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Your Top Marvel Villains part 31

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 16 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgA space bitch, a team, and the Hulk. Wait, what?!?! Again, not in that order.



71. Deathbird (44 points) deathbird.jpg

"Such a bitter bitch."

Princess Cal'Syee Neramani was the first born to the ruling family of the Shi'ar Empire. Unlike her younger siblings D'Ken and Lilandra, Cal'Syee was born with atavistic characteristics - an extraordinary evolutionary mutation reminiscent of the Shi'ar species evolution from birds.

For crimes against the state Cal'Syee was denied ascension to the throne and exiled from the Shi'ar Galaxy. Her starship crippled, Cal'Syee eventually made her way to Earth, where she had an encounter with Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye in her attempt to loot repair parts for her spacecraft.

After escaping Earth, Cal'Syee encountered and allied herself with the insectoid Brood, returning to the Shi'ar Galaxy to seize the empire as Deathbird.

When Vulcan was sprung from his cell by a member of the Shi'ar secret order, he was told to go down two levels in the prison. He did so, killing all in his path and when he destroyed the cell door, Deathbird emerged. It turns out that she was not killed when she was ejected into space--the Shi'ar Imperial Guard came and captured her before she died and locked her up in the highest security prison with the intention of keeping her there permanently.

Vulcan was captivated by Deathbird instantly, both by her beauty and by her ruthlessness. When Vulcan reconnects D'ken's neurological pathways and restored him to sanity, D'Ken invokes an ancient Shi'ar custom that allows Deathbird and Vulcan to marry.

The couple is married in front of the M'Kraan Crystal, but decide to execute Xavier at the same time. The X-Men, the Starjammers and the Shi'ar loyal to Lilandra attack almost instantly. During the chaos that ensues Vulcan kills D'Ken (never having promised not to kill him) and assumes the throne of Emperor of the Shi'ar Empire, with Deathbird as his Empress. And guess where you will see here next? War of Kings, baby!!


70. Maestro (44 points) maestro.png

"Not every Hulk wins the struggle with his inner monster. After being pushed too far by humanity and its heroes, one Hulk snapped. Seizing control of the world and slaughtering many of Earth's heroes, Maestro proved what a monster he really was. And may I remind you, he is still stomping around the Marvel Universe somewhere, waiting for his revenge."

Maestro Hulk is a version of the Hulk from an alternate future timeline, Earth-9200, approximately a hundred years into the future, combining Banner's intelligence with the Hulk's more malevolent aspects.

The Maestro is from another dimension about a hundred years into the future. Maestro has not only the intelligence of Banner but he also has all of the powers of Hulk with even a stronger default strength. After devastating events in a nuclear war almost all of earths superheroes are dead. Maestro takes this opportunity to rule part of Earth. He has not been the only one who taken the opportunity to rule, She-Hulk and Abomination also decided to seize control. The radiation that the gamma-irritated beings have absorbed during the war has made them much stronger. The only thing keeping the city of Dystopia calm is the brutal soldiers with state of the art technology. At the conclusion of the series, the Maestro is defeated by the use of Doom's time machine, and sent back to the time and place that the Hulk was created: ground zero during the testing of the atomic Gamma Bomb. Appearing next to the bomb itself, Maestro is seemingly killed in the same moment that creates the Hulk.

The character was next seen in June 2006 in a two part story in the reality crossing series Exiles. Set before Future imperfect an elderly Rick Jones encounters the reality-hopping mutant Proteus, who has possessed the body of an alternate reality Hulk from the year 2099. Proteus intends to discard his current body and possess the Maestro. Jones, unaware of his plan, provides a weapon created by the X-Man Forge, which might be able to kill Maestro. However, the plan fails when the Maestro is warned by the Exiles, who are pursuing Proteus. Proteus possesses a new host and flees to another world, breaking the Maestro's neck during his escape.

Years later the Maestro, fully recovered from his injury, encounters a time-traveling Genis-Vell and Spider-Man 2099. Manipulated by the super villain Thanatos (himself an older version of Jones from the future), the three battle - but Captain Marvel and Spider-Man eventually return to their own time, with no consequence for the Maestro


69. The Frightful Four (44 points) frightfulfour.jpg

"the best line-up was Wizard, Titania, Klaw, and Hydroman. Those power sets work well against the Fantastic Four."

Driven by a desire to prove himself Mr. Fantastic’s superior, the Wizard created Frightful four after Frightful Four with the ultimate intent of defeating and humiliating the Fantastic Four. The team was initially formed when Sandman and Paste Pot Pete (Trapster) were jointly escaping from prison and met the Human Torch, helpless after a defeat at the hands of the Human Torch. Eventually they recruited a forth member, the amnesic and Inhuman Medusa and attacked the Fantastic Four at Reed and Sue's engagement party. They were defeated twice in a few days and were eventually arrested.

By the time the Frightful Four decided to make another attempt at destroying the Fantastic Four, Medusa was no longer a viable as she had completely reformed. As a replacement, the Wizard recruited Thundra. But Thundra proved to have no honor for this team as she eventually became attracted to the Thing and opposed the Frightful Four.

They continue to plague the Fantastic four, with different assortments of villains every time.



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