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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 1

Written by BubbaKKanoosh on Tuesday, January 27 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThis is what you all have been waiting for, whether you know it or not. It’s the ONE POINT CLUB. What is the One Point Club you ask? Well, it’s a special place on the list reserved for those who were voted 10th on just one list of all the lists collected. One thing I noticed this time around is that people specifically tried to get someone in the O.P.C. Some times that plan worked, where as in other cases it didn't i.e.: Stiltman. So sit back and enjoy these wicked group of characters, some of which I imagined on the actually list. Do it, Rockapella!!

I dedicate this batch of One Point Clubbers to both Chap22 and Thrillhouse. Why these two? Well, I just have a feeling they will appreciate this little group of awesomeness (you better!!!!). So, we ready? I think we are.



"Shocked" to see him here?? Yeah, I got nothing.

Zzzax is an electromagnetic intelligence that was created when stray bullets from terrorists trying to cut power to New York City caused an explosion that started a chain reaction in the atomic reactor at a nuclear power plant.

Zzzax survives by absorbing all available electric energy including that of human brains. When it absorbs the energy from a human brain the body is incinerated and it becomes more intelligent. It likes doing this and dose so whenever possible. It doesn’t seem to be able to absorb the energy from the Hulk’s brain but he can control him.


pastepotpete.jpgPaste Pot Pete

Yeah, you go by Trapster now but deep down you are still Paste Pot Pete to us. Pete Petruski used his knowledge of adhesives to fashion himself a criminal identity: Paste Pot Pete. After fighting the Human Torch and the Thing a couple of times, he noticed his nom de guerre was less than impressive and rechristened himself the Trapster. He's fought the Fantastic Four many times, most often as one of the mainstays of the Frightful Four. Recently, the Gideon Trust modified him and outfitted him with new weapons and traps. He led the N-Explorers, a team exploring and looting the Negative Zone. Rejoining the Frightful Four, he was banished into a time loop when he threatened the Wizards experiments. Though he has returned.



korvac.jpgOh, I love Korvac. I would so love to see Korvac return. Lets hope its under a DnA project, can you imagine that? Speaking of DnA, buy War of Kings.

Michael was Korvac, he had been a highly skilled computer technician in an alternative earth. Korvac offered his services in the year 3007 to the Badoon when they invaded the solar system. His abilities were recognized by alien conquerors and he was given the task analytical computer system governing the Badoon Empire on their throne world Moord. Korvac was a zealous worker then he collapsed one day while on the job. As punishment his boss had his bottom half amputated and he had now become a cybernetic organism. When awakened he saw what had happen, the cruelty put on him. He used his new cybernetic abilities to kill those who operated on him. Korvac now noticed he had vast potential and he tapped into the Badoon's computer system plotting to take over the empire. But before he could carry out his plan Gamesman the Grandmaster had taken him and wanted to use him in his alien games. While Korvac was in the games he allowed him self to be beaten by the Defenders, that way he could scan the Grandmaster’s power. He gains a siphon of it and went back to his era the 31st century. Korvac went to a desolated planet and built his stronghold there. He started traveling through time with the Grandmaster’s power and recruited an elite group of alien henchmen. His first plan was to take over the galaxy. His stratagem was to make the sun go nova and siphon its power for himself but his plan was foiled when Thor teleported there from the 20th century and the Guardians of the Galaxy beat him. After his lose Korvac teleported himself away to safety.

While in the 20th century Korvac’s sensors detected and enormous energy source, which was Galactus’ ship. He plugged himself into the ship and got nearly omnipotent power. Using his godlike power he reshapes his body into the perfect body. Now he desired vengeance and his ambitions were to become the benevolent properties of the universe. After assuming control he wanted to make the universe free of chaos and rectify. He went to live on Earth now with a model named Carnia who was really the Grandmaster’s daughter sent to spy on him.
The Guardians of the Galaxy went to the 20th century following Korvac's trail. The Guardians then teamed up with the Avengers. Starhawk a sensory enhanced member of the Guardians went alone to fight Korvac. They fought on the astral and physical plane with Starhawk losing. Korvac put him together atom by atom but this time when Korvac was back he would not be able to perceive Korvac’s existence in any way. The Collector began capturing the Avengers to save them from Korvac. The Collector saw that Korvac’s ambition of universal sovereignty would cause great conflict and ultimately destroy the universe. To stop the Collector from telling the Avengers he disintegrated him with a long distance power blast. When they went to pinpoint the source that killed the Collector the Avengers traveled to Forest Hills. They found Korvac because Starhawk couldn’t see the man they were talking of. Korvac then felt he must fight the Avengers and Guardians because he though they might rally the great powers of the universe against him. After he had killed these champions he asked Carnia who had now joined his side since the death of the Collector and asked her for moral support. He found a small bit of hesitation in her and decided to end his then continue his useless battle against the universe. Carnia attacked the survivors and realized the futility of it all and killed herself. The instant of her death Korvac restored the Avengers and Guardians he killed. Moondragon a survivor explained to Thor a fellow survivor that she had a telepathic rapport with Korvac and believed him not to be evil.


Chemistro chemistro.jpg

Oh Chemistro, you made a comeback currently in New Avengers in the Hood’s gang. You came up with that first back robbery, the one where they used Deathlok. Your association with The Hood will forever taint you.

Chemistro's power lies in his Alchemy gun, which allows him to rearrange the properties of one material, and turn it in to something else. For instance he can turn the ground into quicksand, a hallway into a sheet of ice. Archibald Morton discovered this power when he beat Curtis Carr while in prison. He forced him to tell Arch how to build the alchemy gun. When he was building it, however, he wasn't careful and the chemical properties of the gun spilled all over him. Now, Chemistro is able to transform matter without his gun, merely with his mind and hands, making him a formidable foe.



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