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Your Top Marvel Villains part 49

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 30 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgWelcome to the Top 10 folks, are you as excited as I am? I know you are. Everything we have done leads up to this, the entire list ends here. Who will be in the number one slot? Will it be DOOM like everyone expects it to be or will there be a major upset? Only one way to find out. I was shocked by the outcome of the list, will you? We shall see. In my own famous words: Do it, Rockapella!!

10. Thanos (237 points - 7 first place slots) thanos.jpg

"Even dead, Thanos has proven more than capable of attaining absolute power and using it to remake things at his whim."

"Guy killed half the universe to impress a chick. He beat the shit out of the elders of the universe with little to no sweat. Badass. No other word fits."

"Just a crazy dude. Destroyed half the universe for a woman, has the balls to argue and raise his voice to celestial beings, and pimp slapped Cap, who does it better?? Went out like a punk though."

"Why? He's only tried to kill the entire universe on multiple occasions and compared most of the rest of the list he's pretty likeable."

Yeah, he's dead. But before he died, he did a few pretty villainous things. No bank robberies or hostages; but he did kill half the freaking Universe!"

"You address omnipotence. Tread carefully."

"Badass at its best"

"Nihilist, sadist, worships death, intelligent, powerful mutant eternal. And he did once conquer the universe."

See, this shocked me already. Thanos at number 10? Really? This dude killed half the friggin’ universe. He took on the Elders of the Universe and took the Infinity Gems to make a weapon to please the love of his life. Did I mention he killed half the universe? Seriously. Mind you, he did go out like a punk, but his overall acts in the Marvel Universe make him Top 10 material for sure, but 10th place? I dunno about that. Anywho...

A member of the Eternals of Titan, Thanos was born of Mentor, founder of the second colony of Eternals of Titan, and Sui-San, the last survivor of the original Eternal settlement. A mutant, Thanos was born with gray leathery skin and a massive body.

A morose child, Thanos became obsessed with the concept of death. As an adult he left Titan and amassed a large private army composed of soldiers, mercenaries and malcontents from other star systems. Returning to Titan with a small star fleet he attacked his home world with nuclear weapons, killing thousands, including his mother Sui-San. Declaring himself ruler of Titan he set his sights on Earth.

Being an Eternal, Thanos has superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and agility. He is nearly invulnerable, able to endure extreme heat, cold, electricity, radiation and toxins. Due to his genetic heritage, Thanos is immune to aging and disease. His birth is estimated to the 19th century. He also inherited the ability to synthesize cosmic energy within his own body and use it for various purposes. Thanos could survive indefinitely without food or water even before Death "cursed" him with immortality. His mind is invulnerable to most forms of psychic attach. He can project a psionic blast. His eyes and hands can also emit blasts of plasma and cosmic energy.

Thanos amplified his own abilities during his early life, prior to his published appearances. His physical strength and stamina are considered superior to those of other Eternals. He was even able to simultaneously engage both Thor and the Thing in hand-in-hand combat and held his own. Pointing to Thanos being able to lift at least 100 tons. “Through meditation and certain mystical techniques, Thanos augmented his power in other ways, enabling him to tap, transform, and direct vast quantities of cosmic energy for destructive force." He was able to compete with Silver Surfer, the most powerful herald of Galactus.

Death resurrected Thanos and increased all of his abilities, giving him superior resilience and energy manipulating abilities than even the Elders of the Universe. He is currently one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. Only Galactus, the Stranger, the Celestials, and the Watchers are known to equal or exceed his cosmic energy manipulative abilities.

Thanos was born with superhuman intelligence and has spent much of his life acquiring knowledge. While in the service of death he spent a great deal of time gazing into the Infinity Well and learning "secrets" of the galaxy. Aside from the Watchers, he is, perhaps, the most knowledgeable being in the known universe.

Thanos at some point in his life met the embodiment of Death and developed an amorous relationship with the god of entropy. Thanos' goals have been largely in the pursuit of winning the love of Death. His obsession with winning Death's love eventually drove her to reject him and she has cast him from her realm for all eternity, essentially granting Thanos immortality, but denying him his greatest wish. Undaunted, he continues to seek a way back into Death's favor causing the universe to wonder when next will strike Thanos the Mad Titan.


docock.jpg9. Doc Ock (242 points - 5 first place slots)

"Best Spider-Man villain ever. Venom? Green Goblin? Chumps compared to Otto's awesomeness. A man based off Roy Orbison can't suck."

