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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 3

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, January 28 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgThis next group of One Point Clubbers is dedicated to rdrs. Why? Cuz these four characters are right up his alley. Well, that’s what my geek sense is telling me. So yeah, sit back and enjoy.


Death Ninja deathninja.jpg

Death Ninja. Seriously, how can you say anything bad about a ninja who is undead? Go on, try. You can't. And if you can, you deserve to be shot in the nards like Logan was. If you do not have nards, well, I am sure we can find a suitable substitute.

Death Ninja started out as one of the many hired ninjas by Deathwatch. During one of Deathwatch's missions, Death Ninja was killed by Ghost Rider, who was also Ghost Rider's first victim.

Months later Centerious's men found his body and brought it back to life and joining the FIRM. In the end the only way he could die is if he killed Ghost Rider.

Death Ninja would then go on a murder raid and eventually fight with Ghost rider on the subway. He lost.

He would return to fight ghost Rider again only this time Suicide was in on the fight was well with Heartattack. During the fight, Michael Balendino let loose a rocket at all four of them. After the explosion, Deathwatch's body was not found.

Most recently, the Death Ninja appeared alongside of a collection of former Ghost Rider villains, but under the employ of Danny Ketch (who is no longer Ghost Rider). The group was sent after Caretaker. During the battle Caretaker shot the Death Ninja with a hellfire shotgun, seemingly destroying the ninja for good.



Marvel vs. Capcom, bitches. blackheart.gif

If Mephisto is obviously the devil, then Blackheart is the quintessential son of Satan. Blackheart is Mephisto's son, an evil mystical creature that plots to take his father's throne and rule all of Mephisto's Realm! A certain area, Christ's Crown, was filled with evil over the years. There were many murders, rapes, muggings-for some reason, it was filled with it. This drew the attention of Mephisto. The Hell-Lord had been looking for a partner, so he had an idea-he used the combined evil in the area to create a divinely empowered son-Blackheart. Blackheart wasn't as powerful as his father, but was amazingly strong and had the same penchant for gathering souls of the innocent. Mephisto taught him in his brand of evil, teaching what evil was and how to do it right. Blackheart gained power and knowledge quickly, and attempted to corrupt Daredevil, failing. He tried Spider-Man, too, but was unsuccessful. Disappointed in his son, Mephisto captured Daredevil, Number Nine, Brandy Ash, Gorgon, Karnak, and Ahura (the latter three being Inhumans), so Blackheart could observe the mortals and learn about evil. However, the plan backfired, as his son rebelled.

Observing the heroes was a mistake. It caused the Black Prince, instead of becoming more useful and evil, to rebel against him. Blackheart changed his form of evil and tried to destroy his father but failed. Mephisto diminished his powers as a result and sent him off. But Blackheart was not done. He worked on corrupting anti-heroes (who were more susceptible to turn evil or corrupt), specifically Punisher, Wolverine, and his father's old rival, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch version), to join his rebellion against his father and be evil. All three attempts failed. An attempt to team up with Wonder Man to take Mephisto down also failed. His three antihero enemies also stopped him from collecting the soul of a totally pure young girl. Mephisto appeared to berate his son and express his disappointment, but that was a mistake, as Blackheart stabbed him with a magical dagger stained with the girl's blood that looked like it killed him. Blackheart got to full power again, and Mephisto was banished from his dimension.

After enjoying finally being the ruler of Hell, Blackheart's move was to try and corrupt the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze version). He created a new Spirits of Vengeance team consisting of-Black Rose (Roxanne Simpson, who was Johnny's love before her temporary death), Verminus Rex (one of Ghost Rider's old enemies from long ago), Wallow (a former criminal and suicide attempter before being stopped by Blaze on both counts. He was later successful in both), Doghead, and Pao Fu (who Ghost Rider had tried and failed to save). Blackheart agreed to lift the curse on Ghost Rider's family if the Spirit of Vengeance would lead his team. It lasted a short time before the Rider and Son of Mephisto fell out, as Blackheart was banished from Hell and the curse was put back on the family. Without a leader, Mephisto made a timely appearance in his dimension, gaining his throne and his power back.

While ruler of Hell, Blackheart had tormented the soul of the mutant Stryfe by manipulating the X-Force group, which attracted the attention of the sorceress Selene. After banishment from Hell, Blackheart allied with Selene as the temporary Black King of the evil Hellfire Club. After defeating Selene's enemy, Alyssa Moy, Blackheart battled the Fantastic Four, Mechamage, Hellstorm, and others; they beat Blackheart, locking him beneath New York's Hellfire Club. Trapped there, he continued to aid Selene, opposing X-Force in an attempt to corrupt Sunspot.

Blackheart may be there, he may be "assumed dead" (by his dear dad), he may be in hiding, or he could be anywhere. Most likely he's in Mephisto's Dimension, in his eternal war to spread evil capture the souls of the innocent-and rule the Hell that he believes is his. One thing we know-Blackheart is not gone.


