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Your Top Marvlel Villains part 34

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, January 19 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThis next group of villains pretty much is epitome of what this list is all about. Collected, these four baddies have a huge body count on their resume. No, not a Thanos-killed-half-the-universe numbers, but huge nonetheless. One is a alternate universe version of a character who ruled the world with a Darwin view, another is a century old Ruler of the Night who has battled so many of the Marvels heroes, then we have a Dark Lord who once reshaped the Universe and reality as a whole, and lastly we have the former ruler of the Negative Zone who stormed our universe with an such a force that made Galactus shake in his huge helmet. Like always, not in that older. Most, if not all of these characters, should be in the Top 50 in my mind. All I am going to say is, do not kill the messenger.

61. Annihilus (47 points) annihilus.jpg

"Look at his kick ass title "The Death Who Walks!" You can't get better than that!"





Untold years ago a race of explorers setout aboard starships from the planet Tyanna within the Negative Zone, an extra-dimensional universe made of anti-matter, to seed the barren worlds of the zone with bioengineered organisms in the form of spores. One of the ships crashed upon the barren volcanic planet Arthros, and the dying voyagers released their cargo of spores as a final act.

From the mass of spores, one evolved into an insectoid being possessing intelligence. Discovering the Tyanna starship this creature would learn its creator's civilization and technology from a knowledge transference helmet. Using this knowledge, the creature adapted the ships technology into weapons and devices, including the Comic Control Rod from which it gained unlimited power and immortality, to dominate the other life forms evolving on the planet. In time the creature would direct its desire to conquer other planets within the Negative Zone; becoming the life-stealing scourge known as Annihilus.

Annihilus has become aware that the Positive Zone universe is starting to over take the Negative Zone. With an army, the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus has traveled to the Positive Zone and began a purge of all life that his wave has come upon. He sent out seekers to capture the Heralds of Galactus. He made a deal with Thanos that saw the capture of Galactus himself possible. The Annihilation Wave has destroyed countless worlds.

Annihilus is a highly advanced insectoid being with strong chitinous armor, and super strength. His intellect is slightly above human average, though his strategic intelligence is a bit higher. Annihilus is able to fly with his own wings, even in the vacuum of space. He possesses a Cosmic Control Rod, which allows him to manipulate cosmic energy, and retards the aging process. He has a vast army of soldiers and ships known as the Annihilation Wave, which are controlled through a hive mind.

When he gets killed he produces a clone of himself that retains all memories. So Nova, you may wanna watch your back.


60. Dracula (47 points) dracula.jpg

"Fuck anyone who says he doesn't belong. Great character with a long and storied history in the Marvel U. His use in Blade and Tomb of Dracula is better than most stories about villains that have 10 times the appearances. He's fought everyone from SHIELD to Spider-Man to Blade to Doom. He's tied into the origin of Mr. Sinister and has a centuries old rivalry with Apocalypse. Dracula needs a big time revival in the Marvel U."

You know, honestly I am really glad he made the list, but I will admit I am very shocked he got this many points. Does he deserve it? Yes. Why you ask? Well, for one he is badass. Two, he has fought most of the Marvel Universe, both good and evil. Three, he has had his own variety of minis and ongoings, one of which went over 70 issues. So yeah, he deserves to be here. Glad you made it on this list, Vlad.

Prince Vlad Dracula was born in the early 15th Century as the second son of Transylvanian nobleman Vlad Dracul. After Dracul was ousted from the throne of Wallachia by his half-brother Alexandru Aldea, he became an ally of the Ottoman Turks.
As a show of loyalty, Dracul offered his sons Vlad and Radu to a Turkish leader. While in the care of the Turks, Radu died and Vlad fostered a hatred of humanity.

In the mid-15th Century Vlad Dracula escaped the Turks and claimed the throne of Wallachia. Dracula was shortly thereafter forced into exile. He would wander from nation to nation until settling into marriage to a woman he did not love a decade later. His daughter by this marriage would become the vampire known as Lilith.

Soon after the end of his marriage, Dracula would reclaim the throne of Wallachia and wage a bloody war with the Turks. His practice of impaling hordes of enemies gained him the name "Vlad the Impaler." During this time of war he married a second time, siring a son named Vlad Tepelus.

