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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 4

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Wednesday, January 28 2009 and posted in Features

1marvelvillainslogo.jpgI call this group of OPCers "Animal Crackers"; I think you kinda get the theme of this batch. Though, there really is only one "animal" in the group when yeah think bout it. We have two "fish", a 'bird" and two "insects". So yeah, let’s do this like Brutus!!



"A personal favorite of mine. "The Child Within" is one of my favorite Spider-Man stories." vermin.jpg

Edward Whelan was a geneticist working for Baron Zemo and Primus 1. He got caught in an experiment and his skin turned light pink with fur. Vermin is usually a minion of someone else. His intelligence is that of a child. Time and time again Vermin has been turned back to his normal human form only to be changed back into his rat humanoid form. Vermin's main enemies have been Captain America and Spider-Man. When he was young he suffered a great deal of child abuse and he is also scared of spiders. He has teamed up with Bloodscream to fight Wolverine. Vermin has on two occasions almost killed Spider-Man in a fight. With Spider-Man being saved. Spider-Man has said because of Vermin’s indistinct fighting style he can’t predict his moves.

Vermin has enhanced strength. Not to the super human level. He can lift up to 1,000 pounds. He has enhanced speed able to reach 35 miles an hour. His senses are enhanced especially his sense of smell. His stamina, durability, reflexes and agility are also enhanced. Vermin also has the power to control stray rats and dogs. This goes to a two-mile radius.



Several people have been known as Beetle, the first was Abner Jenkins now beetle.jpgknown as Mach IV. The second one, Leila Davis, was killed in battle by Graviton.

Currently three people are using the Beetle name, using three variants of Abner's old Beetle suits.

Abe Jenkins was a master mechanic for an aircraft company but grew dissatisfied with his low paying job. Using his considerable knowledge he created a suit that enabled him to lift up to one ton on each arm. The armored suit also had suction fingered gloves, wings and a cybernetic helmet to control it all. Abe hoped his new suit would give him the fame he sought. After being defeated by the Human Torch and Thing he was sent to prison.

Upon his release he looked to gain revenge on the Human Torch but found only defeat at the hands of Spider-Man. Deciding to forgo his pursuit of fame he decided to focus on gaining wealth. Failing repeatedly he offered his services to Justin Hammer who dispatched him to fight against Iron Man. During the battle his armor was severely damaged and he used all his wealth to repair it with the help of the Thinker. After adding many modifications he hired the Ringer to fight Spider-Man so he could learn his fighting style and add it to his suits system. Defeated by Spider-Man once again he was put back in jail only to be released by Egghead. Beetle joined his Masters Of Evil only to be defeated by the Avengers. Abe then created his own team, Sinister Syndicate only to have it collapse due to infighting.

After the "death" of many of Earths heroes at the hands of Onslaught, Baron Heinrich Zemo created the Thunderbolts. Taking the name Mach-1, he grew to like the hero life and along with Songbird sought to leave their villainous past behind them. Baron Zemo revealed that the group were actually former Masters Of Evil members and the public was unwilling to trust them. Abe was convinced to go back to prison by Hawkeye, who had taken over leadership of the group. Upon his release his looks were changed by the Fixer to go with his new identity of Matthew Davis. Abe's new face at first caused some friction with his girlfriend Songbird but she grew used to it. His features eventually returned to normal and he is still working with the Fixer.

In the Civil War, Abe has joined the Hero Hunters and is overseeing three college students using the previous Beetle armor (the first beetle theme design, the second streamlined update, and the third tank-like armor)


Swarm swarm.jpg

Fritz von Meyer was one of Hitler's top scientists, specializing in the field of toxins. After World War Two, he fled Germany to become a beekeeper in South America. In the peaceful jungles, he was able to study the mating habits of killer bees. During his time there, he came across a particular swarm of bees. They were very passive in behavior, and did not exhibit fear like all of the other bee colonies he had studied. Upon further observation, he noticed the bees were extremely intelligent compared to the other bees in the area. He found a near-by meteor that he thought was the cause of the bees’ mutations. He decided to build a device to control the bees, hoping to get them to do his bidding. After getting the bees agitated, and losing their passiveness, he could not control them. They swarmed around him, tearing him to shreds, and leaving him for dead. As the bees started to get away, Meyer's consciousness was absorbed into the bee swarm, making him the evil villain, Swarm.

