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Your Top Marvel Villains part 52

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, January 30 2009 and posted in Features
1marvelvillainslogo.jpgSo here ya have it, the final three. It all comes down to this, everything we worked for comes down to this moment. Will Doom be the Top Villain in the Marvel Universe? It can only be found out here!!!


3. Bullseye (601 points - 12 first place slots) bullseye.jpg

"The perfect foil for someone like Matt Murdock, whose missteps and mistakes as Daredevil are really rather as Matt Murdock/personal in nature. Lester has no personal life and so, has no flaws. He's a blank slate, and one of the great examples of the reader not knowing where this one comes from back-story-wise. And like Fisk at his best, Bullseye at his best is a force of nature. He comes in and kills and takes names and doesn't look back. Hell, Miller's run was going along at a great clip and was stunning enough, and then Bullseye breaks out and kills Elektra over what amounts to a little spilt milk, and things progress in high drama fashion from there. I feel like this is a guy who could have killed Murdock a LONG time ago, who for one reason or another just doesn't: because he would lack the thrill and the mental connection he thinks he shares with the guy. Here's hoping a DD/Bullseye throw down is in the heretofore cards."

"Should be higher but American Eagle cleaned him up real nice. lol"

"Completely and utterly bat-sh!t. He's gone to the ends of the Earth to make Daredevil miserable."

"Quite possibly the only comic character I've ever been afraid of. Goddamn. Scary motherfucker."

"He can't take DD down, but he has ripped out his heart, twice. And he did pencil tricks long before the Joker."

"While no one's coming close to Thanos' or Galactus' kill count, Bullseye's definitely the distant #3. A sociopath feels no emotion, so you can't call Bullseye a sociopath; he clearly enjoys what he does. What he does is kill people. Plus, he's named Lester (chilling)."

What the fuck, people? What the FUCK!?!? As I said in an earlier post, how the hell did Bullseye get this high??? Is he that awesome in Thunderbolts??? You know, he is dressing up as Hawkeye now, right? That alone should knock him down a notch or 12. Seriously, this is wrong on so many levels. I bet you are wondering how this happened? Well, when it came to the Top 3 characters, mostly the 3rd and 2nd place characters, they were on nearly all the lists. Not all of them, but most of them. When it came to Magneto, if he wasn't in the Top 3 he was in 9th or 10th place or not on the list at all. Same can be said for Red Skull. Again, this is not referring to all the lists, but most of them. Seriously, it’s a shame. And well, to me this is a huge upset and yeah. Well done, Lester. You are big-league material.

Very little is known about the past of Bullseye. It is possible that he attempted to kill his father at a young age. It is possible that he was on his way to be a major league baseball player because of his skills at throwing objects. Due to his evil nature and boredom with the game, he decided to kill a batter with a baseball. This gave him a sadistic and vindictive taste for killing.

He allegedly went on to work for the United States National Security Agency and then went on to become a freelance assassin. His rise to notoriety came in New York City where he first fought
and defeated Daredevil. Daredevil later returned the favor.

Being beaten bothered Bullseye and destroying Daredevil became his new passion. When Bullseye was hired to kill the Kingpin, the Kingpin gave him a better offer. Bullseye was now under his employ. After serving some jail time after another defeat by Daredevil, Bullseye was angered to discover that the Kingpin had replaced him with Elektra. Bullseye decided to kill her with her own sai. It turned out that Elektra was Daredevil's lover and this added fuel to their mutual hatred. Daredevil beat Bullseye within an inch of his life and let him fall off a rooftop to his death. Bullseye did not die but was left paralyzed with a shattered spine. A Japanese crime lord then took him and his bones were laced with the unbreakable metal, adamantium.

In his derangement, Bullseye posed as Daredevil when he was absent from New York for some time. As Daredevil, Bullseye played the role of a hero and started to believe he actually was Daredevil. It took Daredevil posing as Bullseye and defeating him to get him to see the truth.

