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Your Top DCU Villains: One Point Club part 2

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, December 02 2008 and posted in Features

Four more forgotten or highly disliked good for nothings.


Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt uses a mind-controlling helmet to commit crimes.

The original Crazy Quilt was a man who had a deep hatred for the original Nightwing, which extended to his successors.

The current Crazy Quilt is a woman that was a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. She has recently been apprehended by the Suicide Squad and is most likely going to be made to take covert missions with the team.



merlyn.jpgYou got to love a man who takes time and paints the each and every arrow tip black.

The Man known as Merlyn "the Magician” was said to be the world's greatest archer. As a young boy, Oliver Queen was greatly impressed watching Merlyn publicly display his skill. As an adult, Queen became the costumed archer, Green Arrow. Early in Green Arrow's career, Merlyn challenged him to a public archery competition. Green Arrow accepted and lost. Soon afterward, Merlyn dropped out of the public eye.

Years later, Merlyn, now a member of the League of Assassins, was assigned to kill Batman, who had helped to thwart the Sensei's attack on the mystical land of Nanda Parbat. Merlyn trapped Batman and shot the arrow that would have killed him, but Green Arrow shot a bolt of his own that deflected Merlyn's arrow and saved Batman's life. Merlyn acknowledged that Green Arrow had finally bested him. Merlyn escaped, but did not return to the League of Assassins, who would have killed him for failing in his mission.

Later, Merlyn was among many criminals assembled by the Queen Bee to defeat the JLA. Merlyn and an ally temporarily captured Green Arrow and Black Canary through their trickery. However, the JLA defeated the Queen Bee and her allies, sending them to prison.

Merlyn has returned on several occasions always trying to best Green Arrow.



Kanto is a member of his Lord Darkseid's Elite and is considered to be a master assassin of the Apokoliptian New Gods.

Originally named Iluthin, Kanto was brought up in Granny Goodness's orphanage, and was one of her most promising warriors. When he decided to steal a pair of Neuro-Skraggers from Darkseid's then personal assassin, Kanto-13, the dread lord used his Omega Beams to blast the young Iluthin.

Iluthin was transported in Italy around the Renaissance period. It was here where he learned his swordsmanship and other fighting skills. Iluthin was employed under the king at the time as a messenger. Claudia Borgia was young Iluthin's first love. After returning with news of plots against him, the king gave her to Iluthin as a bride. During the wedding, however, Kanto-13, still sore over Iluthin attempting to steal his weapons and tries to slay him. Instead, Claudia gave her life and saved her lover.

After Claudia's death Iluthin returned to Apokolips. After drinking a glass of water, Kanto-13 and Iluthin fought. When the assassin fell to the ground with wracking body pains, Iluthin explained how he heard him talk of always having a back-up plan, and poisoned his water. Darkseid soon vanquished the minion, renamed Iluthin, Kanto, and dubbed him his new personal assassin. An expert organizer and strategist, Kanto's tactics are only second to Darkseid himself on Apokolips. Kanto's costume is based on the people's clothing from the Renaissance period. He is a master swordsman and weapon master. He has accomplished a lot for his master, Darkseid, but has also developed a respect for other people's arts. He once let Mr. Miracle go free for impressing him with his escaping skills.


Hugo Strange

hugostrange.jpgProfessor Hugo Strange is one of the world's leading scientific geniuses and criminal strategists. He is also one of the earliest opponents of Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson, now Nightwing). Strange first clashed with Batman when he used a gigantic electrical generator to blanket Gotham City with thick fog. Strange's men then looted the city only for Batman to capture them (and Strange) and send them to prison. However, Strange soon broke free and used chemicals to transform five mental patients into monstrous, super-strong giants. The giants were a decoy - terrorizing the city while Strange and his gang looted it. Batman once again overcame his adversary.

Months later (By this time Batman was partnered by Robin) Strange created a fear inducing dust with which he intended to take over Gotham City and then the rest of the USA. The Dynamic Duo thwarted Strange and in the process it appeared Strange fell to his death.

But Strange survived and spent many years in Europe as a successful criminal. Bored, and seeking a challenge, Strange decided to return to Gotham for another confrontation with Batman. He launched an insidious blackmail scheme against powerful Gotham businessmen and finally captured and unmasked Batman.

Obsessed with usurping his foes identities, Strange masqueraded as Bruce Wayne, and plotted to plunder Wayne Enterprises. He also intended to auction off Batman's secret identity to the highest underworld bidder. Unhappy with this idea, corrupt politician Rupert "Boss" Thorne had his thugs beat up Strange to try and force the identity out of him. Strange refused, saying the information had to be earned, and he used yoga techniques to make Thorne believe that he was dead. Strange later used holograms of himself to make Thorne believe his ghost was haunting him and this drove Thorne to insanity.

Meanwhile, Robin had freed the real Bruce Wayne, but Strange was still determined to usurp his identities. His next idea was to pit a robot double of himself (Strange) against Batman. The robot, which Batman believed to be the real Strange, was destroyed.

Later, through a complex series of illegal moves, Strange deprived Wayne of his home and fortune. Strange planned to frame Batman as a criminal and then expose him as Bruce Wayne. Batman and the new Robin (Jason Todd) defeated Strange and handed him over to the police, along with proof of his many crimes. Wayne regained his fortune and Batman told the police that he had hypnotized Strange into believing that he was Wayne in order to conceal his true identity, which Strange knew. When Strange heard this, he became totally confused as to whether Batman was Bruce Wayne or not.



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