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Super Reads Dark Reign and War of Kings

Written by SuperginraiX on Wednesday, March 04 2009 and posted in Features
badguy39.jpgMore great fun nearly every week!

Today, we check out Dark Avengers #2, Guardians of the Galaxy #10, X-Men:Kingbreaker #3, and then blast to the past for Uncanny X-Men #'s 151 & 152. Enjoy and spread the word!

Spoilers Ahead!

This is a smaller, more manageable week of comics to deal with. This time: the Dark Avengers fail for the first time, the Guardians meet Mr. Fantastic, there's a Summers reunion, and Storm misplaces her mind.

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Let's get our geek on.

da2.jpgDark Avengers #2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

37 years ago, Morgana La Fay attempted to kill Dr Doom. Well, Victor Von Doom. In Marvel continuity, he was like 10... which means, in the present, he's really old. I guess that means Mr Fantastic would be 47 or so, too. I would have guessed younger but I'm getting off topic. Morgana Le Fay ATTEMPTED to kill Doom before he was Doom but didn't. She decided killing a child before the crime was committed was pretty weak so she takes her killing knife and her monster minions and heads up the time stream a little more, leaving a freaked out Doom to wake from some nightmare or another to only have the faintest of clues how close he came to dying prematurely.

Yeah, probably not that close, really.

Today, Norman Osborn has to christen the new Agents of HAMMER. They're former Hydra and SHIELD agents but they're all commited to defend the world. No one really knows what HAMMER stands for yet. In the background is a very militant looking new HAMMER helicarrier/ airship. It's pretty Star Wars themed with model pieces slapped on to make it cool. Also in this scene? Ms. Victoria Hand and she's dressed for the part of Deputy Director in full spy agent gear. She'll wear it the rest of the issue so get used to it!

In Latveria, an all grown up Dr. Doom and his Thunderbolts Agent escorts are facing Morgana and her army of monster minions. It's not an even fight. Doom tries to convince Morgana that the reason he never returned to her was because he was captured by that bastard Iron Man and that he was just released but Morgana has revenge on her mind. Maybe she knows something we don't. Maybe she's just nuts. All we really know is that it's a battle with lightning and magic between Doom and Le Fay. Between lighting strikes, one of the T-Bolt Agents radios home for help.

At Avengers Tower, Norman and his Avengers are enjoying a post-press conference buffet. Bullseye/Hawkeye is mentioning how his mother would have loved him being an Avengers if only he hadn't killed her. He's only joking, folks. She wouldn't really have cared.

Norman lays down some ground rules. No talking to the press. No interacting with the press. Ares rankles at this but Osborn is quick to point out that Ares doesn't even WANT to talk to the press. No in-fighting. Everyone gets along and plays well together or it's a trip straight back to Thunderbolts Mountain. While he's delivering the rules, his Iron Patriot suit is disassembling and storing itself in the belt buckle.

Yeah, the belt buckle. Even with the smaller suits like the Extremis Armor, Tony could only get them down to fit into a suitcase. The Iron Patriot Armor fits in a belt buckle. Either we're dealing with Flash physics (and the Flash's suit isn't metal so you can deal with that more easily) or we're dealing with a much weaker suit that probably relies on his Goblin strength for most of it's "power."

So, what are the new Avengers going to do? Norman, Ms. Hand, and Ares are going to be putting a list of targets together and they are going to hit them. Moonstone (Ms. Marvel--I'll get used to it eventually) gets a little ticked that she's slipped a little on the leadership scale. She's field leader of the Avengers but she answers to Ms. Hand who answers to Norman. They aren't going after Skrulls. They aren't going after Tony Stark (Ares and Sentry seem very interested to get an answer to that question... loyalty or something else?). Moonstone/Ms. Marvel wants to get introductions from everyone so they all get to know each other better and she can figure out who Daken is. This is about the time Spider-Woman interupts them but that doesn't happen here. That's New Avengers #50.

Here, we quickly cut over to the fight between Doom and Morgana. They're having a magic-off. Morgana wins. Doom falls and, before he can retaliate, a monster minion smashes him down again.

