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Your Top Marvel Villains part 6

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 02 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThe last two sets of ties on the list, everyone else from this point on has 11 points or more. Lets do this like Brutus!!


155. Nicky Cavella/Mastermind (9 points each)

nickycavella.jpgNicky Cavella was a Mafia leader who got a score to settle with the Punisher after he ruined his plans for ascending the criminal hierarchy. His parents were both respected members of the Italian American Mafia, and he also had a younger sister. During his late childhood, he secretly made a deal with his father's sister, Mo, to kill both his parents and his sister, in return for inheriting his family's business. He shot his family and blamed the killings on his uncle, Jimmy. His aunt ensured that he would have a prominent position in the New York Mafia. However, she would also force him to have sexual intercourse with her, reassuring him by saying that he was her "Brave Little Soldier", and constantly ordering him to "Fuck Auntie Mo!" It was around this time that Cavella also became a sadist, torturing and killing rival mafia members. Eventually he killed his aunt during forced sexual intercourse with her by suffocating her with a pillow.

Cavella grew up to be a very feared and respected criminal. One of the jobs he was assigned to do by Massimo Cesare, the current head of the New York Mafia, was to frighten an Asian crime lord, David Kai, in order to make him work for them. Cavella then proceeded to kill Kai's youngest son, then had his accomplices, Ink and Pittsy, disguised a part of the child's body as beef. Kai then proceeded to eat the meat, unaware that it came from his son. Cavella then visited Kai and told him of his request to join the mafia. When Kai refused this offer, Cavella told him of the origin of the meat, the pulled out a gun and killed Kai's two remaining sons, but left Kai alive. Cavella believed that this errand would do well for his reputation, but he was wrong. After learning of his action, he became despised by his fellow mafia members, and was forced to flee New York. He eventually settled in Boston, along with Ink and Pittsy, where he ran a successful drug trafficking operation, for the next 15 years. It was around this time that he also began to have a sexual relationship with a corrupt military officer called William Rawlins.

After many encounters with the Punisher, they finally met one last time. He manages to track down the Punisher and threatens to kill a schoolboy unless the Punisher surrenders. It is here that Cavella’s cowardly nature is finally shown, because he refuses to kill the child after the Punisher warns him of the consequences if he does. The Punisher then proceeds to knock Cavella unconscious and ties his hand behind his back. He then locks him in the trunk of a car and drives that car far into the wilderness. He lets Cavella out, who sobs and begs the Punisher to spare his life, and begins to frantically pray for forgiveness. The Punisher ignores these pleas, and shoots Cavella low in the stomach, explaining that because of where the bullet hit, Cavella will bleed to death very slowly, while his lungs would become badly infected, and that it would probably take him several days to die a very slow, painful death.


Mastermind has the mutant abilimastermind.jpgty to telepathically create utterly convincing illusions. The illusions he creates are so realistic that even people who know that they are illusions still have much difficulty ignoring them (for instance, even if a person knows that the brick wall they see in front of them is an illusion, they would still have much difficulty getting themselves to walk through it). Mastermind's illusions are also so convincing that he can cause people to die by giving them an illusion that they have been killed (for instance, he once killed someone by giving them the illusion that they had drowned in water. The illusion was so realistic that, even though there was no water, the victim ceased breathing and died).

Nothing is know about Mastermind's life before the time when, while working as a carnival mentalist, he was enlist by Magneto as a member of his Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. At this time Magneto sought to protect his fellow superhuman mutants from persecution by normal human being by conquering humanity and ruling the world himself. As a member of the Brotherhood, Mastermind battled the original X-men repeatedly, but the X-men continually thwarted Magneto and the Brotherhood.

Finally Magneto attempted to enlist the enigmatic alien being know as the Stranger as an ally. Angered, the Stranger transformed Mastermind into stone and transported Magneto, to another planet. As to how Mastermind made it back to flesh mode, I can't tell you. But he managed to and was involved in one of the most epic storylines in comic history. Wyngarde is responsible for awakening the Dark Phoenix. He used his illusion abilities to seduce Jean Grey to become his Black Queen in the famous arc Dark Phoenix. He was driven insane by the Dark Phoenix during this arc too.

