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The LOST Report 3/7

Written by Chris on Saturday, March 07 2009 and posted in Features
The eighth episode of the season, "LaFleur" aired this week, and we finally learned the fate of the LOSTies who remained on the Island. When last we saw them, Sawyer & Co. had just flashed and lost contact with Locke after he dropped down the well to the donkey wheel. This week, after several teases throughout the season, the Island's past met it's future as the gang finally met the Dharma Initiative. We saw familiar faces, met some new ones along the way, and the scene was set for a big reunion at the end of the episode. So let's jump right into things, as there's alot to talk about this week...


The eighth episode of the season, "LaFleur" aired this week, and we finally learned the fate of the LOSTies who remained on the Island. When last we saw them, Sawyer & Co. had just flashed and lost contact with Locke after he dropped down the well to the donkey wheel. This week, after several teases throughout the season, the Island's past met it's future as the gang finally met the Dharma Initiative. We saw familiar faces, met some new ones along the way, and the scene was set for a big reunion at the end of the episode. So let's jump right into things, as there's alot to talk about this week...


Previously on LOST... the episode opens with a brief description of how everyone came to be where they are. We saw Locke being caught in the flash, in the middle of the well, falling and breaking his leg.. turning the donkey wheel.. and Sawyer & Co. finding themselves quite some time in the past, as they quickly realized that the rope leading down into the well that they had just lowered John down on, was now leading into the ground. It was only until they looked up that they realized just how far in the past they might be. In the distance, standing tall, was the full figure of  what we have come to know as the Four-Toed Statue, which we originally saw in the Season 2 finale, "Live Together, Die Alone."

We also see Locke down by the donkey wheel again, as he turned it and fixed the Island's time-hopping. (It's interesting to note that we had different camera angles this time, and Christian Shephard was nowhere to be seen.) The Island flashed one final time, both for John and Sawyer & Co., and when the gang picked themselves off the ground, they realized that this final flash was different - it was much stronger, and they were no longer feeling the after-effects of the flashes.. no headaches, no bleeding noses.. the Island had finally stopped jumping through time. 

We had a nice bit of jumping back and forth through time this episode, as we were next sent "Three Years Later" in the timeline..

Two Dharma employees, a man and a woman, were seen having a good time inside The Pearl station, with the giant wall of monitors behind them as they danced to some music, until a third employee walked in and killed the mood completely. As they argued about slacking off, the woman noticed something on one of the monitors.. Horace, the Dharma guy we saw in "The Man Behind The Curtain" and again in "Cabin Fever" was near the 'security fence' seemingly completely drunk and playing with sticks of dynamite. After forcing the girl out of the station, the two men decided they had no choice but to run and tell "LaFleur" about the situation.

As they ran up to the door and knocked, "LaFleur" opened the door and they informed him of the problem with Horace. The camera shifted to their point of view, and we saw the identity of LaFleur - it was Sawyer!

After the traditional LOST intro, we saw Sawyer pull up next to a house in the blue Dharma van, and Miles came running out. Both of them in Dharma jumpsuits, the two drove to the fence, where we saw Horace passed out on the grass and a blown up tree smoldering behind him. After telling Miles to clean up the fire, Sawyer hoisted Horace into the van and drove him home. As he carried him into his house, we met Amy, who appeared to be pregnant and ready to pop at any time. She told Sawyer that she had gotten in a fight with Horace about something personal. but before she had a chance to tell "LaFleur" what it was, she clutched her stomach and doubled over.. the baby was coming..

We flashed back to "Three Years Earlier," where just after realizing that the Island's time-hopping had stopped, Sawyer & Co. were trekking through the jungle when they stumbled upon a completely distraught Daniel. When the Island flashed for the final time, it seemingly left behind Charlotte's dead body. Realizing that she was gone, Daniel told the others that wherever (and whenever) they were now, they were there for good.. the Island was no longer jumping around. Sawyer suggested that they all go back to the beach, and after a brief argument on the matter, Juliet supported his decision. 