In Avengers Tower, Norman is explaining that Daken is the Dark Wolverine. Everyone needs a Wolverine. Ms. Hand delivers word that Doctor Doom is under attack. Looks like the Dark Avengers have their first mission. It's not what Norman had in mind but it's passable. They make their way to Latveria with the non-fliers in a new decidedly non-Quinjet looking transport.

In Latveria, Le Fay's monster minion is standing on top of Doom and looking MUCH smaller. Could be a different minion all together. Morgana readies herself for the killing strike with the evil looking dagger. Enter: The Dark Avengers. Ares ID's the opponent (it's Morgana Le Fay!) and the Avengers' ride is swiftly downed by a hungry dragon. It's passengers are the resilient type so no worries.

Iron Patriot gives Morgana the ultimatum: Surrender or leave. Morgana is stunned. Leave? Seriously? Norman takes this as a challenge and sics his Superman on her. Sentry promptly rips off Morgana's head.

Sentry's not sure he did the right thing so he makes sure to ask the guy in the shiny armor. Norman assures him that it was the best thing ever. The team checks on Dr. Doom who is still down for the count. He's still alive but that's about all they're gonna find out. Ares fills everyone in on the fact that they were fighting a sorceress from the Middle Ages who must have time traveled to take on Doom. Time travel is nearly always annoying. I mean, even in Back to the Future it's annoying. If you see your future self you may cause the universe to explode or you'll pass out? One or the other? Grah.

So, here you get one of the more annoying aspects of fighting a magical time traveler: she finds out how she dies and makes it not happen somehow. So she's back and the Sentry explodes like a thousand suns... of lightning. Lot of lightning in this book.

Ares orders Le Fay to go back to the past where she belongs but Morgana has other plans. After making some comments about how much Zeus doesn't really care what happens to Ares (and I was under the impression that Zeus was as dead as Odin in the Marvel U... I may have to recheck those facts...) Morgana uses some crazy magic to cause Venom to lose control, revert to his more savage form, and eat Ares.

While Venom's chomping down on the god of war, Iron Patriot is hit by an explosive attack of his own and the rest of the team is attacked by a horde of monster minions. It's a great beginning to their first battle!

gotg10.jpgGuardians of the Galaxy #10
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Brad Walker

Blastaar's army is overrunning the defenses of 42, the Initiative Prison, after Skeleton Ki opened the door for him. Star-Lord (Peter Quill), and Jack Flagg (the super-powered guy in the wheelchair), are basically fighting alone against Blastaar's Negative Zone army. Blastaar finds Ki and rewards him with his life. The rest of the prisoners are given the ultimatum: Surrender or Die. Yes, die. You don't get the option to leave in the Negative Zone. Everyone gives in except for Quill and Flagg.

Quill probably doesn't have much choice. Blastaar would most likely have killed him anyway. For his continued defiance, Blastaar uses his explosive powers to fly closer to the due and make Star-Lord's death very personal. He's shot back down to ground by Star-Lord and Flagg. With that, they're out of ammo and make a run for it only to come across the group of fellow prisoners that Flagg stunned last issue: Condor, Gorilla-Man (not the same dude as the one in Agents of Atlas), and Bison. They're awake and not happy. Did I mention our heroes are out of bullets?

Outside 42, the Guardians have teleported in, zeroing in on Star-Lord's passport but finding no Star-Lord. What they've found is a heck of a lot of Blastaar's army spoiling for a fight. Rocket Raccoon blames Cosmo, the Russian Dog security chief of Knowhere (which is where the Guardians have their HQ) but it turns out it's not the dog's fault. Star-Lord's passport is in his suit and he's currently not wearing it, having been stripped down to his skin by Blastaar's men last issue. Mantis uses her telepathy to find Peter's real location and Cosmo readjusts Knowhere's teleportation system to leave this fight behind for a new one inside the prison.

The Guardians appear just in time. Just in time to kick some villain @$$!

The team makes short work of Condor, Gorilla-Man, and Bison. Peter is reunited with his lost teammates. This is the first time he's been with the Guardians since the team disbanded under him. Since he left, Rocket recruited Bug and had Major Victory, Groot, and Mantis step up to active field duty. Jack Flagg looks at his saviors and can't help but notice that Groot is a giant walking tree. He hates cosmic stuff.

Blastaar finally catches up to Star-Lord only to watch as the Guardians port out. The king of the Negative Zone is pretty ticked off at their escape.

