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Your Top Marvel Villains part 23

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, January 13 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWelcome to the Top 100 folks, you made it this far now only 133 more villain before we get to your Top Marvel Villain voted by you. And yeah, 133 villains, that’s from 100-2 plus the 34 One Point Clubbers you will see. Do you have the patience to wait that long? Well, you will have too. So, on with the show...


100. Onslaught (34 points)

"A villain not only to the heroes, but to the comic reader as well"

"I enjoyed seonslaught.jpgeing Charles "off the leash" for a change, cuz you have god-like ability through your telepathy how the hell do you NOT use it??"

"I know, I'm sorry. I don't like bringing it up any more than you folks do. Still, he "killed" most of the world's heroes. Even worse, he brought Rob Liefeld back to the Marvel U with 2007's atrocious "Onslaught Reborn." (shudders)"

Onslaught was a sentient psionic entity created from the consciousness of two mutants: Professor Charles Xavier, the telepathic founder of the X-Men, and the mutant known as Magneto, Master of Magnetism. During a battle between the X-Men and Magneto's Acolytes, Magneto extracted the adamantium from the skeleton of Wolverine. Upon seeing this, a very angry Xavier used his telepathic powers to shut down Magneto's mind, rendering him catatonic. During the psionic contact, Magneto's anger, grief and lust for vengeance entered Xavier's consciousness. That and with every long-suppressed negative feeling Xavier had endured during the last 30 years. This aggregation resulted in the being known as Onslaught. When Bishop came from the future to warn the X-Men of a traitor within, this proved that Gambit was not the traitor that Bishop claimed it was actually Xavier that was the traitor. Onslaught continued his plans to try and destroy all humanity. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Elektra were able to figure out that Onslaught was in fact Xavier and Magneto.

The Avengers would come to aid the X-Men and they all gathered at the X-Mansion. They would then decide to have most of the heroes go to the Fantastic Four’s headquarters and help them prevent Onslaught from kidnapping Franklin Richards. Onslaught had created a holographic child named Charles, and was Franklin's new best friend. He led Franklin to Onslaught, where he absorbed the boy, gaining his powers. Meanwhile X-Force and Jean stayed behind at the X-Mansion and eventually were captured by Mr. Sinister. Sinister tried to convince Nate Grey to join him, but Nate was eventually captured by Onslaught. Onslaught then proceeded to fighting all the heroes including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men and a few extras such as Cable. During the battle Thor was able to separate Xavier from Onslaught, however, Onslaught claims that he is now “free” from Xavier’s influence and will now do whatever he wants. He then decides to proceed with the plan of enslaving all humanity including mutants. Onslaught held himself inside his fortress, and put up a giant mental shield over it. Several attempts were made to break it, but only one succeeded. Vision went inside of Rogue, and they together were strong enough to break the shield, only to find Onslaught waiting on the other side. He knocked Rogue aside, hurting both her and the Vision in the process, and began battling. Hulk walked over to Jean, and asked her to shut out Banner's influence on him. She entered his mind, and shut off Banner. Hulk became savage and insanely strong. He attacked Onslaught. They battled, and it could be heard in the city nearby. Onslaught eventually pinned down Hulk, and Hulk became very angry. He punched Onslaught hard enough to destroy his psionic armor. The explosion caused Banner and Hulk to separate into two different bodies. However, this was another piece of Onslaughts plan, fully releasing him and he used his now unrestrained powers to create a second sun to destroy the Earth. Onslaught was now a pure psychic being and could not be hurt physically as he had no physical body to hurt. The assembled heroes decided that they would all merge their bodies into Onslaughts psychic energy and have the mutants kill him with their full powers. They decided not to use any mutants to merge into Onslaught because Onslaught could just absorb the mutant’s energy. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Bruce Banner, and Doctor Doom have seemed to have died sacrificing themselves to destroy Onslaught. However, Franklin Richards was able to revive all the heroes that died and put them in a pocket dimension.

