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The LOST Report 2/19

Written by Chris on Thursday, February 19 2009 and posted in Features








Another new LOST came and went, and theepisode “316” went off without a hitch last night as the OceanicSix finally made their way back to the mysterious Island. Havingspent about a third of this season trying to convince the rest of thesurvivors that they “have to go back,” Jack and Ben succeeded,albeit without even realizing it in the cases of some of the Six.

Detailed Run-down

The episode opened where last week's“This Place Is Death” ended, with the Oceanic Six (sans Hurley,Aaron and Sayid,) Ben and Desmond all meeting up at Mrs. Hawking'schurch in Los Angeles. After being led down to the basement of thechurch by Hawking, the LOSTies found themselves face to face with yetanother Dharma station – The Lamp Post – built by the DharmaInitiative decades ago in order to originally find the Island.

Consisting of a giant Focault'sPendelum, maps, and various computers and pictures of the Island fromdifferent time periods, the Lamp Post contained a series ofmathematical formulas, which Hawking said could be used to determinewhere the Island would be at a given point in time. Knowing what weknow now, of course, this is because the Island has been jumpingaround in both space and time.

Desmond, after recognizing Mrs. Hawkingas the jeweler who refused to sell him an engagement ring in “FlashesBefore Your Eyes,” had had enough, and after a brief spat, he madeit known that he wanted nothing to do with Ben or Mrs. Hawking andleft the group, refusing to be a pawn in whatever game was beingplayed by Widmore and Ben.

According to Mrs. Hawking, however, therest of the LOSTies needed to recreate all the factors at play in theoriginal crash if they intended to return to the Island. As we sawlater in the episode, this meant that each character played a role,of sorts. With a time limit of 48 hours until the Island reappearssomewhere near Guam in the South Pacific, the gang seperatedfollowing their meeting with Hawking, ready to meet at the airportthe next day.

It's interesting to note that we onlyknow for sure what one character did in his “down time” until theflight, so far – that being Jack. Leaving the church, Ben said thathe had a “promise to keep to an old friend,” who we can onlyassume was Charles Widmore (Ben promised to kill Widmore's daughter,Penny, in retaliation for his own daughter, Alex, being killed byCharles' men on the Island.)

The rest of the episode followed Jack'sday, as he was told specifically by Mrs. Hawking that he needed togive Locke something of his father's for the flight, so that Locke'scoffin could play the role that Christian Shepard's coffin played inthe Pilot. This results in a quaint little tangent as Jack gets acall from a nursing home about his grandfather, who has attempted torun away. It's interesting to note that this is the first time wemeet Jack's grandfather, Ray Shepard (played by Raymond Barry) whogives Jack a pair of his dad Christian's old shoes, which Jack laterputs onto Locke's feet in the coffin.

When Jack returned home, he found Katelaying in his bed, with tears in her eyes. He asked her where Aaronwas, and Kate told him that if he was going back to the Island, shewould go with him on the condition that he never ask her that,or talk about Aaron ever again. After a tearful, yet passionate kiss,the two seemingly picked up where they left off before Jack'semotional meltdown last season.. however, something seemed off aboutKate, and she practically stormed out the next morning.

Jack, meanwhile, received a call from amysteriously bloodied Ben, who was calling from a pay phone in whatappeared to be a marina, telling him that he'd been sidetracked, andthat Jack would have to pick up Locke's body from the off-islandOther, Jill, at her butcher shop.

So, with coffin in hand, so to speak,Jack and the two other members of the Oceanic Six who had agreed toreturn to the Island reunited at the airport with Ajira Airlinestickets to Guam. As it turned out, however, they were not alone. AsJack and Sun looked on with shocked and confused looks, a woman wasseen in the background walking a handcuffed Sayid to the planeentrance. Their shock and confusion was seemingly met by Sayid aswell, as they boarded the plane and walked past his seat. As Ben'splan was finally coming to fruition, another piece of the puzzle fellinto place when Hurley boarded the plane, carrying a big guitar caseand a Spanish version of the first volume of Y: The Last Man.











The Oceanic Six had all reunited -except for the mysteriously-vanished Aaron - on the flight. After abrief panic attack from Hurley when he realized that a battered andbruised Ben would be joining them quieted down, the flight was onit's way. The pilot of the flight made the traditional introductionswelcoming everyone to Ajira Airlines, and introduced himself as afamiliar face.. Captain Frank J. Lapidus. Shocked to hear the name,Jack went up to the cockpit to see if he could talk to Frank.However, after a brief moment of pleasant surprise to see Jack,Lapidus noticed all the other members of the Oceanic Six and Ben, andput two and two together.... “We're not going to Guam, are we?”

