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Your Top Marvel Villains part 15

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, January 08 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgTwo badasses and a dude with a shortman complex.


128. Belasco (23 points)

belasco.jpgAccording to some accounts, Belasco was a sorcerer in 13th century Italy who used his knowledge of alchemy and black magic to contact the so-called Elder Gods, extra-dimensional beings bent on invading and dominating Earth. He struck a bargain with them: he would enable their passage into the Earth dimension via a spell using mystical bloodstones, in exchange for them granting him immortality and unbelievable powers. The Elder Gods designated Belasco, the father of a new race of demons, and made him partially demonic.

Belasco is a master of sorcery, and maintains several spells of immense power, including detection and mind control spells. He also uses magic to transform his body or that of others, usually transforming others into demonic versions of themselves. Belasco has also ensnared victims in crystal, extracting their skeletons while the victims remained alive. Belasco has been known to control fire, summon blasts of magical energy, raise the dead, and summon the powerful Elder Gods (a process which requires five bloodstones in a ritual.)

Belasco's powers are somehow linked to those of Magik. When they fought a battle in Other Place and Magik took on her "Darkchilde" form, Belasco simultaneously reverted to human form, losing most of his power and his invulnerability in the process.


moleman.jpg127. Mole Man (23 points)

Harvey Elder never found acceptance in society due to his appearance. Craving adventure he attempted to join an explorer's club, which sponsored a trio of adventurers known as the Monster Hunters.

Following the Monster Hunters to the legendary Monster Island he found his way into Subterranea, where Elder was nearly blinded in the Valley of the Diamonds. Alone and without his sight Elder encountering a race of subservient beings he dubbed Moloids and technology abandoned by an ancient race known as the Deviants.

Building an underground empire - Elder targeted his desire for revenge against those that shunned him on the surface world as the menacing, monster controlling Mole Man.

Though he has no real superpowers, he has enhanced senses though he has weakened vision. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and can even beat people with years of experience. He controls a horde of underground monsters, which he calls his army. He wields a technological staff with energy blasters and radar.

You know, the last time I read an issue with him in it was the FF issue with the New FF. Ya know, the one with Hulk, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Spiderman? Art Adams did that ish. I loved it.


126. Shadow King (23 points)

One of the oldest shadowking.jpgand more powerful mutants ever, Amahl Farouk has been a threat to mankind for decades. He was the first evil mutant met by Charles Xavier, convincing him of the need of the X-Men. He has since been tried to recover and take over the world, always confronted by the X-Men, but never utterly defeated.

Several years ago, as a young man, the mutant telepath Charles Xavier visited Cairo, Egypt, where his wallet was stolen by the child Ororo, who would later join Xavier's X-Men team as Storm. Xavier used his psionic powers to stop Ororo and took his wallet back. Suddenly Xavier himself was struck by a bolt of psionic energy. Recovering, he realized that the source of the psychic attack lay within a nearby tavern.

Within the bar Xavier met Amahl Farouk, the crime lord of Cairo, who was himself a mutant with vast telepathic powers. Farouk had sensed the presence of another powerful telepath and had struck him with the psionic bolt as a warning to leave the area his domain, the so-called Thieves' Quarters of Cairo. Xavier and Farouk sat at different tables in the bar and communicated solely through telepathy. Farouk asked Xavier to join him in his criminal activities. Xavier sensing Farouk's evil and depravity, refused. Contending that mutants like themselves had a responsibility to use their superhuman abilities for the benefit of others, Xavier vowed to bring Farouk to justice for his crimes. Xavier and Farouk's astral forms then began a battle, which ended when the former defeated his foe with a powerful bolt of psychic force. Xavier's astral form rejoined his body, and he left the bar. When Farouk's physical body died, however, he shifted his astral form to another plane. Weakened by the intensity of his duel with the crime lord, Xavier did not notice that Farouk's consciousness had thus escaped. Farouk seeks vengeance on Xavier and his students.



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