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Your Top Marvel Villains part 38

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, January 22 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThree relative new villains make it into the Top 50, which totally shocked the hell outta me, but I am glad they are here. Well, some of them, and on that note...



47. The Marvel Zombies (66 points)

"Compelled to do things like eat their friends and spread the marvelzombies.jpgplague of their existence all over the omni-verse they also happen to be cannibals. Super powered undead cannibals. And cannibals disgust me. "

An alternate reality designated Earth-2149, which the Fantastic Four are lured to. In this dimension, a virus, which turns its victims into zombies, is being spread around through saliva and biting. It originated from an asteroid that fell to earth. The Sentry came into contact with the asteroid and he began spreading it though out the Marvel heroes.

During the outbreak, Magneto attempts to keep a group of civilians alive. However, their presence is given away. Magneto puts up a fight but he is eventually devoured by the likes of Iron Man and Spider-Man. It should be noted that Magneto is not converted into a zombie, he is completely eaten.

Meanwhile, Giant Man had captured Black Panther, and was slowly eating him. Knowing that his saliva would transform Panther into a zombie, he had been sawing off his limbs while keeping Black Panther in a vegetative state through medicine. When the Wasp finds Giant Man eating on Black Panther, she becomes enraged that he is keeping such food to himself. Giant Man laughs at the Wasp's attempt to hurt him, and when she shrinks, he bites her head off. Disgusted at the taste, he spits it out, leaving her body limp.

The main zombie cohorts are interrupted by the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer tells the zombies that their planet is to be eaten by Galactus, and the zombies attack him. During the battle the need for flesh overrides any reservations they have, and a riot breaks out among the zombies. In the end, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Giant Man get to eat the Silver Surfer, leaving the remaining zombies with nothing. The Hulk is the only one that can damage him though. Wolverine fails at slashing him, ripping his arm from his adamantium. The Hulk sneaks up behind the Silver Surfer and bites his head off, releasing his power of the cosmos. These others get angry and approach Captain America. Captain America points at them and a beam of the Silver Surfer's power cosmic shoots out of his hands. The Surfer's devourers look at their hands, and recognize that they have absorbed a bit of their dinner's powers.

Elsewhere, Black Panther is carrying the head of the Wasp under his arm. The Wasp's head begs the Panther for a taste of him in order to think straight; annoyed the Panther sits down and takes a rest. Magneto's Acolytes surround him, and inquire as to where Magneto is. They are skeptical about how Black Panther's still alive and human, as their scanners said that everyone 'alive' is a zombie.

Before long, Galactus shows up. The zombies attempt to defeat Galactus through force, including the now cosmic zombie heroes, but to no avail. They retreat to try and figure out a way to defeat him. The Hulk morphs back to Bruce Banner, and they come up with a plan.

Elsewhere in the city, Black Panther is talking to the Acolytes. A few of the acolytes start to move on Black Panther, against Fabian Cortez's orders. Even though Black Panther is missing an arm and a foot, he still fends them off, throwing the Wasp's head at Burns, essentially killing him. Cortez regains control of his men and they stop. Black Panther demands to be brought to Asteroid M, and also convinces the Acolytes to bring the Wasp's head with them, saying she is not a threat under supervision.

Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, and Iron Man are furiously building a complicated contraption. As they start to approach Galactus, they realize there are now hundreds more zombie/mutants, from Doctor Doom to Venom. Back on asteroid M, Reynolds starts to run tests on the Wasp's head, to try and find a cure for zombification. Forge comes out and shows the Black Panther his prosthetic legs, implying he'll make one for Black Panther in due time.

In the city, Iron Man finishes up some fine tuned adjustments to their machine. As they all place their hands in the proper slots, they charge their cosmic energy and fire. The combined power seems to stagger Galactus off guard. They fire a few more shots, and he collapses, sending the zombies scattering.

Now, a battle between Giant Man, Luke Cage, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Wolverine and all the other zombies, from Juggernaut and Rhino, to the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus takes place over who gets to feast upon Galactus. Although the battle rages on for a time and long rivalries draw to a close, Iron Man's gang wins, but only because of their new-found powers. Sadly, during the battle Captain America became a casualty, after his brains were ripped out by Red Skull.

After Iron Man's gang successfully downed the other zombies, Galactus begins to rise. His weakened form is then pulled back down and eaten alive by the zombie heroes.

The story then jumps forward five years, and the Acolytes and Black Panther, with his prosthetics in place, return to Earth. All their scans indicate that no one on Earth is alive, yet they know that zombies don't die from starvation. So that either means they all left, or they killed each other.