After the Super-Human Registration Act, several villains were captured and offered a chance to redeem themselves by hunting down heroes and villains not in compliance with the registration. Bullseye became part of a new team of Thunderbolts along with the likes of (the new) Venom, Taskmaster, and Lady Deathstrike. Bullseye was recently paralyzed by American Eagle on a mission with the Thunderbolts to apprehend Steel Spider. American Eagle broke his neck. Bullseye remains a member of the Thunderbolts, which is now the Dark Avengers Healing after his fight with American Eagle, with several nano-bots inside his brain now, thus making him more deadly than ever seeing as how he can not be affected by telepathy.

Bullseye does not have superhuman powers. He does have the skill to take any object and turn it into a deadly projectile. He can kill a person with simple objects such as a playing card, paper clips, and even peanuts. He is in peak physical condition. His spinal cord has been laced with true adamantium, which makes him less susceptible to bodily injuries. Thanks to his perfect aim and hand-eye coordination Bullseye has reflexes that can be considered super-human.

Bullseye is also trained in several forms of martial arts and is an expert with many different types of weapons.



2. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (682 points - 22 first place slots)

"Captain Fuck Your Life Up..find out your secret identity? check. throw your girl off a bridge and leave it ambiguous so to this day so still have a creeping feeling it’s your fault? Check. Reveal later you bumped uglies with said chick beforehand and made tube babies from her DNA? CHECK. Be impaled only to return like the jedi? CHECK! Became the new Nick Fury by screwing TONS of people over in the process, a depressed guilt ridden hero being one? CHECK!!!"

"I think it's a neat kind of postmodern take that a fifty-five year old man who once upon a time had it all is regularly driven bonkers by a thirty-something. Really, I feel like this rivalry is the arch generation gap, irrespective of the fact that both of these men have pretty messed up psyches, pretty suped-up physical properties, and on a good day are considered to be in cahoots. Millar's MK: Spidey run got it right, I think. It IS insane for this fifty-five year old man to dress up like a one man trick-or treat every Tuesday or so, and beat up this kid he actually thinks the world of, because of reasons known to Norman's whacked-up mind alone. Bendis understood this in his first arc of 'The Pulse', "No Fear" or whatever it was, where Norman takes out the DB reporter just because of a misconstrued sentence, and then later is muttering to himself in the car about Gwen Stacy."

"Still! Still muttering about Gwen Stacy, the way Doom still mutters about his dear old mom before the old dear died, the way Magneto mutters about mutant superiority like God intended him to.
It's great to see Norman Osborn back again, because one day he really is going to lose it and beat the everlasting piss out of Parker, and no amount of nano-bots or whatever else is gonna stop him. Because he's fucking nuts. But he's also VERY good at presenting himself in that Stark-like comported way--which also has merit, because we know it's a complete false bottom. The drama comes in seeing how Norman's problems come back to haunt him. All the time."

"Here's a man who can step in and out of craziness as casually and as easily as Stark thinks or as Doom hates, and he does it so well that it's become very difficult and fascinating to decipher when he's crazy and when he isn't."

"In another sense though, Norman gets to be number two because, One More Day not withstanding, here was the villain that figured it out first, and all he had to do to get Spidey's secret ID was follow him home from school! It's just such a great dynamic. Fifty-five year old man hates his own son and takes a shine to Parker instead, only to have his own dreams crushed when he figures out who Parker really is. The first Spidey flick understood this to a T. Norman is the crazy of crazies in the Marvel Universe, and he's done it so well. The best part though? He's evolved past the need to terrorize Spider-Man. Norman, like so many others on this list, has become a force of nature--the force of nature he always wanted to be. I count it fortunate Marvel's doing something substantive with him, so long after the Clone Saga."

"Finally leaving the Spidey neighborhood and entering the Big Bad World Stage, it’s about time."

"I know he should be higher on my list; right, Marvel? But outside of Spider-Man, he really didn't have a huge "evil impact" on the Marvel U. Granted, in the Spider-Man comics, he did some amazingly terrible things."

"He WOULD have been my number one, had he not been brought back. He never should have been: His story was told. But he is assured a spot on this list thanks to his hand in the death of Gwen Stacy, which is usually seen as the end of the Silver Age."

"The original and best - the herald of the Bronze Age. Also, 'death, blondes, and victory'."

"I say him rather than Green Goblin. He is great as Green Goblin but this new role he has taken with Thunderbolts is fantastic. They have really organically built this character up and it has been a joy to watch. His crack at any mention of spider to Goblin monologue in Caged Angels he has become a character to love."

