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Your Top Marvel Villains part 41

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 23 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgAs we inch closer to the Top 10 more and more bigger names are showing up, maybe not in this batch, but soon. Either way, some damn cool villains in grouping.

37. Skrulls (73 points) skrulls.jpg

"Secret Invasion could've been SO much better."

"I am glad they were finally used for something, but S.I. could've been a lot cooler."

An alien race over 100 million years old the early decedents of the Skrull race were subject to genetic experiments by the Celestials - much like the experiments that gave rise to the Eternals and Deviants upon Earth. Unlike on Earth the minority of early Skrulls that were genetically manipulated became the dominant species on the planet Skullos. Of those that dominated were two races of Deviant Skrulls possessing the ability to mentally change their form. The normal Skrulls and the virtually immortal Skrull Eternals were eradicated by the Deviant races. Of the two Deviant Skrull races one, which would become the most common race today and the other would be exiled to the Burning Galaxy becoming a race known as the Dire Wraiths.

The Skrull Empire is the first of the major interstellar empires to be invaded by the forces of Annihilus. The Annihilation Wave's super weapon, the Harvester of Sorrow, destroys 90% of Skrull planets. In the aftermath the Skrulls unsuccessfully attempt to convince Hulkling to become their new Emperor.

With almost all their planets destroyed, and under the leadership of newcomer Queen Veranke, the Skrulls infiltrate Earth for a major assault. Several heroes have been revealed to be Skrulls with the whereabouts of the real heroes unrevealed. However, eventually, Reed Richards was able to pierce through the shape shifting and all heroes and villains banded together to stop the Skrulls. Unfortunately, the Skrull activated a fail-safe within Wasp, making her a chemical bomb. Thor had no choice but to destroy her. The humans attacked any Skrulls, killing Veranke and destroying their fleet in orbit. All the missing heroes, villains and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were found alive and returned to Earth and the Skrull Empire was decimated. Any captured ones were clinging to their faith.


36. Crossbones (75 points)

"Cap's iconic equal and opposite." crossbones.jpg

A bad seed even as a child Brock Rumlow always admired the bad guys, the Red Skull in particular. As a mercenary, Rumlow was hired by a Red Skull imposter to attack the fortress of the bio-fanatic Arnim Zola. All of Rumlow's fellow mercenaries were killed in the assault, but his skills so impressed the real Red Skull that he hired him as a bodyguard and gave him the identity of Crossbones.

Sent to retrieve the five Bloodstone fragments, Crossbones shadowed Helmut Zemo’s search for them. While Zemo battled Captain America, Crossbones knocked out Captain America's pilot, John Jameson, and stole two fragments; when he got near the other three, the five combined to re-animate Heinrich Zemo's corpse under control of the alien Hellfire Helix. Unobserved, Crossbones destroyed the Helix (worn on the corpse's forehead) with a crossbow bolt. Brock then kidnapped Diamondback (whom he recognized as Rachel Leighton), using her as bait to trap Captain America; but when the Skull learned of Crossbones' involvement with the Captain, he ordered Crossbones to flee. Crossbones recruited the Controller and Voice of Doom to serve the Skull, led the Skeleton Crew against the Hellfire Club’s Selene, and, using psychic Tristam Micawber, located the Skull after Magneto kidnapped him. He attempted assassinating the Kingpin, was stopped by Typhoid Mary, and battled Bullseye when the Kingpin retaliated. He led the Skeleton Crew when they were captured by the Schutz-Heiliggruppe (Blitzkrieg, Hauptmann Deutschland, Zeitgeist); after Arnim Zola rescued them, the Skull faked the assassination of himself, Mother Night, and Crossbones. The Red Skull finally fired Crossbones for questioning the Skull's decision to ally with Viper.

