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Your Top DCU Villains: One Point Club part 1

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, December 02 2008 and posted in Features

Welcome to the One Point Club, a special club for those characters who were voted only once AND in the last place slots on people’s lists. This clubs sports variety of characters both awesome (Jocasta and L-Ron) and completely friggin useless (Echo and Hawkeye). So, sit back and enjoy this edition of the O.P.C, and when it’s done you will agree with me that this list of characters should face off against the Sinister Six or even the Justice League.

Oh, and just wanna say something before we start. If there is any mistake, for example a character listed in the O.P.C you feel should have a point to two more, or a character you put in the 10th slot on the list is not listed at all in the here or the rest of the list, please don't get angry and just cough it up to an honest Ooops. On the last list, the X-Folks one, I accidentally forgot to put Feral in the One Point Club and the person (not from this site) was pretty much a douche about it. On that list, I had 165 submissions thru email, PMs, IMs and forum posts. This time around I had 184 submissions. There is a good chance a point or two got misplaced by either 1) me somehow missing the IM/PM/Email/Forum post or 2) when cut and pasting the IM/PM/Email/Forum post to Word then to Excel your point got lost along the way. I love doing these lists, and each time they get more and more popular, and the next list I really hope to get more peoples lists. I am bound to make a minor error somewhere, so please be cool about it and don't be a dickhead. I am human, I make booboos. Wow. What a buzz kill eh? How can I fix that? Ooh, I know I can post a wicked awesome character!!!!


Bito Wladon was a member of the Modoran royal family. He devoted his life to the study of acoustics. What began as a childhood interest developed into an adult obsession, and this was joined with a fierce sense of national pride (Even though his tiny country had a population of under 500 people). As a young man, Bito dedicated himself to creating a sonically based weapon which would place tiny Modora among the world's super powers.

However, Modora was a poor nation and it lacked the scientific resources Wladon would need to build his Nucleo-sonic motor. Wladon went to the US to obtain the materials he was looking for - by fair means or foul. Armed with a tunic fork gun he had created himself, Wladon began a crime spree using the name of Sonar. Unfortunately for him, he ran into Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and his first outing ended up with him being captured.

This defeat did not dim Wladon's ambition or desire, rather it strengthened his resolve to lead his nation to what he believed was its rightful place. In an attempt to prove Modora's greatness, he declared war on the neighboring country of Granaco. Once again, Sonar found himself defeated by Green Lantern, and he was imprisoned for leading his country into war.

He remained behind bars until Hector Hammond used his powers to manipulate Sonar as a weapon to strike at their mutual foe. As with all of their encounters to date, Green Lantern's power ring was far superior to Sonar's sonic weapon.

And he kicked all kinds of ass in the JLA/Avengers mini. Woooo!!


Manchester Black

Black's team, the Elite, considered themselves true crime fighters but their methods were extreme, as they killed their opponents for victory. When Black and his Elite came to metropolis, they were opposed by Superman, the cities protector. The Man of Steel defeated the Elite and captured Black, but president Lex Luthor had Black released. The immoral Brit became an ally of Luthor’s, using his telepathic powers to find out that Clark Kent was the alter ego of Superman, a secret that Lex had long sought. Black first learned of Imperiex's approach to Earth, letting Lex have a chance to mobilize the planets defense in a cosmic war. After the war, Black used his knowledge of Superman's secret identity to target everyone close to him. Black was thought to have been deceased in an explosion, but returned with his sister, Vera Black. To prove that superman could not live up to his own ideals, the cynical Black set out to ruin his life. Anyone close to Superman, A.K.A Clark Kent, was endangered. Finally, Black seemingly killed Lois Lane but still Superman would not kill Black in revenge. Defeated, Black erased the knowledge of Superman's true identity from Lex's mind and computer files, before taking his own gentghost.jpglife, a failure.


Gentleman Ghost

Craddock grew up in the 1800's in England with his mother in poverty. He became greedy and a robber.

He went to the United States where he was falsely accused of violent behavior and killed by Nighthawk, a masked cowboy.

Craddock found out he would remain a ghost until the spirit of who murdered him moved on to "the next plane of existence." He also finds out that Nighthawk is actually an incarnation of ancient Egyptian royalty whose souls will not ever pass on.

After having discovered that he can't truly kill Hawkman (Nighthawk's reincarnation), Gentleman Ghost starts annoying a big number of superheroes, just for shits and giggles.

Gentleman Ghost is a real ghost with the power of phasing, turn invisible and fly. He is also a good marksman and uses an old flintlock gun. He discovered he can freeze the body of anyone he touched (like a death touch).

And is a baddie on the new Brave and the Bold cartoon which he Rocked the Kasbah in.


Egg Fu

eggfu.jpgThe first Egg Fu was a Robert Kanigher creation that hit on every Asian stereotype except bad driving. He had a face like a WWII propaganda poster, a Fu Manchu mustache (prehensile, no less) and spoke with an "Amelicans will be velly solly" accent. He tried an incredibly contrived scheme to blow up a U.S. Navy fleet: Wonder Woman beat him using even more incredibly contrived means. At one point Wonder Woman actually gets literally blown to smithereens-- only to find that the Amazons conveniently have a machine that undoes just exactly that kind of death. Shades of the Bat-Shark-Repellent! Hey, it was the sixties, man. Everyone was a little... psychedelic

the new egg-shaped villain has gotten an extreme makeover. Still egg-shaped, but with a barely-human face formed of cracks and glowing red eyes, jagged teeth, and riding around in a scorpion-like mechanical walker, this Chang Tzu (as he prefers to be called) is a much more credible threat.

He ostensibly works for the Chinese government as part of the Great Ten, but is actually an agent of Apokolips. He collects some of the most brilliant minds into the Science Squad, forcing them to work for him. At one point he is apparently shattered; however a new egg inside the old grows into a new body. He has apparently been through other "incubations" of this sort before, as he takes it in stride.



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