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Your Top Marvel Villains part 14

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, January 07 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgA random bunch of baddies. One of these I thought would be in the OPC, can you guess which one?


kidomega.jpg132. Kid Omega (21 points)

Quentin Quire is an Omega level mutant, and former student at the Xavier Institute. He is responsible for forming and leading a riot of the Omega mutants.

Quentin began to fall into a downward spiral around the time of the death of famed mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation. He had recently received a phone call from his mother informing him that he was actually adopted. This news brought up questions about his very identity. Quentin lashed out at Slick one of his main tormentors, revealing Slick's true appearance in front of the student body, in particular his girlfriend Longstrike. Quentin began to use the mutant-enhancing drug Kick, and his brain began to work overtime, burning sugar as fuel. He visited the site of Jumbo's murder and decided to get his hair cut in the same manner as the mutant in the artist's depiction on his newspaper cover. He returned to the mansion also wearing clothing designed by the late Jumbo Carnation. With the X-Mansion's public open house coming up Quentin wished to make a confrontational statement about how far mutants have come by embracing stereotypical images generated by fearful humans. With his identity coming into question, Quentin had attached himself to Jumbo's death. Quentin's brain function had also increased dramatically. As Emma Frost put it, Quentin's brain was processing over 10,000 brilliant ideas per second.

Quentin would have a public confrontation with Professor Xavier during their telepathy class. He openly challenged Xavier's ideals of tolerance in favor of a much more radical view of human mutant relations, desiring not to live in a world side-by-side with Jumbo's human killers. This display impressed several other students who began to follow Quentin's line of thinking. With Glob Herman still by his side fellow students Tattoo, Phaser, and Skybolt adopted the same clothing as Quentin forming the Omega Gang. Now all five were abusing Kick, and ventured outside of the mansion that night. In a back-alley they found a group of humans who they savagely beat, killing some of them.

Xavier and the rest of the school faculty knew that Quentin was becoming dangerous, subtly influencing those around him with his telepathy, but they were unable to come to agreement on how to resolve the situation. Quentin led the Omega Gang in a raid of a U-Men hideout, killing all they found inside. When the group returned to the mansion they ambushed Xavier in his office, knocking him out with a baseball bat. The following day was to be the day of the open house.

When Xavier became conscious again he was wearing a mask similar in design to the helmet Magneto wore. As Magneto's helmet disallowed telepathy from getting into his brain, this helmet prevented Xavier's telepathy from reaching anyone else. As the open house was beginning Quentin announced that they were holding Xavier hostage and began a riot at the school. Quentin influenced the student population of the school into demonstrating which evolved into a full-fledged riot when the X-Men approached to calm the situation. In order to stop Quentin, Sophie took a does of Kick and using the power of Cerebro the five Cuckoos enhanced their already great power level to take down Quentin. Quentin was left beaten and humbled, and the strain of the incident had killed Sophie.

Quentin was taken into Beast's lab. Quentin's neurons were continuing to accelerate the rate at which they were firing until, one-by-one, they were turning into faster-than-light energy and disappearing. Beast could only hypothesize that the stimulation by Kick had triggered a secondary mutation within Quentin. Xorn was brought in to heal him, but what was happening could not be stopped. Xorn helped ease Quentin into a different state of being, killing his body.


131. Yellow Claw (21 points)

The Yellow Claw yellowclaw.jpgwas born over 150 years ago in China. Like Fu Manchu, he is both a genius in biochemistry and a brilliant scientist and inventor in many fields, in addition to being an expert in mysticism, alchemy, and the martial arts. The Yellow Claw has formulated elixirs that have prolonged his life span, enabling him to retain his physical vitality. Following his Nick Fury appearances, artists have depicted him with an unusual, jaundiced-looking, yellowish skin tone, possibly as a result of his life-extension chemical.

The Yellow Claw has dedicated himself to achieving world domination and supplanting Western civilization. He controls a worldwide criminal organization, along with a staff of research scientists and engineers. In the 1950s, he forged a pact with Communist Chinese leaders including General Sung whereby the Claw would seek to conquer the West for China. In fact, this was simply a ruse, and he intended to conquer the world for himself.

The Yellow Claw was aided by his second-in-command, the Nazi war criminal Karl von Horstbaden, alias Fritz von Voltzmann. However, the Claw was continually betrayed by his sole living relative, his grandniece Suwan, whom he could not bring himself to kill. Eventually the Yellow Claw left the United States, placing the meddlesome Suwan in suspended animation. After severing ties with the People's Republic of China, the Claw fused Suwan's spirit with that of the conquest-minded ancient Egyptian princess Fanle-Tamen. During a subsequent battle with Nick Fury, Captain America and the Falcon, however, the Claw caused the now-vengeful Suwan to crumble into dust. Others who would battle the Yellow Claw included rival Chinese super villain the Mandarin, the super heroes Iron Man and Nova, and the superhero team the Avengers.


drbong.jpg130. Dr. Bong (22 points)

Lester Verde was bullied as a small child. A comforting remark about his making funny stories by his mother led Lester toward a career in journalism. Throughout his adolescence and young adulthood he used his gift of writing to slander, defame and destroy any he felt did him wrong. This included Professor Furgen, his journalism professor, and Beverly Switzler's boyfriend David.

Hoping to attract Beverly's attention, Lester became a music critic and hoped to write a tell-all book about Mildred Horowitz's band. He participated in several performances to gain their trust, however one night a prop guillotine cut off his left hand.

Why Lester adopted the comical guise of Doctor Bong, or how he became a genetic engineering and sonics genius has never been revealed.

Doctor Bong possesses no innate powers. He is a genetic engineering genius and has demonstrated the ability to evolve normal animals into semi-humanoid beings. He even managed to change Howard the Duck into a human for a time.


129. Morlun (22 points)

Morlun was created morlun.jpgby magical entities to track down and hunt members of a special group that have "totemistic powers" like Spider-Man. Apparently, Peter Parker gained his powers through fate and became the latest member of a long line of "Spider-Men" and Morlun is the hunter of the Totemistic powers. Peter and Morlun fought for several hours, and Morlun did not tire, he did not even feel any damage. He was virtually unstoppable. Morlun's blood has the DNA of every single creature alive. Insects, birds, reptiles, humans, and spiders along several others. Eventually Peter defeated Morlun by injecting himself with radioactive materials that poisoned Morlun. Morlun was believed dead after his loyal follower turned on him and shot him, killing him in this weakened state.

A while later, Morlun returned from the grave to kill Spider-Man. This was during "The Other". Peter was dying for inexplicable reasons. Peter had been hallucinating, and nearly killed the bull thinking he was Morlun. Pete knew he was going to die and chose to end it at ESU; the same place where he became The Amazing Spider-Man. Morlun fought Peter hand to hand and was unphased by anything Peter threw at him. After throwing Spider-Man through walls, and pummeling him, he eventually ripped the wall crawler's eye out and ate it. Peter freaked out and was cut down by Morlun quickly and painfully. Morlun's attack destroyed Peter, eventually killing him. Spidey was rushed back to the hospital and put in critical condition as he was on life support systems. Morlun entered the hospital, breaking Mary Jane Watson Parker's arm when she tried to defend her husband Peter. In one last dying effort, Spider-Man's feral spider side emerged. Stingers popped out of Pete's arms and his teeth became razors. Morlun was attacked by the dying Spider-Man, and was killed as Peter fed on him.



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