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Your Top Marvel Villains part 26

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, January 14 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWell, we finally have someone you all have been waiting for. Along with a Canadian, someone from yesteryear, and finally a husband to be. Oh, and a War of King mentioning, but you were expecting that, right?


90. Red Hulk (37rulk.jpg points)

I'm...I'm speechless. I am without speech. I lack speech skills. My speech functions are gone. Ok. Enough with that, seriously, how the hell did he get 37 points? How?? Punching Uatu really that badass? That dude is a peeping tom and his head is fucking huge, you really can't miss it. Gaaah. Just gaaaah. Anywho.

The Red Hulk appeared first in Canada (Don't blame him on Canada), where it killed a Wendigo. Then it was later seen in Russia, where he murdered the Abomination. In his SHIELD Helicarrier, Iron Man and She-Hulk are investigating on who might have killed Emil, when suddenly the Red Hulk attacked them, used a computer virus to erase all files pertaining to the Hulk, and send the Helicarrier crashing down from the sky. He later traveled in ground zero, where Bruce Banner first became the Hulk and was confronted by Rick Jones, who later turned into A-Bomb, and then fought the Red Hulk. After fighting A-Bomb, he then fought Hulk but was stopped by Thor. After defeating Thor in the moon, the Red Hulk traveled back to earth and into San Francisco were the Hulk, She-Hulk, A-Bomb, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are waiting for him. After his defeat, the Red Hulk was incarcerated and was visited by Doc Samson and General "Thunderbolt" Ross. They said to him that he failed on defeating the Hulk and for that he will be set free. She-Hulk heard of this and recruited Thundra and Valkyrie to help stop the Red Hulk. During the battle, the Red Hulk has She-Hulk hanging in Mt. Rushmore with chains around her neck, as Thundra and Valkyrie watches not knowing what to do.

However the two quickly came up with a plan to save She-Hulk as The Red Hulk babbled on about how they only had three seconds whether or not to accept his offer to become "the bread in a Red Hulk sandwich" as he so eloquently put it. Valkyrie tossed her sword seemingly at The Red Hulk, who dodged it, only to realize that Valkyrie had never been aiming for him but rather the chain he was using to strangle She-Hulk. As Valkyrie commanded her horse, Aragorn, to save She-Hulk from falling Thundra shot The Red Hulk in the face thus distracting him long enough for She-Hulk to body slam him into the ground. With the aid of Valkyrie's sword The Red Hulk collapsed, and as the three women cautiously approached his "corpse" The Red Hulk immediately recovered, confiscated Thundra's gun and removed Valkyrie's sword from his chest.

But before he was given the chance to decapitate the three the Red Hulk suddenly found himself under attack from The Invisible Woman, Storm, Hellcat, Tigra, The Black Widow and Spider-Woman (who was actually the Skrull Queen Veranke in disguise, unbeknownst to the assembled heroines and their crimson-skinned foe.) Together the new Lady Liberators struck as one and thanks to The Invisible Woman and Storm he was finally subdued. However when he did not revert to a human form upon collapsing, the women decided to take shifts staying up all night and keeping an eye on The Red Hulk. By sunrise however he still had not transformed back into his true self and then without any warning he immediately woke back up, freed himself, knocked out Storm and Veranke, and then took off holding Thundra as his hostage.

Or so it seemed. The Red Hulk had brought Thundra to a secluded area where he made her deal that, in return for her services, Thundra would get the one thing she was always wanted most in the world. Though she never actually gave an answer, a phone conversation she had with She-Hulk sometime later suggested that Thundra had taken The Red Hulk's offer. As for The Red Hulk himself, it can only be speculated that he is now forming The Offenders, which is sort of a dark mirror to the original Defenders line-up.


89. Graviton (37 points)

"Mainly just like him graviton.jpgbecause he is so powerful and could take on several heroes at once...and he did once kill a whole team of heroes."

"This guy has gone toe to toe with not only the Avengers but the T-bolts, the F4 and Spider-Man. He's INSANELY powerful, only limited by his mind. Which by the way is genius."

"He killed and entire TEAM!!!"

Franklin Hall was born far North in Alberta, Canada. He excelled in school his entire life, especially showing promise in the science. He eventually became a lead scientist, considered by many to be the most brilliant, at a small private physics research institute in the Canadian Rockies.

During an experiment on particle acceleration, Hall attempted to align a particular set of graviton matrices and induce a teleportation effect. All he succeeded in doing however was overloading the power thresholds on his equipment. The resulting explosion destroyed Hall's equipment along with two neighboring particle accelerators. The mixture of these explosions resulted in an atomic flurry that intermingled Hall's molecules with sub-nuclear graviton particles eventually granting him the power to mentally manipulate gravity.