"Before Norman, villains didn't go after the girl, or stalk the hero. And the hero always saved the girl. Norman changed this."

Who is the Top Goblin in the Marvel Universe? This man right here. Who is the Top Villain, thanks to BMB, in the Marvel Universe? This man right here. The world believes him to be a hero, and he is going to use his newfound stature to wipe out all who oppose him. Which is basically every hero on the planet. You know, this is what Lex Luthor as President shoulda done, I hate the fact that Osborn here is the big cheese, and giving orders to heavyweights like Namor, Loki and Doom (See further up the list....heh), but how the world is right now with Dark Reign, I am pretty intrigued. And I know, at some point down the road Doom (again, see further up the list) will hand him is psychotic ass on a silver platter. Though, I would rather if you stayed a corpse. To use a Batman line "The last time you inspired anyone, was when you were dead."

The owner of a leading chemical-manufacturing company and a renowned scientist, Norman Osborn became obsessed with increasing his wealth and power - even if it involved breaking the law. Exposing himself to an experimental strength and intelligence enhancing formula Osborn gained great power but was methodically driven insane. Creating a vast array of colorful weapons he sought control of the New York criminal underground as the cackling and crazed Green Goblin.

After Osborn's apparent death his son Harry, who already had emotional and drug abuse problems, became even more mentally unstable. After discovering his roommate Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Osborn donned his father's gear and attempted to exact revenge as the Green Goblin.

Initially defeated by Spider-Man, Osborn would on occasion have bouts of insanity and become the Green Goblin. At one point in Osborn's mental treatment his psychiatrist Dr. Bart Hamilton attempted to become the ruler of the underworld with a short lived and fatal career as the Green Goblin.

In time Harry Osborn would partake of the formula that gave his father super-human strength, but also resulted in madness. Although insane Osborn died, most likely as a side effect of the strength-enhancing formula, his final act was one of bravery to save his son Norman Jr.

Unknown to all, Norman Osborn recovered from his fatal wounds after his altercation with Spider-Man due to the strength-enhancing formula which apparently also providing accelerated healing. Replacing his body with that of a transient, Osborn snuck from the morgue and took refuge in Europe where he would plot and plan his revenge against Spider-Man as the Green Goblin.

Norman was later apprehended by SHIELD and watched as Spider-Man revealed himself as Peter Parker, from which Norman spoke that Peter "broke the rules". He then attacked Ben Urich but collapsed and begins to drool profusely because of nano-machines injected by SHIELD to control him. When the Atlanteans came to the surface world for diplomatic reasons, Norman attacks them in his Green Goblin guise, managing to kill and wounding them and he even shot the ambassador but did not kill him. Osborn was being interrogated by two officers but in a fit of rage he warned that he will kill them and their family, but soon changed into a fearful coward and said to the officers to not let him go and is willing to tell them everything they needed to know. Osborn managed to become the director for the Thunderbolts. He became responsible for putting together a new team of former villains in order to track down and apprehend super humans that refuse to sign the Super-Human Registration Act. The members he gathered include former Thunderbolts members Moonstone, Songbird, Radioactive Man and Swordsman (Andreas Strucker), along with new members Venom (Mac Gargan), Penance (Robbie Baldwin), and Bullseye. When four incarcerated telepaths began to cast mental suggestions in the entire Thunderbolts, Norman Osborn hallucinates his Goblin mask in his desk and begins to have a mental breakdown. He even goes far into becoming Green Goblin again and crucified the Swordsman and was about to murder everyone in the Thunderbolts Mountain, but managed to be knocked out by Songbird. Everything went back to normal when Bullseye killed the telepaths responsible. Norman returned in Spider-Man's life when the Thunderbolts arrived in New York City to capture him for being unregistered. While Norman was observing the fight between Spider-Man Venom and Anti-Venom, he was confronted by Menace and scolded him for devoting so much time and work in destroying Spider-Man. After Menace left, Osborn found Peter's camera and tried to reverse engineer it to trace back on the location of Spider-Man, he also took a sample from the villain Freak to beat Anti-Venom and made a new Scorpion suit for Mac Gargan that will protect the symbiote while it is recovering.