As they walked through the jungle, toward the beach, they heard two shots fire off in the distance, and immediately came to a halt. Investigating the source of the shots, we saw two men had just shot and killed someone, and were now preparing to kill another - a female, with a bag over her head. Upon questioning whether to get involved or not by Miles, Daniel says that it doesn't matter what they do. With the Island no longer moving through time, they were a part of history, and "whatever happened, happened." Ever the hero, Sawyer came through the bushes and confronted them, aiming his own rifle at the two men. As one of the men noticed Sawyer, he swung around to shoot him, but was shot by Juliet who was covering Sawyer. The other man then attempted to shoot also, but Sawyer didn't hesitate this time.
We see that the person that the two Others killed was a man wearing a Dharma jumpsuit, and the woman was her significant other, as she sat by his side crying. It was Amy. Sawyer and Juliet decide that they need to go before any other Others come and find their people dead. Amy wondered who Sawyer & Co. were, and Sawyer told her that their shipped wrecked on the Island on their way to Tahiti, but that they had to go right now before more Others arrived. The woman, suddenly realizing the gravity of the situation, told Sawyer that they had to bury the two Others because of a mysterious truce, and that they'd have to bring the Dharma guy, Paul... her husband.. back with them. 

As they walked, Sawyer told the rest of the LOSTies that they wold have to lie to the Dharma people when they got to their camp. In a scene reminiscent of Jack's speech about the Oceanic Six having to lie about the Island, when they were rescued, Sawyer told them that they would have to tell Dharma that their boat wrecked on the Island, and that they should just let him talk - he was a professional who used to lie for a living, after-all.

As they walked, Juliet screamed for Daniel to stop immediately as they got to the sonic fence. Amy, acting a little suspiciously, seemed clueless about what Juliet was talking about.. but eventually caved in, and turned it off. Or so they thought. Sawyer told her to walk through first, but as the LOSTies walked through, they dropped to the ground like a sack of bricks, clutching their ears, and passed out as Amy pulled earplugs out of her ears.

Flash to Three Years Later...

We're now in the Dharma camp, and Sawyer is once more wearing the Dharma jumpsuit. The woman, Amy, was laying in a bed with her feet up in stirrups, screaming, as a Dharma doctor told her she would be ok. The doctor asked Sawyer where Horace, her husband was. He told Sawyer that the baby was breached, and that it was upside down. Amy would be in danger, as the Dharma people usually gave birth on the mainland, and she was supposed to be on the sub on Tuesday, but the baby was early. So Sawyer ran out the door and to the Dharma garage, where he found Juliet under a van. As she came out from under, he told her about the baby, and told her that she would have to help the baby. Juliet was reluctant, she told him about the problems with births on the Island back when she was with Dharma in the present. Inside the clinic, the Doctor argued against Juliet delivering the baby, but Amy, through her pain, told him that she wanted her.

Outside the clinic, Sawyer met Jin, who was now speaking perfectly fluent english. Jin asked if Amy was OK, and then told Sawyer about finishing another grid on the Island.. no sign of their people. The LOSTies, it seemed, had been searching the Island for three years looking for their friends. 

Juliet came out, crying, and told them that the baby was ok.

Flash back to Three Years Earlier..,

Sawyer woke up inside Horace's room, asking where his people were. Horace told him about the problems between the hostiles and Dharma on the Island, and he was just being safe.. he wanted to know about Sawyer and his people, so James told him the lie that they had concocted. He told Horace that their boat wrecked when they were searching for an old wreck.. a slaver from Portsmouth, England called The Black Rock. Horace mysteriously said he'd never heard of her. Sawyer told him that they were walking through the jungle, looking for their people, when they stumbled upon Amy. Horace, however, said that they would be taken to Tahiti without getting a chance to look for the rest of their people.

Outside, the rest of the LOSTies sat around a table discussing their situation. They find out that Juliet lived on the Dharma compound when the Others took over. Daniel tells them that there are no more flashes, and that the 'record is spinning again, and they're just not on the song they want to be on.' It was then that Daniel saw a little girl with red hair playing in the distance.. Charlotte.

Horace walked up with Sawyer, who he called "Mr. LaFleur" - Sawyer's new pseudonym. He told them that LaFleur would tell them about the situation. As they talked about what Horace told Sawyer, horns went off and emergency flood lights came on all around the compound. As Dharma people scattered around everywhere, quickly running indoors, Sawyer & Co. ran to the first house they saw as well. As they looked out the window, they saw a figure walking into a clearing from the jungle - it was Richard Alpert.

