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Your Top Marvel Villains part 47

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, January 27 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgIf you want your fav character to do well on one of this Top Lists, I suggest you make an appreciation thread. Oh, this entry is loaded with WTF's IMO.


16. Hobgoblin (164 points - 3 first place slots)

"The original Hobgoblin became a worthy heir of the goblin legachobgoblin.jpgy. He set out to create his own identity rather than be just another Green Goblin clone."

"Truly the greatest and elusive enemies Spider-Man has ever fought and the only one powerful enough who hasn't found out who he truly was. He's also the greatest of the villains who branched off another (Carnage, and the other Goblins.) He's had a lot of impact on Spider-Man and Green Goblins' (both Norman and Harry) lives. In and out of their suits. Even still, Norman and Betty Brant carry the scars of what this man has done to their lives. And perhaps the fact that he got away with his crimes is why he ranks so high. How many super villains you know that have only been caught once in their criminal careers and then busted out shortly thereafter? And then enjoy a nice early retirement free of any danger from any of his enemies. But the worst crime of all isn't something he's done, but Marvel's lack of use of him. It's been ten years since his last appearance and Marvel has made it clear he isn't coming back any time soon. Instead they create new Goblins who still can't match the cunning and worst of all rational sane mind of the Hobgoblin. After all, in the end the Hobgoblin, takes everything you ever worked or lived on isn't personal at all. It's just business."

"My goblin growing up. Menace and mystery plaguing Spidey for the better part of the 80’s."

"To tell the truth I was never in love with Green Goblin always thought he was just a reject Joker or something. Hobgoblin was just cooler he had a better look, attitude, and motivation."

This I was not expecting at all. Like I said before, the voting done on this list was completely different than the DCU villains list. On that list, 80% of the lists that came in were filled with big named characters (Joker, Lex. Black Adam, etc). When you look at the Marvel Top 25, it’s littered with B-List characters (and if you count the Hood a Z-List character in some peoples minds). It appears someone at Marvel should take note of this list, for it seems to be there are many Hobgoblin fans out there. Oh, and since only two people specified which Hobgoblin they voted for, I kinda threw them all into one big number. Cool? Cool.

Roderick Kingsley was a famous and successful fashion designer who used questionable methods. He had connections to several criminal associates. One such associate, a petty crook named George Hill who was on the run from Spider-Man. Ducking into the sewers he stumbled across an old secret base of the original Green Goblin.

Knowing this was valuable information, he passed it on to Kingsley. Kingsley thanked him by killing him to ensure no one else would know. Kingsley discovered some of Norman Osborn's journals among all the Green Goblin equipment. Kingsley decided to become a criminal himself and altered the Goblin costume to become the Hobgoblin.

Kingsley attempted to reproduce Osborn's formula to gain enhanced strength but was cautious to avoid the insanity Osborn suffered. He tested the formula on a henchman by the name of Lefty Donovan. Kingsley had Lefty attack Spider-Man as the Hobgoblin as he watched to see any adverse side affects of the formula. Spider-Man thought he had defeated and unmasked the Hobgoblin but Kingsley killed Lefty before he could implicate him by using a remote control on the goblin glider.

Kingsley later discovered that reporter Ned Leeds had discovered his identity. Kingsley brainwashed Leeds into becoming his puppet. He was able to control Leeds and have him take his place in several meetings with other criminal bosses. To further draw attention away from himself, Kingsley even planted information to make it appear as if Flash Thompson was the Hobgoblin. A rivalry started between the Hobgoblin and the criminal Jack O' Lantern (Jason Philip Macendale).

Believing that Leeds was the true Hobgoblin, Macendale hired the mercenary assassin, the Foreigner, to kill Leeds when he was on assignment in Paris. The Kingpin decided to pass along information on the "Hobgoblin’s death to Spider-man. Spider-man was devastated in thinking that one of his friends and co-workers (as Peter Parker) had been one of his greatest enemies. Kingsley decided to retire to Belize with everyone believing that the Hobgoblin was dead.

Macendale decided to take on the guise of the Hobgoblin himself. Though he was a skilled mercenary, he met defeat at the hands of Spider-Man many times.

In an attempt for power, he went to the demon N'asrih during the Inferno in Manhattan. Macendale said he would sell his soul for power but was laughed at by N'asrih. In the end as a joke, N'asrih placed a demon inside of Macendale. Later on the demon inside would split from Macendale and dub itself the Demogoblin. He would later kill Demogoblin by blasting a building on top of him.

At one point, when he was arrested and on trial, he revealed that the real "Hobgoblin" was Ned Leeds. The world had no choice but to believe this to be true.

After some time, Kingsley decided to come out of retirement. Not satisfied with what Macendale had done to his "name”. The first thing Kingsley did as the original Hobgoblin was kill Macendale which he did by viciously blasting him to death in his cell. He kidnapped Betty Brant, the widow of Ned Leeds, in order to draw out Spider-Man. The battle ended with Kingsley finally being revealed to be the one and true Hobgoblin.

When Norman Osborn "returned" from the dead, Kingsley was upset with his denial of being the Green Goblin. He was able to contact Osborn and claimed he had an old journal of his that proved he was the Green Goblin. Osborn had Kingsley broken out of jail. Osborn later told Kingsley that he knew there wasn't a journal with this information and used his own finances to buy out Kingsley's empire. Kingsley was furious but had in fact stashed away several millions of dollars in different overseas accounts. Kingsley then decided to retire (again) in the Caribbean.