In the events of the Secret Invasion Khn'nr, who thinks himself as Captain Marvel, goes to Thunderbolts mountain and defeats the Thunderbolts until Norman talked to him in private and told to leave. The Skrull did so and the Thunderbolts ready themselves to fight the invading Skrulls and defend Washington DC. He even had a therapeutic experience when he killed a group of Skrulls that shape shifted into Spider-Man. He then manipulated the media into believing that his team is the heroes and undermining Tony Stark for his effort in his defense on earth. Norman lead the Thunderbolts into New York for the final battle against the Skrulls alongside the New, Young and Mighty Avengers, Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, the Hood and his syndicate, Thor and Captain America. Norman was able to kill Queen Veranke that was seen by the whole world, and because of these, he was appointed by the President to become the leader of the Avengers Initiative and head enforcer of the Super-Human Registration Act. Osborn then secretly assembles the Dark Illuminati whose motive is to rule the world. As his first act, Osborn dissolves SHIELD as it has been infiltrated by the Skrulls and has too many corruptions within and reestablishes it into HAMMER. Second, he fired Tony Stark and labeled him to be a fugitive and the reason for the invasion. Third, he also dissolved the Initiative and created a government-sponsored team, the Dark Avengers. Fourth, he dissolved the Thunderbolts as it already done its job, but he secretly turns the team into a black ops that only answers to the Dark Illuminati. And lastly, he buys out StarkTech and merge it to OsCorp, in doing so he gain many of Tony's Iron Man technology. While overseeing the decommissioning of the Thunderbolts Mountain, an angry Swordsman talk to him about what he was doing. Norman took his sword and stabbed Andreas in a tantrum and throws his body outside the mountain.

Norman’s next move was to create a new government-sponsored Avengers team, that is composed of his Thunderbolts team member Moonstone posing as Ms. Marvel, Venom as the black Spider-Man, Bullseye as Hawkeye, former Mighty Avengers Ares and Sentry, and new recruits Noh-Varr who now calls himself Captain Marvel and Daken posing as Wolverine. With the help of Ghost, he was able to take Tony Stark's Iron Man suit and adopt it as his own, now calling himself the Iron Patriot. He was later ridding in Air Force One with President Barack Obama and Doc Samson, who was presenting evidence of Norman dressed up as Green Goblin killing Thunderbolt guards in his Colorado Mountain base. Norman said that Samson was also involved as well but when he was about to show a video tape showing Norman's killing spree, the airplane was suddenly attacked by the new Thunderbolts, Norman's secret black ops team and another Green Goblin.


1. Dr. Doom (972 points - 60 first place slots)


"The greatest villain of all time. Smarter than most deadlier than all. A man who masters everything he puts his mind to and whose will is indomitable. He could have been the greatest hero on Earth if not for his gigantic ego and that accursed RICHARDS!!!! Plus he torches priceless works of art cause he's a dick. 'A Renoir. I have three myself. I had four, but ordered one burned... It displeased me'"

"I know, this is the second list in a row where I've chosen the popular choice as my number one, but deal. He's DOOM, for Kong's sake!"

"What else can we say of Dr Doom? He's the best, and rightly so. Because Mephisto made him who he is. Because that person Doom became quickly surpassed Mephisto and everyone else in the MU. Because not even Magneto can claim to be as righteously angry as Doom can be. Because Doom knows no defeat. His hatred knows no end. People at DC can talk about how Darkseid "Is", but in the House of Ideas, there is Doom. And only Doom. One man that Mark Waid understood perfectly: who's devoted his adult life to destroying a man he blames for destroying him half a lifetime ago, and he's brought almost the rest of the Marvel Universe into the struggle. Just to prove superior. To be able to give that very human response: "I was right and you were wrong." This is a Russian epic on speed: Brubaker's mini from 05-06 understood this well. Any comic Doom enters, he owns. Utterly. And rightly so."

"Dr. Doom, that is. A master of science and magic, Dr. Doom has all the tools to defeat any foe at any time. And you have to respect a man that stole the Power Cosmic from Galactus himself, however it was retconned later. Even death cannot stop him, as he has clawed his way out of hell before, and I doubt he would have a problem doing it again."

