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Your Top Modern Characters

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, March 11 2009 and posted in Features
Top List

0topmodern.gifWelcome to your Top 270 Modern Characters. What counts as a Modern Characters? Well, for the people who just stumbled across this list we counted "modern" as characters created in the last 20 years. And for those who are bad in math, that’s from 1989 to present day. So, what do you expect to see on this list? Plenty of men with big guns and women with big "guns" (haha I made a funny). I am pretty sure every year is represented on this list, as is nearly every comic company. We have characters from Marvel 616, Max, Ultimate Marvel, DC New Earth, Kingdom Come, and Vertigo. We have Image founder characters from Top Cow to Extreme Studios. We have Valiant, Dark Horse, Ultraverse, Image Current characters, and everything in-between.

The way the voting was conducted, each voter picked their ten favorite characters, ranked from 1-10 (1 being most favorite, 10 being least favorite). For first place, the character was given 10 points, for second - 9 points, for third - 8 points, and so on and so forth. Then, all the points were added up, and ranked in order of points received.

Also in any case of a tie, they will be broken by who got more first place votes. If that number was tied, it went to second place votes, etc etc etc. We do have several ties on the list, in fact we have a ton of them. So much so that between 2 points and 15 points certain placings will be split up in chunks. I received SO many lists with so many different characters it was almost hard to keep track, I did my best to apply the "Tie Breaker Rule" to the best of my ability. By the time we get to 10 points, you will have seen about 50 or more characters. And when we finally get to the first place character, over 400 other characters would've been viewed by you.

So, without further adieu, lets do this Rockapella!!

270. Six characters (2 points each)


Year first appeared: 1992

Well well well, what a way to start off this list. The big baddie of the Spawn-verse. Well, one of them anyways. I guess I could've put up a pick of the clown, but clowns kinda freak me out. Especially overweight dwarf ones, yeech. I always hated this design, really hated it. Maybe because its the mouth, because I can't imagine how he can close it. I have no clue how he would talk. In fact, now that I brought it up has he ever been seen with a closed mouth? I want someone to post a pic of Violator with a closed mouth. I betcha can't find a scan. Anywho.

Violator is the true form of the Clown, an antagonist in Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic book series. A demon from the eighth sphere of Hell, Violator possesses supernatural strength, agility, and cunning. Much like Spawn, he can also perform Hell-powered magic.

He serves as Malebolgia's henchman and lackey. His purpose is to guide Hellspawn towards fulfilling Malebolgia's desire: to cultivate evil souls on Earth for Hell's army. He's been Hell's guide for multiple Hellspawn, his latest charge being the current Spawn, Al Simmons. Violator is the oldest of five hell-born demons known as the Phlebiac brothers. He views humanity as weak, and so asserts that demons should lead the armies of Hell, not humans. Accordingly, much of his terrestrial activities, sanctioned by Hell or not, are aimed at proving his superiority to his master. The Violator's current disguise is that of The Clown.

The Violator is not a demon to be taken lightly: he has shown many times that he is more than a match for a young Hellspawn. His hands are tied by his role, though, as he cannot kill a Spawn without an order from his superiors. His role is not to kill the Hellspawn, but to weaken them and cause them to waste their powers in wreaking havoc. His chief purpose is to groom and prepare the young Hellspawn for their service in Hell's army.

He has been killed multiple times, each time to be returned to Hell and reanimated by his master.



Year first appeared: 2006

Oh, how I enjoyed this character then Didio had to kill him. Yep, just like all the weekly series DC released they make you feel love for these characters then BLAM....dead. Though, his death was frickin’ awesome.

Osiris first appears in a picture of teen superheroes that was a part of the Teen Titans between the events of the Infinite Crisis and One Year Later.