"Crazy fat guy with tentacles. Good stories."

"I always thought he was a cool Arch Enemy, hate how he got lost in the shuffle after Goblin came on to the scene. I just love the Master Planner story so much. I like Doc Ock, he had some cool powers and neat origin but I think what I like the best is his personality, he and Spidey seem to have the best dialog exchanges."

"I feel like this one might be the unsung hero of Spidey villains. In a few ways he is a villain of the Shakespearean mold and in a few ways he's not a villain at all: pudgy, Mole Man/The Penguin type mold to him, glasses, awful haircut at least originally, and then he fell in with Aunt May. He's somewhat fallen off the notice wagon in the last few years, but here's a villain that was the mirror for Spidey in a way that even Osborn couldn't be: Octavius was science gone wrong, science obsessed with a more hubristic search for understanding (see Spider-Man 2). This, and the age gap between him and Peter believe it or not, makes for a haunting drama."

You might not have been shocked by this one, but I was. Personally, I thought Kingpin or Loki would fill this slot, but we know where they turned up don't we? I really never have been a fan, I prefer some of his other baddies over him. Though, I do like one particular Doc Ock story, and it never involved Spider-Man, it was an FF story. Reed went looking for Doc Ock to ask him some advice bout Sue’s pregnancy. Great story, great art and a wicked ass cover. You see Reed being stretched by all of Doc Ock's arms over New York. If you are a fan of Doc Ock and you haven't read that story, go find it. Stat.

Once he was Otto Octavius - a brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, inventor and lecturer. In pursuit of academic excellence, Octavius designed and constructed a set of highly advanced robotic arms to assist him in his research. Now able to manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Octavius was dubbed Dr. Octopus by his co-workers. A freak laboratory accident exposed Octavius to intense radioactivity, grafting the mechanical appendages to his body and granting him complete telepathic control over the artificial limbs. The mishap also altered Octavius' mind, transforming him into a criminally insane megalomaniac.

Waking up from the hospital and discovering his new found powers, Octavius held the medical staff that was trying to remove his tentacles from his body hostage. Spider-Man came to the rescue but was easily defeated by Doctor Octopus that after the fight, he was thinking about retiring from his superhero career. But it wasn't until he was inspired by the Human Torch to become a hero again when the Fantastic Four were fighting Doctor Octopus. When Octavius kidnapped Betty Brant, Peter Parker’s girlfriend at the time, Spider-Man goes to save her, but he was suffering from a virus. When Spider-Man was easily defeated again by Doctor Octopus, he managed to unmask him but he didn't believe that Peter was the real Spider-Man because he was not as strong as he had been when they fought before. Doctor Octopus left Peter and went on to a crime spree and later a fully healed Spider-Man defeated him.

Tired of being defeated by Spider-Man and deducing that he needed help to defeat the wall-crawler he called on to other villains that fought and were defeated by Spider-Man to create a group to defeat him. Only Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Vulture answered the call. While Doctor Doom was to proud to join a team and he was too busy defeating the Fantastic Four and the Green Goblin wanted to defeat Spider-Man on his own. Together with his cadre of super villains, Doc Ock created the Sinister Six but was again defeated by Spider-Man and they soon disbanded. Doc Ock would soon reassemble the Sinister Six again in different incarnations.

During a fight between Doc Ock and Spider-Man, he became indirectly responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy's father, Captain George Stacy, who said to Spider-Man that he knew that he was Peter Parker and that he should take care of his daughter from now on. Later, Doctor Octopus was transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder to be part in the Secret War. In the events of the Clone Saga, Octavius manage to save Spider-Man's life but in doing so, he discovered his secret identity. He gave himself up to the police hoping that Stunner would save him, but she was knocked out and subsequently murdered by the clone of Spider-Man, Kaine. Carolyn Trainer then inherited his master's tentacles and title, calling herself Doctor Octopus until her predecessor was resurrected by the evil ninja cult, The Hand. Upon his resurrection, he lost his memory, but his apprentice gave him a computer chip that holds his past memories, except the time he discovered Spider-Man's secret identity.