For more cosmic stuff, we join Adam Warlock and Gamora as they have a meeting with the Matriarch of the Church of Universal Truth. Adam's here to claim his messiah-hood from them. They're supposed to worship him and it's time they got to doing just that. The Matriarch doesn't know if Adam is the actual Warlock, though. There have been fakes. Adam claims that he will stop the Kree-Shi'ar War (Part two: Electric Boogaloo AKA War of Kings) from happening and prove he's the real false god for them to worship. With that, the two former Guardians are off and the Matriarch is upset.

You see, there's a cocoon in the Church's possession that she was certain was the actual Warlock. He always returns in a cocoon after near death experiences and here's a cocoon ready and waiting. What's inside if Warlock is already running about? The Matriarch reaches out and touches the cocoon only to get a shock from it's occupant and a big purple face with glowing eyes appears behind her representing the guy inside. She demands it be opened immediately. Who's inside? Could it be anyone BUT Magus the evil, alternate dimension Adam Warlock and founder of the Church of Universal Truth? Any other guesses? That's mine.

Back in the Negative Zone, Blastaar is looking over his victory. 42 is his and, with it, a doorway to the positive universe and Earth. He just needs to get through. He orders Skeleton Ki to get right on it.

In the positive universe and on Earth, Star-Lord (back in uniform) and his Guardians are meeting with some earth scientists (and Guantlet from Avengers: The Initiative). We've got Reed Richards, Baron Von Blitzkrieg, and a few scientist-type guys. He's demanding they NEVER open up the gate to the Negative Zone ever again. He's told them about Blastaar and his army on the other side. Reed agrees not to open the door even if he wants a peek at a Negative Zone army but he doesn't even know who he's talking to. As the Guardians are porting away, Peter tells the assembled scientists that they are... The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Reed and his buddies still have no clue who they are. It's cool, though. Star-Lord wasn't that familiar with them, either.

Back on Knowhere, we see Peter talking to a now walking Jack Flagg. Apparently cosmic stuff is good at fixing handicaps if nothing else. Flagg agrees to hang out for a while because, well, he's wanted on earth. He might as well be here than in jail. Do we have a new team member? We'll find out!

In Knowhere's security area, Major Victory is doing his stare-down with Starhawk. She's talking about how time is changing. There's a war coming. It's the War of Kings and it apparently ends everything.

Huh. Ending everything would be terrible for Marvel Comics sales. Hope someone stops that.

xmkb3.jpgX-Men: Kingbreaker #3
Writer: Chris Yost
Pencilers: Dustan Weaver w/ Paco Diaz

The Oviod ship, Mindlight, is entering Kree Space. Since Kree Space is protected by an unbreakable barrier (unbreakable unless you're the Inhumans), they need to get clearance to enter or they need to turn around pretty quickly before they're destroyed. They ask for an audience with Ronan the Accuser in the name of the Galactic Council. They have a very important Recorder Unit to show him. It's the one that witnessed Emperor Vulcan killing the Galactic Council Members that had an audience with him. It's probably worth admission.

Over the planet Kr'kn, the Starjammer is working to get planetside while Marvel Girl flies interference. Rachel takes the Shi'ar defensive ships down in waves as the Starjammer hits the atmosphere. Rachel wants to join them but Lilandra reminds her of her part in the plan. Aboard the Shi'ar space station orbiting the planet, a message has been sent to Chandilar. Vulcan will be here shortly. They try to warn the prison below but it has gone black.

Inside that prison, the Starjammers are continuing their prison break. Ch'od is telling Havok and Polaris that staying here is still a bad idea. There's only one way out and it's through external teleportation. Since they just severed communication with the orbiting space station, they're sort of stuck inside. Havok still can't charge his cosmic powers inside the prison (at least not quickly), and there's no way to defeat Vulcan at his current power levels. Raza has used this time to replace his missing mechanical bits and arm up to the teeth. He throws Havok a rifle so that their leader is at least capable of some offensive action.

Unfortunately, while they've been breaking out of prison, they've also been weakening the prison systems so that, now, there's a massive prison break. The prison guards are going to be slaughtered. Yeah, these are the guys that tortured them but we're dealing with two former X-Men. They don't kill easily. It's off to defend the oppressors!

