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Peeing in Your Shower: The Twelve Days of Alan Moore (day four)

Written by Keb Ellis on Sunday, December 28 2008 and posted in Features

Day Four – Miracleman


I’ll be honest with you all. I’ve downloaded Miracleman. ZOMG! Call the RIAA or some shit…no seriously, I’ve downloaded it. While I really love Alan Moore’s work, I don’t think I’m rich or willing enough to pay $10 for a single comic. It’s just too expensive!

I’m sure we all know about the legal battle happening between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane over the rights to the series. If you don’t then Wikipedia it. I for one do not agree that something this good should be in legal purgatory with no real home for publication. Granted, I’ve not read the Neil Gaiman stuff, but hey this is the Twelve Days of Alan Moore! Let’s talk about Moore’s stuff.

Okay, so what do we want to talk about? How horribly flawed the world that Miracleman lives in? Or maybe power dynamics? A guy as powerful as Miracleman should use his power to make the world a better place. Yeah, we get that. There are tons of really cool things happening in the series. It’s a precursor to what happens in Watchmen and that’s a precursor to like…what every major comic story of today attempts to look at. So, in that sense, Miracleman is very influential.

Here’s the thing that bugs me: does anyone notice how Miracleman tries to make the world a wonderful place? Well, why can’t we use Miracleman to do something like that? It would be nice, although it will never happen.

What is the battle between Johnny Bates/Kid Miracleman and Mike Moran/Miracleman really about? Egos. What is the battle between Gaiman and McFarlane? Egos. One guy says he owns something and the other guy says he owns it. It’s kind of childish. At the same time people are being deprived of the great story of Miracleman. If both men ceded the rights and allowed all revenue from Miracleman publications and productions to a charity that could really use it, would anyone really lose?

Maybe I’m a dreamer. Maybe I’d just like to lie in bed and read Miracleman without having to pay ten to twenty-five dollars per issue (plus the time tracking it down online). All I can really say on the subject is this: Moore’s Miracleman is a great story. Should we be deprived of the character because some people can’t decide who owns it? I’d like a chance to see and read the reprinted material in my lifetime. And maybe while we’re at it, lets cure AIDS or help starving people or do something humane. Just a silly idea.

Enjoy your Sunday! See you tomorrow!


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