On another planet far away, a messenger warns a leader that their worst nightmare has became a reality. The next panel in the comic involves Spider-Man, Giant Man, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk, all in a costume similar to Galactus', with Giant Man saying, "Its feeding time, boys!!"


46. Mac Gargan/Venom (66 points) venom(mac).jpg

"He eats PEOPLE."

"Mac makes Venom fun. Why? Cuz he is fucking crazy."

Mac Gargan, once known as The Scorpion, is the current Venom. After the death of Angelo Fortunado, the symbiote went on a search for a new host, one that shared its hatred of Spider-Man like its original host (Eddie Brock) had, and also possessed a strong will and at least a little of its own skill. It found Mac Gargan and offered him a chance to increase his powers. Gargan accepted the symbiote with open arms and soon became Venom.

With his new power, Mac became a member of the new Sinister 12, a group, like the Sinister 6, made of Spider-Man’s worst enemies. The 12 quickly got a chance to fight Spider-Man (and the Black Cat) and almost succeeded in beating them. Unfortunately, Spider-Man was able to get help from the Fantastic Four and some of the Avengers. With the tables turned and Spider-Man now the one with all the backup, the Sinister 12 went down easily. During the battle though, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) tried to kill Mary Jane and Spider-Man was, of course, trying to stop him before he could reach her. Venom took the opportunity to pick a fight with Spider-Man but Venom eventually lost, and by the end of all the excitement, was sent to Ryker’s.

Some time after this, Venom was transported to Battleworld by the Stranger, where he and several other characters were chosen to fight to the death in a contest of champions. Venom was the first to make a kill, impaling what he believed to be Spider-Man while everyone was still confused by the whole situation. The supposed Spider-Man was actually the Space Phantom in disguise, but Venom still expected to win the contest. He didn’t, and after the group beat the Space Phantom and went to limbo, Venom destroyed the device they had used to get there, stranding them. He again asked for his reward for winning, but was denied. When the group returned (through teleportation) they defeated Venom and Hank Pym tricked the Stranger into thinking he had killed everyone else. With the contest over, and with some help from the Watcher, the Stranger left and the team prepared to leave via teleporter when the planet started to crumble. Gravity, one of the heroes, gave his life to save the rest of them, and when they got home, all of them (Venom included) attended his funeral.

After the events of Civil War, Venom joined the Thunderbolts team and is still there at this time. When the Thunderbolts were assigned to apprehend American Eagle, Shadowoman and Steel Spider. He has become a cannibal as he has ripped off and ate Steel Spider's arm. He has stated that the symbiote has been giving him hallucinations and begins to eat his handlers in Thunderbolt Mountain.

Most recently Venom fought Namor and ripped off his feet-wings. Namor then knocked him unconscious and ripped out his tongue. He is now a member of the Dark Avengers.


45. Alex Wilder (67 points)

"Alex Wilder will take all your stuff" alexwilder.jpg

"In the end, I just couldn't leave him off the list. He was my favorite Runaway and when he was revealed as the mole I was shocked and very very entertained. One of the best stories of the last 10 years needed to be represented."

Alex was the original person who stumbled upon the secret passageway that uncovered the double identities of their parents as the super villain group The Pride and subsequently led to the formation of The Runaways. Under his guidance and leadership, the ragtag group of teenage superhero wannabes managed to thwart practically everything that their parents threw their way including interference of local law enforcement, as well as a small group of vampires they stumbled upon as they were holding up the local Circle A. Alex was also the only member of the group who did not adopt a superhero moniker stating that he would rather fight to redeem his family name than hide under the guise of a pseudonym. Although Alex did not have any super powers or technological devices, he was an incredibly gifted tactician, which was recognized by his father and by his internet friends who accused him of being older than he actually was because of his intelligence.

Later on, it was revealed that Alex was working as a mole for The Pride of his own volition. His identity as the mole not known even to The Pride until he decided to reveal himself and his true intentions.

He developed feelings for and begun a shaky romance with Nico Minoru early on that was tested time and time again. After he betrayed his friends, Alex offered Nico the chance to join him and their parents, but was rejected. Their relationship officially ended in Alex's death at the hands of the Giborrim.

It was later revealed that Nico tried to revive Alex by using the Staff of One, but failed.

Alex is probably the only member of The Runaways who did not have any overt powers. While Chase had his Fistigons and Gert had Old Lace, Alex's only real ability was his natural talent for leadership and his intelligence as he has managed to lead the group and keep them together against enemies who were out of their league. At the time of his betrayal, it was his intelligence that allowed him control over Nico's Staff of One, Chase's Fistigons and Old Lace.



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