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Your Top Marvel Villains part 36

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, January 22 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgOnce again, I wanna apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. Family stuff popped up and well, yeah, but that takes priority. But, to make up for it, I hope you get four entries today because we are entering the Top 50 of your Marvel Baddies. Will your favorite characters show up before The Hood? Only one way to find out....READ ON!!

54. The Spot (60 points - 2 first place slots) spot.jpg

"The Spot > Absorbing Man, Annihilus, Dormammu, Drac, Morbius. Not combined though. I'm not that insane."

"I voted for spot at #8 on my list and am completely surprised he's gotten as far as he has."

"He's got really cool untapped potential based on an awesome power set. He also has a ridiculous look that appeals to people. All in all I'd say it's a combination of nostalgia, hope, and people picking joke characters that led to him being rated so high."

Well, do we mark this down as another Pyro Effect incident? I dunno, because he seems to have more fans them people thought he did. He did get a lot of votes, some high, but a lot mid-range. Someone once asked, "Can someone explain the appeal of the Spot?" Well, I think I know someone who can and will. Hit it #1 Spot fan:

"Dr. Jonathan Ohnn first appeared in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #97 working as a scientist for Wilson Fisk (aka The Kingpin), assigned to replicate the powers of teenage superhero Cloak (of Cloak and Dagger). Working late one night, one of his experiments opened a circular black portal in front of him. Ohnn stepped into the portal for fear of losing this once in a lifetime opportunity, he passed out upon entering and when he woke up he was floating in a dimension similar to Cloak’s Darkforce Dimension, but instead of being completely dark, it was white with a seemingly infinite number of portals. He searched and found the portal to take him back to his lab and went through it, only on re-emerging, his body had radically changed and was now covered in the Dalmatian pattern that we know and he discovered he could teleport (or ‘poit’ named after the ‘POIT’ sound his spots make when he teleports) wherever he wanted and set about a life of crime.

His first battle was against Spider-Man and Black Cat. When he announced himself as ‘The Spot’ Spider-Man fell over laughing but Ohnn totally won the fight and told the two meddling heroes to GTFO and leave The Kingpin alone.

After another, less than successful fight with the duo, The Spot helped form The Spider-Man Revenge Squad with fellow villains Gibbon, Grizzly and the second Kangaroo, although the team disbanded when Spider-Man totally cheated and hauled Spot and Kangaroo to the slammer.  Since then, Ohnn has been seen working with The Gideon Trust to open a portal to The Negative Zone, he also helped Tombstone escape prison, for which Tombstone killed him.

Ohnn then showed up again (because he’s totally awesome and death ain’t nothin’ but a thang. This is important later) being killed for the second time, this time by Elektra. He was revived by The Hand and joined in their attack on the SHIELD Hellicarrier. He was killed by Wolverine. Refusing to die because he’s just so awesome, he made an appearance during the superhero Civil War as part of Hammerhead’s super villain army. He was arrested in a raid by SHIELD, but seriously guys, arresting a teleporter, not gonna work.

The Spot’s biggest appearance was most likely in Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 where he is one of the villains selected to steal the weapon/power source the Hypernova. Chosen for his teleporting skill and not really his loyalty, it should be of no surprise that The Spot sold out the group to Temugin, son of The Mandarin, who then using his Black Light ring, sent Spot back to the dimension where his powers originate only to find out the portals only lead to somewhere else in that dimension.

Since then, in this Brand New Day, he has been spotted several times in the super villain hangout ‘The Bar With No Name’ usually in crowd scenes illustrated by Phil Jimenez. How he came to be free is unknown but all shall be revealed in March’s Amazing Spider-Man #589 titled ‘The Return of The Spot written by Fred Van Lente, writer of MODOK’s 11.

The Spot belongs on this list because out of all the villains in the Marvel Universe, he has the most untapped potential. Everyone else has peaked. DOOM ain’t beating Unthinkable. Kang ain’t gonna do better under anyone other than Busiek and Magneto ain’t never topping Planet X. All the high profile villains have no future to them, they’re done. The Spot is the villain of the future; now go ask your local proprietor of comic bookery to reserve your copy of Amazing Spider-Man #589."

There ya go. Sorry you didn't get into the Top 50, so close yet so far.


dirkanger.jpg53. Dirk Anger (61 points)

Now this is a Pyro Effect incident, big time. I cannot believe how many Nextwave fans are out there. And you were all worried bout The Hood beating all these characters you totally forgot about the Ellis-folk out there that drink kool-aid too.

Dirk Anger is a skilled secret agent who has access to untold resources through his connection with H.A.T.E., the Beyond Corporation and S.I.L.E.N.T. He is conceivably highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. Dirk Anger has a zombie chip that is implanted in his brain. He tried to kill himself and now commands H.A.T.E. as a zombie.

I have never read Nextwave, is it worth reading? Is there a trade of it out there? Someone give me the 411. Stat.


52. Moonstone (62 points - 2 first place slots)

"nice power set (flight, lasers, super strength, phasing), self-moonstone.jpgserving, highly intelligent, and a great manipulator. I loved the Hulk issue from the 70's when she first battled him."

