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Your Top Marvel Villains part 19

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Saturday, January 10 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgQuite an interesting foursome if you ask me. All from different spectrums of the Marvel Universe. We have an X-Villain, a DD villain, an Iron Man villain and a Spidey villain. Not in that order of course.


114. Typhoid Mary (28 points)

Dityphoidmary.jpgsplaying her psychosis as an infant, Mary Walker had been institutionalized from an early age, split between two distinct personalities, one sickly and introverted the other hyper-healthy and extraverted. Although the dominant personality was aware of her split-personality disorder, the introverted personality was not, and was manipulated by her darker persona.

Eventually escaping the institution, all record of Walker was lost until she reappeared as a stage actress in Chicago. She abruptly disappeared and reappeared in New York's Hell's Kitchen as a vigilante criminal. Raiding drug and gambling dens she robbed and often killed her criminal victims. Her activities brought her notice by the Kingpin, who instead of having her hunted and killed, hired her to emotionally destroy his arch-nemesis Daredevil.

Conflicted between her desires, Mary's personality became more unstable and was eventually captured and institutionalized by Daredevil. She eventually escaped again and continues her struggle with her enemies and herself as Typhoid Mary.

For reasons still unknown, Typhoid Mary was recruited by Henry Gyrich as part of his Shadow Initiative as Mutant Zero, a fourth personality capable of using all of Mary's psionic powers.


113. The Jackal (28 points) jackal.jpg

A biochemistry professor at Empire State University, Dr. Miles Warren was romantically obsessed with his student, Gwen Stacy, who was the girlfriend of fellow student Peter Parker (Spider-Man I).

When Stacy was killed by the original Green Goblin, Warren's obsession manifest into madness and he resolved to bring her back as a clone, using blood from a previous class experiment. When Warren's experiments were discovered by his lab assistant, he resorted to murder - completing a decent into madness and creating an alternate personality for himself that he dubbed the Jackal.

Then their was that little incident called the Clone Saga that took place in the 90's, but, we will not go into that.


112. Living Laser (28 points)

Arthulivinglaser.jpgr Parks was a relatively successful laser research scientist until spurned by a woman. Deciding he needed power to achieve his aims, Parks creates wrist-mounted laser units, a costume and uses the alias "Living Laser". He then develops an infatuation with the Wasp, and after kidnapping her is forced to battle the superhero team the Avengers. After being defeated by the Avengers, the Laser is sent to prison. Although freed by master villain The Mandarin to fight the Avengers alongside other super villains, the Laser is defeated once again. The Laser, together with team-mate the Swordsman, join Batroc the Leaper in a bid to kill Captain America. They are, however, defeated, and the Laser later joins the Lethal Legion in a failed revenge attack on the Avengers. The Laser later battles the Kree hero Captain Marvel, but after yet another defeat disappears into obscurity for some time.

Several years later Count Nefaria employs the Laser and temporarily amplifies his abilities — together with those of team-mates Power Man and Whirlwind — before sending them against the Avengers. The effect, however, is temporary and their combined abilities are drained by Nefaria, who is subsequently defeated by the Avengers. The Laser then discovers that the laser diodes implanted in his skin have become unstable, with the power build-up in his body reaching critical - and potentially fatal - levels. The Laser seeks the aid of East German scientists, who offer to help by draining off the excess energy and using it to power a network of weapons satellites. This plan, however, is foiled by Iron Man, (at the base the Laser is located in to rescue a civilian), who battles the Laser and forces his energy levels to build to critical mass. The Laser begs for help, but with no time remaining Iron Man is forced to hurl him into the atmosphere where the Laser detonates.

Several months later, Tony Stark, Iron Man's alter ego, repairs a faulty satellite that collected a pattern of energy. Upon repair the energy is released and reforms into the Laser, who is now composed entirely of sentient light. The Laser panics when he discovers his new condition, and although Iron Man tries to assist him, he is forced to battle and capture the Laser. Iron Man's colleague Dr. Hank Pym attempts to find a cure for the Laser's condition. The Laser subsequently escapes, and briefly battles the cosmic hero Quasar. The Laser later returns, and on hearing a rumor that Iron Man was dead posed as the villain the Titanium Man to draw him out. The ruse works, and after two grueling battles the Laser is finally defeated by using his own powers against him.

Upon reintegrating his energy form, the Laser seeks revenge but encounters War Machine, who offers him a position at Stark Industries and a chance of reforming. The Laser accepts, but when he begins to show signs of being unstable is projected via satellite by Rhodes into space.

The Laser later reforms but is imprisoned by Tony Stark, upon breaking free he joins a group of super villains formed by MODOK, but was tricked. So Laser soon joins the Hood's Gang.


111. Vulcan (28 points)

Another newbie beat some serious establishevulcan.jpgd characters, if you are worried and pissed bout this do not worry. I predict Black Bolt handing him his ass in War of Kings. So buy it.

After spotting an advanced scout ship of the alien Shi'ar, Air Force Major Christopher Summers and his pregnant wife were teleported from their private aircraft to the alien ship and transported across the galaxy to the Shi'ar Empire. While imprisoned by the Shi'ar Empire, Katherine was brutally murdered by the tyrannical D'ken, who ripped a yet unborn child from her womb. Unable to survive on its own the pre-mature child was put in an incubation chamber and accelerated to maturity.

Sent to a secret Shi'ar base in the wilderness of the north-eastern United States he was assigned the duty of a slave. His only link to Earth was a battered book on Roman Mythology gifted to him by a sympathetic Shi'ar. After his mutant powers to control heat and energy surfaced he escaped going underground and assuming the name Gabriel.

Found hiding in the sewers of New York City, Gabriel was remanded to the custody of the renowned mutant researcher Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Where he trained to harness his profound powers as Vulcan.

And then from there shit hit the fan, but I have already typed to much and you all know his story.




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