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Your Top Marvel Villains part 39

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, January 22 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWe have four villains, pretty big names actually. All deserve to be in the Top 50 for sure, do some deserve to be in the Top 25 or even the Top 10? Well, I will leave that up to you too rant and rave about.

44. Viper (67 points) viper.jpg

Green = Evil in the Marvel U. If this doesn't prove my theory, I don't know what will.

Viper was an orphan in Eastern Europe. Her face was scarred when she was young and she would eventually join the criminal underworld. She worked her way up the ranks and would gain the respect of many from the criminal underworld. She would eventually become the leader of HYDRA under the code name Madame Hydra. HYDRA and Viper would constantly battle Captain America and SHIELD. When another Super villain had used the code-name Viper, she helped him escape from jail and she kills him right afterwards to take back her name. On one of her attempts to take over a terrorist organization named Serpent Society, she was trying to assassinate their leader but was betrayed and then arrested by Captain America.

She continued her career as a professional terrorist and would eventually get into a relationship with the Red Skull. However, their relationship ended when he found out she was using his money to finance terrorist activities with nothing to gain. Viper later revealed that her real name was Merriem Drew, the mother of Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman). It was later revealed that Viper’s memories were false and she was not actually the mother of Spider-Woman. She began battling the X-Men when she aided lover Silver Samurai in an attempt to assassinate Mariko Yashida. Eventually she would marry Wolverine when she was able to succeed in blackmailing him. They would eventually divorce. She also became a member of the Hellfire Club and the Hand.

She has the strength, agility, and stamina of an Olympic athlete. Trained to use various guns and firearms and is very talented with knives. Viper is also gifted with disguises and acting. She is a brilliant strategist. She has fangs and lipstick that are poisonous and often fatal. Viper also employs a wide arrange of gasses and  has used a sedative to make others susceptible to her control.


43. Goblin Queen (67 points) goblinqueen.jpg

When the original Phoenix committed suicide, Scott Summers believed he had lost Jean Grey forever, unaware that her original body lay in suspended animation in a pod at the bottom of the sea. Mr. Sinister grew a clone at an accelerated rate in his laboratory. He named her Madelyne Pryor and programmed her with false memories and the desire to fall in love with Cyclops. Sinister then planned for Madelyne to bear a child, which would possess the superhuman genetic potential of both Scott and Jean. The evil mutant would then capture the child and control him as he grew up. The scheme started successfully: Cyclops married Madelyne, and they had a child, Nathan (who would become Cable).

When the real Jean returned, Cyclops rushed to her side. Madelyne's own psi-powers began to emerge and she took refuge with the X-Men. But then the demon N'astirh sent her dreams, which aroused the dark side of her psyche. Her powers fully awakened, Madelyne became the mad Goblin Queen and attempted to take revenge on Cyclops by sacrificing their son. Instead Madelyne perished in combat with the original Jean. But like all comic villains, she has returned to piss on Cyclops’ parade with her fellow sisters in the Sisterhood of Mutants.


42. Electro (68 points)

Personally, this dude here is my fav of all Spider-Man’s villains. electro.jpgI love his power, it’s simple yet effective. And I think he has one of the most fun and cool designs for a costume. Many would call me insane for thinking that, but they also call me insane for hating Hawkeye. You know what I say to them? They can kiss my ass, well, not to their faces but I do say it. Stupid people.

Electro was born as Maxwell Dillon. His parents, Jonathan and Anita Dillon lived in Endicott, New York. Jonathan was a struggling accountant, which caused the family to often move. This made making friends for Max difficult. When he turned eight, his father abandoned the family entirely. Because of this, Maxwell's mother became very overprotective of him until, some years later, he told her he wished to become an electrical engineer. His mother convinced him to take a job as the lineman instead.

While working on a broken power line, Maxwell was struck by lightning. This resulted in a mutagenic change in his nervous system, which basically transformed him in to a walking, breathing electrical capacitor. Using the name of Electro, Max turned to a life of crime. He chose J. Jonah Jameson as his first victim, breaking in to the Daily Bugle and stealing Jameson's safe. Naturally, Jameson blamed Spider-Man for the robbery, claiming Electro was an alternate identity. This prompted Spider-man to clear his name and to confront Electro. During their first confrontation, Spider-man was nearly killed when he attempted to grab the immensely charged villain. Electro was eventually defeated when Spider-man used a fire hose on him, causing him to short-circuit.

He fought Spider-Man and other heroes countless times. After attempting (and failing) to take New York's power supply, Electro tried to end his criminal career. Eventually, when Kaine started to kill enemies of Spider-Man, Electro feared he was next and quickly joined Mysterio and his Sinister Six. The group tried to defeat Kaine but Kaine disappeared and the group disbanded. Electro then went back to a normal life.

The Rose offered Electro more power, if he would become an enforcer. Electro and The Rose both accepted and Electro was sent to kill 'the true believers'. Electro succeeded and got his powers amplified. Electro then attempted to take the New York Power supply but Spider-Man defeated him again. Electro then fell into the Hudson River and he died. He did not stay dead for long though, he eventually resurfaced with the rest of the Sister Six. His powers were back to their original state and he now sported a blue and white costume. When Venom betrayed the Six, he attacked Electro and left him for dead. After a few battles against Spider-Man, he joined the Sinister Twelve, but yet again the team was defeated by Spider-Man with the assistance of other heroes.

He was eventually hired by Brainchild to take Karl Lykos off the Raft. This caused a massive breakout on the Raft. After the breakout, Electro tried to run away with his girlfriend but he was defeated by The New Avengers.


41. Kraven the Hunter (68 points)

kraven.jpg"For Kraven's Last Hunt; 'nuff said."

"He won. He left Spider-Man alive just so he'd know that he won. That's enough for me. Plus, his suicide was so damn creepy."

"He was the first villain I knew to truly win. He defeated Spider-Man body and soul and convinced me that there was much to fear even behind the tacky 60’s getup."

I honestly thought he would be Top 25. But alas, I am wrong.

Sergei Kravinoff was the child of Russian aristocrats. His parents died when he was a child leaving him the family fortune. Growing up, he became employed with an African safari and learned how to track animals. He discovered a mystical serum that was able to increase his strength and agility. Using his skills, he became the world's greatest hunter.

Sergei decided to change his name to Kraven. His half-brother, the criminal known as Chameleon, put him up to the challenge of capturing and defeating Spider-Man. Kraven saw this as his greatest challenge.

He suffered continuous defeats by Spider-Man. Eventually Kraven became obsessed with defeating his arachnid enemy. The time came when Kraven was finally able to get the drop on Spider-Man. After dropping a net over him, he shoots him point blank with a rifle. He then proceeds to bury him on his land.

Defeating Spider-Man was simply the beginning of his plan. Kraven then went out dressed as Spider-Man, wanting to prove to himself and the world that he was superior to him by defeating a villain, Vermin, who Spider-Man had been unable to do on his own.

Two weeks go by and Spider-Man finds himself, alive, buried in a coffin. Kraven hadn't shot him with real bullets, but rather a highly concentrated tranquilizer. In a panic, Spider-Man manages to claw his way out.

Spider-Man finds Kraven at his estate. Kraven seemed to have lost his fight. He had nothing left to prove. He showed a battered Vermin to Spider-Man, proving his worth. Rather than fight Spider-Man, he let Vermin go, taunting Spider-Man to go after him in order to save "innocent lives." Spider-Man felt he had no choice.

Upon Spider-Man's departure, Kraven went upstairs and shot himself with his rifle. His life was complete.



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