Back on Chandilar, Deathbird and Admiral Ka'arduum express their concerns about Vulcan killing off the Galactic Council Envoy. They could be waging war against the rest of the universe. Vulcan disagrees. After the Annihilation War and the Kree's own Phalanx attack, the Shi'ar are pretty much the only super power left. Ronan has even stepped down as leader of the Kree to be replaced by Blackbolt of the Inhumans. This is the time for the Shi'ar to shine. He gets word that the Clench world where the remaining Starjammers were hiding has been destroyed by the Hodinn (in the last issue).

Vulcan wants confirmation of the Starjammers' deaths and Gladiator wants to know why there's another Hodinn running around when the only known one, G-Type, is dead. There's no time to answer silly, relevant questions, though. News has come in from Kr'kn.

Near the Clench worlds, a Shi'ar transport is sent to retrieve the mad Hodinn.

In the Kr'kn prison, Havok and his team do their best to stop a prison riot while not killing anyone. They're doing a damn good job. In orbit, Marvel Girl has taken care of the Shi'ar armada and is trying to scan the prison below. She's not getting anything. Lilandra orders he to maintain her position. The former Majestrix and Korvus teleport into the prison and meet up almost immediately with their teammates.


This actually changes Havok's plans. Lilandra is being chased down by the prisoner Imperial Guard that attacked them on the Clench world last issue. They need to leave. They don't get the chance. The Dark Imperial Guard is on them.

While they attack below, the Shi'ar deliver the Hodinn to the battle and that just makes it a matter of time before Kr'kn is destroyed. Inside the prison, the Starjammers are doing their best to hold off the Dark Imperials but Raza is infected by the Symbiote that had attached itself to a Shi'ar host after he performs a mercy killing on that host. Havok and Lilandra don't have time to help. Vulcan and the Imperial Guard proper have arrived.

It's still a race to the Hodinn destroying everything but the stakes are incredibly raised.

And now, more Emma Frost!

uxm151.jpgThe Uncanny X-Men #151
Writer: Chris Claremont
Pencilers: Jim Sherman & Bob McLeod

Kitty Pryde is leaving the X-Men and she's not happy about it. Her parents have sent a letter saying that, even though her grades are spectacular and she loves it at Xavier's, they feel she would be better served at Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy. Apparently, there's no psi-intervention happening or anything. Xavier has no choice but to respect Kitty's parents wishes even though he knows that the Hellfire Club is deeply involved in Emma's school.

Kitty does her teenage thing and runs to her room to pout. Storm comes up to check on her hours later which is when the X-Men's leader learns all about Emma Frost's involvement. Frost kidnapped her, Logan, and Colossus back in the beginning stages of the Dark Phoenix Saga and it wasn't a pleasant kidnapping to say the least. That confrontation ended with Phoenix defeating the White Queen in a psionic duel by shattering Emma's mind. Apparently, she's gotten better.

Ororo decides to drive Kitty to the Massachusetts Academy personally, all the while expecting an attack. They get there safe and sound and then realize that the Hellfire Club doesn't need to attack them. They've already won. While Kitty is getting settled, Ororo waits in the lounge thinking about how she wished they had prevented this from ever happening. This is when she encounters the White Queen. There's a flash of light and whatever battle was happening is quickly ended.

Later, Kitty says a heartfelt goodbye to Ororo and the two part. Kitty goes off to orientation and Ororo drives back to the X-Mansion.

Ororo doesn't get more than a few miles away before she pulls over to the side of the road to test her powers out. It's as if she's learning things for the first time... because she is. She nearly loses control close to the end but rallies well. After she's done testing her new abilities, she enjoys a smoke and calls up Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost has taken over Storm's body with the help of a mind replacement gun. They proceed with their plan.

Back at the Massachusetts Academy, two Hellfire Guards are doing just that (guarding) to a captive Storm. She wakes up to find herself in a body not her own. It's probably worse than waking up with a hang over.

At the X-Mansion, Nightcrawler is making out with his sister near the lake. I mean, ick. OK, so Amanda Sefton isn't his biological sister but her mother raised Kurt after he was abandoned by his own family. He's known Amanda his whole life and I guess this is the way gypsies roll. Claremont likes pushing taboo buttons but it was the eighties and he could only push them so far. We left it to Loeb to really creep us out with full on gypsy brother loving gypsy sister fun in Ultimates volume three. It appears Sentinels are just as happy about this as I am. One attacks the two from the lake and we're suddenly going from a creepy romantic scene to a full on X-Men versus Sentinels battle royale.

