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Super Secretly Invades Dark Reign

Written by SuperginraiX on Wednesday, January 07 2009 and posted in Features
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Today, we check out Secret Invasion: Requiem #1, The New Avengers #48, Ms. Marvel #34, and then blast to the past for Green Goblin's first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man # 14. Enjoy and tell a friend!

Spoilers Ahead!

The transition from Secret Invasion to Dark Reign is almost complete. We've still got some epilogue books with the Secret Invasion tag coming out, but those Dark Reign banners are starting to over power them. Soon, every Marvel book will be required to feature Norman Osborn in some capacity despite Brian Michael Bendis' warnings about it!

As always, you can easily check up on past articles of Super Reads. If you're reading this on Bludnet, you'll see a link titled "Super Reads SI" on your left where you can check out what happened in every issue dealing with Secret Invasion & Dark Reign. Our syndicated articles might not be so lucky. For you, click here to catch up or remember back on all 31 previous articles. It's good reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Without further ado, let's get reading!

sir1.jpgSecret Invasion: Requiem #1
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Khoi Pham

I have mixed feeling about this comic. On the one hand, I just paid four dollars for eight new pages and two recolored back issues. On the other hand, I don't have a copy of the Tales to Astonish story and Jack Kirby's art looks great with the new colors. I was surprised that I liked this so much but that four dollar price tag still stings me. Like a wasp.

The eight new pages by the new Mighty Avengers creative team fill in the gaps and connect the two back issues to the story. These pages focus on two Avengers that will shortly feature in Mighty: Jocasta and Hank Pym. You'll remember that the real Hank Pym returned with many other heroes and villains at the end of Secret Invasion #8. He showed up after his ex-wife was killed... and we can finally reveal exactly how that happened!

Not only does this issue have eight new pages and two back issue stories, it also has Janet's Marvel Universe entry! They lay down the official death story. At the end of Secret Invasion, Criti Nol, the Skrull Yellowjacket, activated a final fail-safe in the Wasp that, to the normal viewer, looked like she was growing to great proportions and radiating some sort of energy before Thor spun his hammer and she "died." The official story is that she DID grow much larger than she normally would be able to grow and that crazy energy radiating off her was a painful and corrosive energy that effected all around her. She tried to halt her uncontrollable growth and also tried to fly away from her friends and comrades. I'm guessing that when Thor created a whirlwind with his hammer, he was actually aiding her in reaching the upper atmosphere where she disintegrated. Hence, no body. Still looks like it could have been a portal to me but, since Thor's in no rush to admit that, we'll go with the official death scene.

Our story begins with Jocasta putting Jan's affairs in order. This means packing up the late Wasp's possessions. Janet Van Dyne was known for many things: she was a charter member of the Avengers, she was a fashion designer, she was rich as hell, and she had more costumes than anyone else ever. EVER. It's almost funny because Jocasta, who shares her brainwave patterns but none of her memories (think Vision/Wonder Man), walks around wearing nothing at all. Still, Jocasta seems to be taking a liking to the original Wasp suit which wasn't even designed by Janet. That number was a Hank Pym special order.

This is interupted by a scream coming from Hank Pym's lab. Jocasta investigates to learn that the scream is actually a video tape of Janet's death being played over and over as Hank works to find out how she was killed. Well, SOMEONE had to do it. ;)

Apparently, the pill that Criti Nol (the Skrull Yellowjacket) gave Janet to improve her size changing abilities was composed of ANTI-Pym Particles. These were Pym Particles with a negative charge. Hank is working on "making sure that can't happen again. Yes. Not again." But since you can't kill Janet with Anti-Pym Particles twice, you can already see where this issue is leading even if you HAVE avoided every single bit of Post-Secret Invasion coverage.

Jocasta is a little ticked off that she's doing all the work while Mister Pym is playing in his lab and watching his ex-wife get killed over and over again. She's also concerned because Hank has had LOTS of accidents while working in his lab. She's about to have an uncomfortable moment where she massages Hank's neck to get him to relax and stop working until she remembers that she isn't Janet Van Dyne and that would be... kinda icky. Instead, she expresses her concerns to him about how crazy people shouldn't be left alone around lab equipment especially this soon after learning about the love of their lives dying. Hank reminds Jocasta that he and Jan weren't always in love. When they first met, it was all about the mission and the experiments. Ah, the sixties... it was all about taking drugs and seeing what happened. That leads us to...

tta44.jpgTales to Astonish #44
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby

Our 60's adventure begins with Ant-Man (yes, Hank Pym) returning from one of his size-changing missions. When he hits his lab, Pym activates his growth gas and returns to his normal size. Like many Marvel heroes in the sixties, Pym laments about being alone and not sharing his identity with anyone. He probably tried telling people but they were all "Ant-Who?" I've seen the SNL skit. If you haven't, look it up. It was hilarious.