15. Apocalypse (179 points - 4 first place slots)

"The coolest looking bad guy in the 616, end of story. Would rank higher, but jobs all the time." apocolypse.jpg

"The only reason he make's this list for me is Age of Apocalypse, X-Cutioner's Song, and the first two seasons of the 90’s X-Men cartoon. As he once stated on said show. "I am as far beyond mutants. As they are beyond you. I AM ENTERNAL!” Great line."

"While he isn't lately I still think he is cool. He's that ultra threat for the X-Men, he's that guy everyone is scared of. From his tech to his own powers everything he's got is so advanced no one can predict what he will pull out. His motivation is also cool the whole only the fittest survive."

"He peaked with AoA, but he's supposedly got a big comeback in the future."

"A man who thinks he is a God. Only the strongest survive."

"So much potential untapped..."

Again, another shock. I am a fan of En Sabah Nur here as much of the next guy, but again, other then AoA what has he done? Anything? I personally don't think he should be this high. Mind you he did make Angel cool, which was a feat in itself. So yeah, kudos to you Apoc.

An ancient, and possibly the first mutant, En Sabah Nur was born in Egypt over 4,000 years ago. He was abandoned in the desert as an infant because of his ugly and malformed visage.

Found by a roving band of raiders known as the Sandstormers, he was adopted by their ruthless leader Baal, who recognized the potential power he possessed. It was Baal that named the infant En Sabah Nur, the first one. In time Baal would be proved correct when the young mutant would grow to surpass the other tribesmen in both strength and intelligence. Others feared him, but En Sabah Nur learned from his adopted father that only the fittest, tested by hardship, would or should survive. During his rite of manhood, the teen-aged En Sabah Nur killed three armed warriors bare handed.

This age of Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh Rama-Tut aka Kang (YUS), who had become abandoned when his time ship crashed in the dessert. Kang knew of En Sabah Nur's existence in ancient Egypt and conspired to find him as a child, train the youth to be faithful only to him, and becoming the master of the most powerful being on the planet. When En Sabah Nur refused to supplicate to Kang, the time traveler attempted to destroy the mutant but failed, and fled back to the future. En Sabah Nur swore vengeance and plotted the conquest of the world by weeding out the weak through war and conflict as the global menace known as Apocalypse.


14. Loki (186 points - 5 first place slots)

"Thor's eternal foe, I've loved him not just in Marvel but in every loki.jpgmedium. Plus, I STILL own HIS first appearance."

"the god of 'mischief' brought about the doom of Asgard and yet still after they've all been resurrected, Loki can continue to make fools of the other gods."

"Gender-bending aside, the one that won this one over for me was the Ribic-drawn Loki mini from a few years ago. I feel like Loki is equal parts Dr. Doom, Dormammu and Thanos to Thor, when he wants to be, and most of the time a PG-rated trickster god (as the Prose Edda intended I guess). His ability to tread both and to keep even Thor in the dark is what makes him special. That, and what the average Marvelite on the street thinks of him--if they see Thor everyday and have acclimated to that, how would they feel about Loki or Baldur or Ares or Herc or any else of the gods?"

"People see him as a foe of Thor, but he has messed with so many others in the Marvel Universe. From Spiderman to Alpha-Flight he has mindfucked them all."

Wow. I honestly thought he would be Top 10. I truly honestly thought he would, and when he appeared in the 14th slot my jaw dropped. He was the Avengers first foe, he as messed with nearly every character in the Marvel Universe. Maybe it was the gender bending that turned people off, they only saw what he has done recently and forgot all his passed deeds? It’s not like it hasn't happed before on this list *cough Hood cough* so, if Loki here isn't in the Top 10, who the hell is???

The biological son of Laufey, king of the frost giants of Jotunheim, one of the "Nine Worlds" of Asgardian cosmology, Loki was adopted by Odin, the king of the Norse gods, after being discovered in the aftermath of the war between the Norse gods and the frost giants. He had been hidden away by his father who was ashamed of the boy's diminutive size.

In childhood Loki resented the favors lavished upon his foster brother Thor, who already had a nobility of spirit and excelled in all endeavors.

Studying the mystic arts at a young age, Loki found he had an affinity for sorcery. As he grew so did his skill and his hatred of his foster brother. He vowed to destroy Thor and become the most powerful god in Asgard.

His inborn propensity for mischief began to manifest and he earned the nickname "God a Mischief", but as his deeds grew increasingly malicious and his lust for power and vengeance became apparent, he become known as the god of evil - Loki.

Loki is the son of frost giants and so is endowed with super-strength and stamina and is much more resistant to injury than a mortal being. He has the strength level of an average Asgardian, able to lift c. 30 tons.

He is extremely long-lived and immune to all Earthly diseases. He also possesses a great intellect, though he is often blinded by greed, jealousy, or hatred and overlooks some small detail. And has the inborn powers of persuasion, astral projection, and inter-dimensional teleportation.

Loki is perhaps the most powerful sorcerer among the gods, making him extremely dangerous. He has been known to create force fields, energy blasts, enhance his own strength and invulnerability, imbue others with powers, fly at high speeds, and various other effects.



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