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Your Top DCU Villains part 25

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, November 26 2008 and posted in Features

47. Time Trapper (42 points)

timetrapper.jpgNothing is known of the Time Trapper's history. A being of great power, he first encountered the Legion and arose their suspicions when he constructed his "Iron Curtain of Time," which prevented the Super-Heroes from traveling more than 30 days into the future. Then, disguised as Chief Wilson of the Science Police, the Trapper nearly tricked the Legion into handing over the Concentrator. The deadliest weapon in the galaxy. When he was unmasked, he retreated to his citadel at the end of time, where his foes could not follow.

In subsequent encounters, the Trapper always managed to escape the Legion's grasp, after one adventure, the Super-Heroes thought they had captured him, unmasking him as a renegade controller and imprisoning him on Takron-Galtos, only to find out later that their captive was merely a stand-in for the true Trapper and commanded only a fraction of his power. This second failed Trapper was subsequently executed by his master.

The Time Trapper's master stroke against the Legion came when a trip by Cosmic Boy and Night Girl into the past revealed evidence that the fabric of time had been tampered with upon investigation, the Legion discovered that the entire 20th -century reality that birthed Superboy, their greatest ally and inspiration, was in fact created by the Trapper. His final gambit involved trapping the Legionnaires in 20th century Smallville and destroying them along with the town. Superboy prevented the Trapper from succeeding, though at the cost of his own life.

Several Legionnaires, intent on avenging Superboy, finally found a way to break the Iron curtain of time and followed the Trapper to his era. They were nearly slain by their opponent who destroyed one of Duo Damsol's bodies before being completely and utterly defeated himself by the Infinite Man in a battle arranged by Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar.


46. Heatwave (43 points - 2 first place slots)

heatwave.pngMick Rory was first affected by the mental illness of pyromania as a child which resulted in him burned down his family's farmhouse - and caused their deaths. Sent to live with his uncle, Rory was tormented by the local school kids because he wore winter clothes even during the summer, just to feel the sensation of heat.
While on a school fieldtrip to a local meatpacking plant a fellow student locked Rory in one of the plant's freezer rooms as a prank. Rory torched the student's home and fled - eventually joining a circus.

As Rory matured he developed his skills as a fire-eater and controlled his impulses to start destructive fires - until the night he set flame to the circus and recorded his crime with photographs. Eventually Rory designed a weapon and a costumed identity turning to a life of crime as Heat Wave.

Rory eventually settled in Central City - brining him into conflict with criminal competitor Captain Cold and the heroic Flash. Eventually Heat Wave was brought to justice but not before learning the true identity of the Flash.

While in prison Rory decided to go strait and took a job in a glassworks factory after being paroled. It was during his transition from prison that his parole officer Mr. Hobart assumed the identity of Heat Wave to commit a series of robberies. With the help of the Flash, Rory brought the corrupt parole officer to justice.

Rory eventually reassumed his costumed identity, but instead of crime he used his talents to fight fires and investigate arson crimes - but given his obsession how long can he resist the temptation of flame and the trill of becoming Heat Wave? Still struggling with his pyromania, he began working for the F.B.I. alongside other reformed rogues

The F.B.I. project failed. On the group’s first mission, the Top returned to undo the programming that had caused most of them to reform. Heat Wave rejoined the Rogues. He then joins the society.


atrocitus.jpg45. Atrocitus (44 Points)

Much is still unknown about the being known as Atrocitus. He is introduced as a prisoner on the Guardians of the Universe's prison planet, Ysmault. In his first appearance Atrocitus is seen arguing with his cellmate, an alien named Qull. He blames Qull for revealing the prophecy of "the blackest night" to Abin Sur. Although Qull boasts that his revelation to the former Green Lantern planted a seed of fear within Abin Sur that would "spread like a disease through the universe", Atrocitus is enraged that this revelation prompted the Guardians to extend the convicts sentence on Ysmault, "leaving them to rot" on the prison planet. With murderous intent, Atrocitus confesses that the rage that has festered in his heart for centuries has revealed to him the means of escape. Raising a red power battery above his head, Atrocitus bludgeoned Qull to death, anointing the lantern in the alien’s blood and innards.

As the lantern is bathed in blood Atrocitus vows revenge against the being who calls himself the "Greatest" Green Lantern; Sinestro. Shortly thereafter, Atrocitus Red Lantern corps inducts its first member; Laira the former Green Lantern recently dismissed from the Corps when her rage drove her to murder Amon Sur of the Sinestro Corps. With both Red Lanterns swearing revenge against Sinestro and his Corps, the War of Light has begun.



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