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Your Top Marvel Villains part 29

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, January 15 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgBeen trying to think of something clever that can connect these three baddies together, but I can't. So enjoy.


kinghyperion.jpg78. King Hyperion (41 points)

To high? Well, he was a yet another victim to the "Pyro Effect". Yeah, that’s what I will call it from now on. If a C-Lister gets high on a list from now on, he will be a victim of the Pyro Effect. Oh, this can work.

King Hyperion hails from a world were he became the ruler. The countries of his world were not willing to let Hyperion take over without a fight so they began a nuclear war in an attempt to kill Hyperion. Ironically, the nuclear attack killed every living being on Earth except for Hyperion. As the sole survivor of his planet, Hyperion was conscripted into Weapon X, taking the place of a deceased Storm. Right away Hyperion came into conflict with Weapon X's leader Gambit and became involved with Ms. Marvel. They were placed on an Earth where there were only ten mutants remained, and their assignment was to annihilate these remaining mutants. Hyperion originally intended to stay on the planet and become its new ruler, but he made the decision that the world was not going to survive and he completed the mission, murdering Colossus and Vision in the process.

Eventually Hyperion came upon a world where he wished to remain and slaughtered all of the American heroes in New York City on that Earth. The Exiles teamed up with Weapon X's leader Gambit and took their fight to Hyperion. In the ensuing battle Morph kills Ms. Marvel, Firestar kills Spider while Hyperion killed Hulk, Firestar, and Illyana Rasputin. After decimating the Exiles team in combat, Hyperion is finally injured by Blink, using her powers to cause Hyperion to injure himself with his heat vision. This crippled Hyperion, allowing Gambit the opportunity to use Magik’s Soulsword to destroy him. The ensuing explosion killed both Gambit and Hyperion and the Exiles made their way to another reality. However the bodies of the deceased members (including Hyperion) were teleported to the Crystal Palace where the Timebreakers had been placing the bodies of dead members of both Weapon X and the Exiles on display. Hyperion’s body was also put on display and his cells began storing solar energy allowing him to recover from his wounds. Eventually recovered of his injuries, Hyperion broke out of the crystal stasis he was being held in and took hold of the Timebreakers' operations.

Taking over the Timebroker interface, Hyperion had the Exiles travel to a world ruled by Zarathos. Then he sent them to Earth-2600 where Hyperion had Sabretooth join the team (replacing Heather Hudson) in an effort to make Blink second-guess herself. He then had the team go to the Age of Apocalypse where he had Holocaust join the team (replacing Beak) in an attempt to have them killed. Instead Holocaust worked with the Exiles to teleport directly to the Panoptichron where Hyperion immediately killed Holocaust by absorbing all of his essence. Hyperion managed to seriously injure Morph and Mimic and kill Namora.

The Timebreakers released Beak from stasis concluding that he was the most likely to resolve the situation. Finding no alternative, Beak recruited two other-dimensional Hyperions from Earth-712 and Earth-5764. These two Hyperions managed to take King Hyperion down with a final moment assist by Mimic. The Exiles, the Hyperions, and the Timebreakers made the decision, since they could not kill King Hyperion, to imprison him back on his original reality where he could do no further damage.


77. The Hand (41 points) thehand.jpg

The Hand is an order of evil mystical ninja who are heavily involved in organized crime and mercenary activities such as assassination plots. The Hand covets power above all other objectives. They are primarily based in Japan, but operate internationally. They were founded in 1588 as a secret society of Japanese nationalist samurai but were soon co-opted by the Snakeroot, an ancient ninja clan which serves a primordial demon known only as The Beast.

One of the Hand's greatest warriors was Elektra. She had been cast out by the Chaste when it became apparent she was still consumed by grief, hatred, and pain following her father's murder. To prove her worth to Stick, leader of the Chaste, Elektra planned to infiltrate the Hand and destroy them from within. Instead, she was tricked by the Hand into killing her former sensei. Taking advantage of Elektra's fragile psyche, the Hand turned her to their dark ways. It was only later that Elektra was able to break free and escape their control.

