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Your Top Marvel Villains part 44

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, January 26 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThe Top 25 has begun, only 15 away (if you do not count the One Point Club) till we start the Top 10. So many great characters listed here, well, with one exception. So yeah, now your anger issues can be resolved for in this post is the character you have all be waiting for. Which I have learned is the most hated characters in comics today. If this list did anything, it just made that hate grow into something big and hateful. I was starting to get really scared. No, seriously, I was*

25. MODOK (105 Points - 3 first place slots)

"Such a great design." modok.jpg

"It’s all about MODOK's 11. If that doesn't show why he is number one, you are all tools."

George Tarleton was an agent and technician of average intelligence who was employed by the subversive organization known as the Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM. Tarleton was chosen at random by AIM's "scientist supreme" Lyle Getz to be a subject in an experiment in controlled mutation. Placed against his will in the "alteration chamber," Tarleton underwent extensive cellular irradiation and physical bioengineering that transformed him into a massive-headed being possessing superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers. Getz intended to have the transformed Tarleton serve as a living computer as well as to employ Tarleton's new psionic abilities for probing the Cosmic Cube, an object of immense power. Hence, Tarleton was given the codename of MODOC, which stood for "Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing." Enraged by his hideous condition, Tarleton used his new psionic powers to slay Getz and henceforth assumed the acronym "MODOK," the "k" standing for "killing."

AIM was not happy with MODOK's megalomaniacal and shortsighted leadership and he was frequently ousted only to return to power again. MODOK was so focused on his personal grudge with various superheroes that he ignored the scientific aspect of the organization and allowed it to become stagnant. The other AIM leaders eventually hired assassins to eliminate him. The George Tarleton variant of MODOK was hunted down by the Serpent Society and killed by Death Adder at the Newburg Mall in Newburg, New Jersey, during the Serpent Society's first mission. The Serpent Society later returned MODOK's body to AIM, who used it as originally intended in the function of a supercomputer. However, rogue AIM agent Yorgon Tykkio remotely operated MODOK's body in a fight with Iron Man that led to its destruction.

During the "Taking AIM" crossover, AIM used a Cosmic Cube to revive MODOK in order to repair the damage to reality that the uncontrollable Cosmic Cube had wrought. The breach was sealed by the sacrifice of an Adaptoid, but not before MODOK was lost in a mysterious dimensional rift opened by the unleashed energies of the Cube.

In this other dimension, MODOK found himself overwhelmed and stranded. The Headmen inadvertently recovered MODOK, who agreed to help them use Orrgo to conquer the world. MODOK took advantage of his unexpected return and once again took control of AIM. However, after battling the Defenders, MODOK withdrew the support of AIM, lest the organization suffer another defeat. AIM, now described as a "technology-worshipping cult", ran afoul of various heroes.

On one occasion, MODOK attempted to use the invention of the brilliant doctor Mark Cushing, who had developed a way to utilize the dormant mental powers of humans to turn the weak, the sickly, the handicapped, into super-people, and had created a Utopian society. AIM of course wanted this discovery, but was thwarted by Captain America and Iron Man. On this occasion, MODOK utilized the pooled psychic power of the super-society to create a giant humanoid body for himself, made up out of pure energy.

In Captain America and the Falcon, MODOK had been captured by a US Naval intelligence/drug cartel alliance, who lobotomized him and used him to tap spy satellites and manipulate stock markets. Unknown to them, MODOK regained consciousness and swapped his mind with the human Damocles "The Saint" Rivas as well as developing the ability to convert his original form to data and "e-mail" it around the world. His original body, acting off old instincts, murdered every AIM agent who had created MODOK while MODOK himself battled Captain America, the Falcon and the Anti-Cap in a takeover attempt. He was finally trapped in stasis and taken into SHIELD custody.

MODOK escaped custody and either expelled or subverted the personality of Rivas and took command of an AIM research lab in India. There, he was attacked by Deadpool, who was searching for a sample of the Phalanx. He was later defeated by Squirrel Girl when attempting to take over one of Maelstrom's old labs. Some time later he faced off against Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man, and has now regained a massive organization after a daring caper involving several villains such as Mentallo, Chameleon and Spot.


24. The Hood (109 points - 3 first place slots) hood.jpg

"He's an opportunistic dick. An opportunistic prick leading a super villain battalion, with Dormammu inside him, who's learning how to use all Dormammu's powers. Now with The Cabal, he's going nowhere but up, both in importance and general dickery.”

"I know he's relatively new, but he's just so badass."


"I have only been reading comics for a few years, and out of few Marvel comics I do collect I think he is the most interesting villains by far."

Remember when I said that this list has some shocking placements? Well, this is one of the most shocking thing ever I have seen on these lists I do. Frankly it’s one of the most heartbreaking, even more heartbreaking than Hawkeye beating Iron Man to make it into the Top 3 of the Avengers List. But not as heartbreaking as when someone put Hawkeye into the One Point Club of the JLA Top List because of the JLA/Avengers crossover alternate dimension. But enough bout that twerp, we are talking bout THIS Twerp. I understand people liking the new villain on the block, especially if you are new to comics. But did Hood really need to get this high up? I mean seriously. He beat some pretty big names in the Marvel Villain world, shall I list them? Lets see: Harry Osborn, Rhino, Annihilus, Blastaar, Maximus the Mad, Baron Zemo, White Queen, Deadpool, Kraven the Hunter, Mephisto, Electro, just to name a few. Oh, he even beat the person who gave him is power: Dormammu. Whatever the appeal for this character is, I personally do not see it. But I do not see the appeal of Hawkeye either, so maybe I am immune to the subtle subliminal messages that the comics you read are giving off. But yeah, congrats go to you Hood, you did damn good for yourself. You better live up to your so called potential, or all the people who voted for you will hunt you down and kill you. Well, if you were a real person. And on that note...