Amon has been repeatedly beaten and tortured by members of the criminal cult Intergang who are trying to brainwash him into joining the cult. He refuses to join them time and again, resulting in the beatings getting worse. He is discovered by the Question and Renee Montoya who alert Isis and Black Adam to his location. The super-powered couple arrive to free him, and Isis discovers that her powers over nature are not enough to heal his wounds, and that Amon will never walk again. Black Adam shares the powers of his gods with the boy, and Amon calls down the mystical lightning by saying his benefactor's name, "Black Adam." He gains the same powers as the rest of the Marvel Family.

During Week 26, he along with Black Adam and his sister, Iris, fly to Nanda Parbat, carrying Renee Montoya and the Question, leaving them there. After doing acts of good and helping people throughout the world, he travels to America to join the Teen Titans, along with his "friend" Sobek, a bioengineered talking crocodile taken from Sivana's labs. Captain Marvel Jr. was at first skeptical because of Amon's connection to Black Adam, but is emotionally moved by Osiris' eagerness and promises to vouch for him. Junior's only condition is that Osiris must "convince the rest of the world" of his pure intentions. Osiris, filled with hope, accepts. However, shortly afterwards, the Persuader began torturing Isis during a conflict between the Black Adam family and the Suicide Squad. Angered, Osiris uses too much force and tears Persuader in half.

Feeling despair over his killing of the Persuader, Osiris travels to the Rock of Eternity to ask Captain Marvel to remove his powers, as he feels they are a curse. Black Adam and Isis attempt to assure him that his abilities are not evil in nature and he can still do good. Osiris relents and returns home with his sister and brother-in-law. Days later, Osiris, still not convinced, plans to leave Khandaq forever with Sobek, who persuades the teenager to reject the powers of Black Adam and revert back to Amon to rid himself of his 'curse'. Osiris does so and is devoured alive by Sobek, who reveals himself as Famine, Horseman of Apokolips.

Despite his short time as a Titan, a memorial statue of Osiris has been erected in Titans Tower. Aww bless.



Year first appeared: 1993

Awesome. Awesome awesome. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome.

Toshiro Misawa, also known as Fuji, is a comic book superhero in the Stormwatch series, first appearing in Stormwatch #1. He has immense size and strength as well as the ability to control the density of his body granted by his containment suit. However, he is unable to control his molecular structure without it and he would revert into a radioactive cloud of plasma, possibly dying in the process without some other form of containment.

The nickname Fuji was given to him in high school, because of his extraordinary size and Japanese origin. He spent some time as a Sumo wrestler in his teens but developed a strange condition, which caused his body's structure to deteriorate. His father, Yoshi Misawa, was a wealthy businessman and invested a lot of that money into curing his son but was told it was incurable. Stormwatch then stepped in to help. However, when his powers were fully activated, Fuji's body reverted to plasma and only quick thinking by Stormwatch scientists saved his life. Now, he is unable to live outside his specially built containment suit, a fact which affects him emotionally though he often hides it behind a cheerful exterior.

Fuji's containment suit has changed many times over the course of his Stormwatch duties. Despite inherent problems, such as his fingers being too big to operate communication devices, Fuji still enjoys bragging about how beautiful he considers himself to be.

Fuji once assisted the Wildcats, where rogue team-member Tao caused him severe mental damage by trapping him in a mental loop. It took some time to recover from this.

Fuji's deep patriotism is highlighted in Stormwatch #42 as he breaks protocol to personally confront a Japanese madman who is causing widespread death in Tokyo and beyond.

Fuji was killed when his containment suit was destroyed during an attack by Xenomorphs on Skywatch in the WildC.A.T.s/Aliens crossover, along with Fahrenheit, Hellstrike, and others.

Fuji will have a supporting role in the new Stormwatch series written by Christos Gage.


Bomb Queen

Year first appeared: 2006

No clue who the hell this is, but that is a mighty funny pic.

Bomb Queen was originally part of a quartet of super villains called The Four Queens, who reigned over New Port City. When all the super-heroes in town were finally defeated or slain, the Queens turned on each other. Bomb Queen emerged as the victor, and took control over the local government.

