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Your Top Marvel Villains part 7

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, January 05 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgIn this group of villains we have another BND villain, an evil demon, and someone I thought would be in the One Point Club, but his fans would not see it that way.


153. Shuma-Gorath (11 points)

shumagorath.jpgIn the dawn of time Shuma-Gorath traveled from his native dimension to conquer the primitive Earth. While ruling he demanded sacrifices in his name, thus marking the first demonic ruler of Earth. This was until Sise-Neg a time traveling wizard defeated him. This events were witness by Dr. Strange who wished he could destroy Shuma-Gorath in it weaken status.

In his dimension, Shuma-Gorath was nearly omnipotent. However, while on Earth he wasn't as powerful. He could shape-shift into different sizes and forms as well as become intangible, invisible, or teleport. He has vast manipulation over minds, which was one of his tricks with the Ancient One. He can teleport and enter other dimensions or create dimensional barriers. He was nearly invincible, but was vulnerable to the strongest magics. He is magically strong, and his strength level is not yet known. He can also shape shift, liquefy his body, and shoot lasers from his eyes. He can also form energy between his tentacles that is strong enough to wipe out an entire reality. He has great resistance to damage due to his rubbery form and can use his tentacles as fatal weapons. Being a demon of high order, he can summon hordes of demons to do his bidding. He is very intelligent, probably one of the smartest beings in the universe. He is pushing omniscience.

Another time, Nicholas Scratch summoned the demon to Earth to offer his services to Shuma Gorath. It took Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Diablo, and Salem's Seven to drive the demon back to his dimension.

He was also one of my fav. characters in Marvel vs. Capcom.


mrnegative.jpg152. Mr. Negative (11 points - 1 first place slot)

Mister Negative can control some type of black electrical energy resembling a photographic negative. He uses this energy to change from Martin Li into Mister Negative, and can charge his dagger with it. He has some undefined level of super strength.

He was first seen in Brand New Day getting a package from a dirty cop, which contained a rare tablet written in some foreign language. He promptly killed a lot of people with his sword that was surrounded by this black energy. The tablet contained the formula for a powerful poison called the Devil's Breath. He tricked and kidnapped Bruno Karnelli, a relative of both the Karnelli and Manfreid's Maggia families. Spider-Man arrived at Mr. Negative's hideout as he was draining Bruno of his blood. Mr. Negative escaped with the poison and attempted to kill the other Maggia families with it. Spider-Man tried to stop him, but was unable to save the Maggia bosses. Spider-Man wasn't affected by the poison because it was DNA specific. A surviving Maggia member told him that their wives and children went to a circus and Spider-man went there to stop Mister Negative. He was able to stop him from killing the women and children, but Spider-Man was forced to give Mr. Negative a sample of his blood in exchange for a little girl held hostage.

Negative threw the girl in the ocean so Spider-Man would save her, allowing him to escape. It was later revealed that Mister Negative is Martin Li, a supporter of a homeless shelter that Aunt May volunteers at.


mrfish.jpg151. Mr. Fish (12 points)

Wow. I so thought he was going to be in the OPC, but wow.

Mister Fish, an infamous villain from Luke Cage's rogue gallery, was a man who worked for the Maggia. During a heist he was affected by the radioactive isotope that they were stealing, and instead of killing him, he was mutated into a fish humanoid.

Later on, Mr. Fish had a plan to go against the Maggia, but first he needed to establish his own territory. To Mr. Fish's bad luck, Luke Cage was hired to guard a certain company's trucks. Mr. Fish attempted to kill Cage, but ended up dying himself.

In a weird twist of fate, Mr. Fish's brother is afflicted by the same fishness.

Does anyone else find the image of the little dude rubbing Mr. Fish's leg somewhat creepy?

Still shocked he is not in the One Point Club. Wow. More shockers to come people.



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