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Your Top DCU Villains part 27

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, November 27 2008 and posted in Features


41. Killer Frost (49 points)

Two women have taken on the identity of Killer Frost. The first was Crystal Frost, a researcher. The second was her friend and colleague, Louise Lincoln.

Dr. Crystal Frost was an extremely withdrawn woman who sought acceptance amongst her fellow scientists. Secretly in love with Dr. Martin Stein (Firestorm I) she was shocked to discover he did not love her in kind.
Dr. Frost accidentally locked herself in a thermo frost chamber and was transformed into Killer Frost.

After a failed attempt of vengeance upon Dr. Stein, who merged with Ronnie Raymond to become Firestorm, Frost was imprisoned within a deep freeze unit. After Frost escaped she sought help from an old college friend Dr. Louise Lincoln. Aware that she was dying from lack of absorbing warmth Frost went on a rampage and died after absorbing too much energy from Firestorm.

After the death of her friend Lincoln's grief and desire for revenge caused her to repeat the experiment that caused Frost's transformation - continuing a vendetta against Firestorm as Killer Frost.


40. Mordru (52 points)

mordru.jpgMordru exists primarily as a formless Lord of Chaos. He existed before the universe had fully formed and he will continue long after the last star has burnt out. He attacked the Justice League and the Justice Society several times prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths. He existed in Gemworld as Wrynn and fought Amethyst on several occasions, finally being trapped within stone there for an extended period. This led to Mordru developing Taphephobia (a phobia of being buried alive).

After Crisis, he reappeared during the last days of the 20th century responding to prophesy that said the world’s most powerful wizard would soon be reborn and claim his mantle. Mordru sought to find this child and kill it to claim its power. He clashed with the newly reformed Justice Society several times attempting to find the child, finally defeating the team, he held the infant boy marked by fate high as he prepared to sacrifice it, but the new Star-spangled Kid intervened and touched the Scarabus to the child.

In a bright flash of light the child grew to adulthood and was clad in the raiment of Dr. Fate. After a protracted battle Mordru was imprisoned in the Amulet of Fate for several months as Hector Hall began to adapt to his new position as mystical guardian.

Eventually having fed Hector much disinformation and cast several spell in preparation, Mordru managed to switch places with Hector, taking the mantle of Fate as Hector was trapped in the Amulet. Eventually Hector freed himself with the help of Nabu and defeated Mordru, trapping him in the Rock of Eternity.

It was learned during this conflict that Mordru was responsible for the corruption of Hank (Hawk) Hall. Hector is the child of Hawk & Dove, which Mordru corrupted Hawk into raping Dove; controlling Hawk to become Monarch (in effect bringing him to the side of chaos, succeeding where M’Shulla and Gorrum failed.), and that the killing of Dove II was an illusion cast by Mordru. All simply so that he could kill the child and usurp its power.

During Infinite Crisis, Mordru was freed from the Rock of Eternity, along the Sins when it exploded over Gotham. He immediately attacked Dr. Fate and the JSA once again. The battle raged through various other timelines, where Fate mocked Mordru for not existing in so many other timelines. He was finally defeated by Jakeem Thunder.

By the 30th century he has created a vast interstellar empire where only the Legion of Superheroes and the United Planets oppose him. He was apparently defeated and placed within an airtight vault, but was freed by a battle between Sensor, Umbra and Magno, and the Legion of Super Rejects. He promptly absorbed the magical power from his descendants and collecting his favorite artifacts, notably the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

When the Legion of Superheroes engaged him in combat in an attempt to return him to his prison, he easily defeated them, sending them forth as his heralds. He destroyed the planet Sklar as a demonstration of his might. He was finally defeated by a reformed Legion, Workforce, and the Amazers; sealed within an airtight sphere. (this is presumably the same battle that Dr. Fate showed Mordru during their second encounter.)


39. Hal Jordan (53 points - 1 first place slot)

haljordan.jpgI know what you are thinking, Parallax was already on the list. But people who voted for him, and they made it very clear on this, is that they were not voting for the parasite possession retcon. They are voting for the human who just went bat-shit crazy. The man who slaughtered the GLC and stole their rings. That’s who they voted for, not the person Johns is writing nowadays.

Hal Jordan was a test pilot trying to get from under the shadow of his dead father, an ace Air Force pilot. Hal’s dad was killed inside his jet when it crashed, both Hal and Carol Ferris were watching as the jet crashed. Hal then made a promise to his mom that he would never join the air force after the incident. Hal then ran away when he was eighteen and broke his promise. Later when Hal’s mom was dying he wanted to see her but his brother Jack said his mom didn't want to see him. After Hal was discharged from the air force his mom past away and his brother Jack was murdered. Only him and his brother Jim are the sole survivors of the Jordan family. One day when testing a flight simulator, when an energy field surrounded him and took him to Abin Sur. The simulator landed out in the desert, near a crashed alien ship. The ship was piloted by Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic peace keeping force. On the verge death, Abin Sur, with his power ring, sought out the most worthy successor on Earth. Despite some character flaws, Hal Jordan was given the power ring and its power battery. He journeyed to the planet Oa, home world of the Green Lantern Corps, and trained with Sinestro, a Corps member that would later become one of Hal's deadliest enemies. He became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (home of Earth) and formed many relationships among the superhero community.

When his hometown, West Coast City was destroyed by the Cyborg Superman and the alien warlord Mongul to turn it into something called Engine City a replacement for Warworld, Hal attempted to restore the city, but The Guardians of the Corps refused to give Hal more power. Hal lost his senses and began to defeat other Corps members including; Tomar-Tu, Boodikka, KE'Hann, Laira, Graf Toren, Kreon and Jack T. Chance claiming their power rings as his own. Hal even went on to reluctantly defeat Kilowog.

He reached Oa where he battled Sinestro (who was let free by the guardians) the battle ended with Hal's victory by snapping his neck and leading to the death of Sinestro. Then he proceeded to kill off all the Guardians except for Ganthet who had retrieved Hal's ring and went on to Earth to find Kyle Rayner. Hal then absorbed the emerald energies of the central power battery and destroyed it. Seemingly evil with power, Hal became the villain known as Parallax.



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