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Your Top Marvel Villains part 25

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, January 13 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgQuite a few random villains. No initial thoughts of them just yet cuz its only 6:00 am as I write this and my eggos have yet to kick in.


brood.jpg93. The Brood (37 points)

Glad these guys made it on, simply for the iconic cover by Silvestri. Ya know, the one where Wolverine is partial transformed into a Brood? Sweet. Anywho. The Brood are a race of alien parasites that reproduce by implanting their eggs in others. They are a recurring enemy of the X-Men, Sh'iar, Carol Danvers and others in the Marvel Universe. The Brood's civilization is based on insect societies such as the bees or ants consisting of a Hive-like lair. All Brood civilizations share strong telepathic bonds with their Queens, thus predicting no rebellions occurring against the Queens. The Broodlings do all the work and have an undying allegiance to their Queen, however each Queen does not share a common interest.

The Brood are parasitic, they must steal the bodies of others to reproduce, making them one of the most insidious alien menaces known in the Marvel universe. Unlike any other parasitic creatures, the embryos embodied do not grown their own bodies, but actually they rather take control over the host’s, changing it into their appropriate form. The embryos are also fully intelligent even before they are born. Apparently they pass on a racial memory to their descendants, possibly including some from their hosts. It takes some time for the embryo to gain the ability to control it’s host; in the meantime, the embryo can take control over the host occasionally, often without the host noticing what is happening (since they don’t remember anything while they’re under the control of the embryo). If the host possesses any genetic mutation or powers, the resultant Brood will inherit those traits. What happens to the persona of the host once the embryo is born is not clear; it appears that it is extinguished, but in some cases, it survives and coexists with the Brood’s. Some Brood have been known to switch back-and-forth between their host’s form and their Brood form, even changing into a hybrid for if they wish (an example is humans with brood-like jaws or tentacle arms).


92. Stryfe (37 points)

Remember people, yostryfe.jpgu voted for these guys, so you are the ones to blame. Scott Summers aka Cyclops dealing with the death of his true love Jean Grey found a new life with Madelyne Pryor and the two were married and had a child, Nathan Summers who would go on to become Cable. Nathan was a child of prophecy to bring an end to the evil known as Apocalypse. In reacting to this, Apocalypse infected the child with the Techno Organic Virus giving the child a Death sentence at an early age…. After the defeat of Apocalypse at the hands of the first incarnation of X-Factor at Apocalypse’s moon fortress a stranger appeared before Scott and Jean (who had earlier reappeared alive and well, leading Scott to leave Madelyne). The stranger was of the Clan Askani, a group from 2,000 years in the future. The woman tells Scott that she can save his child but in doing that he must give him up to her and that he will never see his son again. Scott gave her the child and thus the chance at life.

The leader of the Askani turns out to be Rachel Summers currently known as Marvel Girl, Nathan’s half sister, displaced in time. This future is under the rule of Apocalypse and the Askani are the resistance force against him. Rachel arranged to retrieve Nathan from the past and try and cure him to fulfill the prophecy of him bringing down Apocalypse freeing the world from his reign. The virus and progress further than they thought so in an attempt to keep the savior child Rachel had the Askani clone the child which was not the Askani way. It he cloning process the T.O. virus was put in check and Nathan was to live. The victory was short lived because soon after the forces of Apocalypse invaded the haven of the Askani after being tipped of by a trader among them. The clone child was taken in the raid and brought before Apocalypse.

When the time came for Stryfe to become the vessel of the spirit of Apocalypse it was discovered (but not to Stryfe) that he was a clone and thus unworthy to hold the essence of Apocalypse. Apocalypse went into a rage, but at that time Cable (Nathan Summers) and his forces attacked. Cable and his forces brought an end to Apocalypse killing him, Stryfe in the confusion escapes. The world was then divided in to two factions, Cable's Clan Chosen, and the New-Cannnites (followers of Apocalypse now overpowered and led by Stryfe). Stryfe became a sadistic mad man once he was fee from the clutches of Apocalypse and called for the deaths of millions in his name. He oversaw the death of Cable’s wife Jenskot and kidnapped Cable’s son Tyler Dayspring (it was hinted that Stryfe may have raped Jenskot and that Tyler may be the son of Stryfe). Stryfe turned Tyler against Cable forcing Cable to kill Tyler in the end. The New Cannnites were soon in control but in a final raid led by cable the Clan Chosen were Able to overthrow them, but Stryfe and his Android Zero were able to escape to 2,000 years in the past