As with most X-Men/ Sentinel battles, the X-Men emerge victorious... this time after the timely arrival of Storm. In the scuffle, Wolverine, Professor X, and Cyclops were downed by the Sents. Storm gets the remaining X-Men and Sefton to lower their defenses before hitting them with a lighting bolt.

At the Massachusettes Academy, the real Storm is using her lockpicking abilities in a body she's not accustomed to wearing. She no sooner leaves her room when she is overcome by the thoughts of everyone in psi-range. She collapses under the strain as the to Hellfire Guards rush her. In her panic, she is able to escape them. Outside on the Academy grounds, she is able to recall her dead friend, Jean Grey, telling her how to block out the thought of others and she is able to do the same if not perfectly.

Storm in Emma's body runs to Kitty's dorm room. This, of course, is the attack that Kitty was expecting from the beginning. She makes her move to run and Storm, still unaccustomed to her new powerset, psi-blasts Kitty unconsious. Oops?

uxm152.jpgThe Uncanny X-Men #152
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Bob McLeod

We catch up with Kitty and Storm in Emma's body as they are racing down a rainy road and being chased by Emma in Storm's body. The problem? Kitty is unconscious from the last issue's psi-blast. When she wakes up, she freaks out and starts phasing through the car. This causes Storm to panic and the car hydroplanes off the road, does a flip, and explodes upon hitting the ground. Emma is following too closely and is hit by the explosion. She turns off her brain and simply reacts; using her newly aquired wind powers to launch herself away.

Kitty is fine. She was phasing at the time and, while still groggy, is able to ride it out with no injuries. In an unlikely event, Ororo is fine as well. She's knocked out but somehow was thrown from the car without receiving so much as a broken arm. Kitty still doesn't know that Storm is occupying Emma's body but still manages to do her X-Men bit and rescue the person she believes to be the bad guy.

Emma returns to the X-Mansion pretty ticked off. She believes that her original body is lost to her after being incinerated in the car crash. After accelerating away from the explosion, she returned to check for bodies and found nothing. Sebastion Shaw consoles her and reminds the current Storm that there was a mind transfering gun involved in being in her current predicament. She can have any body she chooses and Storm's is a better pick than most. With that, the two make out.

Kitty has tied up Ororo using a special knot that only Storm can get out of. She didn't do this as a test for Storm. It's just a really good knot to tie bad guys up with. Still, Ororo is doing her best to explain that she isn't really Emma Frost and that the X-Men are in danger. Since, if she were Emma, she'd be able to use her telepathy to answer any question Kitty asked, it's really going to be hard to prove her bona fides. Getting out of a knot that only Storm could have escaped from is a good start. The two are going back to the X-Mansion but Kitty won't trust Ororo... even though she's beginning to do so despite herself.

The rest of the X-Men are captured. They've been allowed to hang out on a couch in the Mansion with power inhibitors put in place. They are also sitting uncomfortably close to one another while surrounded by Hellfire goons and Harry Leland. Leland's the big fat guy who can control the weight of anyone or thing. That's a good power if you're horribly obese. You'll also notice that two of the Hellfire guards are wearing reverse color costumes. Those two would be Wade Cole and either Murray Reese or Angelo Macon: The Reavers. They were some of the unfortunate Hellfire guards that faced down Wolverine during the Dark Phoenix Saga. They have a huge grudge going that might have something to do with the fact that Logan nearly killed them and they survive through bionic enhancement and cyborg parts. Wolverine is taken away by the Reavers and Leland for punishment.

Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost (wearing Storm's body in her White Queen costume) have entered by this point and no one really believes that Storm would turn on her team. Still, there she is in the White Queen clothes looking pretty evil. Also in this scene is Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler's adopted sister and... lady friend. It's still pretty damn creepy. She's a gypsy witch and, since she's not shackled with power inhibitors, she's working on a spell of some kind. She'll be working on it for the next few scenes.

