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Your Top Marvel Villains part 18

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 09 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgPlease, if you have a weak heart or have high blood pressure I urge you not to look at #115.



118. Titania (26 points)
Mary MacPherran was referred to as "Skeeter" by her tormentors because she was physically small and considered as insignificant as a mosquito. When the omnipotent Beyonder formed "Battleworld" from portions of other planets - including a suburban portion of Denver, Colorado; MacPherran was amongst many humans trapped in the crossfire of a secret war.

Recruited by Dr. Doom, MacPherran and her friend Marsha Rosenberg (Volcana) were transformed by alien technology into superhuman powerhouses. Becoming possibly the strongest woman in the world she joined the secret war with a group of other villains as Titania.

Titania has an intense inferiority complex. This first appeared when Spider-Man defeated her on Battleworld. That defeat left her being completely terrified any time she came in contact with him (like at the acts of revenge saga, Doom had to mechanically take her fear when she was sent to fight Spider-Man). Eventually, she was able to overcome this phobia, but instead is now irrationally obsessed with defeating She-Hulk.


117. Silver Samurai (26 points)

The mutant son of the Japanese crime lord Shingen Harada, Kenuichio Harada was never fsilversamurai.jpgormally acknowledged as a member of the Yashida Clan. At an early age, Harada began the study of the fighting methods and code of honor of the medieval Japanese warrior-class called the samurai. Mastering the attendant disciplines of bushido, Harada capitalized on his unique mutant talent and sought employment in the criminal underworld as the Silver Samurai.

His mutant ability allows him to generate a field of tachyon energy around his katana that allows it to cut through any material on earth except for adamantium. Although he is able to charge any object and use it as a weapon, he prefers his katana. He is a master swordsman and wears traditional-style Japanese armor made of a silver metal as protection. His physical abilities and skill in martial arts make him a formidable opponent. He possesses a teleportation ring, granting him even greater stealth and mobility.


1namor.jpg16. Namor (27 points)

I know some of you think he shouldn't be on this list, but he is just as much a villain as Black Adam in my opinion. Hell, he would do anything to protect Atlantis. Has he murdered an entire country like ol' Teth has? No, but he would if you blew Atlantis and all his loved ones to bits. He has teamed up with Dr. Doom more often then not, so yeah, he is one of those villains that walk that fine line. Anywho.

The hybrid offspring of Princess Fen of Atlantis and an American seaman, Captain Leonard McKenzie. Contracted by Paul Destiny, McKenzie's ship was searching for the lost Lemurian city rumored to house the mythical Helmet of Power. Distrusting Destiny's intention for the crown, McKenzie planted explosives in the ice flows causing an avalanche to bury the city, unaware Atlantis lay beneath. The damage the underwater city sustained prompted King Thakorr to send his daughter, Fen, to investigate.

Fen was captured by the ship's crew and in a strange twist of fate, the princess fell in love with and married McKenzie at sea. Failing to return after several weeks, Thakorr dispatched a rescue party for Fen. The ensuing scuffle apparently killed McKenzie, and Fen returned to Atlantis. Nine months later Namor was born.

Namor was raised with a hostile attitude toward surface-dwellers. When King Thakorr discovered men in diving suits near Atlantis, he assumed they were advance scouts for an invasion force and ordered Namor to attack New York, where he fought the android Human Torch. Shortly thereafter, Nazis attacked Atlantis, forcing Namor to join the Invaders, then later the All-Winners Squadron fighting alongside Captain America, the Human Torch, Spitfire and myriad other heroes of the day.

Both an ally and advisory of surface dwellers, he always stands as the sovereign and protector of Atlantis as the avenging son, Namor the Sub-Mariner.


115. The Void (27 points)

I told you not to look. I warned you. Bloody hell. void.jpg

The Void is the Sentry's super-villain counterpart. The Sentry had frequent battles with the Void in the Silver Age as his arch-enemy... not knowing that sub-consciously he had created this being. The Void is the living embodiment of the Sentry's fears and emotions. When the Sentry was first discovered in New Avengers, he would often become scared and cower in corners or in caves... because he was scared that the Void was coming. When the New Avengers finally came in contact with the Void.. even with the help of the X-men and the Fantastic Four they could not defeat him. Emma Frost whom was aware of his telepathic ability entered his mind. It was later revealed that the Sentry has been around as a hero for a long time but nobody remembers because he is such a powerful telepath he was able to wipe everyone’s mind without even knowing it. Emma Frost helped him gain control and kept the Void from finishing off Marvel's finest.

The Sentry had one final bout with the Void in which he threw him into the sun believing to have killed him. He claimed to no longer need the Void to balance the good deeds he has done. The Void is best know for using fear to defeat his opponents. The Sentry was seen at some point using his telepathy to show opponents the Void and install fear in them.

The Void has been known to shape shift into figures that would scare his opponent. He has been seen as a fire beast, a monster with several eyes and other demonic creatures. He has massive control over the weather and darkness and can create massive storms. The Void also possess tendrils which he uses to install fear and make his opponent relive traumatic moments in their life or to people to see something traumatic that will happen to them in the future. He used the said tendrils on the Hulk in the Silver Age rendering him helpless. As the opposite of the Sentry, The Void gains his power from Darkness rather than light



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