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Looking Ahead: March 2009

After a long break, GLX is back to preview next month's comics.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3

GLX: Despite the fact that it's been years since the first 2 issues came out, I'm looking foward to this. Digged the first 2 issues and I'm likely to dig the rest of the mini series.

Secret Warriors #2

GLX: Considering the last issue's shock ending, I'm intrigued on where this comic is going.

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1

GLX: Jonathon Hickman writing the Fantastic Four. 'Nuff said.

Deadpool #8/Thunderbolts #130

GLX: This crossover has potential. I digging the current Thunderbolts team and I've heard some good things about Deadpool.

Ghost Rider #33

GLX: Lord knows that I love Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider run, but this issue is particularly interesting because of Tony Moore on pencils. Looking foward to it.

War of Kings #1

GLX: Looks great, though I've lost some enthusiasm for it( since I'm behind on reading Guardians of the Galaxy).

Wolverine #71

GLX: Solely mentioned due to the extreme quality of Old Man Logan. It's shaping up to the be the best Wolverine tale of the decade.

Simon Dark #18

GLX: Sad to see this title get canceled. Lovely series.

Pick of the Month-Spider-Man and the Human Torch IN...!Bahia De Los Muertos!

GLX: Hell yes. Loved Tom Beland and Juan Doe's previous work on a Fantastic Four special. This should kick some serious ass.

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