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Your Top Marvel Villains

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, December 29 2008 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgHello True Believers, and welcome to Your Top 166 Marvel Villains!! Over 200 lists were submitted to me with villains from all over the Marvel Universe. We have villains on this list who have been around for 40 years, and others who have been around less then a year. What can you expect to find on this list? Well, here is a hint: Robots, Nazis, Time Travelers, Crime lords, Ninjas, Doctors, Aliens, Asgardians, Super Soldiers, Mutants, Vampires, Goblins, and few Avengers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We also have a few Ultimate characters and licensed characters on the list, but they had little to no impact whatsoever. They all got one vote so they have 10 points or less.


The way the voting was conducted, everyone picked their ten favorite Villains, ranked from 1-10 (1 being most favorite, 10 being least favorite). For first place, the character was given 10 points, for second - 9 points, for third - 8 points, and so on and so forth. Then, all the points were added up, and ranked in order of points received.

Also in any case of a tie, they will be broken by who got more first place votes. If that number was tied, it went to second place votes, etc etc etc. We do have several ties on the list, but like the Ultimate/Licensed character situation, all the ties happen on characters that received 10 points and under. Cuz well, you can't break a tie of two characters who both have exact same one vote with them.

So prepare yourself for the awesomeness of this list. I found the Top 10 order to be very interesting, especially when the first place character received 60 first place votes and was less then 30 points from hitting 1000. And like always, before that Top 10 we have the One Point Club. This time sporting over 30 members. So, without further adieu...


166. K.I.A/Screwball/Slayback (Tie - 2 points each)

kia.jpgK.I.A. was one of the many clones made from the body of MVP after his death during an Initiative training exercise. He was created by Baron Von Blitzschlag to be the new bearer of the Tactigon for the Initiative. In addition to programming him with all of the skills of the original MVP, K.I.A. was also programmed to have all of the skills of Armory, the original bearer of the Tactigon. Before being outfitted with the Tactigon, K.I.A. insisted on being called Michael Van Patrick. The Baron disapproved of this and tried to come up with an appropriate name for him.

When K.I.A. bonded with the Tactigon he used it to hack into the Initiative computer system to find out what had happened to him. He saw the footage of the incident of his death, and the names and photos of all those who were there to witness the incident. The shock of watching himself die made K.I.A. snap. He lashed out at the Baron as well as Hank Pym, and kept repeating "Killed In Action" and "K. I. A.” He carved the initials K I A into his chest and sought out to kill everyone who was on his "list" (those that witnessed his death), making them "killed in action" as well.


The world's first "live streaming super-villain." She commits crimes to get more hits on her screwball.jpgwebpage. After she robbed the betting parlor, Spider-Man was soon on her trail. This was great for her as it was bound to attract more viewers to her website.

When she was about to get away, Spidey decided to plant a spider-tracer on her. As soon as it landed on her, she freaked out. There have been a string of murders that are being tied to Spider-Man since spider-tracers were planted on the bodies. She immediately turned herself in to the police.

When next we see Screwball she is part of an elaborate betting fix.

A strange 4th string thug appears on Youtube and calls out Spiderman to fight. While this is happening The Bookie, who resides at The Bar with no name is taking bets on whether or not Spider-man will show, and who will win. Peter Parker arrives as a spectator, but is shocked to see a web less Spider-man appear and pummel the Thug.

The crooks at the Bar with no Name hassle the Bookie claiming it was rigged, but the Bookie brushes them aside. Things are looking up, until they hear the familiar wisecracking comments of the real Spider-man who swings in to confront the imposter. Spider-man chases his double across the rooftops finally catching them. Once he’s unmasked them he realizes it was Screwball, who the Bookie had posted bail for in order to pull off the betting fix.


"Deadpool villain, cyborg and complete douchebag"

Gregoslayback.jpgry Terraerton was working with a group of agents who consisted of Garrison Kane, Sluggo and Deadpool who in that time was know as Wade. Terraerton was the total appositive of Wade, he was man of good looks and great social background with a wife, children and a beautiful home, it wasn’t enough to convince Wade. His intuition turns out to by true, as Terraerton was completely psychotic nutjob. Having no other option Wade killed him using field explosives. Sometime later, a dark organization, most likely Department K, brought him back to life as a cyborg, the Slayback we know and love today, but he turned on them.

He infiltrated he Weapon X facility and download several files, containing information of Garrison Kane, Deadpool and Copycat. He spied on Deadpool until he witnessed his feelings for Copycat and sought to kidnap her to use her as bait to lure Deadpool to him so he can exact his revenge. Slayback followed them to a Far East temple, unknown to him it was the place where Tolliver had hidden the strongest weapon of the world, Zero, an ADAM-Unit from Cable and Tolliver's future time period designed to nullify weapons of war. During the conflict Copycat attempted to sacrifice herself to save Deadpool from the vengeful Slayback but the weapons they were all using activated Zero, who scanned the area for potential threats and deem Slayback the worse and discorporate him. While it saw Weasel as harmless, Kane as benevolent and may have killed Deadpool if not for him trying to save Copycat with his healing factor.



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