Years later, the Hand learned Stick was in New York, helping his old student Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) deal with the temporary loss of his radar sense. Members of the Hand readied for an immediate attack. The Hand overwhelmed Stick, who only managed to defeat his attackers when he and Shaft, another member of the Chaste, drew the life essences from the evil ninja. The process, however, killed both Stick and Shaft.

The Hand knew they were close to victory over their longtime foes. They stole the body of Elektra, who had been killed by the assassin Bullseye, and took steps to resurrect her. The Hand hoped she would replace the recently slain Kirigi as the order's greatest warrior. Daredevil, the Black Widow and Stone, the new leader of the Chaste, prevented Elektra from again becoming part of the Hand. Thanks to Daredevil's efforts, Stone went on to complete Elektra's resurrection. Since she was now pure of spirit, Elektra was finally allowed to become a member of the Chaste.

Later, the Hand focused on finding the reincarnation of Stick, knowing that doing so might help them destroy the Chaste once and for all. Daredevil and Stone fended off the Hand, and the Chaste determined that Baby Karen was the reincarnation of its former leader. The Hand has also observed Elektra, watching from afar to see whether they can bring her back to their side. They have killed anyone who has tried to interfere with their unknown plans for her. Elektra recently thwarted an attempt by the Hand to bring their Beast into the Earthly realm.


76. Mysterio (41 points) mysterio.jpg

Quentin Beck was an expert in designing special effects devices and stage illusions, as well as a master hypnotist, magician, and an amateur chemist. He also possessed a wealth of knowledge in hand-to-hand combat techniques that he learned as a stuntman. Unfortunately, all these things did little to help his career in the film industry. One day, a colleague joked that the easiest way to become famous was to take out a costumed hero. It was here that Mysterio was born.

Mysterio chose Spider-Man as his target. He viewed Spider-Man as a relatively inexperienced and weak hero, and felt it would be easy to take him down. Quentin joined forces with the Tinkerer and together the two developed a scheme to steal secret military plans. They used their combined intellect to develop and alien disguise to hide their true intentions for these plans. The scheme was foiled by Spider-Man, but because of the villains' disguises their true identities remained anonymous.

Beck continued to study Spider-Man's behavior and his actions and when he felt he was ready he attacked as Mysterio. Armed with gas that could confuse Spidey's spider-sense, hallucinogenic gas, and chemicals that could easily dissolve his webbing, he saw the first battle to be an easy win. Unfortunately for Mysterio, Spider-Man never goes down without a fight. Such was the case, and Mysterio was defeated and arrested. After several failed attempts at the webslinger's life, Mysterio accepted Dr. Octopus' invitation to join the Sinister Six, a group of malcontents each with their own grudge against Spider-Man. As part of this team of evildoers, it was Mysterio's job to construct robotic replicas of the X-Men to subdue Spidey. But Spider-Man quickly realized that he wasn't fighting his old allies and used his spider-sense to find Beck's remote control room and defeated him yet again.

After the dispersion of the Sinister Six, Mysterio continued to battle with Spider-Man to his own dismay. For a time it was thought that he had died in prison as his old friend Daniel Berkhart was taking up the fishbowl for him, but it turned out Beck had been alive all along. A crusade of Mysterio's was the attempt of the retrieval of a lost fortune located in Aunt May's house. Ironically the money had been eaten by silver fish by the time it was discovered leaving Mysterio defeated yet again.

After being incarcerated at Ravencroft Psychiatric Hospital, Beck was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer as a result of the chemicals he had used over the years. Desiring one last challenge before his death he tormented one time foe Daredevil - and ended his life via suicide.

Long before his death Beck trained his cousin Maguire Beck and another stuntman named Dan Berkhart. When Beck had faked his death at one point; Berkhart was hired by Daily Bugle publisher J. J. Jameson to impersonate the ghost of Mysterio.

After Berkhart was incarcerated he and Maguire Beck turned their vengeance against Jameson by both donning the identity of Jack O' Lantern - but Berkhart abandoned the identity and returned to the role of Mysterio.



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