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Your Top Marvel Villains part 43

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 23 2009 and posted in Features


I...I just....*takes a deep breath*...ok. I can do this, right? Nope. Wrong, just read it and call me when the bitching is done.



29. Abomination (89 points) abomination.jpg

"Any villain that kills his arch-enemies wife in an elaborate suicide by super-hero is in the top."

Not the Blue one, the original. ok? You can calm down. Created by a freak accident, an ordinary enemy spy had been transformed into the all-powerful Abomination. And, because he received a heavier does of radiation than Bruce Banner himself, the monster had the strength to actually defeat the Incredible Hulk in a stand-up fight.

An alien entity referred to as the Stranger considered the people of Earth too irresponsible to handle their own weapons. The Hulk, one of many who was put under the control of the Stranger, was intended to destroy humanity. Born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Emil Blonsky became a spy and infiltrated the US Air Force base where scientist Bruce Banner was stationed. But Bruce Banner (the Hulk in human form) tried to kill himself to prevent doing any damage to the world under the Stranger’s control. He attempted this by exposing himself to a mega-dose of gamma radiation, which he believed would kill him. What Banner didn’t know was that Blonsky was in the room taking pictures of the gamma radiation equipment. After Banner was carried out by security, Blonsky stood in front of the machine and activated it! Saved by some unknown genetic factor, Blonsky was not killed by the great dose of radiation. Instead, he was mutated, transforming him into a beast of
incredible strength: The Abomination!

The Abomination was able to lift c. 100 tons. His strength surpassed that of the Hulk when the latter was calm. But Emil's strength does not increase based on his emotional state. While Hulk gets stronger under heightened emotional states and could thus outclass Emil in battle, given the time to do it. The Abomination can not transform back into human form as the Hulk can. Consequently his human form has been rarely seen. Blonsky retains his full mental faculty and has not been subject to intelligence fluctuations, unlike the Hulk. His body is covered with reptilian scales.

Blonsky is highly durable to injury, pain and disease though not invulnerable. His skin can withstand great heat without blistering ("up to 3,500 Fahrenheit"), great cold without freezing ("down to -175 Fahrenheit") and great impacts without injury. He has survived direct hits by field artillery. He is immune to most diseases. He can also hold his breath for extended periods. While extended lack of oxygen, great amounts of pain or other life-threatening situations can shut down his body, he actually enters suspended animation. His body slowly heals while in this state. He can survive in this state for long periods of time. His leg muscles allow Emil to leap great distances, up to 2 miles in a single bound.


28. Mephisto (94 points)

"Was used in the most evil act in all of comics, and that is ruin Spider-Man for me after 25 years." mephisto.jpg

"Why? He killed Peter and MJ's marriage. He is at least indirectly responsible for Wanda Maximoff's insanity. He holds the soul of Dr. Doom's mother hostage. He killed Mockingbird. He has relentlessly tormented or manipulated countless other Marvel characters including the Beyonder, every Ghost Rider, most heralds of Galactus, Thor, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Captain Mar-Vell and Thanos. According to the Earth X trilogy he's responsible for the creation of Belasco (by manipulating Kurt Wagner), the creation of the multi-verse, the enslavement of the Asgardians, and the murder (directly and indirectly) of at least hundreds of millions of people throughout the multiverse. Oh, and in addition to all that HE'S THE FUCKING DEVIL!"

"Satan and Divorce Lawyer all rolled in to one. Can you get much more evil?"

You know, this is one of the things that shocked me at first when I did this list. Ol' M here didn't even make the Top 25, but after I thought about it I think hate him to much because of his association with OMD and such, which is a shame because Mephisto is a damn cool villain.

The evil, demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto comes from eons ago. The Elder Gods, immensely powerful, ruled Earth ages ago. The monster Atum drove them off, but their mystical energies remained and became the Hell-Lords. Mephisto was the first and is the one of the most powerful. Mephisto is a huge demon, an evil lord that steals people's souls and tortures, kills, and attacks the other world. He is obviously modeled after the devil in Christianity, which fits, as he rules over his own Hell-like dimension and steals souls. He steals souls using contracts with mortals, which are often misleading or unfair. He particularly enjoys stealing souls of powerful or very good people.

