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Your Top DCU Villains part 39

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, December 04 2008 and posted in Features

And here is you Top DCU Villain.

lexluthor.jpg3. Lex Luthor (661 - 13 first place votes)

"The arrogant, snobby genius who can play anyone in the DCU for fools. And kill you with a flashlight. Read Lex Luthor: Man of steel. NOW"

"I always found it very interesting that Luthor, cast in a different light, could be considered VERY similar to Tony Stark"

"Really how can you match Superman's optimistic, altruistic nature? With a character that is the very apex of humanity fabulously wealthy and gifted with intelligence far beyond the norm yet completely obsessed with bringing down the very being who should inspire humanity to their best. Also love the irony that in his own way Luthor could be a Superman if he used his gifts to advance the planet."

"Lex Luthor is a human fighting a god. Everyone fears the Joker. Everyone is in awe of Darkseid. Everyone respects Luthor. If the DCU's Earth never had a Superman, Luthor would be its greatest hero. And that’s what makes him so damn interesting."

The son of working class parents, Lex Luthor decided to not follow in their impoverished footsteps. At an early age he made considerable contacts with members of organized crime, but never took a direct hand in anything illegal himself. As a teenager he arranged for his parents to have an automobile accident for which he would be the sole recipient of a sizable insurance settlement.

Using his small fortune he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). An aggressive student he graduated in record time and turned his genius toward patenting new inventions, which made him quite wealthy. The de facto mayor of Metropolis, he was considered by many to be the most powerful man in the city, if not the world, until the arrival of Superman.

Testing the Man of Steel's abilities, Luthor arranged a terrorist attack at a party upon his yacht. Impressed, he offered to hire Superman, but instead the hero revealed Luthor's part in the staged attack and he was arrested for reckless endangerment. Embarrassed by his incarceration Luthor resolved to get revenge. Realizing the need to silence his detractors in the fourth estate, Luthor bought the Daily Planet and sold it to Perry White. The sale came with a string, that Lois killed one story of his choosing. Feeling safe from exposure, Luthor ran for President of the United States to gain the power to bring Superman down. He served the U.S.'s interests surprisingly well, forging links with Atlantis and Russia and rallying troops for the Imperiex Invasion.

The tenacious Lois found out that Luthor had known about the threat from Imperiex much earlier than stated. This was the article Luthor tried to kill, however Lois gave her notes to Clark who produced a scathing report.

Even with his Presidential power, Luthor could not bring an end to Superman. When a kryptonite asteroid was discovered headed towards Earth, Luthor tried to use that to turn the public against Superman. He even sent heroes to arrest him, including John Stewart, Black Lightning, Starfire, Power Girl and Captain Atom. With the help of Batman, the scheme was thwarted. He finally donned a Lexcorp battle suit in an effort to take down both Superman and Batman. His efforts were in vain as the heroes prevailed and made the scheme public in the process. Luthor was driven from office to plot his revenge.


2. Sinestro (679 points - 28 first place slots)

sinestro.jpg"Before Geoff Johns run on GL, this spot would probably belong to Parallax. But after seeing how perfect a villain Sinestro is to Hal Jordan, this spot was an easy decision."

"Like someone said Geoff Johns won me over on Sinestro. I really wasn't a fan of him till Rebirth and then with Sinestro Corps War he won me over fully. Now I bleed fear. What do you bleed?"

"Come on, after The Sinestro Corps War, is there really any doubt at all that he's the biggest bad-ass in the DCU now? Plus he has an army of 7200 power ring wielding crazy killers at his command. Bad-ass!"

"the Fuschia Face of Fascism in the DCU"

"Do I need to give a reason? Sinestro has gone from basically a glorified purple faced villain to a manipulative mastermind! He worked with the Anti-Monitor, the devourer of a MULTIVERSE, in order to change some old guys opinions on killing his own minions. What's not to love?"

"Since the SCW his threat level has gone up tenfold. I'd like to see him target Kyle Rayner next as Sinestro was constantly alluded to during the Kyle years but pre Rebirth Kyle only had the chance to fight him during the time travel storyline. It would be a good chance to bring Hal and Kyle closer together and also really integrate Kyle into the GLC in a way I still don't think Geoff Johns has been able to do."