And so, as time passed, the inevitableindeed happened. Or did it? The plane experienced some turbulence,and moments later there was a giant white flash of light comingthrough the windows, blinding all of the Six.

The next thing we saw was the familiareye-opening shot of Jack laying in the jungle as he awoke. There wasa sound in the background.. someone calling for help. Hero-complex infull gear, Jack started running through the jungle, eerilyreminiscent of his introduction in the Pilot episode, until he cameto a waterfall. In the lake underneath it, we saw Hurley clutchingonto his guitarcase for dear life. Jack dove in, and swamp Hurley tosafer waters, where we saw Kate laying on some rocks at the edge ofthe water. After awakening her, and with no one else from the flightin sight, and no sign of a plane wreckage anywhere, the three LOSTiesheard the sound of a car coming around a hill. As they looked up, wesaw the blue Dharma van, seemingly brand new, pull around and afigure in a Dharma jumpsuit jump out holding a rifle at them. Jack,Kate, and Hurley stood by the water, shocked.. as the camera pannedto the Dharma worker, we finally saw who it was – Jin! 












There's so much to go through thisepisode.. so much anticipation and suspense had been built up thisseason, and all for this moment – to see the Oceanic Six return tothe Island. The very thing John Locke died in order to bring about.From Mrs. Hawking's Lamp Post station revelations to Kate's tearfulbedroom scene with Jack, and finally ending it with Jack, Hurley, andKate finally back on the island and meeting Jin! This episode got aneasy 10/10 from me.

There were answers given, and therewere some new questions raised. Was Ben's promise to an old friendwhat we think it was? Afterall, if Desmond was in town, could Pennybe far behind? When he made that bloodied call to Jack, he wascalling from what appeared to be the Long Beach Marina.. surely, itcouldn't be a coincidence, considering that Penny and Desmond livedon Penny's boat, could it?

And what of Kate's scene with Jack?What happened to Aaron? The scene had a very scared/angry/passionatevibe to it. Something spooked her. Something made her change her mindabout returning to the Island. Something made her give up Aaron - andto whom? Did she give Aaron back to Claire's mother? And if so, whycan't she tell Jack? Surely, that wouldn't result in such an angrydemand from her..

What about the other two members of theOceanic Six who refused to return to the Island, but ended up on theAjira flight anyway? Sayid and Hurley both seemingly wanted nothingto do with Ben or the Island, yet they both shared the same scaredvibe that Kate had when we saw them on the plane. What brought thesudden change about? And why was Sayid in handcuffs?

There are layers upon layers ofquestions and mysteries on the show, so I can't imagine any of thesequestions lasting very long. We'll likely see them answered inflashbacks this season, since the return of the Oceanic Six to theIsland will probably cut back on the flashforward possibilities nowthat everyone is seemingly in the same time period again.

It was also interesting to note yetanother Chronicles of Narnia reference in the episode. The Lamp Poststation, for anyone who isn't familiar with the Narnia books, is areference to the lamp post that Lucy Pevensie finds when she makesher way through the wardrobe that leads to the Lantern Wastes, whichessentially leads her to Narnia. In much the same way, the Lamp PostDharma station originally led the Dharma Initiative to the Island,and was pivotal in the Oceanic Six returning to it in this episode.

This was just the latest in a long lineof Narnia references sprinkled throughout LOST the past two seasons.The biggest one was probably Charlotte's name: Charlotte StaplesLewis. The author of the Narnia books was C. S. Lewis. Also, whenCharlotte first arrived on the island, after jumping out of Lapidus'helicopter, she landed in the small lake and seemed overjoyed, as ifshe'd been there before (which we now know that she had.) This wasreminiscent of how the Pevensie kids arrived back in Narnia in PrinceCaspian.


Here are some theories posted on ourLOST Thread this week by some of the regular posters:

Posted by bob_at_york

Itis has been widely speculated that the O6 had to go back to theisland to save Sawyer and company (I want a name for them) because ofthe time shifts and nose bleeds. But what if they have to save themfrom Ben who is planning on gassing them at Dhrama?”

