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Your Top DCU Villains part 21

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, November 25 2008 and posted in Features


60. Eclipso (29 points)

eclipso.jpgEclipso is the original incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance, who was last removed and imprisoned in a black crystal. Eclipso has the ability to possess anyone who owns the crystal.

In the beginning, God's spirit of wrath was made flesh to punish the wicked and wash the Earth clean of vice and iniquity. Wrath, by definition, is driven largely by anger. Whereas vengeance requires a lighter touch. As the Old Testament gave way to the fairer and more balanced God of the new, the spirit of wrath was stripped of rank and privileges by its successor, the Spectre. Split asunder by God's newly anointed spirit of vengeance, Wrath's physicality was trapped within the heart of darkness, a black diamond mined on distant Apokalips that brought only woe and misery to anyone who came into its possession. What remained of God's wrath was banished quite appropriately to the dark side of the moon. But not for long, a single, well-placed strike can split a seemingly indestructible diamond. The heart of darkness was thus shattered, a thousand shards of equal cut and carat, each containing a sliver of evil, were scattered across the globe. Dr. Bruce Gordon discovered his in a South Pacific Jungle. While attempting to film a rare solar eclipse, Gordon was scratched by one such cursed gemstone by the maddened tribal seer mophir. And so began Gordon's long, strange trip in the company of his evil alter ego Eclipso.

The solar scientist's self-appointed crusade became thwarting his dark half at every turn. In time, the two were finally separated, Yin and yang, as Eclipso sought to plunge Earth into eternal darkness and despair by possessing the planet's stalwart superheroes. For some, resistance was fatally futile. To avenge his slain sister, Alex Montez etched his skin in mystic runes and injected himself with liquefied black diamonds, thus imprisoning Eclipso within his own body. But, fearing Eclipso's boasts that he would escape eventually, Montez chose suicide in a misguided attempt to cage the evil within him for all time. Of course, Eclipso sought a new and more suggestible host. Diamonds, even black-hearted baubles, are a girl's best friend after all. In Jean Loring, Eclipso found a willing soul mate, both desiring revenge upon Earth's brightly hued heroes. The spirit of wrath forged an unlikely alliance with the Spectre, seducing the spirit of vengeance and waging the genocidal war on Earth's mystics and mages, a conflict that led to a climactic confrontation with Captain Marvel and the newly formed Shadowpact. In defeat, she was trapped by perpetual daylight in permanent orbit around the sun, still casting a long shadow across Earth. Again, Eclipso's escape was inevitable. Even now, Eclipso darkens everything she touches.


glorianatenebrae.jpg59. Gloriana Tenebrae (29 points)

The Sheeda are not extra-dimensional, inhuman, or diabolical. They are from the future: roughly one billion years from now. They are either an evolved or gene-engineered form of humanity, or they are the race that evolves after modern humans. Whichever, the Earth now orbits a dying sun, and mismanagement of the planet by their predecessors has reduced it to a wasteland. The black flowers of Slaughter Swamp now cover the Earth, the seas are reduced to mist.

In this world, the Sheeda live. Their culture is horrific - described as 'a grim parody of civilization' by one character. Its arts, sciences and ecology is at a standstill. However, they have discovered time travel technology. Using this, they travel back through time, come to a certain era, and lay waste to the planet, taking most everything of value and taking most of the populace as slaves. First, it provides for their world, since it has fallen into shambles, and second, it gives the populace something to do besides plot an uprising.

Gloriana Tenebrae, Melmoth's (The King of the Sheeda) second wife and Queen of the Sheeda, is the villain of the story. She is trying to retrieve the Seven treasures before the Harrowing. She is apparently the basis of the evil queen in the 'Snow White' legend, since she has made several references to wanting to be 'the fairest of them all'. She is also presumably the inspiration for various legends concerning the ruthless Queen of the Fey (her name comes from Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene). In the end, the Shining Knight injures Gloriana, who is then shot by I, Spyder which knocks the Queen from Castle Revolving, followed by the Queen being crushed by the Bulleteer's car. Her totem was the jellyfish.


58. Kobra (29 Points)

Years ago, Siamese twin brothers were born to the Burrs, American's vacationing in New Delhi, India. After a lengthy operation, the brothers were separated, and the family was informed that one of the twins had died in the maternity ward. Unknown to the family, the boy they thought dead had actually been kidnapped by a cult of fanatical cobra worshippers, who believed the child to be their chosen leader.

Raising the child to assume the role of leader of the cobra cult, the cultists trained him in almost every martial art. To both the child's and his brother's chagrin, however, they discovered that they were biologically and psychically linked. When one brother felt pain, so did the other. It was not until after the kidnapped youth had grown to maturity and was calling himself Kobra, that the other twin...Jason Burr, discovered his twin still lived.

Jason was enlisted by the authorities in a vain attempt to stop Kobra and was ultimately murdered by his brother with the aid of a "neural neutralizer," which temporarily severed the psychic link between them.
Without his brother to hold him in check, Kobra became a notorious megalomaniac hoping to conquer the world


57. Penguin (30 points)

Oswald Cobblepot's mother insist he always carry an umbrella after his father died of Bronchial Pneumonia, an illness she believed to be caused from being caught in the rain. Cobblepot's appearance and ever-present umbrella made him the target of childhood torments and his only friends were the birds of his mother's pet shop.

After graduating from college, his mother past away from a longtime illness leaving Cobblepot destitute, resulting in the foreclosure of the pet shop, and seizure of his only friends, the birds. Angry at the law he decided to go into crime and offered his services as a thief to a local crime boss.

Laughed at and rejected by the mobster, who taunted as a penguin, Cobblepot decided to make his new moniker, a name to be feared. Returning to confront the mobster, dressed in a tuxedo and armed with a .45 caliber umbrella, he killed him in self defense. Impressed by his ingenuity the dead mobster's accomplices agreed to make Cobblepot their leader. Fulfilling his desire to be feared and respected he adopted the name of Penguin


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