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Your Top Marvel Villains part 48

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, January 27 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThe last three before we get to the Top 10. This last batch of characters will determine who will show up in the Top 10 and who will not. Is there WTF moments in this group? Oh hell yes. At least two of the characters shocked the hell out of me, one for making this high and another for not making it into the Top 10 at all. So, be prepared to rant, for this last group will set to tone for the Top 10.

13. Galactus (195 points - 6 first place slots)

"He eats planets. People live on planets. 'Nuff said." galactus.jpg

"If he wants to eat me, he's a villain."

"This guy has been thwarted, but has anyone ever really defeated him?"

"Kirby creates something completely and uniquely "comic book" and we're all the better for it."

"He FUCKING eats planets and wears a big ass purple hat ‘nuff said."

"Enough people before me have already explained why, but I’ll say it again. THE DUDE EATS PLANETS!!"

I do not really consider this dude a villain, but some of you do. Hell, six of you considered him your Top Villain in the Marvel Universe. I see him more like a force of nature, or a giant space Blue Whale and the planets are guppies. Or something along those lines, you get the point right? Either way, I knew he wouldn't be in the Top 10, did I think he would get this close to it though? Not really. Anywho, congrats to you Big G, you did damn good.

The sole surviving sentient of the reality preceding the current universe, Galactus is an entity born of the Taa space explorer Galan and the universal sentience known as the Enigma Force.

Galactus serves as a balancing force in the universe by keeping the agents of Eternity, known as the Celestials, in check. Each Celestial is incubated in the core of a life-giving planet. By consuming the Celestial "seed" inside the planet, Galactus causes its destruction but keeps the Universe in balance. It is believed that Galactus created heralds such as the Silver Surfer and Nova to serve as a warning of his arrival to the planet's inhabitants.

The Celestials manipulate the evolution of the inhabitants of seeded planets to serve as a defense system against Galactus. This leads to the development of technology allowing many to defend or in some cases evacuate their planet before Galactus could consume it. Some planets such as Earth did not evolve technologically to oppose Galactus. Instead humans evolved into a species capable of super-powered potential. It was through the intervention of one group of super humans known as the Fantastic Four that Earth was spared.

Due to the death of his most recent herald Nova, there was no longer a warning to the inhabitants of doomed worlds of Galactus’ arrival. He began to develop an addiction to the life force of the beings on planets that had not managed to escape his hunger. His former herald the Silver Surfer returned to his service in exchange for Galactus sparing the Earth. He also hoped he would be able to once again serve as a warning to the beings on other inhabited worlds, but Galactus' addiction had grown too strong.

The heroes of Earth, assisted by the Silver Surfer and the Shi'ar Empire, opposed Galactus when his addiction for life force began to overwhelm him. Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four, was forced to devise a plan that resulted in the death of the Devourer of Worlds. At his demise Galactus explains to the Silver Surfer that he foresaw the day of his death and warns him of a greater horror and purpose yet to come. With those last words he took his true form and became like unto a star, leaving unknown the final destiny of the destroyer of worlds, known as Galactus.


12. Taskmaster (225 points - 4 first place slots) taskmaster.jpg

Now this guy I never expected to get this high, seriously. I love him, and he would've been on my Top 10 list (probably around 8-ish I think) but yeah, I and pretty friggin’ shocked at this. A good shock, but I am not going to speak for the rest of you.

When the man known as Taskmaster was a child, he discovered he had "photographic reflexes" after watching a cowboy program on television. He found out that he could duplicate the rope tricks exactly. He used this powers for his own gain including becoming the high school star quarterback by watching a single pro football game. After graduation he considered becoming a superhero but decided being a super villain was more lucrative.

So watching broadcasts of superhuman activity he executed several successful grand larcenies, but underestimated the dangers involved in such work. So he used his profits to start up academies where he trained aspiring super villains to become professionals. He designed a costume and took the name, Taskmaster. He remained undetected until the activities of one head of an academy caused the Avengers to become aware of these facilities. Taskmaster was forced to flee, as when he had a confrontation with Jocasta he was unable to predict her future movements because of her body language.

Taskmaster has no super human powers, but he does have what he calls "photographic reflexes". After seeing some perform an action once, he can copy the action perfectly. He has used this ability to copy the fighting styles and skills of many heroes and villains, mixing them up and turning them into his own style. Some of the people he has copied styles/skills from include: Beast, Black Widow, Bullseye, Captain America, Cat, Daredevil, Deadpool, Elektra, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Fist, Mister X, Ms. Marvel, Porcupine, Photon (Genis-Vell), Puma, Punisher, Quicksilver, Razorfist, Scarlet Witch, Silver Samurai, Spider-Man, Swordsman, Thing, Thor, Tigra, Toad, Vision, Wolverine and Zaran (in crossovers he has learned the skills of Batman and Huntress but it is unknown if he retains them in the normal Marvel Universe.) This is just a short list, but it is impressive. He can only mimic actions to the extent that his body will allow. For example, he can copy the way Spider-Man fights, but can't copy the super strength that he has. He can copy the way the way Daredevil moves to avoid danger, but he can't copy his radar. Copying skills doesn't give him an understanding of what is needed to do them either. He could copy a famous pianist's performance, but wouldn't be able to read sheet music. In a flashback he demonstrated something like this. When he was a child, he almost drowned after perfectly duplicating a swimmer's dive, forgetting that he couldn't swim.