Richard wanted retribution for his people being killed and the "Truce" being broken. The Others and Dharma, it seemed, had had an agreement not to cross territories. Horace came out and told Richard that if he'd known he was coming, he would've turned the fence off for him, but Richard said that while the fence may keep other things out, it didn't work on his people. Inside the house, the LOSTies discuss the situation when Horace walks in with another Dharma worker. He tells the Dharma guy, who is the same one from the beginning of the episode inside The Peal, that they need to get as much heavy ordnance as they can, and to set the fence at maximum. Sawyer asked Horace to let him talk to Richard - he was the one who killed his men, and he would be the one to tell him he did that. As he walked out the door, Juliet showed concern for his plan.

As Sawyer walked up to Richard, who was sitting on a bench, Sawyer told him that he was the guy who killed his men. He informed him of how it played out, and said he defended himself. He also told Richard that he was not Dharma, and so the truce was not broken. Sawyer then asked Richard if he buried the bomb. He told him about knowing that Locke walked into Richard's camp 20 years ago and told them he would be their leader. He told him that the man's name was John Locke, and he was waiting for him. Richard looked on with a look of wonder on his face, but told Sawyer that no matter who he was, his people needed some kind of justice.

Sawyer and Horace walked into the clinic, where Amy was sitting next to her husband's dead body.. they told her that they would need to give Richard her husband's body. Crying, she accepted Richard's ruling, but took his necklace off - it was a wooden Ankh. As Sawyer walked out of the room, Horace told him that he could stay with his people for two weeks to look for the rest of their crew.

As Sawyer walked up to the dock, we saw Juliet sitting next to the sub. He told her about being able to stay for two weeks. However, Juliet told him that she had been trying to get off the Island for more than three years, and she finally had her chance. She was going to leave. Sawyer told her that it was 1974, and her previous life didn't exist yet. Pleading his case, Sawyer asked her who was going to get his back. With Michael Giacchino's beautiful score playing in the background, Juliet caved in and told him she'd stay for two weeks.

Flash to Three Years Later.

Sawyer was seen walking across the Dharma compound, cleanly shaven, and dressed nicely. He stopped to pick a flower. As he walked into his house, the dinner table was set and Juliet was in the kitchen. Smiling at one another, Sawyer gave her the flower and told her how amazing she was. They kissed, and Juliet told him she loved him.. he loved her too.
Later, Sawyer was wearing a Dharma jumpsuit, sitting next to Horace in his house. Horace just woke up after being passed out from being drunk, and Sawyer told him about Amy having a baby. Horace explained that he and Amy got in a fight, because he found Paul's wooden Ankh in a drawer. He tells Sawyer that it had only been three years since he died - was three years enough time to get over someone? Sawyer told him about his relationship with Kate. He told him that he had a shot at her, but didn't take it.. but now, he said he could barely remember what she looked like. She was gone, and she would never come back. So, Sawyer told him, three years was absolutely enough time to get over someone.

The next morning, Sawyer was awakened by a phone call. In bed with Juliet, he answered it and heard Jin on the line. He told him to meet him in the North Valley. When Juliet asked who it was, Sawyer said it was Jin, but didn't tell her what it was about. Driving a blue Dharma Jeep up to the meeting area, he got out just as Jin's blue Dharma van rolled up. Sawyer looked on as the occupants got out..

Hurley, and Jack smiling at Sawyer.. and as Sawyer took his glasses off, Kate standing right behind them. 



I really liked this episode. It wasn't as good as the last one, but it did a great job of setting up the status quo on the Island from here on out. Sawyer & Co. were now stuck in the past, with seemingly no way of getting back to their own time. And 1977 was before any of them had any real life off the Island, so getting off wasn't a much better option.

The only thing about the episode that worried me was the potential return of the love triangle. Sawyer told Horace that three years was long enough to get over someone, but upon seeing his reaction to Kate getting out of that van, it's clear that it's not the case.

And Kate, despite spending that final night with Jack before the Ajira flight, clearly was no longer in love with him. She needed to be with someone to comfort her, and Jack just happened to be the only person she could run to. It was very similar to the kiss they shared in the Season 2 episode "What Kate Did."

So what does this mean for the various relationships on the Island? What about Sawyer and Juliet's love for one another? And how will Juliet react when she sees Jack again? 

I really hope the writers don't go for the predictable with this. Having Sawyer tell Kate that he really is over her would be the best thing possible for this subplot.. but somehow, I doubt it'll happen.