After being cured of his insanity, Mastermind attempted to get revenge on all the people that hurt him, but was eventually stopped by Cyclops. Mastermind later contracted the Legacy Virus. His last wish was for Jean Grey to forgive him for all the evil things he did to her. Later in a flashback, it was revealed that Mastermind, after being ordered by the U.S. Military, was responsible for creating the Sentry's evil persona, the Void.


ultimatekingpin.jpg154. Ultimate Kingpin/Megatron/Skip Wescott (10 points each - 1 first place slot each)

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the Kingpin is almost identical to his 616 counterpart. He is seen as a gigantically large man, with a baldhead, and wears a white suit with a cane. His skin tone is a little darker but that is the only difference. The Kingpin is a corporate crime lord that uses murdering and bribing to get what he wants. He has employed Electro, Elektra, and the Enforcers to battle his enemies. He has also encountered Spider-Man and Daredevil, and also seems to have a vendetta against Black Cat. Vanessa Fisk is shown to be in a coma that the Kingpin is trying to cure with an ancient tablet that he stole. However, the Kingpin lost the tablet due to the Black Cat stealing it for revenge.

Recently, he faced the Ultimate Knights, but when Iron Fist betrayed the team for the life of his daughter, the Kingpin systemically begin to defeat them per individual. He was only stopped when a vengeful Daredevil threatened to break Vanessa's neck that was prevented by Spider-Man. the Kingpin was later arrested while attempting to flee the country, thanks to Moon Knight, who went to the police and told of his activities, at the cost of his secret identity being compromised.


"Peamegatron.jpgce Through Tyranny."

Megatron is the main villain for the Transformers comics, and is the main rival of Optimus Prime. He is a Transformer, so of course he can transform himself into different machinery including cars and tanks.

His most powerful weapon is his arm-mounted fusion blaster, which can destroy a large amount of space. It can be linked to a black hole generator, which can produce anti-matter blasts that can destroy small planets. It leaves him completely weak and vulnerable.

Originally, Megatron was able to transform into a Walther P38, delivering more focused energy blasts. He can shrink and reduce his mass as he transforms, assuming sizes that comfortably allow either another Transformer or even a human being to wield him. In one instance (the episode Dinobot S.O.S.), he retained his full size and connected to jet-mode Starscream's underside.

He has a secondary weapon barrel mounted on his back, and can retract and replace his right hand with an energy flail. He can fire electrical blasts from his hands, laser blasts from his eyes on at least one occasion (The Autobot Run) and can reprogram computers with a port in his head.

According to his original tech spec, Megatron has no known weaknesses. This does not, however, spare him from defeat at the hands of his enemies. For all his famed battle prowess and tactical ability, Megatron's complacent overconfidence often causes him to overlook some vital strategic detail. Also, he has a bad habit of ordering a retreat at the first sign that the tables have turned against his side in battle (even when the Decepticons still maintain the overall strategic advantage). Another factor that could contribute to his losses is his rough relationship with some of his own troops (most specifically Starscream). Despite his lust for galactic domination, one of Megatron's key priorities remains the safety and health of Cybertron; and from his viewpoint, the best way to accomplish that is for him to conquer it.


Oh boy, we have a dskip.jpgoozy with this one. One of the most terrifying villains that went after Peter Parker, and not Spider-Man. Skip Wescott truly is a bad guy, but he doesn't wear a mask or have special powers or a cool origin. He is just a perverted douche. An older boy who became friends with Peter Parker, which made Aunt May happy cuz she felt Peter was spending to much time alone. Skip liked how smart Peter was, and nicknamed him Einstein, ya know, because the real Einstein was smart too. One day after school, when both Skip and Peter were hanging out Skip brought out some porno mags, then tried to touch Peter in the same way the people in the magazines do. Peter promptly bolted the scene. I am not sure if anything else on Skip has been written or his whereabouts in the Marvel Universe. Lets just hope he is in prison being traded for a pack of cigarettes.



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