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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 2

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, January 28 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThis next group of OPCers I like to call the "Came in Xth Place" There is a pun in that, I wonder if you can figure it out. And if you can't? Tough Tulips on ya!!


Dark Beast darkbeast.jpg

Oh evil Hank, you are a constant reminder how cool the 616 Beast used to look before he got Morrisoned. Dark Beast an alternate universe version of the founding X-Men member and Avenger Hank McCoy. Dark Beast's home universe was the Age of Apocalypse: a timeline skewed when Professor X died before ever forming the X-Men, and the Mutant tyrant Apocalypse conquered North America, threatening both humanity and much of mutant kind. Without the guidance of Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy's intelligence and pension for experimental science were allowed to flourish unhindered by the morals and compassion that are associated with his 616 counterpart. Acting as one of Apocalypse's chief scientists (and torturers), Beast's experimentation on humans and mutants alike were devious and highly unethical, earning him the name of "The Beast". He loved experimenting on anyone he could which included Scott and Jean of that reality.

He was one of the four people from the age of Apocalypse to go Earth 616 (Nate Grey, Holocaust, and Sugar Man being the others). Since Quicksilver messed with the trajectory, Dark Beast landed 30 years in the past on Earth 616. He met with a younger Emma Frost. She helped him regain his memories. He also created the Morlocks.


Sauron sauron.jpg

As a young boy Karl Lykos traveled with his father on an expedition to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Accompanying them were physician, Dr. Anderson, and his young daughter Tanya.

During the trip Tanya became lost within a cave where Lykos found her being attacked by gigantic pterodactyls, a flying reptile believed to be long ago extinct. Driving off the pterodactyls Lykos was severely bitten. Lykos' life was spared by the medical skills of Dr. Anderson and the boy would eventually live with the Andersons after his father's death.
In an unexplained manner, the pterodactyl bites altered Lykos' genetics. He discovered a need to drain life energy from other living beings to survive. The first unintentional victim was his dog, whom Lykos drained of life energy simply by touching it. Keeping his condition a secret, Lykos found himself forced to drain energy from other human beings for his own survival. Never crossing the line of murder Lykos merely left his victims temporarily weakened.

In time Lykos fell in love with his childhood friend Tanya, but her father refused to bless the marriage until Lykos became financially secure. Vowing to win his love, Lykos became a medical student studying in the field of psychotherapy. As he aged his need for life energy increased and Lykos constructed devices to drain life energy from others into himself.

Lykos links to the medical profession facilitated a professional relationship with Professor Charles Xavier, who was apparently aware of Lykos' condition.

Following a battle between the X-Men and the robotic Sentinels, Havok was critically injured. Believing he was the only physician they could trust with the knowledge that Havok was a mutant the X-Men rushed him to Lykos' medical office.

After Havok's wounds were treated, Lykos' need for life energy became overwhelming and he used his equipment to drain life energy from the mutant. The mutant life energy triggered a strange metamorphosis, transforming Lykos into a humanoid pterodactyl. Although Lykos maintained his intelligence the transformation altered his personality, driving him into madness and acts of evil. Reveling in his newfound powers Lykos continued to seek out the life energy of mutants to maintain his transformation into Sauron.


Exodus exodus.jpg

Since he was first sighted by the government-sponsored incarnation of X-Factor, Exodus, who has lived for several hundred years, has acted as an unquestioning follower of Magneto and fanatic leader of the Acolytes, a remorseful peacemaker seeking to end the Genoshan civil war and, finally, as the leader of a group of mutant criminals with a grudge against the X-Men. Throughout all of his varied incarnations, Exodus has displayed a fragile psyche, as well as a fundamental disregard for the lives of regular humans. Exodus at one point held his own against the combined forces of the Avengers and the X-Men, in spite of not yet having realized his full potential. Presumed to be one of the most powerful mutants on Earth, Exodus' mental instability and lack of morals make him an unpredictable, extremely dangerous individual.

After the Decimation, Exodus and the Acolytes (Frenzy, Random and Tempo) attacked a SHIELD Helicarrier. Exodus made the Helicarrier into a Cerebro type machine, hoping to find thousands of mutants having been born since M-Day. He didn't find any, and Rogue told him that the X-Men knows that no mutants have been born, since they have the world's most powerful telepath and he should have asked. He then went to Mr. Sinister, to ask for help to restore the mutant race.

Exodus and the Acolytes allied with Sinister to make the a new team of Marauders, and in X-Men #200, he and his section of the Marauders (the Acolytes and Uniscone) attacked the Xavier Institute, and after a brief skirmish with the students and Colossus and Kitty Pryde, they couldn't find what they were looking for, Destiny's Diaries. They did find a black replica of an issue of the diaries, and after Exodus scanned Kitty's mind and found that she believed this fake to be the original, he figures that a telepath, a powerful telepath had messed with Kitty's mind, and he implies (the implication revealed to be true) that it was Emma Frost (this was all planned by the two women and Cyclops).
Exodus was next seen in Messiah Complex. He was at the Marauders’ base when it was attacked by the X-Men, but was quickly taken out by Nightcrawler, who quickly teleported him outside and slammed him head first into the ground.

In the final battle on Muir Island, Exodus battled Emma Frost psychically, keeping him busy mentally so he couldn't attack the others physically. This was revealed to be a plot by Emma and Dust, Dust entering Exodus's body through his mouth and nose, and he fainted where he was.

He then organized the rescue of Charles Xavier, and had to remove his memories in order for him to survive. When Xavier was woken up by Omega Sentinel and Magneto, Frenzy went to kill Magneto because he wasn't a mutant anymore. He shot her through the eye with a laser, and Exodus appeared to release his full wrath on Magneto but was pulled away to the psychic plane by Xavier.


Omega Red omegared.jpg

A homicidal maniac, Arkady Rossovich was tracked by Interpol agent Sean Cassidy (Banshee) and his partner. The capture resulted in Cassidy's partner losing her life and Rossovich being severely wounded. Incarcerated, Rossovich was illegally liberated by the Soviet secret service and modified with cybernetic enhancements to control the adverse effects of the deadly pheromone he emanates. A team of agents including Wolverine and Sabretooth infiltrated the program to steal the device known as the Carbonadium Synthesizer and kidnap its creator to prevent the creation of the Soviet Union's most deadly super-soldier.

The Carbonadium Synthesizer's creator killed by Sabretooth and the technology to protect him from his own Death Spores stolen, Rossovich was placed in cryogenic stasis until being revived by members of the Ninja clan called the Hand.

Eventually retrieving the Carbonadium Synthesizer Rossovich works as a free agent and assassin known as the deadly Red Omega



Hahahahahahahah. HAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Carl Denti was an FBI agent who accumulated government records on mutants and stockpiled the weapons and other technology of the X-Men's primary foes to bring punishment to renegade or murderous mutants. He often came into opposition of some of the X-Men themselves because of their crimes. During his term as a dealer of justice, he took on the guise of the X-Cutioner.

After he became head of the U.S. Superhuman Investigations Team, and assisted Elysian Enterprises in the search for military artifacts. It was then that he came into contact with Remy during his thefts from Elysian for the New Son.

During his time under New Sun, he found he was becoming as evil as those he hunted. This also ended his time as the X-Cutioner



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