I've seen this theory around at severaldifferent places online, and it sounds very credible, doesn't it? Benkilled all of the Dharma Initiative on the island. We know this. Ithappened. It will happen again, now that they're back in the 70's.The question is... does Future Ben have a say in this? We know thatwhen Ben told Hurley that he killed all of Dharma, he said it wasn'this idea, that he was basically just following orders. Would FutureBen maybe want to stop it also?

On the flip side of that.. what ifSawyer & Co. aren't really with Dharma? What if they're justthere doing basically what we assume Daniel was doing when he showedup at the Orchid.. undercover, for whatever reason. Perhapsinfiltrating Dharma to try and get some answers..

Kind of on the same topic,EW columnist Jeff 'Doc' Jensen theorized that perhaps Daniel Faradaywas the person that Ben referred to when he told Hurley he wiped allof Dharma out. Jensen's theory, which can be seen in a video clip inthe latest column prior to last night's episode, said that Daniel didindeed infiltrate Dharma, and knowing what he does about time traveland physics became somewhat of a head honcho. This would be why wecan hear him in the background of the orientation video we saw forthe Orchid at SDCC last summer, and it would also explain how Danielwould be able to just go up to a young Charlotte and command her tonever return to the Island. Daniel Faraday, was essentially Ben'sfirst 'boss'.. and he was working from within Dharma to put a stop totheir time travel experiments.

I'll admit it is acrackpot theory.. it's out there, but then again, sometimes thosetheories are the best ones.

Here's another theory, bymisac

IfBen did kill Penny I'm guessing Desmond will lead a second Widmoregroup to the island. He knows Widmore has the resources and he knowsEloise can get them there.”

Thisis a very credible-sounding theory. We can only assume, at thispoint, that Ben killed Penny. We saw him make a phone call from amarina, and he was covered in blood.. this after telling Jack that hehad to go keep a promise to an old friend. The only thing standing inthe way of this, is LOST's tradition of misdirection. It just seemslike too obvious of a thing. If Ben was going to kill Penny, I thinkwe would actually SEE it happen first, rather than see theaftermath.. otherwise the actual impact of her death will belessened. And then there's the question of the cuts and bruises allover Ben's face..

Still,if he DID kill Penny.. I doubt anything would stand in the way ofDesmond from chasing him down. He would align himself with Widmore ina heartbeat if that's what it took. Of course, that would create aninteresting dynamic, as we've been told for a while now that CharlesWidmore is “the bad guy”..


The LOST Thread Rating: 8.00

 Ours Favorite LOST episodes, season 3 - current (continued from OldRama): 

* 9.3 Through the Looking Glass 
* 9.29 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 - Season 4 finale 
* 9.12 The Shape of Things to Come 
* 9.1 The Constant 
* 8.9 The Man Behind the Curtain 
* 8.8 This Place Is Death 
* 8.84 The Beginning of the End 
* 8.803 Confirmed Dead 
* 8.80 The Brig 
* 8.75 The Man From Tallahasse 
* 8.71 One of Us 
* 8.66 There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 
* 8.65 Cabin Fever 
* 8.58 The Economist 
* 8.3 Flashes Before Your Eyes 
* 8.26 Jughead 
* 8.2 Greatest Hits 
* 8.13 Eggtown 
* 8.06 Further Insructions 
* 8.0238 Every Man For Himself 
* 8.0232 Enter 77 
[b]* 8.0 316[/b]
* 7.98 Meet Kevin Johnson 
* 7.954 The Little Prince 
* 7.95 Left Behind 
* 7.93 Par Avion 
* 7.87 A Tale of Two Cities 
* 7.8 Glass Ballerina 
* 7.74 Ji Yeon 
* 7.407 Because You Left/The Lie 
* 7.704 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead 
* 7.703 Expose 
* 7.702 I Do 
* 7.6 Something Nice Back Home 
* 7.4 D.O.C. 
* 7.3 Not in Portland 
* 7.1 The Other Woman 
* 7.0 Catch-22 
* 6.9 The Cost of Living 
* 6.2 Stranger in a Strange Land 

Anyway..that's it for this week, folks. We've “The Life and Death of JeremyBentham” next week, which will finally tell us what happened toLocke off the island. Just judging from the title, I'm assuming thiswill be very similar to the Michael-centric episode we had in Season4, in that it'll focus almost entirely on Locke.







So,tune in next Thursday for the next edition of The LOST Report!


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