And what about the Four-Toed Statue? We finally saw it, albeit briefly, in all it's glory this episode. And it seemed very Egyptian, didn't it? With it's back to Sawyer & Co., it was holding an Ankh in each hand. 

Is it an Egyptian god? Some other mythical being? Whatever it is, it clearly falls in line with the other references to ancient Egypt..

The hieroglyphs on the countdown timer in the Swan station from Season 2...

The hieroglyphs adorning the wall under Ben's house, where he called Smokey to kill Keamy and the other Freighter soldiers...

And even Hurley drawing a picture of the Sphinx and pyramids in last week's episode!
Whatever it means, it was just a tease, and I don't expect them to go into much more detail on the statue this season, but it was more than enough to sate my desires on the matter.


Some of the most interesting theories this week revolve around the giant statue, and it's identity. 
Some potential possibilities were thrown around by, one of which is this image:
It certainly seems highly possible. The headpiece looks almost identical in shape.
Wikipedia has the following on Taweret:

In Egyptian mythologyTaweret (also spelt TaurtTuatTaueretTuartTa-weretTawaret, and Taueret, and in GreekΘουέρις "Thoeris" and Toeris). Her name means(one) who is great. When paired with another deity, she became the demon-wife of Apep, the original god of evil. Since Apep was viewed as residing below the horizon, and only present at night, evil during the day then was envisaged as being a result of Taweret's maleficence.

As the counterpart of Apep, who was always below the horizon, Taweret was seen as being the northern sky, the constellation roughly covering the area of present-day Draco, which always lies above the horizon. Thus Taweret was known as mistress of the horizon, and was depicted as such on the ceiling of the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings. 

In their art, Taweret was depicted as a composite of all the things the Egyptians feared, the major part of her being hippopotamus, since this is what the constellation most resembled, with the arms and legs of a lioness, and with the back of a crocodile. On occasion, later, rather than having a crocodile back, she was seen as having a separate, small crocodile resting on her back, which was thus interpreted as Sobek, the crocodile-god, and said to be her consort.

Early during the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians came to see female hippopotamuses as less aggressive than the males, and began to view their aggression only as one of protecting their young and being good mothers, particularly since it is the males that are territorially aggressive. Consequently, Taweret became seen, very early in Egyptian history, as a deity of protection in pregnancy and childbirth. 
It seems almost too perfect, and somewhat ties into what my own theory on the matter was a little ways down.. however: 

LOST Thread regular, Ben says:
I also just did a quick once over of the Egyptian Pantheon, and I'm going out on a limb and saying that's a statue of Anubis. 

He watches over the tombs of the dead, and the afterlife. 

So, I guess it's "technically" not Purgatory.......

It also dawned on me that Horace is a homonym for Horus.

It's an interesting idea, and it makes perfect sense. For my own tastes though, I had a different theory on the matter, but still falling in line with the Egyptian Pantheon..

My theory is that the statue is of Isis, the Egyptian god of fertility. This would be backed up by the fact that when the statue was broken and gone, the people on the Island could no longer have babies.. they died instantly. We don't know what the situation was when the statue was there, however, because it was already gone by 1974, and Amy was able to have a baby.. but the baby is clearly meant to be special. Maybe someone we know?

Actress Reiko Aylesworth, who plays Amy, said in an interview with TV Guide that we would find out who the baby sooner rather than later.

Given that the birth is in 1977, whoever it is would have to be around 27 years old at the time of the original LOST timeline of 2004. That is, of course, if further time travel is not a factor.

Finally, I'm going to include two theories I stumbled across online.. they're a bit long, so I'll try to just quote the important parts. As we're not going to have an epsiode next week, I'm going to have a special theories edition of the column, in which we'll go into greater depth on alot of the more popular theories.

By lostaddict on

So after watching episode 5x8 "LaFleur," I got to thinking about Richard Alpert asking for the bodies of his men as well as Paul's. At first, it would seem that he needs Paul's body to present to his people as a form of "justice", as we know the island is very blood-for-blood in the Hammurabi sense. But then I remembered Robert and the rest of Rousseau's team being possessed by Smokey and started wondering: If Smokey can inhabit living bodies with the souls it has collected (assuming that's the reason for the memory flashes) then maybe it can do the same with dead bodies. Perhaps Richard is able to take dead bodies to the Temple and Smokey can fill em up with some extra souls, expanding the Other's ranks.