His lamentations lead to a flashback to his first wife's death. The two decided to honeymoon in Hungary... which was a stupid idea at the time. The Cold War was still a fierce topic for Marvel Comics, after all. Pym's wife was actually a political prisoner in Hungary before she escaped to the United States with her father and met a young Hank Pym. She just wanted to see what the old oppressed homeland was like and as long as no one continues to shout that SHE WAS ONCE MARIA TROVAYA in EVERY FRICKIN' PANEL they should have no troubles at all! Unfortunately, they both can't stop talking about her once being Maria Trovaya. Did I mention how stupid it was to return to a country that you had once escaped from?

The two were obviously so in love it made them stupid. It doesn't take half a page for Pym's first wife to be captured and for Hank to be pistol whipped into unconsiousness. When he recovers, Hank runs straight for the U.S. Embassy where he waits for his government to do something about his kidnapped wife. It's not long after that news of her death reaches the embassy. It was, apparently, a concerted effort as her father's lab in America was also destroyed. Hank then does what Hank Pym does best. He goes nuts! Days later, a U.S. official bails him out of a Hungarian prison and ships him back to the States. Hank's crazy rage had subsided but he was left with the conviction to fight the evils of the world.

Instead of taking the Bruce Wayne way to vengeance, Hank Pym made his own way. Science! He developed Pym Particles so that he could shrink himself down and later came up with a cybernetic helmet that would allow him to talk to ants. In this way, he could... well, he could turn small and talk to ants... maybe even fight a bad guy or two...

All of this musing about the past and how stupid his honeymoon trip to Hungary was makes Pym more determined than ever to find a partner to ensure that he never does anything that stupid again. He starts working on his future partner's powers immediately. After some extensive research, he's decided on a Wasp-related sidekick and works on developing powers in that vein.

This is all interupted by a visit from another scientist: Dr. Vernon Van Dyne. He's impressed by Hank's work and would like to collaborate on a specific project. He's also brought his daughter, Janet, along for some reason. She's unimpressed by the stuffy scientists her father keeps dragging her off to see but at least she finds this one handsome.

Dr. Van Dyne explains that he has been working on a Gamma-Ray communication device to help communicate beyond our solar system. He's been hoping that Pym's research into... molecular cell transition and cell specialization... might somehow make this conversation more relevant to the plot. Pym tells him that, no, his scientific speciality wouldn't actually be applicable to Van Dyne's project, thanks for wasting my time, and you may find that Gamma-Rays end up making people green and surly. The two Van Dynes leave as Pym checks out Janet on their way out. He's a sly one, that Pym.

Left on his own, Dr. Van Dyne wastes no time contacting extra-terrestrial life. The being even transports itself down that Gamma-Ray beam. As is so often the case, our alien turns out to be completely evil. He kills Dr. Vernon Van Dyne to cover his tracks and then runs off to uncover them himself. Jan returns from socialiting (that might be a word) to find her father dead. In her panic, she contacts Dr. Pym... because they had met earlier or something. Pym thinks she's playing a prank on him (because pretending your father is dead is hilarious) before his ant friends confirm the news. He rushes to the scene not as Dr. Hank Pym but as Ant-Man!

Ant-Man arrives on the scene and after getting Janet's attention (pretty hard to do when you're ant-sized), he begins to investigate the crime scene. He notices that Van Dyne's Gamma-Ray Communicator is also destroyed. After seeing the conviction that Janet shows for tracking down her father's killer, Pym has decided on his new partner. He orders Jan to contact the FBI and then make her way to Hank Pym's lab.On his way out, the ants inform him that whatever killed Van Dyne left traces of formic acid around. They believe it to be kin to them in some way and will make no moves against such a creature.

Janet arrives at Hank Pym's lab. After being convinced further that Jan is willing to dedicate her life to crime fighting, Hank leads her to his lab where he takes off his lab coat to reveal...

He's Ant-Man! He was totally wearing his suit under there and did NOT just expose himself to the girl that reminds him of his dead wife!

Anyway, he's picked his sidekick, she's accepted. They just need to do a bunch of experiments to give her wasp powers. While that's all going on, the alien creature begins to attack the city in a haphazard manner. Soon, Ant-Man and his newly costumed sidekick are ready to get into action.

