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Your Top DCU Villains part 24

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, November 26 2008 and posted in Features

50. Psycho Pirate (39 points - 2 first place slots)

psychopirate.jpgA disgruntled linotyper for the Daily Courier newspaper, Charley Halstead sought revenge upon his employer by staging a series of crimes based upon emotions as the Psycho-Pirate.

After being incarcerated by the Justice Society he met Roger Hayden in prison. Before dying he told Hayden about the Medusa Masks, artifacts capable of inducing emotion in others. Out of prison, Hayden stole the mask and became the new Psycho-Pirate.

Hayden escaped from prison and discovered the legendary mask. He would battle Hourman and Doctor Fate, and join a few super villain teams. Unfortunately, Hayden eventually became addicted to emotions and was committed to an asylum.

At Luthor's behest, Psycho-Pirate used illusion-casting powers to torture Power Girl with visions of alternate pasts. He revealed her true history as a survivor of Earth-2 in attempt to capture her for Luthor. He would also be the one who gave the black Eclipso diamond to Jean Loring, thus turning her into the former spirit of wrath, Eclipso.

Hayden was part of the Super villain Society that attacked and massacred the Freedom Fighters. He used his powers to subdue The Ray, who Luthor needed alive. He and the Society later attempted to apprehend Power Girl, but with help from her cousin, the Superman of Earth-2, she managed to escape. Her escape was short-lived, as she was betrayed by [[Superman Prime] and the young Luthor. Luthor explained to her that he needed to capture a being from each of the earths that had been merged into New Earth. All of his captives were bound to a giant tower. In return for his services, Psycho-Pirate was promised Power Girl after Luthor's plan succeeded. Hayden forced the captive Black Adam to say the magic word, "Shazam", which would bring down the magic lightning to power Luthor's tower. Luthor's plan succeed to a point, as the entire multiverse returned; albeit temporarily. The captive heroes managed to escape, and in murderous revenge, Black Adam pushed his fingers all the way through Hayden's eyes and head; killing him. "No more silly faces.."

Psycho-Pirate has been mentioned as selling emotions to villains. It is unknown how he returned, though he brain.jpgpossibly used his Medusa Mask to regenerate himself.


49. The Brain (41 points)

Ten years before his own death a French scientist experimented upon the mind of a superior ape and, through secret teaching methods and shock treatments gave it a genius IQ of 178. The scientist named this ape Monsieur Mallah.

When the scientist died, the intelligent ape removed his brain and transferred it into a sophisticated receptacle which was connected to a vast computer network. Now virtually immortal, the Brain organized the Brotherhood of evil to advance his aims of world conquest.

When the first Brotherhood of evil disbanded after many battles with the Doom Patrol, the Brain assembled a second team that fought the New Teen Titans.

After coming in to conflict with Nightwing's Outsiders, The Teen Titans, and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) the Brain is killed by Gorilla Grodd during the events of Salvation Run.


48. Validus (41 points)

Validus, the strong member of the Fatal Five, was actually the child of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. He was abducted by Darkseid as a baby, sent back in time, and transformed into the powerful super-villain.

After the events of the Zero Hour miniseries, Legion continuity was rebooted entirely, and Validus' origin was changed considerably. He was no longer the child of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, Darkseid had nothing to do with his creation, and he was also significantly weaker. In the current "Three-boot" continuity, Validus is the name of a nature spirit in the folklore of the planet of Winath, known as the Lord of Lightning. Mekt Ranzz was a member of a cult that worshipped him. Since the Ranzzes gained their powers and left the planet the cult has grown considerably, seemingly granting everyone on Winath lightning powers. This was later revealed as the product of nanomachines in their blood.



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