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Your Top DCU Villains: One Point Club part 3

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, December 03 2008 and posted in Features
Last batch of One Point Clubbers with quite a few upsets.

Beard Hunter

beardhunter.jpgErnest Franklin is lonely man. He has no friends except for his German Shepard. There’s one thing that’s always bothered Ernest… He can’t grow a beard. Thanks to a hormone deficiency he’s gone without facial hair for all his life and it’s left him a little unhinged. He’s become a vigilante called the Beard Hunter who kills people he deems criminal (which is a very broad definition) as long as they have beards.

Writer Grant Morrison was obviously a fan of the Silver-Age Jimmy Olson comic, as this issue of the Doom Patrol pays homage to The Bearded Boy story from issue 23 of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. How can you not love a vigilante names the Beard Hunter that shaves his victims and wears a belt made from beards?


Dr. Psycho

drpsycho.jpgHe is a telepath with the ability to enter and sometimes shape other people's dreams. Psycho was enlisted by Circe to create disturbing dreams for Wonder Woman's close friend, Vanessa Kapatelis, with the result that Wonder Woman would be forced to separate herself from her closest allies. This was part of a plot intended to leave Wonder Woman isolated and create widespread public fear of her fellow Amazons. Psycho later helps warp Kapatelis' damaged psyche to turn her into the new Silver Swan.

Dr. Psycho's plans are foiled and he subsequently spends some time as a patient in a mental facility, confined to a padded room and a straitjacket. Several members of the time-lost Legion of Super-Heroes were in telepathic range. When Saturn Girl mentally shouts for a lost member, this awakened Dr. Psycho enough for him to attack several staff members and flee. The call brought him to the Legion, whom he also attacks.

In the Villains United miniseries leading up to Infinite Crisis, Psycho has surfaced as a core member of Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. Working with Talia Al Ghul, he recruits many super villains for the Society...and is rejected and successfully rebuffed by Catman. He threatens to have Catman kill himself. The presence of the man's loyal pack of lions convinces Psycho he might be eaten if he forces Catman to harm himself. This rejection angers him, causing much grumbling for some time afterwards. He also spends time working with Deathstroke in order to capture one of the Marvel Family of superheroes. Other members of the Society realize that Psycho is trying to mentally influence them. Unaffected, they brush it off as something to be expected.

After the events of the sixth issue of Infinite Crisis, Psycho travels with Warp to free Doomsday from captivity near the center of the Earth. He takes control of Doomsday, and uses him to spearhead a super villain assault on Metropolis. Speaking of which...



doomsday.jpg250.000 years ago an alien scientist traveled to Krypton, convincing a handful of native scientists to help him in his experiments. Without a sense of morality he desired to create the ultimate life form.
Choosing the harshest environment on Krypton, with the most lethal native creatures known to exist in the universe, the scientists established a laboratory complex beneath a protective doom and began his experiments.

Starting his experiments with an infant not native to Krypton, he exiled the infant outside the protective dome, where it was quickly made a meal of by the creatures outside. Gathering a tissue sample from the remains the scientists cloned another infant.

Over the decades a clone would be grown from whatever remained, and exiled from the protective dome. Three decades later the infant was able to survive the environment and evade the native creatures for hours before being killed. After more years of evolution the clones were referred to as the Ultimate.

Exiled for two years, the Ultimate hunted the native creatures to their extinction. Eventually the Ultimate returned to the dome, smashing its way in and killing the scientists who had tortured it over the decades.

Wandering the planet in a murderous rage, fate intervened when the Ultimate smuggled aboard a supply ship unnoticed. Drifting throughout the galaxy the Ultimate became known as the engine of destruction, Doomsday



scarface.jpga quiet mild-mannered man, Arnold Wesker schizophrenic personality is a ruthless criminal mastermind that only commits crimes, often against Wesker's will, through a ventriloquist marionette called Scarface.

The Ventriloquist is one of many villains in the Rogues Gallery to be confined to Arkham Asylum when Batman apprehends him. One particularly memorable series of events concerning him took place during the Knightfall saga, after Bane had destroyed Arkham and released its inmates. Unable to find Scarface, the Ventriloquist uses a sock puppet in his place for a short time. After robbing a toy store, he procures a number of other hand puppets to fill in for Scarface, including one of a police officer which he refers to as "Chief O'Hara" (in reference to a character from the 1960s Batman TV show). Wesker uses a sock puppet to fill in as an alter ego until he can find a suitable replacement for Scarface; later, Scarface and "Socko" are set at odds until a standoff occurs, and the puppets shoot each other, leaving Wesker unconscious and bleeding from two wounded hands.

In one issue, he is apparently killed, and in a bizarre twist, Scarface appears to still talk and act alive before he is destroyed. This death appears to have been retconned in "One Year Later" (presumably due to the events of the Infinite Crisis crossover). Wesker appears as one of the members of the Secret Society of Super Villains that faces the Jade Canary, who pitches Scarface off the top of a roof.

In Detective Comics #818, an issue in what would later become the book Batman: Face the Face, Wesker is fatally shot by an unseen assailant. The puppet Scarface is stepped on and its head crushed. The dying Wesker uses Scarface's hand to leave a clue regarding his murder: a street name. Later in the storyline, it is revealed that Tally Man, acting as an enforcer for the Great White Shark, is responsible for the murder.


Joe Chill

joechill.jpgBatman discovered that Joe Chill, a small-time crime boss he was investigating, was none other than the man who killed his parents. Batman confronted him and revealed his secret identity ("I'm the son of the man you murdered—I'm Bruce Wayne!") and Chill, frightened, sought protection from his henchmen. Once his henchmen (who had friends that were arrested by Batman) learned that Chill's actions lead to Batman's existence, they turned on their boss and killed him, never giving Chill a chance to reveal Batman's identity.

Batman learned that Chill was not a robber, but actually a hitman who had murdered the Waynes on orders from a Mafia boss named Lew Moxon. In a flashback, we learn that Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, had worn a bat costume to a costume party, where Moxon and his men had shown up and forced him to remove a slug from his arm. Afterwards, he testified against Moxon in court. The crime boss swore revenge, and hired Chill soon after. Batman confronted him years later while wearing his father's costume (since his current one was ripped in his last battle). Moxon, who had amnesia and so did not remember ordering the hit, suddenly remembered what he had done. Thinking Batman was actually Thomas Wayne's ghost, Moxon panicked and ran out into the street, where he was hit by a truck and killed.



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