Wasp shows just how much of an amateur super hero she is by prematurely attacking the creature, unaware that once she looks at the thing she's forced to fly directly at him. Ant-Man does the rescue manuever bit and then the two run back to the lab to solve the problem scientifically.

Hank develops a formula that will work against the formic acid make-up of the creature. He makes that formula into shotgun shells and then begins the arduous task of having his ants carry the shotgun and ammunition back to the monster fight. They set up on top of a building and wait for the creature to approach. Then, it's all a matter of shooting enough shells into the creature...

Yeah, don't ask me why they HAVE to stay ant-sized for this.

Eventually, they fire enough shots to kill the creature and it's all about celebrating... well, if you're a brand new super hero, it's all about celebrating. Hank takes on a more stuffy role as he notes how serious turning ant-sized and fighting crime must be. Jan's not buying a word of it. This is the best party in town and the beginning of their relationship takes form.

Hank ends the issue by talking to the FBI and telling them that he took care of the rampaging monster for them. The FBI urges him to join up with them and not to work alone anymore but Hank simply replies that he's NOT working alone anymore... ever again! Well... um... until later. Yeah.

We cut back to Jocasta and Hank in the present as they talk about the uncomfortable business of Hank striking his wife. Yes, it happened. Yes, it was only one time. Yes, it was the single worst thing he ever did, one time or a thousand times. 

a213.jpgThe Avengers #213
Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Bob Hall

This is the one issue that Hank Pym fans (yeah, he actually has fans... don't laugh!) hate the most. Heck, even non-Hank fans hate it. It wasn't Shooter's finest hour.

Our second back issue begins with Captain America accusing Yellowjacket (Hank Pym again) of conduct not becoming of an Avenger. Basically, he acted sloppy in their last battle and re-ignited a conflict that had already basically ended. Thor and Iron Man listen to the charges, ask for Pym to explain himself, get nothing, and decide to hold an official court-martial. Hank turns in his Avengers card and heads out to await the impending trial.

Outside the room, Hank is fawned over by an adoring Janet. Jan's completely head over heels for Hank but, as Tigra observes, the dude doesn't really deserve her. At all. He's kind of a jerk. He opens up to Jan before the scene ends and admits that he's just scared that he'll be permanently booted from the team, but he's still pulling some major attitude.

The other founding Avengers take off to their various titles. Cap already feels bad about bringing charges against Hank and relives a moment during World War II when he made a mistake in battle that nearly cost the life of an innocent child. We all make mistakes at times and Cap wonders if he'd be so quick to judge if his decisions that day HAD resulted in colateral damage.

Iron Man goes through memories of his own, though his are about Hank instead of visiting a mistake he had made (or nearly made). He remembers Hank continually changing identies. He remembers how Pym brought Ultron to life. Iron Man wonders if Hank Pym will ever escape out of the shadow of Ultron. Tony's not willing to punish him for that mistake, though.

The Pyms make their way home as fans adore Jan and ignore Hank. Once they get to her mansion, things don't improve. The servants are pretty condescending to him. Hank's all worked up and even Jan's offer of the sex holds no interest to him. And seriously, what the hell? Men don't turn down the sex. It's a science fact! Hank, as a scientist, should KNOW this! Still, it took him going crazy to finally marry Jan in the first place, so that should tell you something straight off.

At the end of Hank's refusal to have sex, he leaves a crying Jan to enter his lab. He reminisces about creating Ultron before realizing that THAT could be the answer to EVERYTHING!

Back at the mansion, we get a small scene where Tigra gets her first paycheck and Jarvis needs to take some claritin (he is allergic to cats).

The day finally comes for Hank's court-martial. The various Avengers gather together with nearly everyone having already made up their minds to aquit Hank Pym. Unfortunately, no one ever told Hank that. In his lab, he's gone pretty crazy. He's created another killer robot. Jan breaks into his lab to check on him only to be attacked by the bot in question.

Hank explains his... stupid plan. Really. This is "honeymoon in Hungary" bad. This is why you need a sidekick, Hank! His current sidekick/wife begs him to act rationally and not do this stupid, crazy thing and that's when Hank strikes her. He doesn't even immediately regret it. Or at all. Honestly, Hank's an irredeemable jerk the entire issue.