Stuart Clarke/Rampage rampage.jpg

"Read Fraction's Punisher War Journal from issue 1 to the final issue and tell me he doesn't deserve a vote. I hope he isn't in the OPC, but if he is that's cool."

Stuart Clarke has found himself in the unlikely and unenviable position of becoming The Punisher's weapons-master, sidekick, and partner. He was once known as Rampage–when he combated the classic Los Angeles super team The Champions. He was once a weapons designer for Sunset Bain when he designed the War Machine armor. And he ended up a prisoner on The Raft–one that escaped during The Breakout. The two constants in his completely insane life have been his absolute brilliance, and his utter hatred of Iron Man.

While hiding in one of their safe-houses, Clarke is given a video of the Punisher killing his girlfriend. After seeing the video, Clarke swears that he will kill the Punisher. During this time the Secret Invasion is going on Clarke goes out hunting down Castle while killing off Skrulls as Rampage. After working with Bridge and Punisher to defend themselves from a Skrull sniper Clarke goes in alone to save all three. After killing the Skrull Clarke takes the sniper rifle that the Skrull was using and starts looking for the Punisher but he was able to break through the window. The two of them fight and Clarke ends up being punched in the face, which causes his suit to malfunction and blow up in his face. After the Skrull invasion Bridge visits Clarke in the hospital where he has the same repairs done to his face as done to the original Jigsaw


Blackout blackout.jpg

Little is known about Blackout's past. He first appeared in Ghost Rider #2. He was employed by Deathwatch to steal some containers. He would ditch Deathwatch after being caught by Kingpin's men and taken to containers himself. He was stopped by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) when he tried to bite Ghost Rider in the neck. Instead of killing him, hellfire shot out of his neck and the fire burned Blackout in the face leaving him disfigured. Since that fight, he has had a strong grudge against Ghost Rider.

Later on Blackout would learn about Ghost Rider's identity. Leading him to murder Dan Ketch's sister Barbra. Her murder happened while Ghost Rider was fighting Scarecrow.

Months later he fought both Ghost Rider and Blaze and lost. He would soon be committed to the FIRM to catch Ghost Rider. But Blackout had plans of revenge. He killed Dan Ketch but the Ghost Rider lived on and buried Blackout alive in a stone coffin.

Later on Blackout would be reunited with his demon mother Lilith. He found out about her existence from Ghost Rider who whispered her name while having a premonition. It turns out his is a distant relative of Lilith (he is her grandson).

During the final battle of the Midnight Sons and the Lilin in Greenland, Blackout was killed by Blade by having a sword impaled right threw his heart while protecting Lilith. After the fight, Lilith was left for dead. She would spend the next few days feeding on the bodies of her dead children, including Blackout.

Lilith would soon give rebirth to the Lilin and Blackout. After his rebirth, Blackout was now a full-breed demon with real fangs and claws, his scarred face was healed as well. He was sent on a mission right away to kill the separated Midnight Sons. Blackout went directly to Ghost Rider.

Back in the city, Blackout seeked to get Ghost Rider's attention by killing an innocent couple. The fight would lead them to Dan's mother's house where Blackout would kill her, but he was scarred once again but this time by having Ghost Rider's fire-covered chain lodged into his skull.

He would then join his mother Lilith in the Siege of Darkness. He led an attack at a police station with Lilin Meatmarket and Dark Legion. He then joined in on the attack on Doctor Strange’s mansion. The Spirits of Vengeance would stop him but he was not sent to the Darkside Dimension like his fellow Lilin. After the Siege he went into a type of depression and was living as a bum n the streets.

Months later he snapped out of his depression and went back to his old ways. He decided to abandon the Lilin and go back to being an assassin. In the end, he told Ghost Rider he wouldn’t bother him again if he stays out of his way. Ghost Rider then denied Blackout's proposal and fought him.

Later on Blackout would meet his fate when he was beaten by Ghost Rider and was chained to a building until the sun came out to burn him alive.

Years later it turned out that Blackout survived the burns and would reunite with Deathwatch and work for The Hood against the Avengers and help the Hood *enter rant here* become the new Kingpin.


Zom zom.gif

His creator is a mystery. After a rampage Zom was imprisoned by powerful magic users he fitted with the crown of blindness and manacles of living bondage and put into a jar. Umar confronted Dr. Strange and the only way to defeat her was to fetch the power of Zom, this worked but Strange was up against Zom but with the help of the ancient tribunal he was destroyed. A tiny fragment of Zom was still inside the jar Dr. Strange kept which managed to escape but was defeated. During World War Hulk Dr. Strange called upon Zom after having his hands smashed by Hulk. Dr. Strange accomplished this feat and now faced down the Hulk

Zom is one of the most formidable mystic entities in existence, referred to far exceed even Umar in terms of sheer mystical power, and thus presumably her brother Dormammu as well, if not by quite as much. The Living Tribunal once stopped him, although Zom greatly feared the Tribunal.

His head was adorned by a long tuft of hair, like a topknot, which apparently acted as a perception shield, masking his presence from other sorcerers



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