Kitty and Ororo have contacted Kitty's dance instructor, Stevie Hunter, using Ororo's telepathy powers. Hunter picks them up and drives them to the Mansion. Kitty phases her head out of the car to get a better look at the grounds and the forces they'll have to face only to get chastised by Storm for possibly revealing their presence. Kitty's really starting to think Emma may actually be Ororo but she still tries really hard not to act on that. Stevie waits by the car as the two X-Men sneak onto the Mansion grounds. No sooner have Kitty and Storm disappeared than Sebastian Shaw and the White Queen show up. Shaw overturns Stevie's car and, since Stevie was leaning on it, causes Ms. Hunter to crash to the ground. The two Hellfire Clubbers start questioning their prisoner.

Back in the X-Mansion, the Reavers and Harry Leland kill Wolverine. Everyone's heartbroken over that because it's still a new thing to nearly kill Wolverine before his healing factor kicks in and revives him from whatever you put him through. Sefton's still working her magic.

On the Mansion grounds, Ororo tries to establish a temporary psychic rapport with Kitty and nearly fries her brain. She recalls Jean Grey telling her exactly how to do it if she ever happened to sprout telepathy and is successful on a second attempt. While linked up, Storm is able to help Kitty pick locks to the hangar bay for the X-Plane. While Kitty's doing that, Ororo is assaulted by the White Queen and Sebastian Shaw. Emma is happy to see that her body is still alive but the villains won't have time to capture it. Kitty succeeds in opening the hangar bay and Ororo slips in quickly to escape. Also, since Ororo's weather powers require constant control over your emotions, Emma is quickly losing control of them.

Kitty runs the mile from the hangar bay to the main house only to encounter a still breathing Wolverine. He's so mysterious that he doesn't even have to explain his resurrection. Luckily, we have caption boxes to explain that THIS was the result of the spell that Sefton was casting in the last few scene. She made everyone think Logan was dead so that he would be free to do what he does best. Logan knows where the X-Men are and Kitty can phase through mechanical devices and disrupt them. She quickly runs into the room holding the X-Men and phases through their power inhibitors (even though the picture doesn't actually show her phasing through most of them, every shackle IS undone. It's like magic!).

Leland tries his best to use his mass powers on the X-Men but he's up against Colossus who simply shrugs it off and gets down to business. The freed X-Men start attacking anyone in Hellfire Club gear.

Wolverine defeats and lectures Wade Cole about his sad attitude on life. "Oh no! I'm a cyborg! My life is OVER!" Logan pretty much tells him to quit his whining and try enjoying the fact that he's still got a life to live... and, technically, they attacked him first.

Shaw and the White Queen rush the scene. Shaw is thrown into the lake by Colossus which removes him from the battle. The battle with Emma in Ororo's body is more complicated. No one really knows if this is mind control or what's going on so there's a sense of kid gloves being put into play. It's at about this time that Emma loses complete control of the weather and accidentally fries Sebastian Shaw with an errant lightning bolt. Ororo finally shows up to end things. She uses her telepather to take control of Emma's weather powers and calm the storm a bit. We then realize why she wasn't running around with Kitty after the hangar incident.

During her encounter with Emma earlier, Storm picked up just what was going on with the body transferance and used her time locating the gun that switched their minds around. The two are now airborn as Ororo pulls the gun on Emma and the two are switched back into their proper bodies. Storm catches the falling White Queen before she hits the ground. Ororo blasts herself with lightning to remove that pesky White Queen costume her body's been wearing. Naked, she makes her move to kill Emma Frost for the trouble she's caused.

Fortunately, Wolverine is there to prevent Storm from taking a life. Yes. Wolverine. After all that business is over with, there's a cease-fire called and Emma looks very emotionally distraught for having downed Sebastian Shaw (even though this would fly in the face of the events of the latest Uncanny X-Men Annual that adds a little more history to her and Shaw's relationship). With Shaw out of commision, the Hellfire Club doesn't pose a threat to the X-Men... though, inside her head, Emma vows revenge against the entire X-Men team. As an added bonus, Kitty gets to rejoin Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters... I wonder if her parents get a say in that...

That is it for this time. Tune in soon for an action packed explosion of WAY TOO MANY DARK REIGN BOOKS! It's like I'm putting Joe Q's kids through college over here! :D

Until next time: Who Do YOU Trust?
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