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Your Top Marvel Villains part 17

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 09 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgA couple of teams, a Super Spy and a Nazi. Oh my.

122. Gladiator and the Imperial Guard (25 points)

For this, more people voted for the Imperial Guard then Gladiator, so I deimperialguard.jpgcided to merge their votes. I didn't think anyone would mind for this. Are they villains? Well, all depends who is in charge.

So yeah, The Imperial Guard was formed centuries ago when a man named Rook'Shir, who wielded the power of the Phoenix in his blade, was ravaging the Shi'ar Empire. They ultimately defeated him and hunted down his descendants, as they are the only ones able to wield the blade. Its members are drawn both from the Shi'ar and other alien races governed by the Shi'ar. The majority of the Imperial Guard's members are known as Borderers. They assist the governors of conquered planets in enforcing the Shi'ar imperial law.

The Imperial Guardsmen however belong to the elite corps that protects the ruler of the empire, known as the Majestor or Majestrix, and executes his or her orders. The praetor (leader) of this elite corps is Gladiator, the most powerful member of the entire Imperial Guard. The duty of the Imperial Guard is to serve the monarch of the Shi'ar, no matter who it may be. The Guardsmen once aided the mad emperor D'Ken against his rebellious sister Lilandra, but when Lilandra succeeded D'Ken as ruler, the Guard switched their loyalty to her.

During a fight with Vulcan the Imperial Guard suffered many casualties. Those who died in the fight were: Smasher, Hobgoblin, Cosmos, Neutron, Titan, Impulse. Oracle and Nightshade were severely injured but they survived the battle. Gladiator, Scintilla, Manta, Earthquake, Mentor, and Flashfire survived the battle and now serve him and Deathbird as their protectors.

Look forward to these folks kickin’ all kinds of ass in War of Kings!!


121. Spymaster (25 points)

Thspymaster.jpge first Spymaster was a mercenary with technologically advanced weaponry. He was assisted by an organization known as the Espionage Elite, and was hired to infiltrate Stark International in order to steal Tony Stark's technological secrets. This brought him into conflict with Stark's alter ego, Iron Man. Spymaster eventually succeeded in stealing many of Iron Man's armor designs (and possibly discovering his secret identity) which he sold to Stark's business rival, Justin Hammer. This would initiate the Armor Wars in which Iron Man began to hunt down individuals and organizations that used his stolen technology.

Later, Spymaster would attempt to assassinate the villain known as the Ghost, but Iron Man would intervene. The Ghost offered Spymaster one of his intangibility devices to escape but deactivated it while Spymaster was still phasing through a wall, killing him instantly. Despite his ultimate demise, the true identity of the first Spymaster remains a secret to this day.

The second Spymaster was an apprentice of the Taskmaster who won the right to the name in a series of tests which included (but was not limited to) the killing of all other contenders. This Spymaster discovered Iron Man's secret identity, then ambushed and nearly killed Tony Stark who was saved in time by the Black Widow. It was later revealed that Nathan Lemon was this Spymaster's true identity, and that he had been working for The Mandarin.

A wealthy industrialist by the name of Sinclair Abbot has become the latest Spymaster. He did this by having Nathan Lemon arrested, severely beaten in prison, and then murdered by his wife while in intensive care. He later hired and sent the Ghost to infiltrate Stark International while attempting to play mind games with Tony Stark who he knew to be Iron Man.

While the Civil War was raging in the Superhero community, Spymaster was hired by Karim Wahwash Najeeb (chairman of the World Islamic Peace Coalition and one of the men responsible for the death of Stark's mentor Ho Yinsen) to assassinate Tony Stark. To this end, Spymaster attempted to murdered Tony's friend and chauffeur in order to draw Iron Man out, but Happy Hogan managed to fight back and both men fell several stories to the ground. Happy later succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital, but the fate of the Spymaster is not yet known...