Mephisto rules over his own dimension, which he calls Hell or Hades. It is a horrible place, where demons are tortured and torture others, and fiery pits of smoke and lava. Mephisto is nearly unstoppable while in his dimension, possessing power rival to a hungry Galactus. It has it's own demon army which frequently wages war against other dimensional creatures and armies, including Earth's heroes. Mephisto's Realm also is home to Mephisto's Castle, an imposing place Mephisto dwells in, and the Arena of Tainted Souls, where tainted souls are forced to wage war in eternal combat for demons' amusement. As you can see-it is not a happy place.

Mephisto has contributed greatly to the creation of two major characters-Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Doctor Doom.

The Kale family had been cursed by Mephisto-the firstborn son would turn into a ghostly, deathly creature at night, a Ghost Rider. Naomi Kale sold her soul to Mephisto so her descendents would not become "the Ghost Rider". When she had signed the contract, Mephisto revealed that although they couldn't become "the" Ghost Rider, they could become "a" Ghost Rider.

Johnny Blaze was the son of Naomi Kale and Barton Blaze. They both were motorcycle stunt riders. Naomi left because of the curse she thought would be on Johnny. She took his siblings too. This hurt Johnny inside, and Barton later died in a motorcycle stunt. So Johnny went to Crash Simpson (who worked as a stunt rider with his parents) and his wife Mona. Mona was killed, and Crash later got cancer, so Johnny summoned Mephisto and made a deal to serve him if Crash was saved. Crash died about a week later, and Mephisto almost procured his soul, except for Roxanne Simpson (his girlfriend), who saved him with the purity of her emotion. Mephisto had enough time to bond Johnny Blaze to Zarathos, turning him into the ghostly Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is one of Mephisto's major enemies but he hasn't ever won yet.

Victor Von Doom's mother was a powerful witch that wanted more power. So she turned to a powerful source, Mephisto. She invoked a spell to steal his power but a fraction of it drove her crazy before she was killed. Her soul was then acquired by Mephisto. As Victor grew up, he schooled himself in sorcery, and every Halloween, he would try to get his mother's soul back. Every attempt failed. When Victor traveled to America, he met Reed Richards (later Mr. Fantastic), who was also a genius and wanted to be friends. Victor had a petty rivalry with him over intelligence and rejected Reed's friendliness. He created an amazing invention that he believed would be able to steal his mother's soul back. Reed warned him of a flaw, but Doom tried it anyway and it exploded in his face. This made him think he was hideous, so he created a suit of armor, took over Latveria, and became Doctor Doom. Doom continued his fights, every year, on Halloween, trying to steal his
mother's soul back. Finally, when he cut a deal with Doctor Strange, who helped him, he managed to steal Cynthia Von Doom's soul and send it to heaven. It remains one of the few times that Mephisto has ever been thwarted.


27. Baron Zemo (97 points) baronzemo.jpg

"Let Bendis talk about Disassembled or Secret invasion all he wants to, real fans know that the Avengers' ACTUAL worst day came in Under Siege at the hands of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil; son of another of Captain America's greatest villains, Helmut continued the family line, first as the Phoenix, and later as the second masked Baron Zemo, causing some annoyances for Cap before really coming into his own in Under Siege; he then one-upped himself again, hoodwinking the entire world with the Thunderbolts; Zemo's actually been influenced by Cap and the 'bolts, softening into at least a flawed anti-hero since then, but that just makes him one of Marvel's best and most complex characters; he still remains one of their best villains on past deeds alone."

Baron Helmut Zemo was thirteenth in the line of the Zemo Barony. When his father Heinrich died in battle Helmut Zemo assumed the family business as his birthright. However he was not as successful as the previous Barons. He failed time after time with his many ridiculous schemes. He did however find success in his new scheme, which was to disguise his Masters of Evil as heroes, and the Thunderbolts were born. Eventually this plan even failed because the Masters of Evil started to enjoy being heroes and actively tried to achieve redemption.

Zemo had abandoned Heike prison and organized a new team of Masters of Evil when the Avengers and Fantastic Four disappeared during the Onslaught crisis and were though of as dead. These Masters of Evil took false identities and had named themselves the Thunderbolts. Leading them under the alias Citizen V, Zemo planned to have the Thunderbolts gain the world's trust in order to conquer it. The public took a liking to the team much quicker than Zemo or any of the other of the Thunderbolts expected and soon most of the team began to actually take interest and liking in being a hero.