Hank's court-martial commences. Cap explains his case. It's quite convincing. Hank follows with some mad ramblings. Mad, mad ramblings about Cap loving a villain and how Hank stole his thunder and other crazy stuff before the Avengers ask him to please, please stop talking. Hank tryies to get Jan to join in his defense but she reveals her black eye to the team and asks him to let it go. Hank has no choice but to very blatantly call in his killer robot.

The Avengers fight the thing and, like Hank planned, can not beat it. Unfortunately, neither can Hank. The robot knocks him down before he's able to act and Hank has to fight just to remain conscious. In the end, Jan beats the thing by hitting it's only vulnerable spot.

His robot defeated, bested by his soon to be ex, and still pretty delusional, Hank Pym rises to his feet, mumbling to himself. He exits the mansion, leaving the Avengers to clean up his mess and Jan to put her life back together.

Back in the present, Hank has worked through his formulas. He gets into his torture device, electocutes himself, and emerges. He's just given himself some brand new super powers. Musing to Jocasta that he's always tried to carve out his own identity, this is his chance to honor someone else's. 

It's time for the world to meet the new Wasp: Hank Pym! Who didn't see that coming?

na48.jpgThe New Avengers #48
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Billy Tan

We once again visit Central Park post-final battle. Tony is trying to talk to Thor but, in the background, people are passing secrets. Captain America (James Barnes) passes it to Ronin and Mockingbird. They pass it to Spider-Man. He passes it to Iron Fist. Iron Fist to Wolverine. Wolverine to Spider-Woman. It's a nice game of telephone but hopefully the message "meet at Cap's place" doesn't mutate into "I want to suck your face."

So, yeah, "meet at Cap's place." Spidey watches Wolverine enter through the secret hologram wall and, instead of just following him in, decides to swing full force into it. Ronin and Mockingbird are already inside and Spidey gets a chance to talk it up with the recently resurrected/returned. Mock still has a life to re-establish but Clint is certain that they can do it. He's pretty calm about the whole thing. Spider-Man wants to know who the new Cap is. It's Bucky. Not a Skrull. Apparently the team is done with Skrulls... don't hold your breath on that.

Everyone takes a moment of silence in respect for Janet Van Dyne's death. Now's probably not a good time to tell Mockingbird that, among the many women Clint has bedded in her absence, Janet is on that list, too.

Iron Fist shows up wondering what happened to Luke and Jessica. No one is yet aware that their kid was kidnapped by Skrulls. Actually, the team is in the dark on Norman Osborn's rise to power, too. It's around this time that Spider-Woman shows up.

It's the real one this time. No, really. Real and confused as hell. Suddenly, she's the face of evil and has no idea why. Even these people aren't the most trusting in the world but Logan vouches for her. Now, when Cap enters, we've got one heck of a team going for us... but we're not done yet!

Iron Fist realizes that a 10 member team is unmanageable unless your last name is "Johns" so he opts out. Apparently, the Skrulls are responsible for the Stock Market crash and he needs to get back to work to rebuild his tattered company. Maybe he can get a bail out. He hasn't left before Cage, Jessica Jones, and Ms. Marvel show up to finally tell the team that their little baby, Danielle Cage, has been kidnapped by Skrulls!

So, we get our full roster: Captain America (Barnes), Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Ronin (Clint Barton), Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, Jessica Jones. Yes, that is one huge team. Let's see how long they all hang out.

Their first stop is the Baxter Building. They end up waking the team and explaining the story yet again. Reed tries using his Skrull-detector but it's useless unless the Skrull shapeshifts. That Jarvis-Skrull probably isn't going to do that while hiding out. That means that the New Avengers have their work cut out for them.

They, the Fantastic Four, and Iron Fist (he's not gonna bail on his best friend when this kind of stuff happens) start to do some hands on searching. Everywhere. We see Hydra, Moloids, Elektro, Brothers Grimm, and...

SHIELD. At a local SHIELD bar, we get to see SHIELD agents remark at the change in leadership. One very vocal dude (he may actually be the same guy to mouth off when Steve Rogers was killed as shown in Secret Invasion Director's Cut #1) is making certain that his disdain for Norman Osborn now holding the reigns is well known. He probably won't be joining HAMMER. The New Avengers show up and single out a particular lady at the bar. Yeah, she's a Skrull.

After running her down, Jessica Jones finally gets her to agree to reveal information. She's not going to do so, though. That vocal SHIELD Agent shoots her in the head in anger. The Avengers are now out of leads and someone may have to do something desperate. Possibly stupid.