Stryfe and Zero emerged in the past and founded the Mutant Liberation Front, a terrorist group that sought to free mutants from the oppression to human kind. Unknown to anyone, this was all a screen to set up Stryfe’s real master plan to get revenge on those that he blamed for his ruined life, his mother and father Scott Summers and Jean Grey (he didn’t know at the time that he was a clone and thought that he was the real Nathan Summers) as well as Apocalypse the father of all his pain. All the while under the guise of the MLF he used every one to set his plan into place.

The song started by making a deal with Mr. Sinister that in exchange for Scott and Jean, Stryfe would give Sinister data of the Summers's blood line over 2,000 years. Disguised as Cable, Stryfe attempted to kill Professor X, shooting him in the chest and infecting him with a virus, causing the X-Men and X-Factor to go after Cable and his X-Force. Meanwhile, Stryfe pursued and found Apocalypse and effortlessly disposed of the Dark Riders. Stryfe fought Apocalypse and before delivering the killing blow to him, Apocalypse teleported away. Stryfe then turned to the Dark Riders and told them that by the law of Apocalypse that they were now to follow him because he was the strongest. On Apocalypse’s moon fortress, Stryfe had Scott and Jean hostage and force fed Scott baby food in a way to say that Stryfe missed out on his own child hood. Stryfe believed that Scott abandoned him to his dark life out of selfishness. In playing with them, Stryfe allowed Scott and Jean to escape with a trap set up with a baby tangled up in a techno mesh. He told them that in order to live they must leave the baby. He was surprised to see that they stayed and fought for the baby and questioned if everything that he knew was a lie. He took Jean and Scott to a techno time portal, an energy shield that would only allow the Summers’ bloodline in. The X-Teams made it to the moon but only Cable and Havok (Alex Summers) could make it through the shield. They surprised Stryfe and attacked him. Stryfe took out Havok, leaving Cable as the last one standing to stop him. In a last resort effort, Cable grabbed Stryfe and jumped into the time portal and told Scott to hit the destruct button, blowing it up and scattering Stryfe and Cable into the timestream.


91. U-Foes (37 points)

"Vector, Vapor, X-Ray, and Ironclad---good rangu-foes.jpge of powers, work well against teams (the Avengers) and loners (Hulk), great visuals, and they NEED to battle the Fantastic Four at some point...seriously!"

Wealthy industrialist Simon Utrecht craved power beyond that of mere mortals. Financing the construction of a spacecraft - Utrecht intended on exposing himself to comic rays to gain superhuman powers that he could exploit for illicit gain. Recruiting pilot Michael Steel, life-support specialist Ann Darnell and her brother fuel-propulsion engineer James Darnell; the four set course for the cosmic ray belt around the Earth.
Unlike the ship utilized by the Fantastic Four, Utrecht's ship had no radiation shielding leading to even more radical mutations. At the same moment as the quartets exposure to cosmic radiation, the Hulk coincidentally comes across the launch complex used by Utrecht. Reverting to Bruce Banner, he discovers the ship's monitoring station and fearing the group is in trouble Banner sets a course for Earth via remote control.

After a rough landing near their original launch site the four astronauts emerge with powers beyond normal humans. Utrecht dubbing himself Vector had gained the power to telepathically repel any object. Steel was transformed into a metallic powerhouse able to increase his density as Ironclad. Ann Darnell, who was exposed to gases from the life-support system along with the cosmic rays, and was transformed into Vapor. James Darnell became a being of living radiation dubbing himself X-Ray.

Believing that Banner cheated them of even greater power the quartet attacked the meek scientist. Panicked Banner transforms into the Hulk, and due to the quartet's inexperience in using their new abilities they are quickly defeated. Swearing vengeance upon the jade-skinned giant they would become a persistent adversary of the Hulk as the U-Foes.



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