With his mother in a mental institute and his father presumed dead, Parker lived with his pregnant girlfriend Sara. Parker and his cousin John are tipped of about a shipment at a deserted factory. Parker and John check it out, they find nothing but candles a fold up chair and what looks like tribal drawings. They are attacked by a Nistanti demon. Parker shot and thought to have killed it with his Lorcin 381. handgun and proceeds to steal the Nistanti's cloak and boots which gives him invisibility and levitation powers.

Afterwards Parker gets chased by a gang of thugs, at this point he finds out that the boots let him fly. After a punch in the gut from his cousin Parker found that he could become invisible for as long as he could hold his breath.

Later on Parker messes up a heist, trying to steal Blood Stones (black market term for diamonds) he runs into Madam Rapier, The Shocker, Jack O' Lantern and Constrictor. He manages to get away from the villains but in a panic he shoots Eric Bondi, a police Officer. John takes the blame and is arrested for murder.

Parker meets with Gro, a prostitute, while there he hears that he is a wanted man, and that John is at Brooklyn's 75th precinct.

Parker shows up at the precinct to save John but is tracked by two men in A.I.M. suits. After they taser him Parker looks possessed and attacks them with what looks like electrical power. He then speaks with John who tells him to "hock a couple of them diamonds" and get him a decent lawyer.

At this time Golem Golembuski has told all of the local pawnshops about anyone trying to sell diamond, so Parker is in major trouble. Once he found out about who he stole the diamonds off he pays them a visit. Issuing a trade at the Coney Island Fair then telling the cops.

He meets with Madame Rapier at the fairground. Parker over powers her and dresses her in a hooded outfit, then disappears when the federal agents show up mistaking Madame Rapier for the Hood and kill her.

Watching the battle of the superheroes and the invading Skrulls prompted the Hood to fight the aliens. Chemistro objected that the heroes and the Skrulls should kill each other and they should just pick up the scraps left. But Hood reasons out that if the Skrulls win the battle, it would be "bad for their business" and that they won't be left for them. The syndicate goes to New York’s Central Park alongside the Avengers, Nick Fury's Secret Warriors, the Thunderbolts, Captain America and Thor to fight against the invading Super-Skrulls. He now is part of Osborn's Cabal of Baddies.

Oh, and because I haven't said it in a while: Buy War of Kings. It’s the least you can for me. Treat it as an act of forgiveness because of this travesty of justice.


23. Sandman (112 points - 2 first place slots) sandman.jpg

"In his first appearance he overpowered Spidey to the point, Peter wanted to quit donning the web shooters."

"Not only is he an old-school classic Spidey villain (one of Spidey's 2 or 3 most powerful in fact), he's also an old-school classic FF villain, he's fought the Hulk, was in the single best issue of Marvel Two-in-One, was an Avenger for a while, has a movie appearance, and is an all-around bad MF."

William Baker started out as a young boy with a troubled life. His Dad had left when he was young and his Mom was a drunk that worked cleaning other people’s houses just to keep what was left of their family together. He would always try to get his mom to take to him to Coney Island Beach were he would make amazing sand castles. Which would rarely happen because she was always absorbed in her drink. After trying to get his mom to see his creations, he would sit and watch as the ocean waves slowly eroded his castle. Thinking how much that was just like his life. That nothing good ever lasted. Unlike other boys he could never just shrug it off and move on he was determined to find a way to make something that would last forever.

As a somewhat older boy he developed a crush on a teacher of his named Miss Flint that he would make beautiful standing sand sculptures for. On the day he learned that she just got engaged to her boyfriend who was a stockbroker, the news crushed him. He asked her saying it was just off hand if he made a lot of money. She thought it odd but she said he did. That when he proved to himself that only the rich guy's get the girls, especially the pretty ones. Staying in the room to mope that school bullies led by Vic came in and followed to destroy his work and pound on him as he just sat and took it. He snuck home after that, where his mom followed to apologize. Saying if only she would have been able to keep a husband he would know how to defend himself, which only made him mad saying that "he would make them all see". At that age he practically came and went to the beach whenever he wanted to. He would watch the water and sand and how it worked so the next time Vic and his gang tried something he showed them. He learned that guys respected and feared that power, and how the girls were attracted to it and Vic soon told him. But there was always someone higher up that would dump on him.

In High School he had a new name Flint, and he learned to channel that anger he would get in trouble if he did the beating in school but if it was in football and people would love you for it. His new buddy Vic came to him in trouble with the Mob. He said they would kill him but if he threw a couple of games they would let him off. So to save his friend he did thinking no one would really notice, but his coach did and gave him a piece of his mind. Then Flint showed him exactly what he thought of him. That’s when he turned to crime. On his first time in prison he finally got to meet his dad, and he would keep coming back to be with him but not telling him who he was. One time he was sent back in but his dad had gotten out, so he went after him. He was caught by the blast of a radioactive bomb bonded his body to the sand. Realizing what he could now do he when to see his girlfriend Marcy, who was always waiting for him along with Vic when he got out of prison. But what he found was not what he had expected. Marcy had been having a secret affair with Vic. The old him would have killed them right there, but he didn't, even though he showed his rage. They where now to small for him to care about. He was now the Sandman. The super powered super villain that everyone would now fear.

*[EDITOR’S NOTE – He really was.]



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