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Your Top Marvel Villains part 45

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, January 26 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWe have a trio of X-villains here. All good. I bet someone will say, "They shouldn't be this high" well, just be thankful that they didn't get beating by the Hood.

22. Mr. Sinister (117 points - 3 points)

sinister.jpg"This guy has orchestrated some serious nastiness over the years."

"He is one creepy bastard and that’s why I love him. Really I feel like you always have to have that mad scientist on your list and this guy is it for me. The guy always seems to get involved in anything mutant related from the Mutant Massacre to Inferno to the chase for the baby. He seems to have his hands in a little bit of everything."

I have always liked him. A lot. He is a mad scientist, which I love in villains. And he has a vampire feel to him, which is also a plus. And, I am big fan of the Marauders. I loved the Inferno issues when they fought the X-men, kinda sad how they won't appear on the list. Oh yeah, spoiler warning.

Nathaniel Essex was a biologist in 19th Century Victorian England who developed advanced theories on biology and human evolution. A geneticist of unparalleled genius, he foresaw the coming mutations that would transform mankind. His unorthodox experiments resulted in his ouster from the Royal Society, and his wife to shun him. Rejection by his peers and spouse led his alliance with the immortal mutant Apocalypse, who had lived since the times of ancient Egypt. To better serve his nefarious efforts Apocalypse transformed Essex into the superhuman and ageless being known as Mr. Sinister.

Sinister was genetically changed by Apocalypse. This mutation has granted him an extended lifespan, which is why currently he is nearing two hundred years of age. Complimentary with Apocalypse's genetic engineering he gained superhuman strength and a resistance to injury. Through his own experiments, Sinister has spliced the DNA of others to gain their abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting abilities, and the power to shoot energy blasts from his hands. He is also able to reform himself, allowing him to completely heal from Cyclops' optic blast. Of all those Exodus knows, Sinister is one of the six most powerful telepaths, meaning he is very powerful. He is also arguably the greatest geneticist in the Marvel Universe, though it can be debated. He is capable of doing a vast amount of things including augmenting his own power, cloning his deceased servants and many other abilities. Sinister also has a vast array of technology, which has helped him both gain new powers and do other astounding feats through genetics. He also has his own Cerebro that enables him to locate any mutant, anywhere. Many writers of Mr. Sinister have described his powers as inconsistent since he seems to gain powers when they are needed, and sometimes they will never be seen again. This may be signs of an adaptive ability.


21. Juggernaut (122 points - 5 first place slots)

"Beats Thor's ass." juggernaut.jpg

"Like Hulk, but with fewer scruples. With more motivation and a better understanding of his magical power, Juggernaut would truly be unstoppable. As it stands, he's still a force to be reckoned with, whether he is fighting the X-Men, teaming up with the Red Skull, or even trying his hand at his own unique brand of heroism."

Juggernaut is more interesting as a hero then a villain. There I said it.

Cain Marko, the stepbrother of Charles Xavier (Professor X), grew to hate his sibling, born of a frustration from his father's abuse for him and his apparent love of Xavier. Xavier became aware of his mutant powers of telepathy, from an empathic link with his sibling, experienced during his many beatings at the hands of his father.

After the two were orphaned Xavier journeyed the world in search of adventure and other mutants, while Marko became a mercenary and became imprisoned in a third-world prison, where he met Black Tom Cassidy.

Returning to the United States, Marko enlisted in the Army and was shipped to war in South-East Asia, where the two brothers would be reunited. Marko abandoned his post during combat and Xavier went to retrieve him. When Xavier tracked him, Marko was hiding in the secret temple of Cyttorak. Finding a mysterious glowing ruby, Marko instinctively stole it from the idol and began to transform.

At the moment of his transformation, enemy soldiers discovered the two soldiers and the temple was destroyed in an explosion. Xavier escaped, but Marko was buried under tons of rubble. In time he would dig his way free to menace his brother and the world as an unstoppable Juggernaut.