When the missing heroes returned, Zemo had their true identities leaked, forcing them to flee with him into deep space to assist his plan to conquer the world through mind control. However, most of the Thunderbolts rebelled and foiled Zemo's plan. Zemo went into hiding and plotted revenge on his former teammates (who were trying to win back the public's trust by being true heroes). After another of Zemo's plans was foiled by Captain America and a new Citizen V (Dallas Riordan), Helmut was killed by the new Scourge of the Underworld, though his mind was transferred via bio-modem technology into the body of a comatose John Watkins III, grandson of the original Citizen V. Now in possession of Watkins' body, Zemo again played the role of Citizen V, this time as a member of the V-Battalion until the Thunderbolts' final battle with Graviton, in which, his consciousness was removed from Watkins' body and transferred in electronic form, into his ally Fixer's
mechanical "tech-pack."

On the artificial world Counter-Earth - the same world to which the Avengers and Fantastic Four had previously vanished - the Thunderbolts encountered Zemo's counterpart in that world, Iron Cross. Fixer transferred Zemo's mind into his double's un-mutilated body. Zemo then took up leadership of the Thunderbolts who were on Counter-Earth; when this group was reunited with their teammates who had remained on the normal Marvel Universe Earth, Hawkeye briefly resumed leadership but then left the team to return to the Avengers.

For a while Zemo remained the leader of the Thunderbolts. In 2004's "Avengers/Thunderbolts" limited series he attempted to take over the world again -- this time with the belief that he could save the world by taking it over. Zemo now seems to be motivated by a twisted altruism rather than his original selfish desires; he feels he has grown beyond his father in that regard. However, the Avengers foiled his scheme, his teammate Moonstone went berserk, Zemo's new body was blasted while he attempted to protect Captain America, and he left the team and went into hiding after obtaining Moonstone's twin alien gems, two artifacts of great power.

Then it appeared that Baron Helmut Zemo saved the world by fighting an alien threat to the world. He fought with the stolen cosmic powers of twin gemstones. It was thought that this fight had saved the world, but had cost Baron Helmut Zemo his life. This was not true because instead of dieing the Baron had been sent back in time by the power of the twin gemstones. He would travel back in time to the home of his ancestors, or near his blood. He would slowly make his way back to the present because he would make jumps from one period of time to the next; always going back to his ancestors.

He traveled through several centuries. He witnessed the lives and deaths of his forefathers. He saw how the people lived in the Hamlet that was controlled by his family. He learned many things about his family and about himself. He found answers to questions he had about what caused his family to be the way it was.

In his next to last jump through time he came face to face with his father. Heinrich was an intelligent scientist who worked for Nazi Germany in World War II. He preformed barbaric experiments on human subjects while trying to invent a death ray. Helmut Zemo confronted his father and a fight broke out. Helmut beat his father and started to turn away when his father called out to the German guards that protected him. However before they could kill Helmut he jumped to his last place in time, back to the present.

When Helmut arrived in the present he was greeted by a distant cousin named Wendell Volker. Wendell intended to kill Helmut. However when he was confronted by the Baron he could not go through with it. He then tried to kill himself, but the Baron stopped him. Wendell asked the Baron why he saved him and the Baron told him that enough Zemo blood had already been spilled. The Baron wanted Wendell at his side as he tried to prove his point.


26. Maximus the Mad (101 points)

"The perfect foil to Black Bolt. The silver-tongued mind controller vs. the silent powerhouse. A constant threat in the Inhumans world. Plus, he's a twisted son of a bitch."

"The single craziest mofo on my list, and possibly in the Marvel U; the Inhumans are one of the cooler concepts in the Marvel U, and they have basically one villain...that should tell you how badass Maximus actually is."

"I love the Inhumans and Maximus is a great character. I can't wait to see the trust that Black Bolt has in him blow up in his face during War of Kings, although part of me hopes Maximus stays good for a while."

Maximus was born to two geneticists Agon and Rynda. Exposed to Terrigen Mist when he was an infant he didn't show any change in his powers. However, when he grew, his powers developed, but he also developed an anti-social behavior.