"thank Geoff Johns entirely for this one; one of the greatest reclamation projects in comics history"

Chosen by the Guardians of the Universe as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417, Sinestro was a dedicated and capable member of the Green Lantern Corps.

With time he began to see the potential of his power and became absolute ruler of his home planet Korugar. Intervening, the Guardians stripped him of his Power Ring and banished him to the planet Qward in the Anti-Matter Universe to learn personally the fate of those in a world where true evil dominates. Sinestro instead learned how to use evil to his benefit and allied himself with the Weaponers of Qward, a race who lived only to create weapons of conquest. Using Qward as a stronghold, Sinestro retaliated against his former masters and his former allies in the Green Lantern Corps.


1. The Joker (768 points - 30 first place slots)

"Yeah, I know it's not always cool to vote for the popular guys for the top of the list. But dammit, there's a reason. With Lex Luthor, you always know his reason: He wants power, and he wants to hurt Superman. Darkseid? He wants the Anti-Life Equation, and he wants to crush New Genesis.

But the Joker HAS no motivation. He's BATSHIT CRAZY. He might go into a store, buy ALL the left handed gloves for fair market price, and walk out. OR he might crucify each and every blue eyed person in the building, for NO reason other than a sudden whim. There's no rhyme or reason to him, which makes him one of the most terrifying characters. There is NO way to know what he'll do."

"When super villains want to scare each other they tell each other Joker stories."

"No longer merely a villain, but a force of nature. I like him best in Gotham Central, where his mere presence frightens everyone, yet rarely shows up."

"One of the most recognizable villains to those who don't read comics and also one of the most interesting. Can be utilized as a purely clownish character, a mass murderer with a twisted sense of humor or a schizophrenic multi faceted foil who you can almost feel sorry for there's a reason this guy's been around so long, a perfect mirror for Batman."

joker2.jpg"There's no denying his appeal. A trickster, a disciple of chaos, and the star of a summer blockbuster. He doesn't break the law, he tortures it."

"If I had to be locked in a room with either Joker or Doom, I'd pick Doom. With that man's arrogance he probably wouldn't even know I was there.

Joker, on the other hand, would get bored real quick."

His identity is a mystery. The only telling of his origin may have been a figment of his twisted imagination. To quote the Joker, "If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

According to the Joker's admittedly faulty memory, he was an out of work greeting cards writer, struggling to make a career as a stand-up comedian. He and his pregnant wife were living a destitute but loving life. In an attempt to make some fast money before the birth of their child, he made a deal with a couple of members of the Red Hood Gang to help break into a his former employer to rob the safe.

The day before the caper was to go down, the future Joker was paid a visit by the police at the bar he joker1.jpgfrequented. They informed him his wife had died from an electrical short, testing a baby bottle warmer. Distraught and no longer motivated to commit robbery he attempted to back out, but the gangsters advised him to do so would have dire consequences.

During the robbery the future Joker was selected to wear the guise of the Red Hood, which was always a random gang member. The three burglars were confronted by a security guard and the Batman. Still wearing his disguise, he ran blindly down the catwalk, falling into the chemical slew. Emerging down river, the water's reflection revealed his face was now bleached white and his hair mottled green. This final misery broke the man's will, transforming him into the homicidal maniac called the Joker.

Well there you have it, your Top 125 DCU Villains, and with Joker coming out on top. Part of me was expecting this, and part of me was not. Due to his over exposure and the newfound popularity of Sinestro, I thought for a while there that the Joker here would not be the top dog, but in the end he got the last laugh.


Now I just want to thank Lord Simian and company for allowing me to monopolize the front page with constant links to the bad guy profiles. Which I really should learn to spell check. Secondly, I want to thank misac for making my submissions look so damn cool. They look far superior then anything I expected them to be. And lastly, I want to thank everyone who posted in the thread that’s well over 100 pages and 10000 posts in about 2 weeks. Seriously, you make it all worthwhile folks. As mushy as that sounds, just reading the thread makes me smile. A lot. So, thank you again and to all that participated.

And get your Marvel Villains lists ready, that thread is coming...


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