Not long after, Interpol tracked him down, and one of its agents was successful in capturing the queen bee in Swarm's hive. He encased her in amber, and hid her in a briefcase. He fled to the United States, and Swarm followed him. He killed the agent, but lost the briefcase to the Champions. They found out about the murder, and took the bee. He followed them, and confronted them in battle. During the battle, he was able to free the queen. He started a mutation on her, and she grew to a gigantic size. The battle continued until Hercules threw the queen miles away. Swarm's hive followed her, leaving Meyer as a skeleton.

The skeleton was sent for testing at Empire State University. During the radiation tests, a queen bee living in Meyer's skull spontaneously started producing millions of bees, recreating Swarm. He was about to kill the scientist working on him, when Spider-Man, (who had been working as an assistant teacher) swung in, saving the scientist. The two battled, until Spider-Man crashed into some bottles containing some insect repellent, causing Swarm to flee.

He started an attack, and constructed a giant hive on campus for his queen bee to grow in. Spider-Man found the creators of the experimental repellent, and covered himself with it, as well as mixing it into his web fluid. He attacked Swarm, and the bees were in pain from the repellent. They turned against each other, and began to go insane. They disobeyed Meyer's commands, and left the hive, leaving Meyer as a skeleton again.

Swarm survived in the bees, no longer needing his skeleton. He wandered across Texas, until a research project disrupted insect activity. This caused Swarm to attack the research facility, destroying the lab. A government watch group contacted Dr. Druid, who was able to get Giant Man to join a group to attack Swarm. Archangel and Ice Man joined the battle as well. Druid talked sense into Swarm, telling him that if he wanted insects to rule the planet, then he should wait from mankind to destroy itself, instead of risking his life to destroy it. He agreed and fled.

When Onslaught killed most of Earth's heroes, the telepathic energies disrupted Swarm from his bees. He traveled to the Institute of Seismoharmonic Research, to get scientists to restore him to power. While this happened, swarms of bees attacked New York, attracting Ben Reilly to investigate. The bees recognized the Spider-Man costume, and feared him. They left him alone, in fear he had the insect repellent. He was able to enter the institute, and devise a plan with the scientists. They used the equipment to reverse the effects of Swarm pulling in bees, to negate the bees' ability to fly. Spider-Man captured the queen bee, keeping Meyer from causing future harm.

He later managed to come back to Hollywood after an all-city crime spree. The Runaways defeated him. He was later seen working with the Chameleon.


Barracuda barracuda.jpg

You know, I have no clue who this guy is. It’s been so long since I read any Punisher I am a complete tool when it comes to his villains. My dad used to love the Punisher Weapon Guides, I can't remember what they were called, but they talked about all the weapons and gadgets he would use, ya know? What the hell are those called? Dammit. Oh, yeah, Barracuda. I almost forgot bout him.

Barracuda lost his four fingers on his right hand, and his right eye in a fight with the Punisher. Punisher left him to die in shark-infested waters, but it seems he survived as seen in the Punisher Presents: Barracuda mini series. But later he was really killed by the Punisher in their final fight.


Tigershark tigershark.jpg

Todd Arliss was once a professional swimmer, until he injured his back while rescuing a man who had fallen overboard from a pirate craft. Todd Arliss was told by the medic he could no longer swim. Dr. Lemuel Dorcas promised Arliss he could help. Dorcas would use the "morphotron" to imprint the genetic pattern of an animal onto a human. He would use tiger sharks on Arliss, but when he tried it, Dorcas also captured Namor's genetic pattern as well as the tiger sharks, transforming Todd into a super human. Dorcas then gave Tiger Shark the costume and the name, who then tried to use him for his own ambitious ideas. However, the Shark escaped to the open sea, and accompanied Lady Dorma down to Atlantis. Shark bullied himself to the throne, until Namor arrived and took it back, sending Tiger Shark to prison. But Tiger Shark escaped when Atlantis fell victim to the Serpent Crown, he swam to Sargasso Sea.

Tiger Shark again appeared as Namor's enemy when he stole the "Horn of Gabriel" which gave him the ability to summon massive monsters form the deep sea. The combined forces of Namor and the Mighty Avengers later defeat Tiger Shark.

Tiger Shark is later seen as a prisoner in Al Kraven's zoo of animal themed superheroes.

Tiger Shark has been seen fluctuating between his human and shark-like humanoid forms recently, depending on whether the writer and artist have done their research properly. Continuity? What's that?


Gamecock gamecock.jpg

If there were a single character that could personify what the One Point Club is all about, I nominate Gamecock. Why? Say his name out loud. Then say it again. And now one more time. Each time you say it, it sounds more and more stupid. And the picture, can you imagine that scene? I can't stop laughing. I am almost tempted to use it as my avatar.

Seriously, it’s awesome.




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