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Your Top DCU Villains part 38

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, December 04 2008 and posted in Features
5 and 4.

5. Darkseid (531 points - 12 first place votes)


Second in line to the throne of Apokolips, Prince Uxas engineered political dissent while his brother Drax sought peace with nearby New Genesis. When Drax attempted to claim the fabled Omega Force and assume godhood, Uxas murdered him claiming the power for himself and taking the name of an apocryphal god, Darkseid.

With the Omega Effect at his command, Darkseid is able to bring an end to anything he sees. He unleashes this awesome energy through Omega Beams from his eyes. These beams are controlled with fearsome precision. They can bend, twist, turn, pass through matter and energy to reach Darkseid's target. The Omega Beams are not just heat or destructive energy, though he could incinerate enemies and destroy worlds with them. With the Omega Effect, Darkseid can teleport targets anywhere he desires, or transform them into creatures at his bidding. He can set off all the pain receptors in a target, or erase a being from existence. For the latter, Darkseid rarely uses this, easily the most unnerving, aspect of the Omega Effect. For if an opponent would be worthy enough to face this final punishment, Darkseid would prefer to crush their spirit and force them to pledge their obedience. It has also been noted that a few beings are key to the stability of reality are immune to the Omega Effect.

Like all Dark Gods, Darkseid long sought the means to rule everything in creation. He realized that despite his vast power, his enemy was choice. It was free will that kept Scott Free strong despite the years of punishment. It was free will that quelled Orion's fiery heart, who chose to protect the ways of New Genesis and focused his rage on Darkseid. Yes, free will, choice, is an enemy. When Darkseid discovered that there was an Anti-Life Equation, a formula that would stamp out free will and allow him to mold and rule the universe at his whims as he ruled and molded despair ridden Apokolips, he essentially dedicated his life to uncovering the equation.


4. Black Adam (619 points - 20 first place votes)

blackadam.jpg"It's all the more terrifying when a being capable of great acts corrupts them completely. He is a natural disaster and a curse of biblical proportions."

"He doesn't just have the power of a God at his disposal, he has the power of an angry vengeful God at his disposal"

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Thousands of years ago, during Ancient Egypt's 19th Dynasty, Teth-Adam became the first to possess the immense supernatural powers bestowed by the wizard Shazam. Speaking the wizard's name he was transformed by a mystical bolt of lightening into the Mighty Adam. Acting as a hero the Mighty Adam came into the service of Egyptian Prince Khufu Kha-Taar. Shortly after the prince's murder Adam lost sight of his purpose and began to use his powers for self gain. Fallen from grace the former hero was fearfully called Khem-Adam, translated as Black Adam.

Shamed by his disciple's corruption the wizard Shazam stripped Teth-Adam of his powers and placed them within a scarab amulet, which was entombed with Pharaoh Rameses II, until it was uncovered by archaeologists C.C. and Marilyn Batson. The couple was murdered by an associate, Theo Adam, who unlocked the secret of the scarab and acquired the powers and memories of Teth-Adam, giving new life to Black Adam. Theo Adam committed numerous crimes and battled the Beck's orphaned son Billy who had been empowered by the wizard Shazam to become Captain Marvel.

During 52, Black Adam finally found happiness with Isis, who he later married. And with her brother Osiris, they became the Black Marvel family, but that happiness didn't last too long. Osiris was brutally killed at the hands of Sobek, a Crocodile man. Isis and Adam confront Sobek, who reveals that he is Famine, the Fourth Horseman of Apokolips, one of four creatures created by Intergang to attack Black Adam. Adam swiftly disposes of Sobek, and does battle with the other three Horsemen. One of them, Pestilence, infects Isis with a deadly disease before Adam kills him and his partner War. A gravely ill Isis saves Adam from Death using her powers, and tells Adam with her dying breaths that she was wrong to try to change his views on justice, and that he should avenge both her and Osiris.

Seething with fury, Adam flies to the neighboring nation of Bialya, where Death has taken refuge. Adam slaughters everyone within Bialya - the government, the army, and the citizens - while hunting for Death, whom he defeats in battle, then tortures the creature into revealing the whereabouts of its masters. Intent on revenge, Black Adam flies to Oolong Island, hideout of a coalition of evil DC Universe scientists who created the Horsemen. However, the scientists subdue him and he suffers weeks of torture at the hands of Dr. Sivana. The "Science Squad" then announces to the world that they plan to sell Black Adam as a living weapon to the highest bidder. The Justice Society assaults the island, freeing Adam. It is revealed that Chang Tzu had built the Horsemen under orders of China, who wanted Adam and his family to be assassinated after Adam left the Freedom of Power Treaty. Adam refuses to be taken into custody and once more flies off, seeking revenge for the death of his family

Enraged to the point of madness, and with his gods' blessings, Black Adam flies to China, causing massive civilian casualties and billions of dollars in property damage when various super-humans get in his way. He tears through the ranks of the world's super-humans, killing Young Frankenstein and Terra of the Teen Titans, and seriously injuring several others. He attacks China, continuing the destruction until the decimated Great Ten allows the Justice Society and a coalition of other meta-humans onto Chinese soil. Captain Marvel, though unable to take away Black Adam's powers, works with a group of mystics, including Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger, to transform Black Adam into the mortal Teth-Adam. Using his abilities as the new guardian of the Rock of Eternity, Marvel changes Adam's magic word from "Shazam" to an unknown one to prevent him from ever changing back. Despite his defeat, Teth-Adam escapes thanks to the intervention of his one-time ally Atom Smasher. He is left a mortal wandering the Middle East, unsuccessfully guessing at the word that will restore his power.



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