Apparently two L's named Loeb and Liefeld worked with this character on Onslaught Reborn, but I am sure you all care less about that then I do.


dragonman.jpg99. Dragon Man (34 points)

Dragon Man was an experimental creation of Professor Gregson Gilbert of State University. The benevolent professor had fashioned an artificial dragon-like creature but lacked the means to make it function. Having heard through secret means of Gilbert's experiments, the alchemist Diablo convinced the professor to give the creature life through one of Diablo's alchemical potions. To Gilbert's shock and regret, Diablo used his control over the creature's will to seek revenge on the hero team Fantastic Four.

I bet you are wondering what sorta powers someone named Dragon Man can possibly have, right? Well, according to my old school Marvel Universe Handbook he can press 100 Tons (which means he is a class 1000) and has incredible durability with his thick hide making him invulnerable to injury. His tail used as a weapon can move at 90 M.P.H. He can also fly with help of an anti-gravity generator up to speeds of 30 M.P.H. and at heights of up to 1,800 feet. Lastly, he can exhale fire (I know, I was shocked too) through his mouth reaching temperatures of up to 8,000º Fahrenheit.


98. Mojo (35 points)

Nothing is known of themojo.jpg history of Mojo and how he rose to power. On his home planet of Mojoworld, in a dimension referred to as the Mojoverse, political power is determined by television ratings and granted to the producer that can create the best ratings.

As a race, the beings of Mojoworld are invertebrate and only accelerated in evolution after the creation of humanoid exoskeletons by the scientist Arize. A minority of invertebrates revolted against assuming bipedal motion and had Arize create a race of humanoid slaves through genetic engineering to carry out their desires.

The invertebrates' slaves eventually rebelled under the leadership of the mutant humanoid Longshot. With the assistance of Mojo's clone, also named Mojo, the rebellion eventually succeeded in deposing Mojo and his apparent death. His successor was appropriately named Mojo 2: The sequel. However, the original staged an incredible comeback to wreak more chaos on Mojoworld and on earth.


97. Magus (36 points)

The Magus was originmagus.jpgally a future version of Adam Warlock who came to believe that he was a god, and led his fanatical followers on a crusade to conquer the galaxy and eliminate all that were "impure". He uses a church called the Universal Church of Truth to attain his whims; this church treating him as a god. His timeline was undone when Warlock voluntarily allowed himself to be absorbed by the Soul Gem.

The second Magus is the manifestation of all the evil inside Adam Warlock. He was created when Adam Warlock cleansed himself of all good and evil. The "good" cast off from his soul forms The Goddess. Magus gathered five Cosmic Cubes and used them to create evil doppelgangers of many superheroes and Thanos. The Doppelganger of Spider-Man would be revived after the Infinity War and plays a role in the storyline "Maximum Carnage". On top of his cosmic cubes, Magus also manages to collect the Infinity Gauntlet in addition, though when he first wields it, the gems are still forbidden to work in unison so he is almost defeated when his base is stormed by Kang and Dr. Doom. Just as Magus is about to hand the gauntlet over to them, however, The Living Tribunal allows the gems to work together again and Magus reasserts control. He was eventually defeated when he was sent into the Soul Gem by Thanos. As a spiritual embodiment of a mere fraction of Adam Warlock's whole soul, Magus finds he has no substance in soul world and none of its residents know he is even there. He realizes this when, upon first arriving in soul world he spots two former Universal Church of Truth employees of his who had been absorbed into the soul gem years ago, Captain Autolycus and Judge Kray-Tor and Magus tries to talk them into being the first recruits for his new army, only to have them walk right through him and keep on going, never even having known he was there at all. Magus sinks into despair until the end of the Infinity Crusade, when the Goddess is also absorbed into the Soul Gem and winds up in the same situation as Magus. Magus antagonizes Goddess until she takes a swing at him, only to have her fist pass through him. While they can see and speak to each other, they are still just ghosts, even in soul world.

I predict, the next Annihilation will be with the new current Adam Warlock leading the Church of Universal Truth on a universe wide cleansing as the all new Magus. Speaking of space stuff, buy War of Kings. I knew I could find a way to stick that in this post.



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