"This girl makes me laugh because she is sane enough to fit in reality but has no concept of actual reality. Ellis has done wonders in really finding her voice. Her plotting Songbirds death, locking up Penance, being a master manipulator, and after Norman’s position makes her an important character watch in this new Dark Reign. "

A former associate and student of the criminal mastermind Dr. Faustus, Dr. Karla Sofen used her profession to satisfy her craving for power and control over others.

A noted psychiatrist, she was hired to cure Byron Becton, the criminal known as Moonstone. Using a hallucinogenic gas Sofen caused her patient to physically reject the moonstone, a rock taken from the Blue Area of the Moon and believed to be invested with powers of the godlike Watcher. Taking possession of the mysterious rock from Becton, she absorbed it into her hand assuming the abilities that were his, becoming the new Moonstone.

The Masters Of Evil broke Moonstone out of the vault to join the "heroic" Thunderbolts, where she took on the identity of Meteorite. After meeting Jolt she persuaded the Masters Of Evil to let the young woman join the team. The two soon grew close and Karla took on an almost motherly role in the young woman’s life. When the teams true nature was revealed by Baron Heinrich Zemo to the public, Moonstone, Jolt, Mach IV and Songbird rallied against him. Wanting to continue their lives as heroes, the group defeated the brainwashed Fantastic Four and Avengers with the help of Iron Man. When the battle was over, the group decided to pay their debt to society so they could start their new lives as heroes. Unfortunately before they were able to do this, they were transported to an alternate dimension. Taking on leadership of the team, Karla defeated the Kosmosian Primotur Jekuakkekt, which allowed them to return to Earth. Moonstone used her psychological powers to defeat Graviton, though her teammates felt that she neglected to consider the consequences of her actions. When Hawkeye promised the team pardons, Karla stepped aside allowing him to lead the team instead. Later, during the team’s battle with the Masters Of Evil she considered turning on them, but quickly changed her mind.

During the Civil War Moonstone was blackmailed into becoming the leader of the team by Norman Osborn (Green Goblin). Well aware of how important the teams public image was she was very careful to hide the more ruthless side of the team but was still a less-than-capable leader. Moonstone often clashed with Songbird and even convinced SHIELD agents to give Norman Osbourn placebos rather than his prescribed medication. In a recent battle with American Eagle she was shot through the wrist by a crossbow and ordered Bullseye to cripple him. When four psychic super villains invade the Thunderbolts Mountain, they manipulate Karla into attacking Doc Samson, who she had professed a deep-seated hatred for. Moonstone managed decently against Sampson, however, when she attempted to attack Penance, he deflected her beam and knocked her through several walls. Although she did manage to survive, it was noted that Moonstone would still require nano-surgery although it would be about two weeks before her body was healthy enough to undergo the operation.

Once she recovered, Moonstone was among the members of the team that was attacked by the sleeper Skrull agent known as Khn'nr, who had taken the form of Captain Marvel and rejected his original programming, choosing instead to defend the human race. Khn'nr uses his power to easily shut down Moonstone's source of power after revealing its Kree origin. After a discussion with Osborn, Khn'nr leaves the area, allowing the team to recover before launching an attack on a Skrull airship. Karla, along with the Swordsman and his newly cloned sister, Andrea, move to the control center. However, Karla believes Andrea's recent arrival clearly marks her as a Skrull, so she attacks the Swordsman, knocking him unconscious in order to negotiate a deal with the Skrulls. Unfortunately for her, Andrea is not a Skrull and brutally attacks her. Andrea was prepared to unleash another attack that would have killed Moonstone, however, she is instead killed by Bullseye when he stabs her from behind. Bullseye then attempts to kill Moonstone, but she turns intangible just in time and begins threatening Bullseye just to keep him in line.

After the Secret Invasion, Osborn leaves for Washington, allowing Moonstone and Bullseye to finally eliminate the other members of the team. Moonstone has a therapy session with Robbie, where she makes him feel worse about himself before drugging him and stating that she has already made plans to place him in a maximum-security mental institution. She then unleashes Bullseye and Venom onto Songbird after they manipulate her into sending her only true ally, the Radioactive Man, back to China. Songbird manages to evade her killers long enough to blow up a section of the Thunderbolts mountain with the Zeus before faking her death with the aide of the Swordsman. Karla leaves the Thunderbolts Mountain, seeming to have given up on the team. It was later revealed that she was propositioned by Norman Osborn to join his new team of Dark Avengers as Ms. Marvel.


51. The Phalanx (63 points) phalanx.jpg

The origin of the Phalanx is inextricably linked to that of the techno-organic species known as the Technocracy, a savage cybernetic species which infects both organic and inorganic materials with a transmode virus transforming it into sustenance but as a side-effect giving rise to a hive-mind species of a single purpose.

The Phalanx shares a single mind and a single purpose. Individual Phalanx maintain their memories and personality prior to their infection with the transmode virus, but are incapable of acting against the wishes of the group without being severed from the collective.

The Phalanx is infected with the transmode virus, which they spread to other species adding to their collective. The Phalanx is compelled to draw their parent species the Technocracy to their location once they develop a sufficient population. The Phalanx's motivations are unknown because calling the Technocracy to their location assures their destruction.



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