"Doctor Doom takes no shit from anyone. Ever. Read Marvel Super Villain Team Up. I Beg You. HE DOES NOT FUCK AROUND. He'll wear his dead girlfriend. And his pimp hand is STRONG."

"Really, does anything NEED to be said about this one? Never mind, I'll say it anyway. Comics' greatest villain, and it ain't even close. You want smarts? Doom's undeniably one of the two smartest men in the universe. Created a working time machine. Created a device, which can actually travel to Heaven or Hell. Created a suit of armor bad enough to rival the Iron Man armor, and that's just from dabbling. Power? Self-made ruler of a country. Second in line to the universe's Sorcerer Supreme (and beat his ass in Unthinkable). Success? He's beaten heavyweights like Silver Surfer, the Beyonder, and Mephisto BY HIMSELF. He conquered the entire world, and made it a better place to live, and then gave it up BECAUSE HE GOT BORED. Doom has the greatest origin in comics. He's so arrogant he ruined his own face over the tiniest of imperfections so no one would have to see his scars. He is DOOM, accept no substitutes."

"So you fail an experiment to get your mom's soul out of hell and scar your face , what do you do?? Hmm take over a country, arm it with countless droids and also be the originator of L.M.D. with Doombots, learn the dark arts, then drag you rival and his family to hell, and try to pawn off the worlds greatest magician for you moms soul on your second attempt...yep that’s my Doom!"

doom2.jpg"The best."

"Hard to mess with a guy who once took over the Earth and gave it back because he was bored."

"Solid character, a little overused but for a reason."

"Doom works best as a political leader villain than a crazy scientist. I hope to see him written better soon as well. Here hoping Dark Reign will provide that."

"I really don't like calling him a villain, per se. He just seems to be a supremely proud, but jealous man. Who happens to be a dark wizard, master engineer, and monarch of his own country."

"Seriously though, there's no way Doom is anything less than the best of the best. He's all hard work and determination. He'd be the greatest GL of all time. He's more driven to be the best than anyone in the Marvel U. He's a regular guy who's built himself into so much more. He's taken on guys with 100x the power of himself and come out on top. He's faced the Devil and made him blink. He's taken on Thanos without a second thought. He's helped the heroes and in many alternate Earth stories he's proven that if he was in charge the world would be much, much better. If he hasn't been used well in recent years, it's not because the character isn't awesome, it's because the writers are dumb."

"Doom's greatest strength isn't his armor, or even his brilliant mind. It's his will. In all Marvel nobody not even The Thing (whose never say die attitude is insane) have Doom's willpower. The man has come back from alien galaxies, foreign dimensions, prisons, and even Hell. Doom took on being a trillion times more powerful because Doom doesn't know the word "can't". He is awesome."

"He's a complete badass, he's made a small piece of shit village into a world superpower just by being there. He's probably the second smartest man on the planet and has just done a bunch of badass things."

Was there any doubt? I mean really? Doom is the best. Doom will always be the best. I know many people think Doom is over rated, but no, they are mistaken. He almost made 1,000 points. That would have been a first in all five of the Top Lists we have done. Why is he the best? Well, the quotes alone should tell you. He has taken over the world. Twice. He is a master sorcerer, one of the smartest men in the world, he has the strongest willpower in the Marvel Universe. Hell, if he were in the DCU he would have a Green Ring, a Yellow Ring, and a Red Ring on his fingers. I really cannot wait for Doom to hand Osborn his ass. And, it will happen. I want to see a World War in the Marvel Universe. Doom and Namor vs. Osborn and America with the heroes caught in the middle. Congrats Doom, you deserved it. Let the doubters scoff, but you are on top of this list, and soon to be on top of the Marvel Universe.

Victor was the child of Gypsy travelers in Latveria, a small European country. Victor's mother was killed when she called upon the demon Mephisto for power. Victor's father died soon afterwards trying to protect his son. Victor discovered his mother's mystical books and artifacts. He made several unsuccessful attempts to free his mother's soul from Mephisto.

Victor excelled in science, developed several inventions, and was eventually given a scholarship to Empire State University. While attending university Victor met Reed Richards, who would later become his enemy, Mr. Fantastic. In school, they were considered scholarly rivals.