Franklin, at first, hid this power from the world. Thinking that outsiders would view him as a freak, he attempted his best to mask his immense superhuman ability. However, it wasn't long at all before his will broke and Hall was using his gravitational abilities to gain whatever he wanted. Much to his joy, people began to fear him, and being a man of drive and resource he quickly fashioned himself an elaborate costume and took on the name Graviton

He has the ability to control graviton atoms, which give him a myriad of powers. He can control both gravitons and anti-gravitons (Particles of similar build but with an opposite charge and spin). This allows him to encompass himself in a field of graviton atoms granting him limitless flight abilities as long as Hall is still capable of breathing. He can also use this power to pin his opponents to the ground, or in extreme cases increase weight to such a level that the cardiovascular system of a human no longer functions.

He can also generate gravitons around a single object giving it an unnatural gravitational pull, often used to distract projectile weaponry and other possible harms. He can use this power for 2.8 miles in almost every direction and has shown fantastic displays of his ability, at one time holding every Marvel Hero in a state of stasis while he attempted to remake Earth in his own image.

He also holds a PhD in Physics and can be considered one of the more brilliant Marvel entities. Graviton's greatest weakness lies in the fact that he is deeply emotionally and mentally disturbed.


88. The Sphinx (88 points)

The man known as Sphinx used to be the chief wizarsphinx.jpgd in the court of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. One day it was proven that the wizard's magic was inferior to that of the captive Israelites and the wizard was banished. Years upon years of wandering later, the wizard found a temple and found the Ka stone. The stone then bid him to take it and place it in his head, granting the wizard immortality and superhuman powers. He changed his name to Sphinx and wandered the Earth for the next 5,000 years. Without a purpose, he involved himself in whichever endeavors of mankind struck his fancy. Eventually after so many years of wandering and doing nothing Sphinx got bored and decided that he didn’t want his immortal life and his power. He then went searching to answer how to get rid of it.

He heard a rumor of a man who rivaled his power living in the Himalayan Mountains. Sphinx traveled there and met Sayge and asked him for help. Sayge said no to Sphinx’s request and instead tormented Sphinx for no reason by telling him he was destined to live forever. Sayge's other alias, Veritas the embodiment of truth usually accompanied Sphinx for unknown reasons. Sphinx later on in the twentieth century had already probed thousands of minds looking for an answer but to no avail. He then tapped a mind of a youth named Richard Rider who had the power of a Nova centurion. A super humanoid champion from a planet called Xandar. Rider's mind had in its subconscious the knowledge of the alien predecessor and also knowledge of the planet sized computer. Sphinx unaware of Rider's knowledge, believed he would know how to get rid of the Ka stone. Lucky for Rider it was in the subconscious part of his mind allowing him to wrest Sphinx from getting in. Eventually Sphinx went to a living computer also called Quasimodo and learned of Xandar that way. He then set fourth in the Nova-ship which rider had inherited. He took some companions and opponents into service. Sphinx eventually reached the planet and drained the main computer of all its knowledge.

With that he had enough knowledge to end his life but abandoned that thought and sought to destroy earth. The Fantastic Four heard of this and only knew of one being capable of taking Sphinx down, Galactus the world eater. The two met and fought ultimately ending with Galactus beating Sphinx plucking the Ka stone from him crushing it and sending him back in time to a period he thought Sphinx hadn’t lived. Although even Galactus was wrong and didn’t know he just sent Sphinx to a time period he already existed in. Sphinx then met his former self and they work together to make a scheme in which they can avoid ever getting beat by Galactus and remake the stone. The former one in this time period how ever falls sleep for the next 5,000 years forgetting this encounter ever happened. In the 20th century however months after Galactus sent him back in time the other self emerges from suspended animation. He began to restore the Ka stone but was stopped by the Thing of the Fantastic Four. He got de-powered from his near Galactus level.


87. Ronan the Accuser (38 points)

ronan.jpg"The 2nd biggest badass in the Marvel U that wields a hammer"

Ronan is a member of the Kree empire aristocracy, a small group of Kree who can trace their ancestry back to the original Kree tribes on their home planet Hala. After Ronan completes his formal education, he is enrolled in the Kree Public Accuser Corps. Ronan responds well to his training, and is constantly promoted. Finally, in an incident on the Kree border, he stops a fleet of Skrull ships from entering the Kree's airspace. For this, he is made Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, responsible for enforcing the laws and decrees of the Supreme Intelligence.

Ronan's duties have caused him to encounter many of Earth's heroes. Ronan's first Earth encounter on Earth is with Fantastic Four. When the Fantastic Four take a vacation on the island of T-Vu in the South Pacific, they are attacked by Kree Sentry 459, who was left on the island many thousand years ago. The last instructions of the Sentry was to keep any intruders off the island. When the Fantastic Four destroy the Sentry, the Supreme Intelligence sends them a dream during which they are instructed to await their trial and execution by Ronan. Ronan makes an attack against the Fantastic Four, but he is ultimately defeated.

Recently, he was just seen kneeling before Blackbolt who was just named the new Lord of the Kree. War of Kings is going to rock my socks!



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