Crossbones headed east, working briefly in Chicago for drug lord Marco Sanzionare against Super Pro. In New York, Crossbones kidnapped and brainwashed Diamondback by abusing her repeatedly and forcing her through a rigid combat training routine. Forcing Diamondback to steal Captain America's super-soldier treated blood from Avengers Mansion, Crossbones returned to the Skull. When the Skeleton Crew's new leader, Cutthroat, plotted Crossbones’ murder, Mother Night warned Brock, who slit Cutthroat's jugular. Diamondback escaped, summoning Captain America and the Falcon to capture the Skull’s operatives; Crossbones was imprisoned, but eventually convinced officials he was rehabilitating, partly by defeating the terrorist cell "Fortress" when they invaded a Denver hospital. Exploiting his jailors’ gullibility, Crossbones escaped, and was hired by Hydra to bomb New York's embassy row alongside the Absorbing Man, but the pair was stopped by Captain America. Betrayed by Hydra, Crossbones fled, wreaking vengeance on his bosses. He was hired by New Son to assassinate Gambit, but despite allying with Batroc and Zaran, was defeated by the combined efforts of New Orleans' assassin's and thieves’ guilds; Crossbones was imprisoned in the Raft until Electro's break-in freed him. The Skull promptly rehired him, and he was aiding in re-powering a Cosmic Cube when Alexander Lukin’s Winter Soldier assassinated the Red Skull and stole the Cube. Lukin anonymously blamed Captain America for the Skull’s death, but Crossbones soon realized the truth and now appears to be hunting Lukin.


35. Purple Man (77 points)

"Bendis' presentation of him in Alias was terrifying. His unholy purpleman.jpgwhims can convince anyone to become their own worst enemy."

Zebediah Killgrave was a spy in Yugoslavia. One of his missions was to steal an experimental nerve gas. Having a standoff with a guard, the guard shot at Killgrave but missed. The bullet hit a canister of the nerve gas and spilled the liquid gas to pour over Killgrave. As a result, Killgrave now permanently has purple skin and hair. The chemical gave him the power to force others to obey his commands.

Killgrave decided to call himself the Purple Man and turned to a life of crime. He had several run-ins (and defeats) with Daredevil. Daredevil, being strong willed, is able to resists the Purple Man's powers.

Another super-powered individual that could not resist him was Jewel, also known as Jessica Jones. The Purple Man made Jessica his slave for several months.

Purple Man was later sent to the prison for super-powered individuals known as the Raft. When Electro was hired to cause a massive breakout, Killgrave managed to escape.

The Purple Man's skin gives him the ability to influence other people's minds by giving them commands. Killgrave powers are very strong. He was able to control an entire town without showing any strain. He also showed everyone in town of thousands exactly what he wanted them to see. He was able to block Photon's powers to the point where he couldn't tell anything besides using his five senses.


34. Dark Phoenix (77 points - 3 first place slots)

Dark Phodarkphoenix.jpgenix shared all the abilities of the Omega-level mutant, Jean Grey, and added to those greatly making her one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

These powers included telepathy, which branched off into many other abilities such as: telepathic cloak, cloak mind, and psionic shield which are all methods to protect one's mind from being detected or assaulted. She can also create illusions with her telepathy and uses it to camouflage herself, allowing her to change form or become invisible.

Telepathy also allows her to manipulate the minds of others for domination. This includes mind control or possession. Allowing her to change the personality of a person however she wishes and she can induce paralysis (either physical or mental). She can manipulate memories and transfer her mind and powers with that of another. If she touches the brow of a being she can induce mental pain or if she desired, pleasure.

She can keep someone unconscious as long as she continues to sedate them. She can increase power levels of others to exponential levels, but only temporarily, or she can make them temporarily unable to use their powers. She can also create a psychic link with any being of her choice (she has one with Cyclops). She can create psychic blasts that only effect the mind and she can sense other super humans if they are in a close vicinity. She can project her astral form or become a psionic firebird.

Her telekinesis gives her the abilities of levitation, heat generation and creating force fields or concussive force.

She can manipulate time, space, matter and energy to virtually any degree thanks to the Phoenix Force. She has utter control over life force, as that is what the Phoenix Force is the embodiment of; so she can resurrect herself or others after death. The Phoenix Force also gives her the ability of Cosmic Pyrokinesis, a control and summoning of a cosmic fire that can burn absolutely anything she desires,
She can use her cosmic abilities to give herself superhuman strength, the limits to which are assumed virtually nonexistent.



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