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Your Top DCU Villains part 36

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, December 03 2008 and posted in Features

And we're back with the top 10.


zoom.jpg10. Zoom (227 points - 1 first place slot)

"Not many villains have had as much of an impact on their characters in such a short time frame as Hunter Zolomon has had Wally West."

"Just so chap22 can cry and it'll make him a better lawyer."

Hunter Zolomon became a criminal profiler to understand why his father brutally murdered five young women and eventually his mother with an axe.
Excelling under the mentorship of his wife's father, he became overconfident, a flaw which cost his mentor his life, ended his marriage and career, and crippled his leg.

Taking a position as the criminal meta-human profiler with the Keystone Police Department, Zolomon worked closely with the Flash.

After Zolomon was brutally beaten and crippled by Gorilla Grodd, he called upon his friendship with the Scarlet Speedster to use the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time and change one hour that lead to the tragedies of his life. Concerned by the implication of changing the past, the Flash had to refuse Zolomon's request.

Undaunted, Zolomon broke into the Flash Museum and used the Cosmic Treadmill, while still seated in his wheelchair. The time-travel device destructed, and Zolomon woke in the hospital. Reminiscing over the tragedies of his life, he realized that the Flash was a hero who never truly experienced tragedy. Zolomon also began to notice subtle physical differences and that his legs were no longer crippled. Rushing to inform the nurse of his miraculous cure, he discovered that he had inherited powers like the Flash. Coupled with his revelation of tragedy, Zolomon realized that he "fit the profile" and resolved to teach the Flash to become the hero he should be, as his arch-nemesis, Zoom.

I am curious, with the return of Barry Allen coming at the hands of the infamous Johns, if I did another one of these a year from now with Thawne take Hunters place on the list?


brainiac.jpg9. Brainiac (246 points - 1 first place vote)

Brainiac is a long-term enemy of Superman. He is a computer who has no physical form but chooses to appear most times as a green alien with no hair, claiming to be the most intelligent villain ever.

Because of the various time-altering storylines in the DC universe, there have been several incarnations of the Brainiac. He is a super-powerful android who takes the form of a green, bald alien from the planet Colu.

Brainiac was the one who shrank the Kryptonian city of Kandor.

In a reboot, when a "Brainiac" arrived on Earth searching for Kryptonians, Superman defeated it and brought it to the Fortress of Solitude. He mentions to Supergirl that Brainiac is an alien from the planet Colu and he has an extremely powerful telekinetic mind. The first time he encountered him, Brainiac possessed the mind of Milton Fine. Each time Brainiac has arrived, it's been through a different body, sometimes organic, sometimes robotic.

Supergirl quickly tells him that the one they are looking at is just a probe like the others. She tells him that he's never actually met Brainiac and that no one has. The thought of Brainiac actually frightens Supergirl. Months before she left Krypton, Brainiac invaded. Hundreds of robotic probes were sent into the city of Kandor. People were killed and a barrier was placed surrounding the city. Then Kandor vanished.


twoface.jpg8. Two-Face (319 points - 5 first place slots)

"just genius in his simplicity, the ultimate dichotomy...handsome/scarred, best friend/foe, law-abiding/criminal, genius/insane; more folks love the Joker but I really feel Harvey is Batman's most personal rogue, and that makes for more visceral, gut-wrenching stories"

"Harvey is the more interesting character, and I think could easily carry his own book if they were willing to do that without making him too heroic, but Joker is a better villain. I think a David Hine or Jason Aaron or Greg Rucka Two-Face book would kick all kinds of ass. Someone make this happen."

District Attorney Harvey Dent battled diligently against the organized crime families of Gotham City. He counted among his allies in the war against crime the vigilante known as the Batman. Among his friends was the millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, the Batman's alter ego.

During the trial of organized crime leader Boss Maroni, the mob boss disfigured Dent's face by splashing a bottle of acid, smuggled into the court, on the District Attorney's face.

The disfigurement segmented Dent's face into two halves, one attractive and the other hideously scarred. The scarring brought to the surface a repressed personality that had only shown itself on brief occasions. Now the dominant personality Harvey Dent became no-more, instead he became the criminal known as Two-Face.



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