What gets a man to lie with his enemies? What gets a man to betray his convictions? For Luke Cage, it's his daughter. He is seen meeting with Norman Osborn (with guest shots by Venom and Bullseye). He agrees to work for Osborn if Osborn can find his daughter. Things are certainly getting Dark! ;)

mm34.jpgMs. Marvel #34
Writer: Brian Reed
Penciler: Paulo Siqueira & Adriana da Silva Melo

Damn you Marvel! I was finally done with this title and you pull me back in! Ugh.

Well, it has it's fans out there who would hate for me to speak ill of it... and I may even have a word or two of praise here and there to keep those three people happy. But let's get down to it. Since we last heard from Ms. Marvel (in her own title, at least) she has been reliving spy games from her past and is known to be on the run from authorities. She also had an adventure with Spider-Man in a recent annual (that wasn't half bad, actually) where the two faced off against a bunch of robots based on various emotions from their creator: Stuart Cavenger.

We begin our tale at the end of our tale. Carol and one of her new partners, Rick Mason, are traveling through Grand Central Station on a mission to recover a certain package from a certain locker. Carol is talking down about Spider-Man, who left the package there for them. He also left a spider-tracer on it which Carol quickly finds and discards.

And now on to somewhere nearer to the beginning of our tale. Carol is meeting with a former teammate: Machine Man. She throws Cavenger's head at him so that he can find the bit inside it that would give an artificial intelligence a "lossless transfer to the internet." Ah, the internet. Apparently, it's a great place to hang out but I wouldn't want to upload myself to it. Back on target: Carol talks about needing something from an entity known as "The Essential" and knowing what The Essential wants in return. Aaron finds what she's looking for and hands it to her. Carol leaves, assuring Machine Man that she's doing awesome. Honest.

So now it's all about getting TO the Essential. This would be a whole lot easier if the Essential was 20 or so old Marvels collected in a phone book format in black and white and available at bookstores near you at value prices. Unfortunately, those are ESSENTIALS and only available in our reality. That joke took too much to explain... Carol's expected on site by the CIA peeps and soldiers guarding the Essential. They simply wait for her to come to them.

She's not really using her powers, here, either. I mean, she's jumping a lot and it seems those jumps are super human, but since we're talking about someone who can fly and shoot beams from her hands, she's basically not using her powers. They are quickly surrounding her and she ends up threatening to shoot one of the CIA agents to gain some leverage. It's around now that Spider-Man shows up.

He recognizes Ms. Marvel, even out of uniform, but still doesn't know who's side he should be on. He opts to pacify everyone and work out the details later. Eventually, this works out into a team-up with Carol but first he's gotta stop her from killing people.

The two heroes make their way to the Essential's container where Ms. Marvel enters while Spidey guards.

And now we get a look at what the Essential actually is. She's an immortal girl who feeds on information. Even though she's pretty old, she still holds onto that teddy bear like a lifeline. I can't really judge. I have a desk piled with Transformers. So, uploading herself to the internet would be a way to freedom... but what does Carol want?

She wants the dirt on Norman Osborn. I mean, other than him being the Green Goblin and all. The Essential downloads all the information for her on a handy (huge) harddrive.

Outside, Spidey is trying to reason with the soldiers. They'd rather just take him down. Spidey goes for plan B and starts defending himself.

The Essential warns Carol that this information makes her a great threat to Norman Osborn. Carol responds that she IS a huge threat. They'll both try to destroy the other with relish. The Essential promises to watch the entire deal.

Carol gives the harddrive to Spider-Man telling him to put it in a specific locker in Grand Central Station in two weeks. Spidey demands a date for this favor. I guess he's in to crazy ladies. Carol agrees. They all take off with Spidey happy that he might have a date in the future... if they can work out how to do it without him taking off his mask...

After that, things work out just as previously stated. Carol picks up the HD and drops the obligatory spider-tracer. More next time!

Now, let's learn more about the Greenest of Goblins!

asm14.jpgThe Amazing Spider-Man #14
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Steve Ditko

Our tale begins as a mysterious shadowed man puts the finishing touches on his flying broomstick (yes, you read that right). With it completed, he puts on his awesome Green Goblin suit and flies to his appointment with... the Enforcers! After the typical display of power (um... sparks from his fingers?) the Enforcers agree to assist him in taking down Spider-Man. Get ready for some madness!

In a Hollywood movie studio, the awesomely named B.J. Cosmos is trying to come up with a new hit movie for his company. The Green Goblin shows up to give him that new hit movie. It's a movie starring him, the Enforcers, and Spider-Man. B.J. isn't sold until he hears that Spidey will be in the flick. After promising to deliver the real Spider-Man for the picture, the Green Goblin flies off to do that very thing.