When he was 16, his brother Black Bolt was released from his protective chamber in which he had been kept in due to his destructive voice. When Black Bolt was released, Maximus attempted to make Black Bolt use his voice, but was unsuccessful. Some time later, Black Bolt witnessed Maximus making a pact with the Kree, who were responsible for altering the Inhumans’ DNA. He tried to stop the Kree who was escaping. Black Bolt used his sonic scream and the ship crashed, and killed several members of the Genetics Council. The voice also affected Maximus' sanity and suppressing his powers. When Black Bolt took to the throne, Maximus vowed to throw him off the crown.

Maximus' first plan was experimenting on the Alpha Primitives. Maximus then created the Trikon, three destructive energy beings. While the Inhumans were distracted with Attilan, Maximus was able to drive the Royal Family out of the city in search for Medusa while she was on a mission to study human society. Maximus ruled Attilan while the Royal Family was gone. Maximus was confident in his ruling, so he called the Royal Family back, but Black Bolt immediately stole back the crown. Maximus was angered, and activated his Atmo-Gun, a machine that would kill all living things other than the Inhumans. However, the machine had no effect and in anger, used the machine to create a "negative zone" which imprisoned the Inhumans. Black Bolt used his voice to destroy the barrier.

Maximus involved himself with Inhuman criminals, and tricked the Hulk in to breaking into a chemical substance compound. This substance had highly unstable absorbing capacities but Black Bolt had thwarted him before he could do so.

Maximus' second exploit was drugging the Royal Family with potions that would hypnotize, he stole the crown once again and imprisoned the Royal Family. Before he could use his Hypno-Gun, which would hypnotize people and make them surrender to him. He was stopped before he could execute the plan. Maximus escaped from Attilan with his criminal friends and attempted to build his Hypno-Gun once again. However, the Hulk opposed them, and he had to flee once again.

He returned to Attilan where he was welcomed back, but was put under watch. Black Bolt could detect that Maximus' suppressed powers were returning. Black Bolt had Maximus put into suspended animation where he could not use his powers. Gorgon, Black Bolt's cousin was not happy with his choice, and freed Maximus. Maximus then used his powers to bring control to the Inhumans, left Black Bolt for an amnesiac and began his third mission to take over Attilan. Maximus restored the "negative effect" and began to sell the Inhumans to the Kree to let them use as soldiers. Eventually, Black Bolt's memory returned, and alongside the Avengers, they destroyed the barrier. The Avengers drove the Kree away and Black Bolt freed the Inhumans.

Maximus escaped his punishment by faking his insanity and began to plan his next takeover. He planned to build the android Omega whose power source was from the built up guilt of the Inhumans' treatment of the Alpha Primitives. The Fantastic Four helped stop Maximus' plan. Maximus staged his fourth successful plan when the Royal Family left Attilan to attend to some business. Taking Crystal and her husband Quicksilver captive, Maximus forced Black Bolt to give him the crown in order to spare their lives. Black Bolt agreed and put himself in captivity. Maximus then contacted the Kree once again allowing the Kree to take the Inhumans with extraordinary capabilities and leaving the rest to rule. Triton and Karnak managed to free most of Maximus' hostages and outwit Shatterstar. Black Bolt was unaware of the victory, using his voice. Black Bolt then imprisoned Maximus.

Maximus is in his prison when Black Bolt comes to see him. He yells at Black Bolt saying he will never tell the people how he killed their parents from his voice and lose everything. And tells him he has a flaw.

Maximus escapes from his prison and goes down to the underground with the Alpha Primitives. He leads them to attack the Kree. They are then captured, and Maximus begs for his life to Ronan.

Maximus allied himself with the Enclave, a band of human scientists who managed to capture Medusa. They wanted to conquer Attilan and when the Enclave threatened to execute Medusa, Maximus turned on them because of his love for Medusa. Maximus was manning a weapon when it overloaded, leaving Maximus in a coma. Black Bolt had Maximus in a coffin when Attilan was transported to the moon. On the moon, Maximus made contact with an alien-like crystal and his powers were revitalized. When Black Bolt came to pay his respects, Maximus used his powers to put his mind into Black Bolt's body. Maximus ruled Attilan in disguise. He contacted the Enclave once again and helped them implement launchers which would destroy Earth. With the help of the Avengers, Maximus' switch was discovered and the plans were stopped.

Currently, Maximus can be seen standing with his brother after many years as they wage war of the Skrulls and all those who cross their path doing so.

[Editor‘s note - Bubba forgot to mention War of King so I would like to add: War of Kings, WAR OF KINGS, BUY IT!!! WAR OF KINGS!]



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