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Your Top Marvel Villains part 33

Written by BubbaKanoosh/Kid Impulse on Friday, January 16 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThree more great characters, and not in the Top 50. I am starting to fear for myself when the Top 50 gets posted. As Smokey the Bear says "Only you can prevent The Hood from getting in the Top 50".

Again, I wanna thank Kid Impulse for his help. I may outsource some of you for the next lists. Free labor is the hotness.

64. Fin Fang Foom (46 points) finfangfoom.jpg

"A insanely great visual created by the King. Shit hits the fan when Foom shows up. Plus his REAL name means "He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun" badass."

"He's a giant fucking Dragon in Purple Underpants. If you hate him, you hate America."


Fin Fang Foom was at first believed to be an ancient Chinese dragon but in reality is an alien conqueror from the planet Kakaranathara (also known as Maklu IV) his name in his own language translates as ‘He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun’ Originally appearing in Strange Tales #89, he is awoken from his slumber by the teenager Chan Liuchow who tricks him into saving his village from Communist soldiers before luring Foom back to his resting place to return to his sleep.

Over the years Foom would do battle with Iron Man and Thor, such as the time he awoke all the sleeping Makluians on Earth which forced Iron Man and War Machine to team up with the Mandarin to save the world.

Recently, Fin Fang Foom turned to Buddhism and reformed. Shrunk down to human size, he took a job as the head chef of the Baxter Building and along with other the Marvel Monsters: Elektro, Gorgilla and Googam, formed the Fin Fang Four to do battle with the Terror of Tim Boo Ba. He teamed up with Dr. Strange’s assistant Wong in saving Christmas from the tyranny of Hydra.

Fin Fang Foom is also known for putting pretty girls in his pants, or attempting to anyways.


63. Blastaar (46 points)

"Living bomb burst! Now...KING OF THE NEGATIVE ZONE" blastaar.jpg

"We all know the real badass of the Negative Zone, and it ain't no bug"

See, now I am sad. Very sad. So sad I can't even mention War of Kings, a cosmic crossover from the minds of DnA, which Blastaar here stars in. I am too sad and to shook up to talk bout it. Why is he not in the Top 50? Why? I am pointing at all of you, except the ones that voted for him, you are good people. Ya know, no one from the Negative Zone got much love now that I think bout it. Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. Discuss that. But in the meantime, lets get this over with.

Blastaar was the leader of Baluur, a planet in the Negative Zone. He was not liked by his people and after he was overthrown he shot off of the planet. He then drifted, unconscious through the Negative Zone. He was awakened when Triton entered the Negative zone to save Mr. Fantastic, and he followed them through their portal back to the Baxter Building. He joined with Sandman and tried to take over the world but was stopped by the Fantastic Four and Crystal of the Inhumans. Blastaar was sent back to the Negative Zone where he regained control of Baluur and has tried to take over the rest of the Negative Zone. Annihilus is the only being in the Negative Zone who is strong enough to oppose him and Annihilus also wants to take over. Blastaar has been back to this universe to help in the battle against the Annihilation Wave. He fought along side the Kree, and for that he was named King of the Negative Zone by Ronan the Accuser, another character who will have a major role in War of Kings.

So yeah, War of Kings. BUY IT!


62. Super Skrull (46 points)

"Screw those other Super Skrulls from Secret Invasion, there is only one. And his name is Kl’rt" superskrull.jpg

That’s right, Mr. Anonymous voter. There is only one Super Skrull in my mind. And that’s good ol' Kl'rt here. I have always loved this guy. I wonder if he will show up in War of Kings at all. He did fight alongside Ronan the Accuser. My fingers are crossed.

The Skrull who became known as the Super-Skrull was born with the name Kl’rt on Tarnax IV. Kl’rt volunteered to be artificially augmented at the command of Emperor Dorrek who had vowed revenge after an invasion of Earth was foiled by the Fantastic Four.

Kl’rt was given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four, yet his powers exceeded the originals, he burned hotter and flew faster than Johnny Storm, he could stretch further than the Reed Richards, he exercised greater control over his invisibility and force fields than Susan Richards, and was stronger than Ben Grimm. Kl’rt retained his Skrullian shape-shifting abilities and his naturally strong hypnotic skills. He was dubbed the Super-Skrull by the Emperor himself, and was to be the point man in a second invasion of Earth. All he had to do was defeat the Fantastic Four.

At their first encounter Super-Skrull is able to hold an advantage over the Four until Reed correctly deduces that Kl’rt’s power is being further augmented by a beam directed from the Skrull home world. With the beam blocked Super-Skrull is quickly defeated.

Kl’rt attempts to avenge this humiliation many times by returning to Earth and battle such heroes as Spider-man, Captain Marvel, and Thor. He is soon trapped for several years in the Van Allen radiation belt by Ms. Marvel.

At some point while trapped he was used in a plot of Master Khan against Iron Fist in which he is brainwashed into believing he is a twelve year old boy who can transform himself into “Captain Hero”, when he seemingly kills Iron Fist, Khan returns him to the radiation belt with no memory if the incident.

The imprisonment has the beneficial effect of shielding Kl’rt from Zybak’s disaster, in which the entire Skrull race lost their shape-shifting abilities. After being freed from the radiation belt by the Silver Surfer, Kl’rt joins forces with S’byll, a claimant to the Skrull throne. She uses a sample of his DNA to restore the shape-shifting gene to the Skrull race. Lauded once again as a hero of the Skrull Empire he becomes the consort to the newly crowned Empress S’byll, but when the Empire falls once again into chaos when S’byll is betrayed by Captain Reptyl, who seemingly kills Kl’rt in single combat.

Kl’rt instead fell into a comatose state as his body recuperated. Gaining revenge on Reptyl, but finding the Empire in disarray, Kl’rt flees to Earth, where he goes into hiding. He maintains his secrecy for several months, but is drawn out by his need for revenge against the Fantastic Four, who summarily captures him and imprisons him in the Vault.

He escapes and renews contact with the Skrull Empire, he attempts to bring the Young Avenger, Hulkling (who is the son of Kree Captain Mar-Vell and Skrull Princess Anelle) into protective custody, but in a stroke of genius he impersonates Hulkling (with his consent) and puts himself in a prime position to spy on both the Kree and Skrull Empires.

Recently, Super-Skrull attempted to single-handedly defend the Skrull Empire from the Annihilation Wave and its planet killing super-weapon: The Harvester of Sorrows, he seemingly succeeds at the cost of his own life.

Which we find out to be a false death because we it was just recuperation time for him as he fully recovers. He is seen assisting Ronan in freeing the Kree Empire from House Fiyero.



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