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Your Top Marvel Villains part 3

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, December 29 2008 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWhat do we have this time around? An Omnipotent Mad Hatter, a Big Red Dino, an underrated killer, and Doctor Doom. Wait what?!?!


162. Mad Jim Jaspers w. The Fury/Devil Dinosaur (5 points each)

"Why? These two go together because there are very few stories that don't feature both of them. They are both complete monsters. Jaspers is a reality warping lunatic fascist who in one reality created the Fury to eliminate all of that world's remaining superheroes so that he would be the only remaining super powered hero on the planet. The Fury proved so destructive and dangerous that an Omniversal court obliterated the dimension to which it was native. Somehow the Fury ended up in the 616 Marvel Universe as that reality's Jaspers began to orchestrate a similar plan. Captain Britain only barely stopped the two of them from destroying all existence, as we know it. They are horrible scary monster villains, and if you have the opportunity to read about them in Alan Moore's run on Captain Britain I recommend you do so."

Jaspers has demonstrated the ability to warp the entire universe at once, however this costs him his sanity. He can also unleash "Jasper’s Wave", materialize a corporeal form after death, transform his and others bodies, augment his size, make others melt through walls and distort the fundamental bases of reality. He also created the complicated being Fury, and it was found that "Jasper's Wave" had the long-term affect of turning pregnant women’s children into the Warpies.


devildinosaur.jpgDevil Dinosaur is a red Tyrannosaurus Rex that has lived since prehistoric times.

Devil Dinosaur was recently revealed to be the criminal mastermind behind the terrorist organization known as S.I.L.E.N.T. He has been using S.I.L.E.N.T. to field test unusual weapons of mass destruction (UMDs) in order to kill all the monkeys with their constant chatter and noise. He wants to return the world to a more peaceful time, to more Jurassic values.

He used to be paired with a prehistoric man named Moon Boy until Devil Dinosaur realized that Moon Boy treated him like a dumb animal. So, he did what he felt he needed too, he ate Moon Boy.

Devil Dinosaur was presumably killed when the Nextwave Squad kicked a spherical structure he was standing in off of State 51 and into a valley were it exploded.


161. Killer Shrike/Ultimate Dr. Doom (6 points each)

Simon Maddicks began his life in the United States military. After being raised in Williamsburg, Virginia Maddicks enlisted the moment he could, though much of his past is shrouded in mystery because of Maddick's lack of memory. After his term of service he was gainfully employed by the Roxxon Oil Company as a mercenary. He was shipped over to Brand Corporation's Mutagenics Laboratory where he underwent extensive physical training and genetic conditioning. He also underwent a procedure that implanted a tiny anti-gravity generatokillershrike.jpgr at the base of his spine, which enables his flight. Upon his return to Roxxon he was given his costume and the codename "Killer Shrike".

During his employ at Roxxon Maddicks was sent to infiltrate the subversive organization known only as the Conspiracy, which Roxxon learned about through their business relationship with the Brand Corporation. The Conspiracy sent Killer Shrike to capture a powerful monster known as Goram. However, Maddicks was thwarted by Ulysses Bloodstone who short-circuited Killer Shrike's electronic-based weapons resulting in severe injuries to the villain.

Feeling pity for Maddicks condition the agents of Bloodstone brought him to New York hospital where he remained comatose for several weeks. When he finally awoke Maddicks was contacted immediately by Brand scientists. The most predominate of which was a man named Stephen Weems. Weems, who is better known as Modular Man and is best recognized for his hatred of Spider-Man and Beast. Modular Man asked for Maddicks' assistance in killing the pair and in return would fill in the missing pieces of Maddicks' memory.

Maddicks agrees, however Weems is killed in battle before he could uphold his end of the bargain. Maddicks escaped Spider-Man and Beast and was contacted by agents of Brand Corp. They assisted in restoring his lost memories and assigning him further undercover work and as a bodyguard for Brand President James Melvin.

Ever since, Killer Shrike was most often seen getting beaten up by several super-heroes, most often the Hulk. Killer Shrike was briefly a member of the Cardinal's team of flying super villains known as Air Force. Killer Shrike was oddly absent when the team was blackmailed by Night Thrasher into providing relief for Rwandan refugees. In New Warriors #54 Killer Shrike appears to have been murdered by the Soldiers of Misfortune. This was probably an art error as Oriole not Killer Shrike was with the team when blackmailed by Night Thrasher.

In the recent Secret War miniseries, Killer Shrike's powers got updated by the Tinkerer. Unfortunately, this still wasn't enough for Maddicks to gain a victory, as he was soon afterward defeated by the Avengers, and apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D.

He was released from prison some time after, and went to live in a slum in New York City. His release evoked Moon Knight's wrath, whose friend Frenchie had originally brought Killer Shrike in. Moon Knight paid a visit to the apartment building, mercilessly beating a man and throwing him down some stairs. It turns out that it was not Maddicks, who was in crowd watching the carnage.


ultimatedoom.jpgHah. Fooled yah, I bet you thought this was the REAL Dr. Doom, right? No, he appears up this list. Waaaaaaaay up the list. Anywho. Doctor Doom aka Victor Van Damme was a member of the youth research project that recruited Reed and Susan, and sees science as an art as opposed to Reed's view of it as a system. Van Damme is a descendant of Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula, ruler of Wallachia during the fifteenth century. As such, Van Damme is a member of European aristocracy and since his youth has also been a member of a secret society bent on achieving covert world domination. Van Damme saw the project as a means of achieving personal power. Notably, Van Damme in this continuity is no longer the 'Marvel-wide threat' that he is in the normal continuity (that role instead went to Magneto).

Van Damme worked with Richards on his device to teleport organic matter to the N-Zone. But on the day of the teleporter's full-scale test, Van Damme, arrogantly believing Reed's coordinates were incorrect, reprogrammed the coordinates of the device. Either way the experiment resulted in the accident that created the Fantastic Four. Van Damme was also affected by the experiment: Most of his body was transformed into metal, and his legs were in the shape of cloven hooves and his internal organs were converted into a toxic substance. Soon afterwards he returned to Latveria and led it from poverty to prosperity, changing his name to Doctor Doom. He proceeded to invest in the exploration of Atlantis, gleaning many spells and superior technology from it. He used one such spell to plant a world-threatening parasite in Johnny Storm, in order to force Reed Richards to ask Doom for help, at which point he used another spell to swap minds with Reed. His body was eventually possessed by the parasite. Doom reversed the mind-swap, and went through a portal to the Zombie universe, instead of allowing Reed to sacrifice himself to save the world.



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