One day, Victor designed an invention to rescue his mother, which would become his greatest downfall. Richards attempted to warn Victor of an error in his calculations. However Doom's arrogance refused to let him listen. The machine then exploded, scarring his face, and led to his expulsion from the university.

Doom went to Tibet and found an old order of monks. Doom asked them to make his first suit of armor. Eager to wear the suit, Doom placed the still-hot steel faceplate to his face, scarring him more than before. As Dr. Doom, he overtook and gained control of Latveria. Using his intellect and inventions, he turned Latveria into a thriving nation. In his quest to conquer the world, Doom had several run-ins with his former rival, Reed Richards and his super group, the Fantastic Four. He first tried to get the Fantastic Four to steal some gems from the past, which were Merlin's, but this failed. Dr. Doom has also fought the most number of heroes over his career.

One of his enemies was the Silver Surfer. He was able to steal the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic and become one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but was again stopped by the Fantastic Four. They managed to trick him into flying outside the Earth's boundaries, but Galactus had placed boundaries to stop the Silver Surfer from leaving, Doom's power was lost.

During the events of the first Secret Wars, he was able to steal the powers of Galactus and then the powers of the Beyonder. He was stopped when the Beyonder took possession of the Klaw's body and used Klaw's guile to trick Dr. Doom into losing his powers.

Dr. Doom became the runner-up at the Aged Genghis' contest. As stated in the rules of the match, he was given one request from the winner, Doctor Strange. Dr. Doom's request was to free his mother's soul from Mephisto. Together, they were able to free the soul of his mother, but at the price of her undying hatred against her son.

During his youth, he fell in love with a woman named Valeria, but she declineddoom.jpg his advances. He made a pact with the Hazareth Three, which involved sacrificing her in order to gain more power. This act is generally considered to be the precursor to a new Dr. Doom who regretted the crime against Valeria. It is stated to be the reason for Doom naming Reed's daughter Valeria, after the woman he truly loved but killed. He considers himself to be the self-appointed guardian of young Valeria as he feels this is the way he can atone for the death of his love. However, Marvel has not mentioned exactly what triggered this emotional sentiment in Doom to bring back the memory of Valeria. He became trapped in Hell when the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange tricked him.

When Mjolnir was floating and passing through all realities, it made a hole in hell for Doom to escape. When Mjolnir landed on Earth, Doom tried to claim it, but he was unworthy. He later returned to Latveria and rediscovered his magical heritage to defeat his enemies. He later welcomed Atlanteans to Latveria when their kingdom was destroyed and later aligned himself with Loki to plot against Thor and the release of Asgard's enemies

Doom faced the Mighty Avengers after he released Symbiote from one of his satellites. When Iron Man, Sentry, and Doom were fighting, they were suddenly brought back to the past. The three had to work together to get back to the present by using Mr. Fantastic's time machine from that timeline. But when they got back, Doom sent Iron Man to a time when his castle was only moments away from exploding. With Iron Man out of the way, he easily defeated the Avengers. Iron Man however, managed to escape in the nick of time. That, combined with Spider-Woman's breakout from Doom's prison proved to be the start of his downfall and Doom was finally apprehended. But once the Skrull Invasion dust settled, there was a new sheriff in town and he called a committee. Who is part of this little Cabal? Doom, Loki, The Hood, Namor, Emma Frost, and Norman Osborn at the head of the Table. Dark Reign is upon us, god bless our souls.

So there you go, your Top Marvel Villains. I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I have, even though there was a bit of drama this time around. Will there be more drama and stupid votes on other lists? I can't promise that, but I do hope you stick around for the Top Modern Characters. I want to thank misac for posting this on the front page, who always made my posts look so awesome. I wanna thank Lord Simian and the rest of the Outhouse crew for allowing me to take over the front page Monday to Friday. I want to send a special thanks out to Kid Impulse who helped me write some of the entries (and the sweet ass logo). He did write the entry for Apocalypse but I accidentally deleted it last minute. And to each and everyone of you who submitted lists, posted in the thread, ranted and raved and gave your impute on every single character that appeared.

Next week the nomination thread for Top Modern Character, characters from the last 20 years, will be posted. I look forward to your lists. And please, for the love of God, no Hood or Red Hulk. I am begging you.



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