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Your Top DCU Villains part 28

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, November 28 2008 and posted in Features

38. Mongul (54 points - 1 first place slot)

mongul.jpgMongul's son (also named Mongul) went to Earth to get revenge for his father. He battled Hal Jordan and the Green Arrow but was interrupted by his sister. They were sent back to their home planet where Mongul killed his sister.

Mongul is next seen on a strange planet where an injured Sinestro Corps member's ship crashes. Mongul enters to wreckage and finds the fallen Sinestro Corps member. The injured man offers Mongul the ring and Mongul breaks his neck, taking the ring. Mongul's first act was to order his ring to inform him of all its capabilities. He then spent the next 96 hours learning all of the capabilities of his new weapon. After the ring is finished, Mongul asks it how many rings are currently seeking a bearer. After receiving the information, and the coordinates of said rings, he proceeds to berate his sister's skull before flying off to put his plan into motion.

Mongul next travels to Sector 2261 and Ater Clementia the home planet of the Mother Mercies. While there he takes the time to remember his father, while he sets about gathering some of the planets. He then heads off into space. Mongul sets about tracking down the rings that are seeking new bearers. As Duel is chosen by a ring, Mongul bursts into the hospital. He then proceeds to give the newest member of the Sinestro Corps the options of joining him, or relinquishing his ring in exchange for a Mother Mercy. He has presumably encountered 5 other Sinestro's based on the fact he is now sporting 6 rings, and taking note of this fact Duel chooses to side with him. The two then proceed to slaughter the inhabitants of the hospital, sticking around long enough afterwards to ambush Sodam and Arisia and take them hostage.

Mongul returns to the planet of the Mercies, with Duel, Sodam, and Arisia. He then begins to use his rings to dig to the center of the planet. He then began using them to change the Mother Mercies, so that instead of showing a person's greatest joy, they would show them their darkest fears. He was forced to expend energy blasting Duel when the former ignored him about touching the Lanterns. He then proceeded to launch his altered seeds into the atmosphere towards other waiting planets. Mongul then, leaving the Lanterns behind under the influence of his altered Mother Mercies, left for another part of the planet to collect more seeds.

While he was collecting seeds to further his plans, Mongul's attention was grabbed by his ring informing him in a change of the gravity of the planet. He almost wrote it off as feeding time for the mercies, before he realized that it was localized to one area. Going to investigate he found not only more Lanterns, but Mother Mercy herself. He manages to ambush the Lantern's, blasting all of them with Mercies. Mongul then confronts Mother Mercy, angered by her "betrayal", he orders her to finish off the lanterns. He then informs Duel he wants him to stay behind, causing yet another argument. Tired of their squabbling, he separates the two and leaves one behind, and brings the other with him. He then heads off into space to finish enacting his plan. He doesn't even make it out of the system before the Lanterns manage to confront him, having been set free by Mercy. He then proceeds to battle them to a standstill. Just as Mongul readies himself for another assault, he convulses. Bzzd bursts forth from his eye, having attacked him internally. The other Lanterns then proceed to blast him back into Mercies gravity well, who begins to feed him to her children.

Mongul later manages to escape the grasp of Mother Mercy, though his arm has been severed in the process. He flies away from the planet. He doesn't stop until he runs into an unknown ship, blasting through its shield and boarding it. He then proceeds to raid the available rations, before blasting his way out of the ship and continuing on his journey.


jasontodd.jpg37. Jason Todd (57 points)

Before he became the maniacal "Clown Prince of Crime" the Joker briefly assumed the identity of the Red Hood.

In his criminal career the Joker would be challenged numerous times by the Batman and his apprentice Robin. It was Jason Todd, the second boy to assume the identity of Robin, that would become a victim of the Joker's mania. Brutally beaten with a crowbar Todd was left to die in a warehouse rigged with explosives.

Years later Jason Todd would apparently return from the grave to menace his former mentor as well as the criminals of Gotham City. Employing lethal methods rejected by the Batman, Todd swore that he would become the hero that the Dark Knight refused to be as the merciless vigilante called the Red Hood.

When continuity skipped a year forward, Jason came up again as another Nightwing. He fought Dick Grayson, the real Nightwing, murders someone, and nearly kills a criminal. He also is currently fighting with Green Arrow in an ongoing story. Grayson refuses to join his side and methods of crime fighting. Not long after the two Nightwings meet up, Jason is captured and imprisoned by unknown mobsters. Rescued by a reluctant Grayson, the two join forces to defeat the Pierce brothers. Jason leaves New York City and the Nightwing mantle to Grayson, along with a telegram telling Grayson he has returned to normal and still considers them family.


drlight.jpg36. Dr, Light (59 Points)

Dr. Arthur Light intended to use his scientific genius for crime by inventing a device intended to look into the future. Instead, he discovered it was capable of monitoring events on other planets. Focusing upon an optics laboratory on the planet Thanagar, Light discovered that his device could act as a space warp. Passing through space in an instant he was able to loot the alien laboratory. Modifying the stolen equipment the criminal scientist became the menacing genius Dr. Light

In a 2004 series called - Identity Crisis, revealed that Arthur Light had raped Sue Dibny, the wife of Elongated Man, some time in the past. Later in the DCU it shows that Dr. Light is a serial rapist and Sue Dibny was not the first woman he raped. The Justice League decided to wipe Dr. Light's mind by asking Zatanna to use her magic, so that their loved ones would be protected. Zatanna accidentally gave him partial lobotomy, while explains how he went from a foe of Justice League to being a low class villain of the Teen Titans. Despite that, Dr. Light managed to recover his memories sometime later and swore revenge on the Justice League.

Recently in a FC mini series, Dr. Light met his fate when the Spectre made him pay for his crimes in a most violent way.


mirrormaster.jpg35. Mirror Master (64 points)

The second Mirror Master was Scottish, Evan McCulloch. Abandon by his parents when he was just a baby Evan McCulloch grew up in an orphanage. While at the orphanage when he was around the age of 8, Evan was almost sexually assaulted by an older boy named Georgie. Evan in self-defense smashed Georgie in the head with a rock then drowns him in a creek. This was the first time Evan killed but it would not be the last. McCulloch would leave the orphanage. He made his way to Glasgow, had a few on and off jobs, none of them held and Even eventually turned to a life of crime, a life he was very good at. Evan Mculloch had a way of just disappearing. Evan would eventually take an assassination mission for a customer and end up shooting his own father without realizing it. Mculloch killed the man who hired him just for peace of mind. Then planned on trying to patch things up with his mother. By the time he got to her she had already taken her own life. He found a note beside her that said she could not live without her husband. Evan McCulloch Was all ready to turn himself in when his life of crime caught up with him. Uncle Sam came knocking at his door. Too his surprise they did not want to arrest him, they liked his work and were willing to give him the old Mirror Masters weapons and costume. McCulloch had found his calling and Mirror Master II was born. Mirror Master II quickly got tired of his new bosses trapping them in a mirror world. He has a cocaine addiction and has since hooked up with Captain cold and the Rogues.



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