Bomb Queen founded New Port City's "No Heroes" law, (outlawing superheroes) which made the town a magnet for criminals across America. This pleased politicians in Washington, DC, due to the lowered crime rates in other states. However, the government was not happy with the self-elected leadership of Bomb Queen. Various smear campaigns having failed to dent her immense public popularity, the government turned to other options.

Bomb Queen's rule over the city (and her cavalier attitude to crime) caused the city to flourish. The city coffers were overflowing with laundered money, which caused New Port City to rival Las Vegas. This also resulted in private local TV stations, Intranet, and regional cable stations being allowed to air unrated content - often of Bomb Queen herself, in pornographic movies filmed from her fortified townhouse.

The restriction of the city limits kept Bomb Queen confined in her city of crime, but also present extreme danger if she were to ever leave - where the law is ready and waiting.


Lord Pumpkin

Year first appeared: 1994

Ultraverse was damn fun. I wish they would release the Godwheel and all those Marvel crossovers. The origins of the Infinity Gems was damn fun, anywho...

Lord Pumpkin originated in one of the many realms existing within the Godwheel, a cosmic artifact of tremendous size. He was created by a wizard to be the playmate of a spoiled-brat prince from a medieval kingdom. However, the prince (who liked to torture animals, among other disturbing things) found great pleasure in tormenting his new "toy," frequently burning him or chopping him up with an axe. The creature finally rebelled, slew the prince, and overthrew the kingdom. Now hungry for new worlds to conquer, the being, now calling himself Lord Pumpkin, set his sights on the Ultraverse's Earth. He felt that the great number of super humans, or "Ultras," would prove to be an entertaining challenge.

Lord Pumpkin's reign over his kingdom would be cut down when a force of invading knights destroyed him. Due to the intervention of a being calling himself Mr. Mischief, Lord Pumpkin and the one surviving knight, Arielle both traveled to Earth. Pumpkin was now a frightened, abused creature, which manifested out a garbage dump and had been sold to a circus. He was now the fall man in a clown-fire-rescue scene. His only friend was a circus boy named Kenny, also abused.

Mr. Mischief appeared again, with a strange candle, which altered 'Pumpy', as Kenny called him. Lord Pumpkin awoke and waited for the next routine. The dog he was supposed to jump with, he hurled to its death and the various abusive members of the circus were killed or tortured. Arielle re-manifested managed to seemingly kill the creature. Lord Pumpkin convinced Kenny to eat one of his seeds.

Kenny would later morph into Lord Pumpkin, by eating a pumpkin seed. He battles Warstrike, and then becomes involved in the Godwheel incident.

Wow. That was a lot darker then I remember.



Year first appeared: 2008

Oh, how you have fallen. You were once a Top 10 Marvel villain, and look at where you are now. Poor poor Eddie Brock, you have not aged well, my friend.

After divesting himself of the symbiote, Eddie Brock's lingering symbiote cells are charged with the mystical energies of Mr. Negative. The cells bond with Eddie's leukocytes, forming a new symbiote, the Anti-Venom. As the chalk-white Anti-Venom, Brock has all the abilities and powers of Venom, plus a caustic touch able to break the bonds between other symbiotes and their host, and the supernatural ability to "cleanse" human bodies from foreign influences and mutations, like Mac Gargan's symbiote cells and Spider-Man's irradiated blood. It is worth noting that Brock refers to himself as "I" rather than "We" when Anti-Venom, making it possible that his new symbiote is not a sentient being. However, when using the symbiote, Brock's dialogue becomes much more sophisticated, using more intelligent words than when not using it, perhaps indicating that the symbiote is sentient up to a certain degree. He also doesn't share the main weaknesses of the symbiote race from which he spawned: namely, extreme heat and sonic waves cannot harm him whatsoever.



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