20. Sabretooth (130 points - 4 first place slots)

"While he isn't the world dominating type like I have mostly on the list he isn't just some brainless idiot that so many have callsabertooth.jpged him. The Wolverine rivalry was one of the best they had some pretty cool battles it’s a shame they ended with a lame ass fight in Loeb’s Wolverine. Thank god for Wolverine first class."

"He's psycho, what I feel a true villain should be...he actually kills."

I thought he would be in the Top 10 to be honest. I didn't want him there, but I thought he would have been in there. You cannot deny the impact he has had on the Marvel. He has one of the best rivalries in comics, you cannot deny that.

Little is known of the mutant Victor Creed except that he is a homicidal maniac driven to hunt and kill others. It is believed that his psychosis stems from an abusive childhood, where he was locked in his home's dark basement by his alcoholic father.

Creed first made his reputation as an assassin working for a man known as the Foreigner. His skills as an assassin enabled him to become an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, where he worked with his future rival Wolverine. It was the reputation he earned in the CIA that garnered the name Sabretooth.

Sabretooth eventually encounters a thief by the name of Gambit, and the two fight, but find they aren't exactly enemies. Later, while recruiting for mastermind villain Mister Sinister, Gambit gathers a group of mutant criminals he has associated with who form The Marauders and participate in the Mutant Massacre. This sets Sabretooth in another battle against Wolverine. Sinister clones several of the Marauders so that he has a loyal group of lackeys after the originals die, but Sabretooth cannot be cloned. Still, he stays with the Marauders for an unspecified amount of time before leaving and returning to his mercenary roots. During his time as a mercenary, he establishes himself as a hero-fighting villain by taking on the likes of Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Thor, Spider-Man, and the Black Cat, where he nearly bites through her leg until he encounters a crowbar hidden underneath her boot. During one of his Spider-Man encounters, Creed's employer, The Foreigner, claims to have trained the mercenary at some point. Also during this time, the ninja organization the Hand augments his strength. Sabretooth eventually returns to the sewers to slaughter some leftover Morlocks. Caliban, a surviving Morlock who previously pledged his life to the immortal mutant Apocalypse, hunts for Sabretooth. In a vicious battle, the once meek Caliban breaks Sabretooth's spine, and leaves him for dead. Sabretooth's healing ability repairs this damage, but he doesn't track the augmented Caliban down.

Sabretooth returns to his archenemy Wolverine, and the pair are reunited with Team X. A bigger surprise comes when Wolverine and Sabretooth discover Silver Fox is actually alive, but she only remembers a hatred for Logan. Ultimately, Ferro, a telepath, takes control of Creed and coerces him to kill Silver Fox, this time for real. Believing himself to be Wolverine's father, it was revealed by genetic testing by S.H.I.E.L.D. that Sabretooth could not be Logan's father. During this period, he also battles Cable, and is targeted by the Weapon X robot Shiva.

Soon, suffering from severe bloodlust, Sabretooth hires telepathic mutant Birdy to help him keep his urges in check by providing what he calls "the glow," a psychic blast that satiates his bloodlust and numbs the pain of his suppressed memories as a youth, allowing himself control for short periods. Sabretooth is next hired by the Hand's leader, Matsuo, in an attempt to defeat the X-Men with the newly reanimated Omega Red. During the battle, the telepathic X-Woman Psylocke possesses Sabretooth to free her teammates. A short time later, Birdy is killed by Sabretooth's grown son Graydon; Graydon now has a hatred for mutants, especially his father. Without the "glow", Sabretooth slips into a murderous killing spree.

Recently, a clandestine operation, under the command of the mysterious being known as Romulus, regresses Sabretooth's intelligence to little more than a wild animal with almost no ability to reason or use language. After Sabretooth kills Feral, Wolverine tracks him down and attacks him with the Muramasa Blade, a sword forged with part of Wolverine's own soul. The sword, aside from being highly durable, has the supernatural property of creating wounds that greatly nullify the efficiency of an accelerated healing factor. Sabretooth resists at first, but breaks through Romulus' alterations enough to ask Wolverine to kill him, to which Logan gladly obliges, decapitating Creed and leaving his body in the snow.



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