If that's the case, it's quite interesting to then infer that this is how Locke and Christian are being resurrected; Smokey uses their bodies as vessels for its loyal souls. Remember, Smokey appears to have the ability to scan memories, which we can assume it did when it first encountered Locke. If that's the case, it would be a simple matter to fill Locke's body with a random soul and then implant it with Locke's memories, making him think he's himself when in fact he's someone else entirely.

This would also explain why Ben said "I'm going to miss you John. I really will" after killing him in TLADOJB. It's clear from Ben's insistence to Jack that Locke's body be brought along that he knows John will be resurrected; this is Benjamin Linus, after all... the dude doesn't miss much. So why the whole "I'm gonna miss you bit?" Because he knows that Locke's soul is in fact going to die and the resurrected version will in fact be someone else implanted with Locke's memories.

By CamLynn on

The Smoke Monster is Richard.

Notice the way I have phrased the title of the theory, not Richard is Smokey. I think that in its natural form, the monster exists as smoke or what ever the hell it is, but when it needs to, it can take the form of a man, the one it has taken is Richard, who was the first human it encountered, when the original Richard crashed on the Black Rock - hence the whole pirate/eye-liner thing going on.

I'm going to back the above statement up with some points, some are hard some not so:-

1. It would explain why he doesn't age.
2. It would explain why he can penetrate the sonic fence
3. It would explain, why when no one else can get off the island with out the use of a submarine he can apparently come and go at will.
4. It would explain that funny moment at the end of S4 when Ben thanks him for saving him and they share a funny look (at first it appeared that Ben was thanking him for saving him for when he is being held hostage by Keemy and Co in the jungle by the helicopter but it could well as be when Smokey was summoned by Ben and attacked Keemy's team at the Barracks)
5. It would explain how he appearance was altered slightered when he met a young Ben, more dishelved - what a young Ben would expect a hostile to look like.
6. It explain the mysterious statement about Richard not being a leader, but being in a position to being able to have a certain power to select a leader. If he is a security system, part of its protocol could be to select a new leader, (hence the meeting with a young Ben) and also not being able to oppose a leaders wishes, another protocol, stating that he has to follow the isalnd's leader once selected.
The LOST Thread Rating: 8.62/10 
Season 5:
1. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (9.12)
2. This Place is Death (8.8)
3. LaFleur (8.62) 
4. Jughead (8.26)
5. 316 (8.0)
6. The Little Prince (7.954)
7. Because You Left/The Lie (7.4)  

Ours Favorite LOST episodes, season 3 - current (continued from OldRama): 

* 9.3 Through the Looking Glass 
* 9.29 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 - Season 4 finale 
* 9.12 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham 
* 9.12 The Shape of Things to Come 
* 9.1 The Constant 
* 8.9 The Man Behind the Curtain 
* 8.8 This Place Is Death 
* 8.84 The Beginning of the End 
* 8.803 Confirmed Dead 
* 8.80 The Brig 
* 8.75 The Man From Tallahasse 
* 8.71 One of Us 
* 8.66 There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 
* 8.65 Cabin Fever 
* 8.62 LaFleur
* 8.59 316 
* 8.58 The Economist 
* 8.3 Flashes Before Your Eyes 
* 8.26 Jughead 
* 8.2 Greatest Hits 
* 8.13 Eggtown 
* 8.06 Further Insructions 
* 8.0238 Every Man For Himself 
* 8.0232 Enter 77 
* 7.98 Meet Kevin Johnson 
* 7.954 The Little Prince 
* 7.95 Left Behind 
* 7.93 Par Avion 
* 7.87 A Tale of Two Cities 
* 7.8 Glass Ballerina 
* 7.74 Ji Yeon 
* 7.407 Because You Left/The Lie 
* 7.704 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead 
* 7.703 Expose 
* 7.702 I Do 
* 7.6 Something Nice Back Home 
* 7.4 D.O.C. 
* 7.3 Not in Portland 
* 7.1 The Other Woman 
* 7.0 Catch-22 
* 6.9 The Cost of Living 
* 6.2 Stranger in a Strange Land 


That's all for this weeks, guys. Remember, there's no new episode next week. ABC is re-airing "LaFleur" for some odd reason. However, there will still be a column. As I said, I'm going to put out a special theories edition for next week's LOST Report, so stay tuned for that!


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