star Sapphire.


64. Captain Boomerang (26 points)

captainboomerang.jpgDigger Harkness was the illegitimate son of an American soldier and an Australian woman. He lived in a life of poverty until he discovered his skill in making boomerangs and using them as weapons. He would later be hired as a performer and boomerang promoter by a toy company which was, unbeknownst to him, owned by his biological father W.W. Wiggins. He was ridiculed by the audience, and his resentment caused Harkness to begin using his boomerangs for crime.

He became a recurring villain for the Flash (Barry Allen). Digger was sent to prison for his crimes, but he planted special boomerangs in every jail within one hundred miles of Central City. They would remain invisible until he concentrated his brain waves to materialize them. He would later use one to escape prison. Barry Allen was at the seen working as a police scientist and was attacked by Captain boomerang. Barry quickly changed into the Flash. Flash hit Boomerang with a gust of wind by spinning his arms, but Harkness contorted his body into a boomerang and flew back at the flash knocking him out. Captain Boomerang sent Flash to an alternate dimension filled with monsters, using a machine that turned him into a boomerang. However Flash knew that if he stayed in the form of a boomerang he would come back to the sender and was able to defeat Captain Boomerang.

Harkness would later join the Suicide Squad in exchange for a pardon of his crimes. However Harkness personality and racism made him an undesirable member of the team. Harkness simply watched by as his teammate, Mindboggler, was shot in the back due to her using her mind-altering abilities on Harkness to shut him up when he was verbally abusing another team member. He also manipulated another team member, Slipknot, into running away from the action just to see if the explosive bracelets the Squad members wore really did activate if the wearer attempted to escape which, and they did. Harkness remained with the Squad until it was disbanded.

Captain Boomerang was killed in the Identity Crisis miniseries by Jack Drake, father of Tim Drake. Digger had been sent by the real killer to attack Jack Drake, only the killer double-crossed Digger and sent Drake a warning and a pistol to defend himself; the killer later defended the action by saying that Boomerang was hired because he was such an incompetent that Jack would only need to pull the trigger and he would be safe. Digger managed to kill Drake but not before he was shot himself



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