After years of battle with the Turks, Castle Dracula was captured by the warlord Turac. Learning that his wife had been raped by Turkish soldiers, Dracula attacked Turac, who mortally wounded him. Turac took his enemy to be healed by the gypsy Lianda, who was a vampire. She killed Dracula with her bite and he eventually rose as a vampire.

Dracula would later defeat the vampire Nimrod and succeed him as ruler of Earth's vampires. He would later enhance his own strength with the blood of Varnae, the lone survivor of the first group of vampires to exist on Earth, who were created by pre-Cataclysmic Atlantian sorcerers using the Darkhold, a primeval book of black magic.

Dracula would move throughout the world over the next six centuries facing defeat and resurrecting many times. It was not until the sorcerer Dr. Strange used the incantation known as the Montesi Formula from the mystical book known as the Darkhold that all vampires were destroyed including Dracula.


59. Dormammu (47 points)

"He's got a great look and has reshaped existence at least a few dormammu.jpgtimes"

"They do not just give out the label Dread Lord to just anyone you know, he is a friggin badass."

"Fuck Ghost Rider, this is the only flame head that is worth talking bout."

"Everyone thinks Mordo is Strange's Top Villain, but they are so sadly mistaken. It’s this guy. Fear him. FEAR HIM."

See, this hurts me. A lot. Tons. I love this guy, and frankly I am shocked and disgusted that the ruler of the Dark Dimension didn't make it into the Top 50. You all really should be ashamed of yourself. And rdrs, he is not in the 60's, so please, keep that piece of your soul. Rip it out when the Hood is finally revealed.

Along with his sister Umar, Dormammu was exiled for unknown reasons from the realm of their birth in the Faltine Dimension. The two sought sanctuary within the Dark Dimension, a pocket cosmos where the laws of reality are arbitrary. Against the council of the realms sorcerers, they were given positions of power by the ruler Oinar in exchange for knowledge of how to breach the dimensional barriers that separate realties, therefore expanding the sorcerer-king's domain.
Over thousands of years of expansion the realm of the Mindless Ones, a races of invincible destroyers, was absorbed. Unstoppable, the Mindless Ones killed many, including Oinar.

Blamed for the intrusion of the Mindless Ones, the realms sorcerers sought Dormammu and Umar, but the two struck first and bound the sorcerers to silence, and exiled them from the kingdom. The two then combined their might and sealed the Mindless Ones within a magical prison. Grateful for stopping the invasion, the citizens of the Dark Dimension appointed Dormammu regent.

Transforming himself into a being of pure mystical energy, Dormammu turned his attention to expanding the realm of the Dark Dimension, attempting many times to annex the dimension of Earth into his own dark realm, where he not only rules as a king but a god, known as the Dread Dormammu.


58. AoA Apocalypse (47 points - 1 first place slot)

"The lasaoa apocolypse.jpgt I can remember Apocalypse actually being interesting."

"They should bring this version to the 616 and kill our version. He is so much more badass."

Well, I know what you are thinking, what the hell is he doing here, right? This version, the AoA Apocalypse, got a helluvalot of votes. As you see, he even got a first place nod towards him. Much like the Venom situation, there were too many votes for both versions to put them together as one. Obviously one did better than the other, but still this version didn't do to bad for himself either. I am shocked at the people he beat, even Dracula, which gave him a good ass kicking once before. I actually liked AoA, it was fun. Some call it pointless, but why can't stories be just that? Fun without a point. And if it weren't for AoA we wouldn't have Exiles, not the current version but the original. So yeah, AoA rocks. Anywho.

In an alternate world where Charles Xavier dies, Apocalypse arose ten years earlier then when Cable is supposed to have awoken him. Having witnessed the death, he launches a war on humanity, taking over North America, renaming Manhattan ‘Apocalypse Island’ and replacing the Statue of Liberty with a giant monument to himself.

Apocalypse sets up concentration camps for humans and carries out genetic experiments headed up by his four horsemen as well as a dark version of the mutant known as Beast. With his horsemen occupied with their own dealings, Apocalypse sets about his final plan: dropping bombs on North America and allowing anyone who survives the right to live in his world. He is killed on the verge of victory by being ripped apart by Magneto



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