120. The Reavers (26 points)

The first of the future Reavers to encounter any of the X-Men wareavers.jpgs Donald Pierce, when he was the White Bishop of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, who bears bionic arms and legs. Once, when Wolverine broke into the Club's Manhattan mansion, he severed Pierce's cybernetic arm from the rest of his body. Months later, Pierce rebelled against the rest of the Inner Circle, which was dominated by mutants led by Black King Sebastian Shaw. Pierce abducted Shaw's aide Tessa and held her captive. However, Pierce was thwarted by Professor Charles Xavier and his new team, the New Mutants. Tessa regained her freedom, and Pierce was expelled from membership in the Inner Circle. Three other future members of the Reavers, Cole, Macon, and Reese, were formerly mercenaries employed by the Inner Circle. On the same night that he first met Pierce, Wolverine also encountered a squad of Hellfire Club mercenaries who had been sent to find and kill him. Wolverine lashed out at three of them—Cole, Macon, and Reese—with his adamantium claws, leaving the three of them severely wounded. The Inner Circle then had the three men converted into cyborgs. Cole, Macon, and Reese took Wolverine prisoner when the Inner Circle attacked the X-Men's Westchester County headquarters months later, but Wolverine overcame the three men once more. They were seen again working directly for Donald Pierce when he rebelled against the rest of the Hellfire Club.

Meanwhile a group of cyborg thieves calling themselves the Reavers had been operating out of a base in Australia. Their base was a ghost town which was inexplicably equipped with advanced computers and a sub-basement and tunnel system. The Reavers coerced the mutant teleporter Gateway to teleport them from Australia to locations around the world to conduct their violent robberies. Informed of the Reavers' existence by Roma, the X-Men expelled them from their Australian base, which they then co-opted for their own use. The X-Men destroyed some of the Reavers and forced most of the rest to enter the Siege Perilous. However, three Reavers (Pretty Boy, Skull Buster, and Bone Breaker) escaped. The Reavers were then reassembled under the leadership of Donald Pierce. Pierce combined the three survivors of the original Reavers with Lady Deathstrike and the three former Hellfire Club mercenaries into a formidable team. While the X-Men, whose numbers had dwindled, were away from their Australian base, the Reavers retook the ghost town. When Wolverine returned from a leave of absence in Madripoor to find the X-Men gone, he was taken by surprise, captured, tortured and crucified by the Reavers. Meanwhile, Psylocke who had a premonition (her sporadic powers of precognition combining with Gateway's Aboriginal "dreamtime") of danger waiting in the ghost town, took drastic action to escape when the X-Men were teleported back to the ghost town. Through telepathic mind control, she forced the remaining X-Men (herself included) to travel through the Siege Perilous, barely escaping the approaching Reavers and mystically rebirthing the X-Men elsewhere with no memory of their real lives. Wolverine later escapes the Reavers only with the aid of Jubilee.


119. Baron Blood (26 points)

"You just don't get much more evil than a Nazi vampire; blame Stern & Byrne for this guy beingbaronblood.jpg on my list; Cap 253-254 made a HUGE impression on me as a 4 or 5-year-old, and I’ve loved the Baron ever since"

Lord John Falsworth was the younger of two sons of Lord William Falsworth, one of the wealthiest members of the British aristocracy in late Victorian and Edwardian times. John left, embittered, when his brother Montgomery inherited the bulk of his estate upon William's death, shortly before World War I.

Eventually, Falsworth sought the castle Dracula in Romania in order to find and control the vampire as a means for achieving immense wealth and power. However, on locating the vampire, Falsworth fell victim to his hypnotic powers and was turned into a vampire himself. Dracula bid Falsworth to return to England to wreak havoc upon the country that had repulsed him earlier.

Once World War I broke out, Falsworth, still intent on destroying England, offered his services to the German intelligence, who gave him the code-name Baron Blood. During this, he fought with Union Jack and the Invaders. he was eventually beheaded by Captain America.



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