Doc Ock was seen again in Ryker's, where he was brainwashed to defeat the Green Goblin. He later got mixed up in a skirmish between his target and Spider-Man on the Brooklyn Bridge, where he and the Green Goblin were struck by lightning and fell from the bridge and into the river. Octavius emerged from the river with no knowledge of the event. During the Civil War, he witnessed Spider-Man revealing himself as Peter Parker on television, where he later goes on a rampage in the streets, complaining about how he was defeated by an adolescent boy. Spider-Man confronted him and defeated him. He is seen later in Baron Zemo's group of super villains that are hunting down both heroes and villains that are not abiding to the Super-Human Registration Act. He was later approached by a desperate Spider-Man on finding a way to save his Aunt May's life, but like many other times that Peter has approached before, he didn't know what to do.


8. Kang (247 points - 5 first place slots) kang.jpg

"Why? Because KANG CONQUERS!!!! I wish there weren't so many genuine dirt bags on this list so he could rank higher, but compared to most of these clowns he's a pretty likeable inter-temporal dictator."

"The master of time. He's already conquered entire eras, and no matter how many times the Avengers defeat him, he could escape back into the time stream to attack them again at any time. Time travel makes him a dangerous, unpredictable enemy."

"Like Genghis Khan if he was a purple time traveling badass from the future."

"The Destiny War alone, in Avengers Forever, places him on my list. Plus, I used to own his first appearance, so he has a place in my heart."

"Lives to fight, lives to kill, lives to conquer. Can fuck you up six ways till Sunday at any point in your life. Will power so strong that it defied destiny itself. KANG=#1 Marvel villain."

"And whenever this guy shows up, my head's liable to hurt; time-traveling conqueror from the future, Kang is the Avengers' other greatest foe; be it the Kang Dynasty, Avengers Forever, the Crossing, or any number of schemes in-between, Kang's another who requires his enemies' very best in order to bring him low; and with time-travel he seems to always get the chance to correct his mistakes."

"This was the hardest choice on the list. So many characters I wanted for this spot, but in the end Kang took it. His tragic origin that they added in during Young Avengers may have been the final piece that made me give him the spot. I love time travelers and Kang has always been one of the best."

This makes me sad. Very sad. Yet, I am not shocked. Kang in my mind is number one, but I knew he wouldn't make it there. I was hoping for a top five spot at least, but nope. I hate you people. I hate you all. So yeah, on with the show.

At the age of 25, Nathaniel discovered the remains of a time machine in the archives of a famous ancestor. Using his scientific genius to restore the device, Nathaniel adopts the mantle of Rama-Tut, and builds a time machine in the shape of the ancient Sphinx, in order to capitalize on the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Though Nathaniel was temporarily blinded when his ship crashed, he used his far-flung futuristic technology to subjugate the Egyptian people. Rama-Tut ruled for 10 years before being run out of Egypt by a combination of losses to a young En Saba Nur (the mutant who would one day become known as Apocalypse) and The Fantastic Four (which was lead, oddly enough, by Rama's own ancestor.)

Rama-Tut fled to the future but a time storm (which was later revealed to be the work of his possible future self, Immortus) interfered with his travel, and stranded him in the 20th century. There he aided a space-lost Doctor Doom (another possible ancestor of his) and convinced him that they might actually be the same man. Some time after, Rama-Tut had a short run in with the time-traveling mutant Cable. Defeated, Tut escaped into the time-stream.

It was in his 35th year of life that Nathaniel Richards first diverged. When entering the time stream, one divergence of Nathaniel Richards ended up in an alternate 20th century, where he took over that Earth under the guise of the Scarlet Centurion; the other divergence found himself in the war-torn 40th century. Inspired by his meeting with his possible ancestor, Nathaniel constructed his own body suit from a futuristic 40th century metallic alloy, and conquered that planet. On that day, Kang the Conqueror was born.

Kang returned to the 20th century; various sources conflict on whether the Conqueror wished to challenge The Fantastic Four or his ancestor Doctor Doom. Unfortunately for the conqueror, he found neither, and was defeated by the Avengers; this affront would earn the Avengers the eternal enmity of Kang.

Later, Kang went through time to the moment that his throat was about to be slashed. He stopped the incident, and showed his younger self what he would one day become. The young Kang did, however not want to become this. He fled to the twenty first century, where he tried to contact the Avengers for help. Upon not being able to reach them, he formed the Young Avengers to get their attention. This endeavor ended, because young Kang realized that he was destroying the timeline.



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