Back in New York a few days later, we're just in time to watch Flash get shot down by Liz Allen. Peter Parker enjoys the moment before hearing that some green dude on a broomstick is flying around Manhattan. Peter decides he better investigate. When he finally catches up with the Green Goblin, we don't get the typical fight you'd expect...

Green Goblin offers him a part in a movie. B.J.'s even in town to confirm the deal. Peter's never one to turn down money and quickly signs on. It's all going according to Green Goblin's convoluted plan! Mwahahaha!

Now, it's all up to Peter finding away to get his real identity to Hollywood. This is quickly solved. A quick stop at the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson can't offer Peter the assignment quick enough to get some pictures of Spider-Man on the Hollywood set. Betty Brant is her usual emotional wreck. She takes the news of Peter's California vacation badly, believing that she'll lose Peter to some starlet. Betty is... clingy. Real clingy.

Aunt May is also clingy but Peter convinces her that it's the right decision to go and get these pics.

In Hollywood, Spider-Man shows up to greet his cast: The Enforcers and Green Goblin. The Enforcers want to tackle Spidey right here, right now but Gobby urges them to wait until they get on location.

Soon enough, they get to the film site. Green Goblin asks Spidey if he'd like to practice the fight scene while the crew is setting up their cameras. Spidey readily agrees. The fight is anything but what's in the script. The Enforcers are ad libbing like crazy! It's all Spider-Man can do to keep up and react to this mad style of acting! Obviously, Peter realizes that this is a heavily convoluted trap set for him and fights back like only a spider can.

Now, no one's ever going to believe that Spider-Man can't hold his own against the Enforcers. They're still sort of a challenge to Peter at this stage in his career but nothing to write home about. It's the Green Goblin that makes this battle a match. With his tricks added to the mix, the Enforcers are able to get the upper hand a number of times before Spidey beats them back and strategically withdraws to a more secure location. Yes, he runs away.

Back home, May worries for Peter, Liz argues with Flash (over Peter), and Betty Brant worries that she's lost Peter... forever! Oh, she is a clingy one!

From his aerial position, Green Goblin tracks Spider-Man to a cave and signals the Enforcers to follow him in. Web-Head uses the darkness of the cave to his advantage as he picks off the enforcers one by one. Unfortunately, this isn't the empty cave that Peter thought it was. It's the hiding place of the Hulk!

When super heroes meet, there must come a fight over some misunderstanding. It's the Three's Company law of comics. This is no different, though the misunderstanding is more "frickin' leave me alone world or I'll beat the hell out of you!" Hulk isn't that deep and any little thing can set him off. Spidey could hold his own against the Enforcers but Hulk is another matter all together. The fight is vicious and drawn out. Spider-Man eventually tactically retreats (yep, he runs away again) and resumes his fight with the Green Goblin.

The fight with the Hulk wore him out too much. He's unable to get an advantage in on Gobby and ends up taking a dive into a pool of water. He stays down there until everyone gets bored of looking for him. With that amount of retreating out of the way, he wraps up the still unconcious Enforcers and leaves them for the Army to find.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man, B.J. has a short attention span and decides to scrap the Spider-Man movie in favor of a Hulk one. With that, Peter gets enough money to pay for his trip to and from Hollywood with a little bit left over to make the trip worthwhile. It's like winning if winning looked a lot like breaking even!

Elsewhere, the Green Goblin returns to his hideout in frustration. His crazy scheme didn't work as well as he expected what with the Hulk showing up and the Enforcers sucking. Still, no one knows who he REALLY is, so the advantage is still his. He gets dressed in his business suit (with handy mirror backs to cover his face) and returns to civilian life.

Now, this was before Norman Osborn had even shown up in the comic. No one, not even Stan Lee, knew where this tale would eventually end up. It's eventual fate may have been one of the big reason for Steve Ditko leaving the Spider-Man book (accounts vary and Ditko has never really given his side of the story). Still, it was a mystery for fans to mull over and would be revisited (with much more planning involved) with Roger Stern's Hobgoblin story... though that one didn't actually turn out how Stern had intended it and was eventually revisited to bring on the original ending... but that's an entirely different story. :)

That's it for this installment. We'll see you next time for the long awaited War Machine book, another Hank Pym book, and another Bad Guy Origin!

Until then: Who Do YOU Trust?
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