To add to his abilities when he can't find someone to watch, Taskmaster uses the television. He watches movies and tv to study super humans, athletes, stuntmen, archers, soldiers, wrestlers, etc. In this way, he has gained a wide range of combat as well as acrobatic skills including: aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts (all the ones presently used and some historical ones), wrestling, swordsmanship, marksmanship, archery, car-jacking, and sleight of hand. By watching a video in fast forward, Taskmaster picked up the ability to move in "double time", giving him super speed for short periods of time. He also learned how to catch bullets during his mini-series. Another skill Taskmaster has that is unconnected to his photographic reflexes is his ability to mimic voices. With just a couple hours of practice, Taskmaster can fully mimic another persons voice and speech patterns, a tool he uses for impersonation and breaking voice-activated locks.

Taskmaster has a lot of gear that he usually carries. He stole a wrist-mounted device from SHIELD that would let him create simple shapes out of energy. He used it to mimic weapons that go with styles he's stolen, Captain America's shield, Spider-Man's Web Shooters, Daredevil's billy clubs, Wolverine's claws, etc. Before he had the device he just carried all the extra weapons. Currently he is back to doing that instead of using the device, but there is no explanation as to why. He also uses an advanced image-inducer that allows him to take on the physical appearance of whomever he wishes.


11. Kingpin (232 points - 4 first place slots) kingpin.jpg

"Here's a guy that was kind of a joke, along with most of the other DD cast, before Frank and Klaus came around, and then things changed for the better. Suddenly the Kingpin was this force of nature sitting behind his desk, demented but still comported, and bent completely, once he figured things out, on destroying what was left of Matt Murdock, and for what? Just to prove he could. My love for Luthor aside, Fisk was corporatizing villainy when Luthor was still running around in a purple Dracula collar. Fisk's best showing, "Born Again" shows how completely and maybe even psychotically someone will go to destroy a man, just because he can, just because he wants to, just because everything else in Wilson Fisk's life is so together."

"Arch-nemesis of just about every New York based hero at one point or another from Daredevil to the Punisher to Spider-Man"

"Not content with only killing his opponents he must crush them. A merely human man with the physique and drive of a force of nature, no other Marvel villain is as startlingly sane and morally bankrupt. And what a visual he provides. He is an untiring, immovable, object that Spider-Man and DD dance around but ultimately fall prey to."

"Every comic Universe needs someone at the head of the super crime family, The Hoods having fun with it now but its only a matter of time before the Kingpin’s back in control."

As a young man Wilson Fisk grew weary of being teased and tormented about his weight. To compensate for his obesity he constantly worked to stay in peek physical condition, and although from an impoverished background with inadequate education opportunities, he constantly studied to learn the ways of the world. He learned at an early age that money can buy a man anything he needs, even respect.

As a teenager he committed his first murder for hire and quickly rose within the ranks of organized crime to eventually become the leader of all the crime families, known as the Kingpin.

Kingpin would lose his entire criminal empire when he was stabbed in the back due to one of his employees working for his son Richard. Vanessa would kill Richard and flea the country with Wilson’s remaining fortune. All this happens while the Kingpin was recuperating in a European country. He would later come up with a plan that would free him from the FBI and regain his fortune. He would reveal to the FBI proof that Matt Murdock was really Daredevil. While he was staying in prison, Fisk had many enemies and would constantly be under the attack by someone. However, Fisk succeeded in forcing the FBI to wound Daredevil in which he would be taken to the Night Nurse. Fisk would meet with Ben Urich and force him to tell the FBI where the Night Nurse is or go to jail.

The FBI was able to successfully arrest Matt Murdock but betrays Wilson at the same time and arrested him instead of letting him free. They would place Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk in the same jail hoping that the two would kill each other. However, during a riot that was aimed to kill both of them, the two would team up in order to survive the riot. When Wilson wanted to free Bullseye, Matt refused to let that criminal free. Then Bullseye would shoot Wilson in the knees but was actually trying to shoot Matt.

During the Civil War Wilson Fisk offered a deal to Iron Man that he would give him the location of the Secret Avengers if Iron Man set him free. However, Fisk gave him the information of the base of a group of villains that were gathering that were planning to create a new criminal empire run by Hammerhead. Recently Wilson put a hit on Spider-Man and his loved ones. The sniper was able to hit one of them, Aunt May When Peter gets to "persuade" the sniper to tell him who put the hit on him and his family, He went to the prison and beat the "holy hell" out of the Kingpin. With the other inmates watching on, Peter warns everyone that he will kill anyone whoever harms his family again. When Matt dropped the charges against Fisk, for him to leave the country and his citizenship at the request of Vanessa. Matt also delayed the case long enough for Fisk to miss his wife's funeral, but he would later go to her grave and mourn for her death.



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